WIN-It-Wednesday: Go Picnic – Meals on the Go!

One of BeFreeForMe’s most popular WIN-It-Wednesday blogs was the Go Picnic “on-the-go” gluten and allergen free meal kits. I think it was probably a favorite since anyone that is on a gluten-free diet or has food allergies knows how hard it can be to have food that you can take on the run.

Being gluten or allergen free means that you always have to think ahead. And as we all know that sometimes can be tough.

When life gets a tad bit crazy, planning meals-on-the-go becomes no picnic. That’s why I was so excited when I found GoPicnic, quick and easy meals on-the-go, as a healthy and nutritious snack or meal options.
I love these products. They don’t need any refrigeration, and there are lots of flavors and options in every “meal kit”. My favorite is the ZestyBreak kit that contains turkey pepperoni slices, asiago cheese spread, Mary’s Gone Crackers whole grain crackers, a yummy zesty snack mix called Sheffa, dried apricots, a Lara bar and a piece of dark chocolate! Perfect for an airplane, road trip, or a between meeting or afterschool snack.

They have something for (almost) everyone. They offer gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, vegetarian, halal, soy-free, egg-free, fish & shellfish-free products that appeal to the kids (think Lunchables for the gluten and allergy free set) and for the adults (Think stashing in your glove compartment or briefcase for those times you need a quick & easy meal in a jiff).

For this weeks WIN-It-Wednesday prize, GoPicnic is offering a lucky BeFreeForMe member a Family Gluten-Free Variety Pack ! This pack consist of the following ready-to-eat meals:
• AnywhereBreak: Contains 16g of protein! Gluten-Free, No Fish & Shellfish ingredients.
• ZestyBreak: Contains 13g of dietary fiber & 32g of protein! Gluten Free & No Fish & Shellfish ingredients.
• ExploreMunch: Gluten Free, Egg-Free, Soy-Free, No Refined Sugars, Packaged in peanut-free facilities.
• SportsMunch: Gluten-Free, Soy-free, Egg-free, Fish & Shellfish-Free
• SafariMunch: Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten-free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Fish & Shellfish-Free

How Can You Win?!

Reply to this blog post and tell us when you would need the GoPicnic meals the most (Me? I keep one stashed in my office drawer, for when I need a pick-me-up snack!)

All entries must be received by Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good Luck, remember that life is a picnic, and as always…

Be Free!

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65 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Go Picnic – Meals on the Go!”

  1. Elizabeth Abare Says:

    Wow I would need this for my picky daughter that can never decide what she wants to bring to school for lunch so she just decides to bring chips and cheese because she ran out of time to decide. She comes home starving from school. I think this would suit her well and I would know she is gettin something good for her at lunch.

  2. Francine Says:

    A Go Picnic Meal would be great for when you are out Christmas shopping and the time sneaks by.

  3. Sue Says:

    This sounds awesome! As a substitute teacher, I often get called to be at a school quickly! Having a Go Picnic that I can grab and go would be great for one of those days!

  4. Cindy Says:

    I would love to win the GoPicnic pack! It is difficult to find something you can keep in the car – that contains protein – to have on hand for those days when you forget to pack a lunch or your errands take longer than expected and your STARVING!

  5. Pat McElveen Says:

    I have heard so much about the Go Picnic kits, but have never tried them and would love to win so I could. I would love to try one for lunch or just have on hand when I don’t know what to eat when my husband is having his gluten dinner.

  6. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    I need the GoPinic snacks for my 14 year old son who has celiac..We are always looking for something new for snacks to carry to school which as all gluten free people know can be challenging and boring.He gets tired of the same old thing day after day.

  7. Linda Says:

    My family needs GoPicnic meals when we travel.

  8. Denise C. Says:

    My daughter is a freshman in high school and a member of band and has Celiac Disease. I need quick healthy, GF snacks that she can eat on the run to or from rehearsals and performances. She is tempted by gluten containing snacks her friends are eating. If I keep her supplied with GF alternatives good choices are easier to make.

