Win-It-Wednesday: Orchard Valley Harvest Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix

This week’s featured snack for the Win-It-Wednesday prize is Orchard Valley Harvest Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix. I love the single-serve multi-packs… they are quick, easy and convenient… Perfect for stashing in your desk drawer or in your car for snacks on the go.

The multi-packs bags each contain 8 individual servings of crunchy almonds & cashew nuts and sweet dried cranberries. Nuts and fruit are probably one of nature’s most perfect snacks. They are both filled with good nutrition and they fill you up, unlike bad snacks like chips and candy.

I also love that the Orchard Valley Harvest Snacks are Non-GMO.

Nuts and fruit are the earth’s perfect snacks, filled with honest to goodness nutrition and bursting with flavor, perfect when you crave a simple, delicious crunch in your day. And since you’ll be enjoying snacks that avoid any artificial ingredients or GMOs, it’s a choice you can feel good about.

All of these reasons are why I have picked up extra bags of the Orchard Valley Harvest Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix Snacks for the prizes for this Win-It-Wednesday on

All of these reasons are why we are so excited to offer up a multi-pack bag to two lucky winners!

One (1) winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST, and one (1) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, January 20 and Tuesday, January 26, 2015 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter two times to win!

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us when you would most enjoy this super trail mix snack (Me? At my desk for my mid-day snack).

Good luck, keep on snacking healthy, and, as always …

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51 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Orchard Valley Harvest Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix”

  1. Melissa Gibbs Says:

    I would most enjoy the super trail mix snack during the afternoon at work for a quick pickme up.

  2. julie Says:

    I would love this as a mid day snack!

  3. Kim L Says:

    A healthy on the go snack in the car.

  4. Amy meyer Says:

    Cranberry almond cashew trail mix sounds really good I bet it taste even better

  5. Denise Hrehoruk Says:

    I love snacking on”Orchard Valley Trail Mix” when I’m walking around Fort Whyte or Oak Hammock for a quick energy booster! Thank You for the chance to “Win-It-Wednesday”

  6. trenelle C Says:

    I would enjoy this anytime I need a healthy snack

  7. Sue Says:

    On the trails while hiking!

  8. Lisa Says:

    What a great snack to throw in a purse for whenever!

  9. Debbie Says:

    I love nuts and too often buy from the vending machine at work. I enjoy trying new things. Appreciate the chance to win

  10. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    I would take my Orchard Valley Trail Mix on my road trip to Quebec City.

  11. Neda Says:

    Me, mostly in the evening! Hmmm, seems yummy!

  12. Forress Says:

    I would use this as a minight snack. They sound good.

  13. Eileen Says:

    In the evening watching TV.

  14. Kimberly Cage Says:

    In the mid afternoon as I’m doing my cleaning around the house! These sound delicious and would love to try!

  15. Christina Says:

    I’d take this to work on long days as a pick-me-upper to keep my energy up. Sounds tasty!

  16. Margoka Says:

    I would eat these Trail-Mix Snacks at my work.

  17. Rita Whirls Says:

    This product would be great to win, it sounds delicious and would be perfect to snack on anytime, when I need a pick me up.

  18. Susan M Says:

    I would stash these in my desk at work to snack on when I have the munchies.

  19. Marilyn Montague Says:

    I think I would most enjoy the cranberry almond combination.

  20. Donna Hodder Says:

    As a snack when we are traveling.

  21. theresa Gates Says:

    I get the snackies around 3 pm so this would be a great healthy way to fill that need until dinner which can sometimes be late at night. Cranberries are one of my favorite dried fruits.

  22. Sue Says:

    In the car while out running errands.

  23. Mary massaker Says:

    With my kids enjoying family time watching a few movies while we are bundled up staying warm. Kids love smack mix

  24. Deborah Says:

    I work afternoons and would most enjoy this snack halfway through my shift to keep my energy levels up. I love the fact that the Orchard Valley Harvest Trail Mix Snacks are nutritious, without the artificial ingredients or GMOs.

  25. Adrienne Says:

    I love the multi-pak bags!

  26. patricia Says:

    I would take them with me when I take long hikes

  27. MARLENE Says:

    I would love to have this as my go to snack while at my desk . I have my own business and sometimes you don’t have time to stop and eat when you should. this would help alleviate a headache

  28. Karen Says:

    I work two and sometimes three jobs. This would end up being between jobs meals. Quick, easy to pack (or keep in the truck), and delicious and nutritious. Can’t beat that!

  29. emily Says:

    A W E S O M E…

  30. rachel austin Says:

    Me and my family for our movie night snacking

  31. Deb Gowlland Says:

    I would eat it on top of yogurt with maybe some blueberries!

  32. Sylvia Lombera Says:

    It would be great for on the go to have a snack.

  33. Kim L Says:

    during carpool picking up my kids

  34. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I would enjoy this at my desk in the afternoon for my pick me up snack! This sounds delicious and Would love to try!

  35. Susan Sarver Says:

    In the mid-afternoon, when I get sleepy and hungry

  36. cindy w. Says:

    For a snack.

  37. Alice Clark Says:

    I would most enjoy this for my afternoon snack at work.

  38. Neda Says:

    I can have it at any time! 🙂

  39. julie Says:

    I would most enjoy this on the go with the kids

  40. emily Says:


  41. chris lee Says:

    I love cashews and I love almonds they are great sources of protiens

  42. Susan Says:

    These would be great to have on hand for a long car ride.

  43. Dana Matthews Says:

    I’d enjoy this as a mid afternoon snack with the kids. Sure does sound good!

  44. Elaine Skalozub Says:

    When you move!!!! I moved this weekend, with a broken ankle, so it was impossible to just cook up or run into a store to buy a snack, this would have been perfect!!!!

  45. patricia Says:

    I would take this snack with me when I travel. An easy gluten free snack.

  46. Deb Gowlland Says:

    I would enjoy this as a quick snack on the go when I am traveling!

  47. Tal Says:

    I love all of the ingredients in this trail mix and so does my mom so we got these to share. I absolutely love that they are already packaged in portion pouches which makes them easy to pack in lunches or throw in your purse or gym bag for an on the go snack. The fact that you get both a sweet and salty mixture only makes it that much more appealing!
    It’s a healthy snack with protein and fruit that is a lot more filling than I had anticipated. They are great for pre and post workout as well as those times you just need a little something to get you by until the next meal.
    I like to keep a pouch in the desk drawer I have at work and whenever I think about taking a piece of chocolate out of the candy bowl, I simply take a handful of trail mix and life is good again!

  48. cindy w. Says:

    For a mid-afternoon snack.

  49. Kim Colesworthy Buckel Says:

    I’m not breakfast eater, but I would have the tasty and crunchy snack mix with my morning coffee, knowing I putting something nutritious in my body.

  50. Sandi Espinosa Says:

    I like to eat these with my grandchildren. We eat them on the go or in our salads! If I don’t win them where can I buy them?

  51. Sandi Espinosa Says:

    We eat them on the go! Or we add them to our salads. If we don’t win them where can I purchase them?

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