WIN-It-Wednesday: Dogswell & Catswell Pet Snacks

Attending a Natural Food Expo last fall, I ran across Dogswell and Catswell pet jerky treats that are not only gluten-free, but also free of corn, soy and other allergens.  

Chatting with the down-to-earth, dog and cat loving representatives at the Dogswell / Catswell booth about our pets and their products, I also learned that they also offer dry food, canned food and biscuits that are all made from natural meat and poultry with absolutely no added hormones, processed gluten, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; and these products are free of wheat, corn, soy, and flour. 

When I was asked if I wanted to take a few gluten-free jerky samples home for Sadie Maie, my incredibly sweet Boxer, I happily took them. 

Before then I was “treating” Sadie with highly-glutenized, processed and junk-foodie type snacks that were no treat for me to even touch, since they were made, dusted and treated with gluten. I know, I know… I was a bad!

When I gave Sadie her first Dogswell jerky she loved it! I thought she may have become a junk-food-doggie and turn her nose up to the healthiness of these snacks, but not so! Since finding Dogswell jerkies, Sadie Maie and I both love treat time – gluten-free!

Dogswell jerky dog treats come in six varieties: Vitality, Happy Hips, Shape Up, Breathies, Mellow Mut and Happy Heart. The Catswell Jerky Treats come in four varieties: Vitakitty, and also the Happy Hips, Shape Up and Breathies.

Dogswell / Catswell is happy to be the sponsor of this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday! THREE (Yes… 3!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe dog &/or cat members (and their “lucky peoples”!) will win one of THREE (3) gift baskets full of Dogswell / Catswell jerky treats!

How can your pooch or kitty win?


Tell me your dog or cats name, what breed (if any or if known) and one truly amazing thing they do that keeps you smiling, sane, happy, and all-around… healthy! (Me? My pups name is Sadie Maie, she is a Boxer and she twists her body into a tortellini shape, and runs sideways while wiggling her bottom, and I swear she smiles & laughs while doing it!)

All entries must be received by Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 12 midnight EST.

Good luck, and as always…


Be Free! (Woof-Meow!)

Kathleen (& Sadie Maie)

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30 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Dogswell & Catswell Pet Snacks”

  1. Denise Castelli Says:

    HI! We adopted our family dog from our local shelter. His name is Chico. He is part Chihuahua, part miniature pinscher and maybe more. He showers my teenage daughter with kisses and keeps her smiling- even in the morning! Now that keeps me sane!!

  2. gfe--gluten free easily Says:

    My cat, Huckleberry (who is now 14 and no special breed, but looks like a Maine coon cat), has a very scratchy voice and one makes single sounds to tell you he wants to be fed.

    Great idea and product because dogs and cats are hunters and not supposed to eat gluten. BTW, is the site of a vet who talks about the effects of gluten on our pets and us. I know many (myself included) who’ve seen amazing results when feeding their pets gf food.


  3. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    Our family pet is named Baby Girl and she is a boxer/pitt mix we rescued from breeding. Everyday when you arrive home she greets you at the door and puts her head down to her feet and her butt in the air with her tail wagging, after you greet her she will throw herself on the carpet and put all four legs in the air to get a belly rub.Even after the worst days of work Baby will make you laugh out loud with her antics,she relieves alot of my stress just by being the most wondferful dog in the world.

  4. kristina Herrick Says:

    we got our cat from a neighbor who found him as a stray. He turned 1 on the 4th and his name is coco. I love the fact he plays hide and seek with my 4 and 3 year old. He still tries to run the show but knows when I look at him with that glare he is not the king. I must say Im not a cat person but have come around to liking him. When the house is quiet around 9pm he does come and cuddle with me. I would love for him to try these wonderful treats!! thank you

  5. Francine Says:

    My dog’s name is Nikki. She is a 10 year old golden retriever. She still acts like a pup. Sometimes when we have her rollover for a treat, she tries to hurry and just ends up jumping in a circle in the air. It makes me laugh every time.

