WIN-It-Wednesday: Glutino Foods – Quality, Service, Trust, and Variety

I am so excited that Glutino Foods is this weeks WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor since they are one of my all-time favorite gluten-free brands!

Not only are the Glutino products delicious, they are also a brand that I can count on. All the Glutino products are gluten-free and the most can be found in traditional grocery stores – which means less time running around to specialty or natural food stores! Glutino makes my life so much easier!

Plus the variety of products that Glutino offers is exceptional. They seem to make it all, from cookies, breads, bagels, pancake mixes, muffin mixes, frozen pizzas and convenient pasta dishes.

My favorite is the gluten-free pretzels that I dip in tangy honey mustard, but I also love the convenience of the gluten-free meals when I am on-the-go.

Glutino products can also be used as ingredients in favorite gluten-free recipes too. I use Glutino crackers in baked stuffed shrimp or chicken nuggets; and the Glutino cookies in pie crusts or dessert bars.

Glutino Foods is offering one BeFreeForMe member a gift box packed with a variety of Glutino products… this is a $50-$75 valued prize!

How can you WIN? Easy!

Reply to this blog and tell us how you make the gluten-free diet easy (Me? I make sure I arm myself with a shopping list and coupons before I hit the grocery store aisles!).

One LUCKY winner will be chosen at random. The winner must be a BeFreeForMe member and all entries must be received by Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good Luck, Go Easy… and as always…

Be Free!

P.S. Also… don’t forget to use coupon code BEFREE at check out on to get $5 OFF when you buy $25 or more in Glutino products! Offer expires 10/31/09!

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105 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Glutino Foods – Quality, Service, Trust, and Variety”

  1. Melissa Conrad Says:

    I make gluten free easy by being informed. I do a lot of research before I go shopping and I use my handy dandy gluten free shopping guide book! 🙂

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I like to make large quanitities of gf baked goods and then freeze them in pre portioned sizes so I can bring them with me. This is particularly helpful with cupcakes. I like to bring them with me to birthday parties so I have cake to eat too.

  3. Shelly! Says:

    What? Wow! That is an amazing gift box and between holidays and school stuff we could TOTALLY use some new additions to our gluten-free life!

  4. Cara Says:

    YUM!!! I make the gluten free life easy by researching all the new products and what works for other people! 🙂

  5. Terra Jones Says:

    I’m still learning how to make it easy on myself (and my 14 month old son) but, right now, just always having snacks at the ready when we’re out and about (esp. if we’re eating at a restaurant) in case there are no GF options.


  6. Ruth Ann Says:

    YUM!! Glutino is our favorite! We always have the pretzels on hand.. and enjoyed the crackers tonight with our homemade chicken soup!!
    Here’s a great quick kids (and kid’s at heart) dessert idea… one glutino pretzel twist, topped with a rolo candy and one m&m. Heat at 150 degrees on a cookie sheet for about 5 minutes. Squish & eat! YUM!!

  7. Lynnae Says:

    I make GF easy by freezing baked goods, doing a weekly pot of rice in my rice cooker, and by stocking my fridge with ingredients for quick/easy meals: frozen veggies for stir fry, individual servings of chicken/other meat, eggs for scrambled/fried eggs, etc. I also make sure to have a can (or frozen bag) of black beans handy at all times! Heated w/my favorite salsa and served over rice makes a quick, easy, and tasty dinner!

  8. Eileen Says:

    Glad to find you. I am always planning ahead for when I am with others and bringing my own food to different functions.

  9. Eileen Says:

    I am very happy to have found this site. I am always planning ahead so that I can be prepared for when I am with others and bringing my own food to different functions.

  10. sally Says:


  11. michele ellis Says:

    I make it easier for my son by having lots of simple choices that i know he loves, Fruits , Veggies , and snacks that way know matter what is going on he will be able to have some control over his diet. Which makes him feel good and makes my life much easier.

  12. Sue Says:

    I have been making my gf life easy by reading a lot of books, eating lots more fresh produce, and enjoying being healthier. I’ve seen the Glutino products and would love to win a gift box full! I can already imagine finding my new addiction in that box.