  9. Brenda Winebrenner Says:

    Using the Go Picnic would be the best during our 8 hour trips to see our only son in Durham North Carolina. Traveling trough the mountains, with few choices to eat means planning ahead, packing a cooler and hoping we have not forgotten anything. Go Gluten free!!!

  10. Cassandra Gee Says:

    I would need them the most when I have to go see my in-laws without advanced notice or during a time when I’m really busy.

  11. Marta Says:

    I’m planning to stock up on Go Picnic food so that I have safe alternatives when I go on a bus trip where the restaurant stops are prearranged by the travel agency. I may not have as many options for gluten free food, so the Go Picnic stash will be my “insurance.”

  12. Anne Rod Says:

    During the Holidays when we travel to Springfield, Missouri and Herod, Illinois – we do a whirlwind adventure visiting family (my favorite time of year!)- it is very hard to find GF meals during our travels – the “Go-Picnic” meals would be wonderful.

    We also take a hiking adventure during our summer vacation to Colorado or Wyoming – the Go-Picinic meals would also be a great idea to place in my backpack!

  13. Kristine Says:

    I’m going to say that during the fall/ football season I need these the most. I pack all of the allergy-free foods I need to eat for lunch in the cooler to tailgate once we get there and have usually eaten or brought along the aforementioned for breakfast. But those late games get tricky because oftentimes I’m even in need of a third meal before we’re hardly out of traffic congestion and because I’m diabetic to boot, I’m fighting with blood sugars all day too.


  14. carrie Says:

    Go Picnic meals are great for those days I just don’t have time to fix a school lunch because everyone is running late.

  15. Leslie Hart Says:

    These meals would be great to take when I travel. It is hard to find allergy free meals.

  16. Denise Mikulis Says:

    We could always use one of these snacks when the kids are on a road trip to sporting events. Their buddies stop and get a snack at a fast food place yet it is hard to do the same for kids who are gluten free! These would be great!!!!!

  17. Jackee J Says:

    I would love a GoPicnic meal on those days when there is just too much to do and no time to cook!

  18. Deb Says:

    When I get up 10 minutes late….and child #3 can’t find her favorite socks…. and the kids are fighting over Sponge Bob or Max and Ruby…and making a gluten free lunch for a picky 9 year old with Celiac’s is a battle. Thats when I need Go Picnic!

  19. Tina Says:

    I like to keep a snack in my car or purse so when I go grocery shopping, I can nibble on something before going into the store, so I don’t buy the whole store!

  20. Faye Says:

    I am a diabetic, and being GF limits the snacks that are available when I need something in a hurry. I work in an office where everything available or anywhere nearby is loaded with both wheat and soy.

  21. Janet LaRue Says:

    I need the go picnic kit all the time! Whether it is at work (I run a kid’s cafe that serves free snacks and dinners daily-which I cannot eat as they are riddled with gluten), when I am on the road to go to my daughter’s sports events, or just when I am shopping for the day and am in the car all day between stores! This sounds like a wonderful kit! Great prize-thanks again.

  22. Laurie McDonough Says:

    Since I am newly diagnosed with CD, I could keep a GoPicnic meal in my bag at ALL TIMES! That way if I have a day of Christmas shopping that runs longer than I expect, or I suddenly get called to pick up my granddaughter an hour away from home, I know that I have something on hand to eat that’s not going to punish me later!

  23. Jennifer Says:

    I need the GoPinic meals the most at my college, since I am a busy college student on the go whether it is in between classes, or talking to a friend I don’t have much time to eat some that’s heathly & gluten free.
    I find that in between classes or talking to a friend that it is often very frustrating to get a gluten free meal that does not taste like cardboard.
    If I had the GoPinic meals I would be able to eat a healthy meal at while knowing that it is gluten free.

  24. EBSeattle Says:

    I could use GoPicnic meals the most during our adventures in the Cascade mountains!

  25. Liz Says:

    I’m a massage therapist, and these meals are PERFECT for in between appointments! Since I’ve been gluten-free, grabbing a quick and healthy snack on the go has been a bit more difficult. I’m always looking for snacks exactly like these — protein, fiber, no refrigeration needed. Convenient foods that are also healthy are a big deal to me!

