Friday Favorite: Jones’ Canadian Bacon

Breakfast can be tough on a gluten-free diet. We all know that you just can’t reach for the basic breakfast items that everyone else in the world is eating. Sometimes it’s hard just to keep up.

On the days that I make myself a bigger breakfast, I reach for Jones’ Canadian Bacon slices. Whether I am fixing gluten-free pancakes, waffles or eggs, the Canadian Bacon is gluten-free, delicious, and a perfect side.

My favorite breakfast special though is a McGluten-Free Muffin: A toasted Joan’s gluten-free English muffin, a fried egg and Cabot cheese, all topped with a slice of the Jones’ Canadian Bacon.

Now that’s what I call keeping up with the Jones’.

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  1. Carol Asher Says:

    Sounds yummy! We like to do the Egg McMuffins when we’re up north with English muffins. This way I and my daughter and 6 year old grandson will also be able to eat with the rest of the meal. And I’ve always liked Canadian bacon.

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