  13. Ahja Says:

    I make the gluten free diet easier for me by being informed and involved in what I am purchasing, I preplan meals and read the ingredients of products I am going to buy. I’ve even expanded my horizons. I try at least one new gluten free product or recipe a month. My diet has become as rich and rewarding as it once was. Thanks to products like Glutino.

  14. Cindy Winther Says:

    I get on the internet to check with companies directly to be sure their products are gluten free. I also use my cell phone while grocery shopping to talk to companies directly about whether their product is gluten free.


  15. Ellen Christian Says:

    I try to find as many coupons as possible for the gluten free products I need to buy.

  16. Myrical Barton Says:

    Planning ahead helps to make gluten-free easy. Each weekend, I make and freeze one or two meals. That way, I have “fast-food” that is guaranteed gluten-free with lots of variety!

  17. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    I am new at the GF diet as my 14 year old son was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease,but I have learned really quickly to cook extra Gf foods for lunch boxes and snacks.We are always on the look out for new teen freindly recipes.

  18. Casey Says:

    One way I found to save money and be a wise shopper by going online to different products and some have ingredients are list as gluten free online buy not on the packaging.

  19. Kathy T. Says:

    The keys to our survival are having a stash of homemade “convenience” foods on hand-breads, entree’s etc.-in the freezer, toting food with us-which includes having a variety of lunch gear and containers- when we are out and about, and doing our “homework”. Sticking with simple daily meals and using alot of fresh, natural ingredients is also key.

  20. Rosemarie Says:

    Hmmmmm . . . making living gluten free easy. Glutino products certainly help. I can always count on anything Glutino being tasty and as close to “regular” products as possible. I keep a bag of pretzels in my office desk for those munchie moments, and I just cannot tell you how much I love knowing that the crackers are around!
    The Glutino product line makes gluten free living easier in that you are never without options if your pantry is stocked!

  21. Linda Says:

    Two of the grocery stores have a separate section for gluten free foods. I always head there first to get what I need and to see what is new. Glutino products are wonderful!!

  22. Debra Gowlland Says:

    I always shop the perimeter of the store and make a list and stick to it. I also bring my gluten free grocery shopping guide with me-it’s my bible!

  23. Kelly Says:

    The way I make a gluten free diet easy for my 13 and 15 year old sons is by creating a gluten free household and being willing to experiment. We have tried to modify our old favorite recipes to be gluten free – it’s been trial and error but with patience there aren’t many dishes they miss.

  24. Debora Says:

    Awesome…..there can’t be a gluten free household out there without Glutino!

  25. Kathleen Mongaraz Says:

    I make it easy on myself, by cooking double batches of entrees, freezing the leftovers. This is good for anything that doesn’t need potatoes – for those dishes, I leave out the potatoes, add them when re-heating. I also, when baking, measure out several additional individual ziploc bags of the dry ingredients for recipe I am making (leave out the yeast). Be sure to write recipe source, page#, baking directions, & yeast needed on the bags) Instant mixes ! And if I am adjusting or adapting a recipe, I write down the changes I have made in the recipe (in pencil, as I am usually experimenting)

  26. Nicole Says:

    I make it easy by only buying three flours: brown rice, tapioca, and potato starch. I can make anything using these threee flours and it tastes just like wheat filled food.

  27. Kathi French Says:

    I make it easy by feeding my family the same rice pasta that I have to eat & bake gluten free bread in my bread machine.

  28. Jessica Says:

    We make gluten free easy by focusing on things we can eat, rather than things we can’t (and miss). We eat a lot of protein, fruits, cheese, yogurts, homemade muffins, brownies, etc.

  29. Jennifer Says:

    I share information with everyone…..what I have tried-what works, what tastes good and what resteraunts have teh best alternatives. I also share new and exciting recipes. It is amazing at how many people are Gluten Free!!

  30. Karla Thompson Says:

    I make the gluten free life easier by doing research online before I even hit the stores. I find that alot of times the gluten free things that I am lookig for are cheeper at, so I purchase in bulk and save money all at the same time. Your website is so helpful! Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated. I can’t wait to see if I win! I love Glutino brand products. My favorite is the Original cracker, I love to eat them with chicken salad and my kids love them with pepperoni and cheese.