  26. Michie Page Says:

    For the long drives to my parents. We don’t want to stop at a sit down restaurant and I can’t easily do fast food.

  27. Marina Says:

    December is when I travel the most (North & South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia). I’m gone for about three weeks and need to keep things on hand at non-GF family members’ houses and in the car. These packs sound great!

  28. EMILY Says:

    I would need the GoPicnic meals when flying home to visit my family — who knows how long you will spend at the airport these days will all of the delays!

  29. Carol Asher Says:

    Your meals sound great! I would probably use it for when I am traveling so that I know I will have something GF to eat.

  30. Kim Hahm Says:

    I would love to try your GF food items. I try to pack a nutritious GF meal for my 6 year old son for school, and this would give him variety. They would also be good for me to take to my night job.

  31. Lisa Says:

    My life is so hectic right now! For me at this current time in my life, everyday would be a perfect time for them! Between work and reheasal, I don’t always have time to fix a meal so this would be perfect.

  32. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I would need it the most traveling, I get so worried on long trips trying to find hidden gluten. I also would keep it at work and maybe take along to a get together if I am not sure what is bing served.

  33. Sarah Says:

    I love GoPicnic!!!! I buy the 5 pack. My favorite is to open them all and stash everything at my desk at work. It’s all snack size and handy.

    I NEED GoPinic the most at work.

  34. Paula Says:

    I see easy field trip lunches!

  35. Susan C - AZ Says:

    I would love a GoPicnic meal for when I go to relatives’ homes and they have nothing for me to eat. I can also take it to Pot Luck dinners for me to eat so I can share in the company and not have to worry about not being able to eat anything. When I have a busy day, they are great to take with me when I am running around doing errands and can’t be at home to fix a meal. They are also good to take to work for breakfast or lunch when I am too busy to prepare something and pack it to go with me. This would be a Godsend in so many ways for me. I would love to try them!

  36. Cara Says:

    When I am traveling and visiting family members and friends who do not have gluten free kitchens. Or when I attend social functions in people’s home at work.

  37. L. Parker Says:

    I have two kids with food allergies and am always packing a pantry. Having something for them that I could grab quickly would be awesome!

  38. Rachel Says:

    I would need GoPicnic mostly at school. I am a college student and when life is super busy filled with back to back classes and meetings there seems to be no time to grab something to eat. This product could help.

  39. Theresa Shafer Says:

    This sounds like a blessing as I do need to travel and have to carry food with me. To have a meal in one dish is great. Thank you for hosting. This site is so helpful to a new celiac. THANK YOU.

  40. Lynnae Says:

    A GoPicnic would be great while visiting my sister in Spain, in the event we can’t find some gluten-free food!

  41. Laura Says:

    These sound great! I have a lot of health problems, and when I get really flared up I’m too weak and sick too do all the work that GF cooking requires. This means that I sometimes go days without eating. These would be very handy for days like these. They would also be handy for visiting my family. They live in a small town and aren’t very accommodating when it comes to my diet, so I always have to bring my own food.

  42. Sue Says:

    I would love to try these. My daughter is an active dancer with a sometimes crazy schedule. Having somthing quick and nutritious would be a wonderful treat!

  43. Eileen Says:

    I would use these when traveling or shopping.

  44. Faith Pavkovich Says:

    I can hardly wait to receive my first order of GoPicnic. Today I received my ‘your order has shipped’ notice from Amazon… $16.55 for (4) of Go Picnic GoTrek. Free shipping applies to all orders of $25 or more. I plan to keep them in my desk at work for portion controlled midday snacking. I would really like to try all of the Gluten Free varieties.

  45. Ann Says:

    I need Go Picnic on our homeschool co-op days. The day is packed and I always put everybody else first. It would be a nice break from the hectic pace and just a little pampering for me.