  6. Michie Page Says:

    My cats name is Kuma (which is Japanese for bear). We think Kuma is part Maine Coon, but otherwise we don’t know. Kuma is a total mama’s boy. He follows me around the house when I am cleaning and when I sit down he either wants to cuddle or play fetch. He also knows some commands like sit and “paws” (which means to put his paws on the floor when I give him a treat). At night when I am ready to turn off the tv and go to bed I say, “Kuma, is it bed time?” and he runs to the bedroom and jumps into bed.

  7. Debra Lewis Caruso Says:

    My dog Seamus, is a 9 year old Yellow lab mix.If he catches a bug,no matter what size,he squishes it with his mouth,and than proceeds to roll over on it many times to make sure it is truly is dead.He is 100 pounds of love!Seamus,pronounced Shay Mus,was brought over to our house,by another dog when he was a puppy,and never left.

  8. christine king Says:

    Leo and Gus are my 4 year old cats. They were adopted from the same shelter about 9 months apart, and are very best friends. Together, they make me smile daily by greeting me at the door after work looking for hugs… And maybe dinner. 🙂 And when it’s time for bed, all I have to do is say “come on, boys!” and they race each other up the stairs to get the coziest place on the bed — basically, where ever my legs would need to be. They are the sweetest things in the world, and even on my worst days they fill my heart with love and happiness.

  9. Cara Says:

    How awesome is this! I have two basset hounds, Buddy and Duke! Just looking at them brings a smile to my face, but what really cracks me up is how they both lay on their backs with their feet in the air and their ears out to the sides! If one of them is getting a belly rub then the other one definitely thinks they need one! They love treats and no gluten is definitely the way to go when I have celiac! 🙂

  10. Roxann Says:

    Oh where do I begin? I have three dogs, all shelter dogs, Moon Pie 11 years young, part lab part rot, can tell time, she knows exactly what time I give her snacks everyday. (8pm) and while she will take them from my husband or daughter, still expects me to give it to her at 8. I.B. Shadow (IB stands for Itty Bitty) looks exactly like moon in coloring except smaller. She is 6 and part lab part border collie. She climbs up on me and wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist just like a child would. Finn McCool is my baby boy 4, and is a great pyranees. He is a b**b boy and gives loves by sticking his head right between your breast and pressing. The sweetest, gentleist dog I’ve ever seen. Just looking at the love in their eyes everytime I see them makes me smile.

  11. Kathie Alpert Says:

    We have an English Bull Terrier from rescue. She is grain and beef allergic. She is our second bull terrier. They are such goofs. They do something called a hucklbutt, which is basically zooming around the house as fast as you can go. Running into things doesn’t deter her. After 3 or 4 laps around the house and maybe a leap on and over our bed the very last thing she does is run and jam herself under the bed. She wriggles herself completely under (it’s a tight fit) and then gives this contented bully sigh….so funny to watch. Then she falls asleep.

  12. Tricia Ossa Says:

    Our Boxer, Henry, ONLY eats dogswell kibble, wet food and jerky! He snubs junky treats from others, often offending people who just want to give him a little treat at the dog park. He greets his family at the front door with unbelievable wriggles, straight up in the air jumps, bends his body in half like a noodle, and this happens if you’ve only been gone for 10 minutes! It doesn’t matter what other things are stressful in our lives, once we see Henry it all melts away!

  13. Melissa Hall Says:

    Our dog Gracie came to us from a local humane society 6 glorious months ago. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier and yes, she’s full of energy and smarter than both of us! Gracie has brought a smile or laugh to everyone who has ever met her but one day she really amazed me. My husband, William, had been giving her a doggie massage in the floor of my office when she got up, picked up one of her doggie cookies, brought it back to him, nosed it toward him, and then laid back down in front of him for some more love. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I never would have believed it. She treated papa-dog! How funny is that???