    Thank you!

  31. Tina Payne Says:

    still tryin to figure out the whole GF diet, however I read books, magazines, and internet articles daily and watch for sales at my nearest stores with GF products. (45 min. away) I try many recipes some work some don’t.

  32. Leslie Hart Says:

    I make GF shopping easy by checking out new products before purchasing them.

  33. Francine Says:

    I make the GF diet easier by always researching products before shopping. I write GF in a sharpie pen on all the unopened products in my cupboard that I have researched so that I don’t have to take the time to check on them again. I also love the glutino sesame pretzels!

  34. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have made my gluten free life easier by always being prepared. I carry a cooler with me when I hit the road and have a “stash” of all my gf dry items that I can eat while traveling, or in a meeting, or whatever comes my way!

  35. Tina Says:

    I go to stores that highlight gluten-free items!

  36. Kristine Says:

    Never thought I’d say this, especially as a single person, but a chest freezer comes in handy as does a travel sized cooler. So many gluten free baked goods and all meats and such need refrigeration and travelling becomes that much easier.

  37. Carol Asher Says:

    I make my shopping easier by attending Celiac support group meetings and sharing information with other members. We also have visitors from local stores to show the GF products they have for purchase and to let us test them at the meeting. I also read lots of books on the disease and the diet for the latest information.

    My family and I really enjoy Glutino products (4 of us, to include our 6 year old grandson). He especially likes your pretzels. I also enjoy them to mix with the new GF Chex cereals for a great GF Chex mix.

    I look forward to trying new products in your gift package.

  38. Kim, The Food Allergy Coach Says:

    I plan my meals ahead of time and do most of my cooking for the week on Sunday so I don’t have to think too hard during the week! Great giveaway!

  39. Melissa Brown Says:

    my daughter is almost 3 and wasn’t diagnosed until recently so she already had “favorite” foods, most of which are hard to find GF. glutino makes a great cheese cracker that i always have on hand and once i find something she likes i stock up

  40. Lisa O Says:

    I make gluten free easy by trying new recipes with my family. My kids love to cook so making new recipes is fun and no one misses the “old” food we can’t have anymore!

  41. BeccaR Says:

    I make the GF life easy by knowing the products my family loves. I try new products during the “Gluten Free” round up days at my local co-op and then add them to my regular shopping list. I also bake and use my beloved slow cooker to make my gluten (and casein, and tomato, and banana, and strawberry and melon free!) life easy.

  42. Marina Says:

    Google. When in doubt, google. Someone, somewhere has already answered your question, called the manufacturer, had a bad reaction, etc. Saves me the work of having to double check questionable foods and restaurants. Also, most grocery stores have gluten free lists of their private label stock you can print out.

    Also, keeping Larabars and other GF goodies in the glove compartment of my car for when I’m stuck somewhere and hungry and can’t get fast food.

  43. Casey Says:

    I come on to Be Free for Me to stay informed and motivated!

  44. Renee Says:

    I have made being gluten free, for almost 15 years, by planning ahead and making a grocery list and focusing on naturally gluten free foods. But the occasional (Glutino!!) gluten free cookies and crackers are good too, but only on special occasions…

  45. Heather Says:

    I just think back to when I was little. I never liked eating sandwiches, never liked cake, croutons, hotdog buns. I only ate all that stuff ‘cuz everyone else did. So I changed my thinking instead of being denied all these goodies, I am eating what I really like.
    Pasta’s the only glutiny thing I liked as a child, and Glutino’s my favorite brand. I come from an Italian family, the pasta thing is the only challenge.

  46. Gwen Says:

    I make things easier by reading gluten free product reviews online submitted by other consumers, such as at and various celiac websites. This way I know for certain that an item will not give a bad reaction and also tastes good!

  47. Paula Says:

    I pre-make many foods and freeze them…Lasagne, Chili, Rice dishes. That way my kids have something quick, nutritious, and yummy to eat in a hurry. It’s also more economical.

  48. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I focus on what I can have, not what I can’t.

  49. EMILY Says:

    I downloaded the gluten free app to my ipod and now being gluten free is as easy as the push of a button!

