Win-It-Wednesday: Raw Food Central Snacks

If you love good snacking AND healthy good-for-you foods this Win-It-Wednesday is for you!

Raw Food Central makes Kale Chips, Flax Crackers, Onion Rings and a Snack Mix that are all full of crunchy goodness that make them perfect any time of day.

To start off, I’d like to chat a bit about the Raw Food Central company. The mission of Raw Food Central is to honor and serve others as a way to energize, inspire, and build people. The products are made by a team of super-cool people, who love their company and take pride in offering only the best products, made with only the best ingredients, to their customers. The result? Everyone is happy, healthy and empowered. What’s not to love about that? =)

All of Raw Food Central products are raw… never fried, and never baked. They all contain simple, yet irresistible ingredients. Ingredients that keep your taste buds tantalized. And if you want to find out more about eating raw foods, check out this link on the Raw Food Central website. The founder of the company, Curt Griffing, as been eating raw for over 30+ years and has so much to share!

All the products are also USDA certified organic, certified vegan, certified gluten-free, kosher, certified vegan and are all non-GMO project verified.

The products that Raw Food Central creates are incredible. Their signature item, their Kale Chips are crunchy and light. One bite will keep you crunching away, and show you why kale is all the rage. The Onion Rings, my favorite, are flavorful and crunchy… perfect for topping a salad; the Flax Crackers, are packed with flax, which is full of protein, and a perfect companion for any dip or spread. And last, the Snack Mix is a sunshiny garden in a bag! Packed with their infamous kale chips, and tossed with freeze dried corn, peas, cashews, sunflower seeds and raisins. Delicious!

Honestly good products, made by an honestly great company, are the reasons why I am so thrilled that this Win-It-Wednesday is being sponsored by Raw Foods Central!

A total of two (yes, 2!) members will be randomly selected to win a mixed case (total of 12 bags) of all four products (3 bags per product).  One (1) winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST, and one (1) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter two times to win!

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us what Raw Food Central product looks the best to you!

Good luck, remember to keep things simple, keep things irresistible … and, as always …

Be Free!

PS: Want to learn more? Check out Raw Food Central’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

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55 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Raw Food Central Snacks”

  1. Francine Says:

    I would love to try their kale chips!

  2. Jaclyn Horne Says:

    Snack mix!!

  3. Kim L Says:

    The snack mix sounds great and so does the kale chips

  4. Sharon Says:

    Both the kale chips and the snack mix sound amazing!

  5. Jordan Says:

    I have never heard of Raw Food Central before! All of their products sound so delicious, but the Snack Mix sounds absolutely scrumptious! The Snack Mix is such a unique bag of treats, that would be great to have for those afternoon pick-me-ups!

  6. trenelle C Says:

    I would love to win this!!! and I love the onion rings

  7. Larc Says:

    Snack mix sounds delish!

  8. Sharlene Says:

    The onion rings!

  9. Elaine Skalozub Says:

    I am so excited!!!!

    I would love to try the Kale or the Onion!!!!
    I have not had onion rings in over 20 years, this would be a huge treat!

  10. Christina Says:

    The snack mix sounds delicious!

  11. TXEdie Says:

    Clearly the SNACK MIX is a winner with so many tasty, healthy ingredients — sounds delicious.

  12. Thomas Dakin Says:

    I would like to try the kale chips. Never tried them and yours look pretty good:) I would like to try them for myself so I can say they were as good as I expected. Thanx:)

  13. Annie Carbonneau Says:

    Raw foods are always tempting to me. I adore the mix of flavours, the softness of the food, and the colours! I absolutely adore most fruits and vegetables!

  14. jrnahidi Says:

    Snack Mix of course, variety is the spice of life!

  15. tim c. Says:

    The Flax Crackers

  16. Marilyn Fiesler Says:

    giveaways snacks products

  17. Marilyn Fiesler Says:

    win it Wednesday fun stuff

  18. Chelsie Says:

    The kale chips! Yum!

  19. Forress Says:

    I think the snack mix sounds great. They all sound good though.

  20. Danijela Says:

    Snack mix sounds best to me!

  21. Eileen Sanders Says:

    The Kale Chips look the best to me.

  22. Neda Says:

    Hm, I am new to this! Will go w/ kale chips as a start!

  23. Dana Matthews Says:

    I’d like to try the Kale Chips…sounds good!

  24. Kim Cage Says:

    The kale chips sound the best to me! Would love to try!

  25. camille ortiz Says:

    The snack mix sounds great! I WOULD LOVE TO TRY THESE! Im always looking for new Gluten free snacks!

  26. Christina Cannon Says:

    The onion rings

  27. megan Tilley Says:

    The onion rings look delicious to me!

  28. cindy w. Says:

    The Onion Rings sound great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Anita Mitchell Says:

    I’d love to try the Kale chips. I use alot of Kale in my cleanses for juices. I bet they are really good!

  30. Margoka Says:

    Flax crackers sounds good.

  31. robin Says:

    Would love to try the kale chips.

  32. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Thank you Raw Food Central’s for producing foods that make our lives a little more easier.

  33. Belinda Says:

    The Kale Chips sound great!

  34. Kim Cage Says:

    The Snack Mix sounds delicious! would love to try!

  35. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Never tried Kale chips, but this sounds interesting.

  36. Theresa Says:

    I’d love to try the snack mix. Summer camping is coming up and I’d think these would be perfect

  37. Angela Says:

    I would like to try the snack mix or onion rings. Both sound yummy!!

  38. wsprous Says:

    I would love to try the Kale chips.

  39. Teresa Earp Says:

    I would love to try the onion rings. I haven’t had onion rings in several years.

  40. sasha Says:

    Makes me hungry everytime I read your recipes. Onion rings and kale chips!! I’m so hungry

  41. cindy w. Says:

    The kale chips sound great.

  42. Neda Says:

    Flax Crackers & snack mix are my next choices! don’t think will like the onion.

  43. dee L Says:

    snack mix and kale chips both sound great

  44. Krissi Martin Says:

    I would have to go with the flax crackers as they are the only option that doesn’t have something I am allergic to. Unfortunately I cannot have cashews or any other nuts, so the snack mix, onion rings and kale chips are all a no go for me. They look delicious though, and I know my hubby would love them 😉

  45. camille ortiz Says:

    I would like to try the onion rings. They would be great with singer of my recipes also

  46. julie Says:

    the snack mix looks yummy to me

  47. Sharon Says:

    Kale chips or snack mix sound good!

  48. Margoka Says:

    Onion rings sounds appetizing.

  49. Belle Gayer Says:

    Onion rings sound great!

  50. tim c. Says:

    The Kale Chips

  51. cj Says:

    Having Celiac Disease, I haven’t tried an onion ring in blinking long ages. THAT would be my first choice to try from the Raw Food Central peeps. Not to mention I’d love to plug them on the blog for my readers if they’re as good as they sound!

  52. Forress Says:

    I am always looking for a good cracker so I think the Flax Crackers would be good. Thank you for making all these amazing things available to us.

  53. PrissyLee Says:

    The Onion Rings sound savory and tasty, some zest to top off a great salad.

  54. Charissa Says:

    I would absolutely love to try the snack mix!! It would be such a blessing as I am a broke college student! Haha. Thank you for having this contest!

  55. Auburn Says:

    Kale chips!

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