  14. Robin Says:

    our dog was a drop-off we assume and just showed up at our rural home one day… we decided to keep him. He’s a Bench Lab {yellow} near as I can tell. His name is Haku. I don’t know that he really does anything funny {but he spoons dh when we are sleeping. That makes me laugh – dh not so much. lol} but he has been a joy.
    We also have a cat, Siesta, who sleeps like the dead. lol. that’s her claim to fame. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway! We’ve just begun to eat better and raw{er} and are ramping up our critter’s food as well.

  15. Vicki Bishop Says:

    We have a black lab named Josie that was 4 years old on July 4th. She grins when she is happy which is all the the time. When she gets real excited it seems that she will just about wiggle out of her skin. She is also a very picky eater. If she doesnt like the treat that we give her, she will throw it back at you.

  16. Aejin Hahn Says:

    Ein, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is my dog, my best friend, and my little fur-child. One of the many things that he does is that he is just there for me. When I am just sitting on the floor, he walks up to me from wherever he is and leans against me. He often has a smile on his face, which is then accompanied with endless kisses, which easily brightens up my whole day, everyday. It makes me fuzzy and warm inside seeing that he is happy and healthy.

  17. Sandy Bright Says:

    Snuggles is a rescue dog We have had her 9 years and are not sure how old she is. She is seven pounds of mixed lovable dog(part poodle, maybe terrier- black and white and turning silver). She can jump so high we wonder if she is stuffed with Mexican jumping beans. She is so entertaining and funny. She is very vocal and almost talks to us. She lets us know when she wants out, wants food, or if it is bedtime. She loves everyone and is terrific with the grandchildren.

  18. Kelly Says:

    My best friend’s name is Tucker. He’s a three year old cockapoo and of all the things he does to make me smile, my favorite would have to be watching him try to swim. Whenever I take him to Fiesta Island he is so eager to run into the water to retrieve his toy, but as soon as he has to start swimming he looks like a little kid drowning. He never gives up though, but when I start to get nervous for him and go to help him out, he will literally climb up me to get out of the water. As soon as we get to shallower water and I put him down, he runs right back into the deeper water. We’ve been practicing his swimming skills (literally me holding him afloat like he’s a little kid) and he seems to be getting much better.

  19. Brianna Says:

    I have a long haired doxie mix named Otto. He’s such a character, everything he does is totally funny. When he runs he actually bounces. lol. And his face is so expressive – he just cracks us up all the time.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  20. Dale Turrentine Says:

    I have two poodle Sugar Dumplin (apricot) and Poppy Doodle (black.) Poppy loves to play with a nylon squeakly toy. She rolls over on her back and almost tosses the toy in the air. She is smiling and making happy noises. This makes me want to get a video and win money on that TV show. Dumplin must have her morning kisses before I leave the bed or she complains. It makes me feel loved. We can’t live without the Mellow Mutts around here. Thanks.

  21. debra taylor Says:

    I have two miniature dachshunds, Zoe – we got from a breeder, my daughter just had to have a puppy! and Buddy – we adopted from a shelter. they are the best of friends, are always sitting together head to tail. Every day Zoe gives Buddy a bath, licking his face and ears, and he just poses for her and lets her do her thing. We’re so lucky to have them!

  22. Janet Says:

    Our dog’s name is FiFi and she is a chocolate poodle who is now 14 years old! She is getting up there in age, however she still on occassion will get a burst of energy and act like the puppy she once was. She will give you these mischevious looks and then all of a sudden run as fast as she can in huge paths or circles, then stop dead in front of you, smile, and run around again and again! It really is cute and funny-esp. considering her age!

