Friday Favorite: Dragonfly Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

One of the best ways to keep germs at bay, especially during flu and cold season, is to wash your hands – a lot! But sometimes good old soap and water is not around to do the job.

This is when I reach for a hand sanitizer. I was using the regular alcohol based version, found at most grocery and department stores, but then I found an alcohol-free sanitizer at the Natural Product Expo that really caught my eye. I like it so much I wanted to spread the word!

Found in travel sizes for your purse or backpacks, or regular sizes for home and office, The Dragonfly Organix Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer is not only environmentally friendly, but free of alcohol, petroleum, fragrance and fragrance oils – which can often cause allergic reactions.

I really liked this hand sanitizer because it offers an extended germ protector, which alcohol based sanitizers do not. Plus the Dragonfly Hand Sanitizer makes my skin feel soft and smooth – not dried out and rough, like they do after using the alcohol based sanitizers. The way I look at it, if I’m going to use a hand sanitizer numerous times throughout the day, I want one that is going to give me extra protection, while moisturizing and conditioning my skin at the same time. 

Want to try the Dragonfly Hand Sanitizer? Check out the Garden Guys website to purchase the Dragonfly Hand Sanitizer in all sizes (8-ounce Foaming Pumps, 100-wipe canister and travel sizes).

Be Well and Be Free!

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