  50. Sandra Rieser Says:

    Keep two stashes stocked, the freezer and the pantry. Favorite flour blends in plastic bags stay fresh and handy in freezer along with quick breakfast waffles, pizza crusts and ready to fry pre-coated chicken strips. Carve out a section of pantry/closet for snacks, all varities of pasta, trail mixes, etc. When a craving hits or you are headed for a “do,” grab something and go! GF life is easy now with wonderful, reliable companies like Glutino, whom you can always trust to make excellent, delicious products. Thirty years ago when I started one had to create everything from time consuming scratch or do without.

  51. Vinnie Jensen Says:

    I make the gluten free diet easy by doing research on new products, stores with gluten free selections and gluten free restaurants. And by always having snack stuff like nuts and dried fruits with me when travelling.

  52. Connie Schmitt Says:

    I am new to living gluten free, but so far, I find it easier to always have a variety of gluten free products in my pantry. We eat out quite frequently too, so I search for restaurants that offer gluten free menus and plan what I will be ordering beforfe leaving my house.

  53. carrie Says:

    I print each recipe I want to try out and if it is a winner, I transfer it into a notebook where I can write out comments and changes I might make next time I make it. When my son is grown up and out on his own, I will have a GF cookbook of recipes he likes.

  54. Paula in Eugene Says:

    To make living GF easy I joined our local Gluten Intolerance Group for support and information. I also like to find recipies online because they usually are reviewed by several people. A locally-owned grocery, Capella Market, has gluten-free sampling once a month so we can taste new foods.

    Glutino bagels are so good I scared myself once, thinking I was eating a gluten bagel!! Pamela’s Baking Mix allows me to quickly whip up yummy GF treats for the grandkids. And fresh-baked breads from Tarte Desserts & Bakery (a local GF bakery) are fabulous! I rarely feel deprived.

    When eating out, I always take Gluten-Ease from Enzymedica — just in case I get glutened.

    Thank you for your great website, the raffle & daily inspriational thoughts. 🙂

  55. Cindy Says:

    We like to eat out alot – so I make it easy by having a few go to restaurants like Uno where I know I can get something safe to eat. I also enjoy some of the Glutino products and would love a chance to try more!!

  56. Stephanie Says:

    Before going out to a restaurant or party I eat a hearty snack. That way I won’t be hungry if I end up without gf options.

  57. Missy Says:

    I make eating gluten free easy by converting my old recipes and serving the same food to everyone. There are recipes available to make nearly anything, and with a bit of experimenting, there’s no need to do without any of my favorite foods! Also, I mix the dry ingredients for pizza crust and bread in ziploc bags and keep them in the freezer to speed up preparation. I would love to use the Glutino ritz-style crackers to convert my poppyseed chicken recipe!

  58. Gluten Free Betsy Says:

    I make gluten free easy by networking with others on a gluten free diet for ideas, recipes, and news. Saves time and I’ve learned a lot of great substitutes!

  59. Donna Says:

    The replies I have read pretty much cover what all of us do to make gluten fee diets easier. The only thing I can add is that I work with children. I explain to them that we are all different, whether it be inside or out. When you explain that gluten hurts you on the inside by doing damage, it is easier for them to understand. This helps them to deal with gluten problems as well as other problems in life. It helps me to make my Celiacs easier to handle also, by being a “role model” to these young children.

  60. April Says:

    I make eating gluten free easy for me because I shop at my favorite grocery store which has many gf options for me including Glutino.

  61. Susan C - AZ Says:

    I make gluten free easy two ways; first by shopping at the healthy stores (Sprouts & Sunflower) that cater to and understand those who have food allergies and special diets. I also buy all my baked goods fresh from Gluten-Free Creations Bakery in Phoenix, AZ because they have a CERTIFIED gluten-free facility so I know ALL the products I buy there are safe. They also ship nationwide. They have the best breads, bagels, rolls, cookies, donuts, and brownies. Secondly, I also eat from the 5 food groups that are gluten-free naturally (lean meats/fish/poultry, fruits/vegetables, nuts, eggs, and GF grains (brown rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, sorghum, tapioca, wild rice).

