Win-It-Wednesday: XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I am starting to think about all the gluten-free sweet treats to bake up for the sweeties in my life.

And this year, instead of mixing up a bazillion types of gluten-free flours, along with some Xanthan gum to make my favorite recipes, I’m going to use XO Baking Company’s All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup”Gourmet Flour Blend.

I love that this “Cup-for-Cup” flour allows you to make your favorite, treasured recipes with no hassle and no worry. All you need to do is follow your favorite sweet baked good recipe, and substitute the traditional gluten-laden white flour with the XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend. Your baked goods will come out delicious, and it’s easy as a snap.

All of the XO Baking Mixes are Certified Gluten Free through the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO).  This means that they test every one of their products to ensure that they are safe for those with a gluten intolerance, sensitivity or celiac disease. The mixes also contain no milk or eggs and are Non-GMO.

The XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Flour Blend is also rice free, peanut free, certified kosher and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. They are also Non-GMO.

And as well as the Flour Blend, XO Baking also offers other delicious gluten-free baked good mixes including a delicious Pound Cake, Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread and Pumpkin Bread; a new Blondie Mix; Pie Crust Mix and also a Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting.

I was so excited to find the XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend in my local store, so I grabbed an extra two boxes to feature on this week’s Win-It-Wednesday giveaway!

A total of two (yes, 2!) members will be randomly selected to win a package of XO Baking Mixes All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend. One (1) winner will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST, and one (1) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, February 17 and Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter two times to win!

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us what you would make with the XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend (Me? My all-time favorite… Chocolate Chip Cookies!). Good luck, happy Valentine’s Day to you & your sweeties… and, as always …

Be Free!

P.S. Want to buy XO Baking Company’s Gluten-Free Pound Cake? Check out this link on All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend

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44 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend”

  1. Elaine Skalozub Says:

    I would make my boyfriend and mother in law my famous quiche! They were there for me when I lost my job, they took me in, and helped me get back on my feet. They love quiche, this would be perfect!

  2. Hillary H Says:

    I would love to try a new AP GF flour in my cupcakes!

  3. Larc Says:

    I would love to try something chocolaty, like a molten lava cake. YUM.

  4. Christina Says:

    I’d make my childhood favorite banana chocolate chip cookies. I’ve heard good things about this flour blend and can’t wait to try it

  5. Sue Says:

    I would make cinnamon rolls!

  6. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    I would like to use XO Baking Company All Purpose “Cup-for-Cup” Gluten-Free Flour Blend to make pizza dough. I so miss my pizza have not found anyone that is eatable.

  7. Eileen Says:

    I would bake a German Chocolate Cake.

  8. cindy w. Says:

    Peanut butter cookies!

  9. Deb Gowlland Says:

    Frosted sugar cookies! 🙂

  10. TXEdie Says:

    Finding a G-F flour that is truly cup-for-cup in standard recipes would be a dream come true. I have a long list of recipes to try but a “Texas Sheet Cake” would be high on the list. Also, I would love to be able to make gravy that really tastes like gravy! Too many possibilities to list in this small space. 🙂

  11. Chere Housefield Says:

    Gluten Free on a Shoestring has a recipe for the best chewy sugar cookies and they are what I would like to try with Cup 4 Cup.

  12. Cindy Says:

    I would make whoopie pies!

  13. Susan M Says:

    I would use the Cup-for-Cup Gluten-Free Flour Blend to make some chocolate cupcakes.

  14. Sue Says:

    First thing would be blueberry muffins, then some good pan fried chicken.

  15. Leigh Says:

    I would make a yummy black Forrest cake to enjoy!! Mmmm:)

  16. Theresa Gates Says:

    Every week I make a big batch of gluten free PB&J muffins for my son to have for breakfast, snacks and desserts. It is his absolute favorite right now.

  17. Forress Says:

    My love has a Birthday coming up soon. I would make her a special cake for her special day.

  18. julie Says:

    I would make my grandmas apple cake

  19. Kim L Says:

    i would use it to make fried chicken!!! OR a chicken pot pie

  20. Dana Matthews Says:

    Oatmeal Raisin cookies is what I’d make! They are our absolute favorite cookie!

  21. patricia Says:

    I would make brownies with the flour mix. They are always so good.

  22. Allison Says:

    Hmmm, so many wonderful choices. I may try my Mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls, or Chocolate cake is always a favorite.

  23. Jennifr Says:

    Chewy, yummy chocolate chip cookies with walnuts!!!

  24. Jennifer Says:

    Chewy, yummy chocolate chip cookies with walnuts!!!!

  25. Gina Says:

    I would make my celiac daughter chocolate cupcakes!

  26. Margoka Says:

    I would make cottage cheese balls.

  27. Venessa F Says:

    I would make pumpkin muffins

  28. cindy w. Says:


  29. Katie Says:

    I would love to try making zucchini bread with XO Baking flour. It is an old family favorite recipe that it is hard to get right with some “cup for cup” GF flours.

  30. Kristina Says:

    I would make my 8 year old daughter cinnamon raisin bread. She was recently told she is allergic to eggs, dairy and gluten.

    Now mommy is learning new ways to bake DF, EF, and GF.

  31. rachel Says:

    i would use this in coconut brownies!

  32. julie Says:

    I would make some muffins

  33. chris Says:

    I would try it with the homemade cinnamon bread I make.

  34. patricia Says:

    I love scones, so that is what I would make with the flour mix. Thank you.

  35. Todd Says:

    Would definitely make chocolate chip cookies!

  36. Chere Housefield Says:

    After sugar cookies, I would like to try biscuits. It’s interesting to see how different flour blends perform in recipes.

  37. Susan M Says:

    I would make some chocolate chip cookies.

  38. Hillary Says:

    Pie Dough!

  39. Tiffany Says:

    My family of 6 is gluten free. I would make pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, or chicken tenders! We are always eager to try new products

  40. pauline lacy Says:

    I would make my mom chocolate chip cookies!

  41. Lyn Tait Says:

    I would love to use this flour to make all kinds of goodies. Especially sweet breads cakes and cookies for church because we have other people there that cannot have gluten as well.

  42. Edie Says:

    I would try all my old favorite sweet yeast dough recipes — starting with cinnamon rolls. Oh, how I miss those baked goods!!

  43. Mary Says:

    My son misses pie! Chicken pot pie and a pecan pie for Valentines. Cookies for my friends to show off my baking skills aren’t dulled for having to use gluten free products

  44. celine Says:

    I will love to use it to do my bread for breakfast

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