King Arthur Flour Introduces Gluten-Free Flours & Mixes: Gluten-Free Flours Fit for a King

It looks as if America’s oldest flour company is learning some new tricks: Gluten-free flours and mixes.

King Arthur Flour, founded more than 200 years ago and known for their premium baking flours and mixes will introduce their new gluten-free products today, March 1, 2010 on the King Arthur website and soon in supermarkets across the country.

The King Arthur gluten-free line consists of: Gluten-free Multi-Purpose Flour (I can’t wait to try it in some of my favorite recipes!), along with convenient mixes for gluten-free bread, pizza crust, cookies, brownies, chocolate cake, muffins, and pancakes. 

Best yet, all of their gluten-free products will be made in a dedicated allergen-free facility and guaranteed to be free of the top eight allergens. Their products are also third-party certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization, whose standards are twice as stringent as those set by the FDA.

I am really excited about King Arthur launching these new gluten-free products since their company is known for consistency in products, educating consumers in using their baking products and for being a resource of useful information, including recipes.

I’m looking forward to King Arthur, a classic in baking legend, teaching me some new baking tricks too!

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3 Responses to “King Arthur Flour Introduces Gluten-Free Flours & Mixes: Gluten-Free Flours Fit for a King”

  1. Gwendolyn Says:

    Good news. I wonder if they will cost more like other gluten-free flours. If that’s the case it won’t matter because I won’t be able to buy them.

  2. sheila Says:

    Does King arthur flour have a recipe for gluten-free matzos for passover????

  3. Susan Says:

    I was diagnosed with a wheat senstivity this past summer and have cut out gluten since then. I’ve not found many bread substitutes to taste as good as their gluten alternatives but I have to say King Arthur’s pancake mix is awesome. I use it to make pecan waffles in my fancy restaurant quality double waffle maker and you can’t tell the difference. Yum!

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