  62. SARAH Says:

    About a year and a half ago, when I was first diagnosed with CD, I would have laughed at anyone that put both gluten-free and easy in the same sentence. Now, I am learning to find my way. I don’t know what I would do without the internet. I look up everything extensively before I purchase. It’s great. The best thing that I can do to make a gluten free diet easy is to stock up!!! I always have gluten free items available.

  63. Cathy S Says:

    I make the gluten free diet easier by making my house gluten free. Now that we have empty nest syndrome, my husband is fine with eating gluten free. The only gluten found in my house is his bread and crackers. (he hasn’t been brought over to GF bread yet) I have tried many Glutino products and have found them to be awesome… I was surprised to find that I loves the English Muffins more than the “real” ones, and make myself an “Egg McMuffin” quite often. YUMMY! I converted my holiday dishes using the crackers and they were a big hit!

  64. Sue Says:

    My daughter has celiac and planning dinners is helpful. There are also increasing options in a local grocery store.

  65. Marilyn Kelly Says:

    I try to make it easy by cooking favorite recipes the gluten free way and not focusing on the original food. The family is sometimes pleasantly surprised with new finds, especially when they taste “my food” at get togethers.

  66. Susette Says:

    Since many gf products are not available here I use my breadmaker to make my own bread.

  67. Suz Says:

    I live in Portland, OR. A gluten-free mecca. That makes it easy!

  68. Linda Says:

    How do I make my gluten diet easy? On Sunday, I plan all my menus and snacks for the next week, check the internet for any coupons, and then proceed to the grocery store and buy only what’s on the list. Less temptation to cheat!

  69. Lori Niver Says:

    I make gluten free easy by being prepared. I call ahead and plan each outing and carry lots of gluten free snacks. I am always looking for new products and recipes that keep my family FREE!

  70. Debbie Says:

    I tend to cook and bake in bulk and stock the freezer, that way I do not have to worry about what is for lunch. I also subscribe to at least 2 other GF websites that have recipes I can try.

  71. Tom Says:

    Eating Gluten-Free is so much easier than 10 years ago. There are so many choices, and quite a few restaurants that are safe now. I find it is always best to plan ahead and I usually have a backup plan in the event that the situation goes “south”.

  72. Lisa Durene Says:

    I make gluten free easy by planning ahead. Make larger batches of baked items or entrees and freeze them.

  73. Miranda Says:

    I make GF easy by makeing it a challenge! I love to cook so makeing my self learn new ways to cook and to eat out is just fun! Just how creative can I get and still enjoy my self? How can I tweak this bland recipe? How many difrent meals can I make with rice noodles?? LOL! Lifes short just enjoy it! Some things just depend on how you choose to view them.

  74. Amie Says:

    I printed off a list of ingredients that generally contain gluten and one of generally safe ingredients and carry it with me all the time. If ever in doubt, I refer to my list.

  75. Judy Says:

    I make eating gluten free easy for my five year old daughter by doing my research and keeping by kitchen stocked with gluten free foods that are comparable to what others are eating. I never want her to feel left out.

  76. Sarah Says:

    I like to set one day aside per month and use it to make food for the freezer. I usually whip up a batch of bread, set it aside to rise and then bake brownies, muffins or cookies. I also love to make big batches of fish sticks and chicken strips. They freeze very well and make a delicious meal on the go. I slice my yeast breads and quick breads before freezing them, that way I can use one slice at a time, rather than tempting myself with a whole loaf 🙂

  77. Amanda b. Says:

    I make eating gluten free eating for my 3 year old daughter by providing her with snacks that she enjoys. Most of our meals tend to be gluten free, but when it comes to snacks it is important to have the G Free at hand and a wide variety.

  78. jessica sosinsky Says:

    glutino makes a lot of my celiac daughters favs!

  79. Dawn Morris Says:

    I keep a running list of gluten free products I need so when I run out to the specialty grocery store I know ahead of time what I need. I also stay current on new products and research though Living Without magazine. I discovered a great flour from that I use to bake all my baked goods (muffins, buttermilk biscuits, cupcakes, etc.) and freeze.

  80. Bobbi-Jo Hannu Says:

    I make things easier by making double the amount of a dinner and freezing one and eating the other. Then on busy days and nights I have a go-to meal ready and waiting. It helps to have a large upright freezer too!