  46. Desiree S Says:

    I’m a groomer and college student, and frequently, I go all day with out eating because I don’t have enough time between dogs to eat a decent meal. Sometimes I’ll bring a can of hormel chili or dinty moore beef stew, but those get boring and they’re not very healthy either. I would LOVE the opportunity to try the GoPinic snacks/lunches, they could really save the day for me. *fingers crossed that you’ll pick me!*

  47. Larc Bogdan Says:

    Car trips with my hubby and daughter, both gluten-free. There are only so many Wendy’s fries one can eat on the road!

  48. Sue Says:

    What a great idea for a safe snack/meal. This would be great to keep in the car, at the office or for plane travel.

  49. Katie Says:

    My son who is never hungry until he sees his sister eat something that is not gluten free! Poor guy!

  50. Joy Says:

    Yeah, having an gluten allergy doesn’t really leave verymany “travel” food options. I mean common’ – rice on the go. I don’t think so. So yeah, being in college defintely puts stress on my diet and my schedule. It’s hard to eat a salad while running to and from classes. I am always looking for an on-th-go meal that is college friendly.

  51. Marianne Says:

    At work for me. I use to live off of convience store and fast food for for my lunch breaks. I’m often so tired at night I don’t want to fix lunch for the next day and getting out of bed is pulling teeth as it is so often forgo food for extra sleep. Haveing a on the go product for a gluten free diet would be incredible

  52. Susan Says:

    My son is a college freshman; he’s a 12-hour drive from home and is a busy cellist with an irregular schedule. Go Picnic would be perfect for him to keep on hand for late night snacks, quick and easy meals, and travel! He’s also an active cyclist, so he’s interested in good nutrition. He was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when he was 2, and at age 18 does not let his dietary limitations keep him from doing what he wants to do. How nice to find a product that fits his attitude and lifestyle!

  53. Pam Says:

    I just seen these and they are pretty cool! I would keep one in my car, so that something healthy is always handy!


  54. Gluten Free Betsy Says:

    Cute! I would love a GoPicnic meal for when I’m on the go. Keep it in the car and I’m set!

  55. Stacy Says:

    I’m so excited to see these! I’ll be trying them for sure!

  56. Christine S. Says:

    For sure at work in case I have the urge to snack. At home, I’d keep some on hand for when my grandsons visit (ages 3 and 4).

  57. Christine Says:

    I have two kids below 6…I always have a snack in my car, and these will work great! Also, these will be ideal for lunch playdates. I don’t have to prep a lunch for us when we go out!

  58. Laurel Says:

    What a great idea for quick lunches, school lunches, times when we were just too busy…and picnics, of course! The gluten free meals would be great since I would know they are safe for my daughter to eat.

  59. Chriss Says:

    I am a nurse working 12hr shifts in a busy ER so eating at work always proves to be a huge challenge! To have something like Go Picnic would give me the opportunity to have something that I could grab quickly and not have to worry about heating something up or having something that requires me to plan ahead to eat, esp. since with 2 kids and a hectic home life I am usually running out the door at the last second to get to work on time!

  60. pat johnson Says:

    I would love to have Go Picnic for my 9 yr. old. It is so vary hard for children to have somethiing Gluten-free at school while others are having their special foods that they can’t have.

  61. Sherall Cornwell Says:

    My life is tough. I work a full-time and part-time job. Plus I am trying to finish my degree and take one class a semester. I could use these for days when I work both jobs, so I don’t have to go hungry or settle for fries and a soda!

  62. Leslie Says:

    I would use these for gluten free after school snacks for my 11year old daughter. She is very active right after school heading out to gymnastics, track, and volleyball throughout the year and needs a quickon the go healthy gluten free snack to keep her focused and cure the belly rumbles till dinner time.

  63. kat Says:

    My sister has given me a shipment of Gopicnic for a birthday gift before and it was one of the MOST appreciated things I’ve received! I would keep them in the car for longer car trips in case their wasn’t a place for us to stop that would be safe for me.

  64. Monica Says:

    When we are out and about and the only thing in site is a Mc D’s and all his friends want to go there…so we need something for him – my son that is.

  65. MaryK Says:

    These would be great on camping/hiking trips.

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