WIN-It-Wednesday: For Jackie Home Baked Cookies

These cookies are to die for. Soft & sweet just like a cookie should be. 

For Jackie Home Baked Cookies are packed with chocolate and coconut. The reason why I love these cookies so much is that they are a cross between two of my all time favorite cookies: Chocolate Chip and Macaroons. Appropriately named “More than a Macaroon” they are the perfect combination of nutty coconut and sweet chocolate. Perfection!

These cookies are also extra special because they are made by a Mom & Dad on a quest to make the best cookie possible for their daughter, Jackie, who was diagnosed with celiac disease several years ago. These parents started baking up all of their favorite recipes gluten-free to adapt to their daughters new lifestyle, when they stumbled upon what they describe as “… the creation of a caramelized, coconut confection that tasted like nothing we had ever had. It took macaroons to new heights and was a true decadent experience.” 

And decadent these cookies are. Just one and you will be hooked – so beware. Don’t say that I didn’t caution you. Also, I am warning you that gluten-eaters will love these too. So determine your hiding place for these cookies before you bring them into your home.

These decadent clusters of sheer joy are this weeks WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor. Two (yes 2!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members will win a double-pack of For Jackie Cookies.

How can you win?


Reply to this blog (make sure you are a BeFreeForMe member if you want to win!) and let us know why you, your family or even your life in general can be a little nutty, or a little sweet… or both!  (Me? I’m a little nutty because I actually like taking walks in the rain, and I can be sweet when I take my incredible boxer, Sadie, for 2 walks a day… instead of just one).

All entries must be received by Tuesday, March 2, 2010 by 12 midnight EST.

Good luck, Be slightly nutty, Constantly sweet, and as always…

Be Free!

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34 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: For Jackie Home Baked Cookies”

  1. Cindy Says:

    My life is now sweet after a rough year health wise. The nutti aspect comes into play when I have to deal with medical professionals who have no clue about celiac disease. It’s very frustrating.

  2. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    My family can be a little nutty because I have two very active teenagers. My 14 year old has celiac disease and my 17 year old has Tourette syndrome.Although they both face challenges everyday they are very active with martial arts,baseball and equestrian competitions.They keep me crazy with their schedules and I work full time but I would not trade my life for anything else.On the rare weekends we have free my son who has celiac likes to try new recipes so we cook all day and see which ones are worthy of keeping in our file.Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!
    Wendy Knapp

  3. marsha pitter Says:


  4. Kathleen Reale Says:


    I don’t list every store that you can buy a particular product in my blog postings because in many (or rather most!) causes the blog would become pages and pages and pages long!

    However, I do always put a link in each blog posting that goes direct to the product’s website that I am reveiwing. This way you can go to the site yourself, snoop around, find out where to buy it, discover any other allergen info, etc.

    I hope that this info helps, and understand why it would be almost impossisble to list all retailers from all the countries that BeFreeForMe members reside.

    Thanks, Marsha!

    Be Free!

  5. Cassandra Gee Says:

    My life is a little nutty and a lot sweet because of my three young children.

  6. Sarah Says:

    My life is generally nutty all the time. But that’s not to say that it is in a bad way. With so many people in my family things can get really fun and challanging. But the sweetness comes when the day if over and you look back and see all the memories you have made with the people you love the most.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    These cookies sound great! A perfect combination. Nutty = Eating a plain sweet potato for lunch every day, 🙂 Sweet = Watching the History Channel with my husband.

  8. Kathleen Reale Says:


    So funny! I love your reply…

    Be Free!

  9. DEBBIE Says:


  10. Joy Says:

    Oh boy! My life can be NUTTY in the utmost senses! But as of right now, I am a graduating senior at Houghton College – this means I must finally know the answer to that overly-dreaded question: “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” Hmm, the SWEET part of it all is that my four years here have been irreplaceable. Oh, the life-long friends I have made, the unforgettable pranks we pulled ;), and the community we shared! God is good!

  11. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Joy –

    How exciting! What a great crossroad you are at in your life! So many options and decisions to make. All good!

    The best of luck to you… Enjoy your spring semester! Have fun, and as always…

    Be Free!

  12. Lucy Says:

    Me Cookie monster! Home made Macaroon-YES! I have tried to make this kind of cookie (soft-chewy). I love Macaroons, thanks for the opportunity to enter this favorite. Lucy

  13. Terri Peters Says:

    Our life is sweet right now because we have a brand new granddaughter!!

  14. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Congratulations, Grandma Terri!

    Be Free!

  15. Francine Says:

    My life is sweet because of my family…..My husband, my children and my mother all make it so unbelievably wonderful!

  16. Cathy S Says:

    My life is a little nutty because I have 2 married sons and 2 grandsons who live right across the street from me. You never know when you will hear “Grandma want to come over to my house?” from my 4 year old grandson. Of course, I never say no. This is also what makes it so very sweet! Life is good!