  81. Cyndi Canney Says:

    I make my GF life easier by reading books, magazines, collecting new recipes, and stocking my cupboard and freezer with easy go-to meals like Glutino spinach pizza. Yum!!!

  82. Jackee J Says:

    I try to make gluten free life easier by having lots of snacks on hand and integrating gluten free into everyone’s meals at home.

  83. Marg Says:

    I make sure I have a good supply of GF products on hand and store them in a designated gluten free cupboard. That way, when I have the urge to snack, I can quickly and safely satisfy my appetite.

  84. Christine S. Says:

    I’m new to the gluten-free lifestyle so I’m trying as many products as I can to find those that fit my needs and tastes. I’m finding some are pretty darn tasty and look forward to many more products on the market as this segment of the population expands.

  85. Jo Says:

    I make Gluten free living easy by going to a small support group set up in my area, sharing ideas with others. I also never miss out of the annual GF festival, it is so much fun. Lots of information, recipes, and tons of good food, all GF of course.

  86. Chris Petersen Says:

    I make eating gluten free easy by having lots of fruits, veggies and nuts (that I can eat) on hand. I use new gluten free recipes and old recipes that I convert. I also serve the gluten free food I need to everyone in the family. Keeps it simple! As a very active person, if I need protein and carbs in a snap, I can depend on gluten free protein powder, or gluten free protein bars. I love the ease of having wonderful Glutino products in my pantry. I enjoy many of their breads and absolutely love their crackers. I weight train, am a cub scout leader and a girl scout leader, in addition to just running the household and managing the busy lives of three kids who enjoy doing all kinds of sports and activities. Life can get wonderfully crazy; I thank God for Glutino products that make it easy for me to stay on track with a gluten free diet!

  87. Theresa Watson Says:

    I make my gluten free life easy by doing all my own cooking and baking — my favorite web site for gluten free recipes is I love to be in my kitchen and create my own gluten free – health – dairy free – organic stuff — then I always know what’s in it.

    I love glutino products and have ordered them many many times — they are great when I don’t have time to make my own.

    Theresa Watson

  88. Katie & Morgan Chalmers Says:

    I make the GF diet easy for myself and my 6 year old daughter (we are both Celiacs) by:

    (1) having a container of GF treats and snacks for her to keep in her cubby at school, in case her class has any surprise gluteny snacks sent in by other parents.

    (2) making all of our meals gluten-free for our entire family

    (3) most importantly: having a positive attitude about our diets. It makes life much easier when we are thankful for all of the wonderful GF foods that we can enjoy! We make sure to always do that instead of focusing on what we can no longer eat.

    -Katie & Morgan Chalmers

  89. Amy Gray Says:

    I bake and freeze, and always have quick snacks on hand! One of them is Glutino Pretzels!!!

  90. gfe--gluten free easily Says:

    I believe in living gluten free easily (gfe) by focusing on all the foods that are naturally gluten free. I eat them as is (for example, fruit, nuts) and also use those ingredients to make main dishes, side dishes, and treats. I use very few gluten-free specialty items, but I do use Glutino for a few things, like their pretzels (yum in pumpkin pie dip) and their crackers–both are excellent. 🙂

    Not just gf, but gfe

  91. Laurel Says:

    I make gluten free life easy for our daughter by making sure I have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies for her to snack on, as well as educating myself in making yummy gf substitutes for things like cream-of whatever soup or biscuit mix for casseroles.

  92. macksmama Says:

    Iam so new at this gf thing, i’m doing this for my almost three year old(what a difference in speach, behavier,everything). to make it easier shopping, go wiht a list of what we would like, and try to find something close. we have only been at this for about a week, so i havent figured out whats GOOD and whats not so good. glutino has the best pretzels!!! our local prouduce / organic market has been really helpfull(guido’s market fresh and price chopper). iam so glad i finaily found something that works…


  93. debra taylor Says:

    I use my slow cooker several times a week to make delicious gluten free foods. Rice pudding or tapioca pudding in one, main dish in another, rice in the rice cooker and dinner is ready when I walk in the door from work. I stick to mostly whole foods – meat, chicken, fish, fresh veggies and fruit, and some spices. Top it off with gluten free baked products – muffins, bagels, pretzels, etc. and life is good!