  23. Patricia Says:

    My dog, Milo, was adoped from TLC animal shelter, a tri color, 8.5 lb Rat Terrier, he was born outside in farm country in Crawford County, IL. He is now 2. He is a little wild man until you pick him up, then he is perfectly still in you arms and crosses his paws. When I brought him home, he was afraid of everything – it was obvious he had never been inside a house….opening the cabinets, picking up a broom, washing dishes, opening the frig…all these things sent him running. He is still leary if my fork clinks on my plate or when I open a diet coke can….but he’s come a long way. I take him to every dog friendly venue I can….and comments are always made about his beautiful markings and that his tail is constantly wagging. He wraps himself inside his blanket like a little sausage – he makes me smile alot just by being wonderful, happy little Milo!!!!

  24. Amy Says:

    My pup’s name is Murphy, he’s a year old Great Dane. He shares my bed with me, and I can’t help it, I let him hog it. But it’s worth all the hassle, pushing me up against the wall and stealing my pillows, when he lays his big dopey head on my chest and sleeps like that with me. Nothing makes you feel so loved as puppy cuddles.

  25. Donna Says:

    Jasmine is my little soul kitty. We’ve been together over 10 years now and we share a language that only the two of us can understand, ha. She’s always waiting at the door to greet me when I get home. She loves to ‘attack’ the sheets on the bed and play fetch with those little sparkly pom-pom balls. And yes, she brings the ball back to me so I will flick it into the air again for her to chase. ( No one ever believes that my cat plays fetch until they actually see her do it.) Anyway, I buy her food at the vet’s office (expensive but she’s worth it) because she has a sensitive stomach and store brands just make her throw up alot, yuk. So, I’m thinking maybe gluten free treats might be just the thing for her.

  26. Judith A. Deter Says:

    My cat’s name is Jack, named by my grandson after Captain Jack Sparrow. He is 3 and was adopted from a local shelter. Since I’ve had him he has struggled with irritable bowel syndrome, just like people do. I finally have him on an all protein diet that is also gluten-free. He has to take prednisone, a steroid to help heal his intestines. Poor kitty! I think he’d love to try a new treat that is yummy!

  27. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Everyone-

    I LOVE reading all these stories! Every single one has put a smile on my face!

    I would love to meet all of your dogs and kitties! BTW – I use to have two BIG Black cats that were brothers (& partners in crime!) Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. I miss them dearly everyday… I had them for over 15 years. Everytime I visit friends that have cats I need to hold them to get my ktty-fix!

    Be Free!

  28. Tamela Cayward Says:

    Our dogs name is Cashmere. “He” was so fluffy and warm when we got him as a pup, just like your favorite sweater, thus the name. He is a Lasso Apso/Bichon Frise mix. He does his dirty work out in the woods and never leaves a mess in the yard to be cleaned up, couldn’t happen again if we tried.

  29. Debby Says:

    My puppys name is Boo Boo. He is a 13 yr old Boston Terrier. Within a years time he has lost his eyesite to cateracts and his hearing is just about gone as well. His bladder control isn’t what it used to be, but we manage . He gets around well and still can practically walk himself. He is the lovingest pet anyone can recall without a mean bone in his body. And with those sad face clown eyes can melt your heart away. Always friendly to everyone human & animals alike, you would almost think he was human the way he is always so intuitive to his surroundings. Boo Boo’s best time of day is always after his walk when he gets a treat. Am giving him gluten filled treats, but now will look into Dogwell with all the good things said. R.I.P. Chanel – you will be missed.

  30. Catherine Says:

    I am the lucky winner of a nice supply of Dogwell treats. My little rat terrier, Milo, is picky about his treats. The only treats he likes are those that taste like bacon and his favorite is dehydrated sweet potatoes.

    When I received the Dogwell treats I was thinking about who I could give them to because I wasn’t sure he’d eat them. What a surprise when he sniffed and grabbed the first one right away. Now he eats them all without hesitation. I am convinced that along with me, I beloved dog and cat, Diablo need to be on a gluten free diet. (The cockatoo already eats gluten free!) These treats are fantastic and obviously healthy.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful product for my beloved little Milo!!!!

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