  17. Stephanie Says:

    My life is nutty & sweet because I work with animals all day long 🙂

  18. Kate Says:

    These sweet treats sound delicious! I am a little nutty because I like making snow angels when it snows. I am sweet because I always think of others and often volunteer to help those in need.

  19. pauline Says:

    macarons are my mom and i’s favorite! add carmel and chocolate…yum! I would love to share this sweet treet with my mom because she is so sweet and NEVER complains. It is nutty that she was diagnosed with celiac’s disease last August, cannot eat nuts either and in October lost her left eye sight….although bittersweet, my mom lost 70 lbs that she has tried to lose for years…and is now wearing jeans for the first time in 20 years!

  20. Michelle Says:

    The cookies sound delicious!! Mine is simple, nutty is myself, sweet is my 4 year old son and husband. It is that combination that makes my life incredible (and bearable on those rough days)!

  21. Kara Says:

    How is our life nutty? Well, I have 2 pre-teen boys with special needs. That by itself should be some indication. But, my favorite frequently nutty senario is when my almost 13 year old son hears music in a store and starts dancing. It can be any store- last weekend it was the local butcher shop. He was having so much fun dancing that he was cracking up all the employees in the shop. This week it was Nordstrom when the song “Disco Inferno” came on and he was singing “Burn, baby, burn…” at the top of his lungs. Mind you, these aren’t just any old dance moves- he makes up his own, like “the raptor” which looks like a combination of a construction worker directing traffic and the robot. As for sweetness, our life is full of that- especially when my 2 boys hug each other or curl up next to each other and fall asleep. (Shhh, don’t tell them that most brothers their ages don’t do this. It’s so very sweet!)

  22. Marina Says:

    My life is sweet when my boyfriend brings lunch back for me so I don’t have to go out in the cold weather. My life is nutty when my pug goes on a freak out and runs circles in the living room for fun.

  23. Susan C - AZ Says:

    I can be a little nutty because I have a silly sense of humor and I can be quite sweet in the face of difficult situations; I have compassion and kindness for those less fortunate. I also have a sweet spot or two in my heart for children and animals. I adore being with kids and creatures of all ages and sizes. 🙂

  24. Janet LaRue Says:

    Our life is nutty all the time – it follows the murphys law-if something is going to happen-it will happen to us! Ha! Never a dull moment in the LaRue household. My life is sweet right now because my daughter-the last child home-is getting ready to graduate highschool and will be on a new adventure at college! Will have to create a “new me” without any children home! It is also sweet because my dog-16 yr old poodle-was going to be put to sleep but I opted out and by the act of god and some great medical treatment she is with me yet another day and on the road to feeling like a puppy again!

  25. Rachel Says:

    Sweet because it is spring break in college and nothing can be better than that. These cookies just look amazing!! 🙂

  26. Debbie Says:

    My life can be a little nutty because I have spend the last 14 months seeking work. It can be sweet because I have family and friends who have helped me keep on going.

  27. Amanda Says:

    Nutty…with 4 kids, 2 cats and 2 birds everyday is CCRRAAZZYY!! And Sweet is when they’re all tucked in bed and I have COOKIES!! oh and my hubby! We are a giant, fun lovin, gluten free family…learning to BE FREE!

  28. Katie Says:

    My life has been NUTTY since I became a mother of twins, and SWEET for the same reason…..there is nothing like seeing their bond of love and how it grows.

  29. kristina herrick Says:

    wow my life is nutty in many ways. lets see my sister is getting married and is your typical bridezilla, my girls have a better social life than I and they are only 3 and 5. I am a stay at home mom who also has her own business and runs the househould duties and finding time to take care of myself is impossible. But my life is also very sweet b.c of my wonderful girls and he wonderful friends and family I have. Wouldn’t change anything!

  30. Sandy Says:

    I am mostly nutty but I enjoy my insanity! The sweetness is my wonderful grand children and children. Chocolate and coconut is my all time favorite be good to me treat!!! Nothing beats that in the delicious line!

  31. Sue Says:

    My life is a little nutty because of the crazy work schedule I have and sweet because everyday is a gift!

  32. Karen Grdina Says:

    We are sweet because we have always taken animals no one wants. We are crazy because
    we spoil them and talk about them like we do our children.

  33. Amanda Surline Says:

    My life is ‘nutty’ everyday while I go to college, take care of my 3-year old and be the best wife I can while learning how to keep gluten out of my son’s diet. I get up early every day to make him a “special” lunch so that he can eat the same foods as his daycare friends, but without gluten!
    It is ‘sweet’ because for a 3-year old dealing with eating gluten free food, he is very understanding. He grabs food and asks, “Mommy is this gluten-free?”

  34. Jennifer Says:

    My life is a little nutty because my family always seems to have a major drama going on, but it’s sweet too because we always make it through together.

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