  94. carol marler Says:

    I have made Gluten Free Meal planning easier by being informed on a regular bases. First I joined the Houston Celiac Group, then I go to informational functions, contact manufactures, subscribe to informational gluten free or Celiac websites. I keep a file on my computer labeled GF for gluten free informational storage at a click of a button. I save Manufactures phone #, recipes, website info, list of gluten free products we love, where we found them, restaurants that have gluten free menu’s,and any thing I might need again, to that file.
    The time I think products like go picnic are most helpful are during air travel,lay overs etc.
    The question I always wonder abut is why isn’t more said about cross contamination. I see it happening every where every day.
    My tip is never cheat on purpose because you are most likely cheating by accident, through cross contamination.
    Thank you,

  95. Lois Matheson Says:

    I make sure that I prepare and eat the majority of my meals at home. When I do go out to eat I know the spots where I can get food that is safe as well as delicious. It’s been a struggle at times over the years – but with growing awareness and product-makers, like Glutino (which is tops in my book for flavor and quality), I no longer feel like I’m missing out!

  96. Kara Says:

    I cook in bulk and freeze the extras for quick meals. I stock up on foods and flours so I have what I need on hand at all times to whip something up if an unexpected social occasion comes up. I always leave my house armed with plenty of ready made safe snacks (like glutino items) and drinks for my kids so they are never without something yummy to eat.

  97. Jamy Sugar Says:

    My 14 year old son was also just diagnosed. My husband bought me a great cookbook and we’ve been having fun making and sampling the gluten free versions of all our favorite foods.

  98. Karen Says:

    I stay informed at all times and when I go shopping I have my list of gluten-free foods with me at all times!

  99. Christine Says:

    First, I have a coupon folder which contains print-outs of the GF lists from manufacturer’s web sites..that way if a certain brand is on sale that week, I’ll know if it’s safe.
    Second, I get creative; luckily, even before going GF I loved to cook, so experimenting and trying new things isn’t out of my comfort zone. This is amazingly important too since my 3 year old is also GF. Toddlers can be picky!
    Last, like others have said, I stock up on sales. (A few months ago I found Glutino crackers on sale at my local natural foods shop for $2.49 a box, I bought every one, even the expired ones!). You can never have too many Envirokidz Peanut butter Lemur bars!! 😉

  100. Nomi Says:

    I make being gluten free easier for my 8 year old daughter by always having foods that she can eat on hand. I make alot ahead and freeze to have quickly at a later date. I have been educating her friends parents so that she can eat safely outside of the house. She goes to support groups with me so now that she is getting older she is getting educated on what she needs to look out for. She also shops with me so that she can help to pick out her food. She loves the Glutino pretzles and crackers!

  101. Lisa Casserly Says:

    We make the Gluten Free Lifestyle easier by always having GF staple ingredients on hand to whip up any meal or snacks. We don’t let this darn tooten gluten intolerance get us down! We just substitute our recipes with GF stuff and we are good to go!

  102. Esther Says:

    I make gluten free easy by creating and cooking up meals for the whole family that are gluten free (I am the only person in the family with Celiac)! I don’t tell them and when they say “it’s delicious”! that’s when I confess!

  103. Teresa Gardner Says:

    My daughter makes my gluten-free diet easy!! She was diagnosed when she was 19 and out on her own! She is 27 and married now. So when I was diagnosed, she started sending me e-mails of what to buy, what was good and what was not so good!! She even uses the web cam to show me exactly what it is that she bought!! She is a blessing in more ways than one!!!

  104. Giovanna Says:

    Hello Gluten Free Girls and Guys,

    My husband has Celiac’s and I make life easier for him by keeping the kitchen cupboards filled with GF snacks and the frig and freezer with items I made ahead of time. Corn tortillas are great for making quick lunchs with leftover meats or breakfast sandwich mexican style. I am learning alot and each day gets easier. Good luck to all.


  105. Christy Says:

    I make up mixes ahead of time for breads and pancakes using the dry ingredients (minus any yeast, I add that in when I make it). Then I also make extra pancakes and freeze them for the whole week.

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