USA Today Article: Putting a Face on Food Allergies

Awhile back USA Today ran an article that discusses real-life stories of folks living with food allergies, celiac disease and food intolerances.

The article is great.  Why? It was definitely an article that I could relate too. I “got” what almost every person had experienced or felt when eating out in restaurants, going to an event or party, or traveling.

I especially connected with hurting the feelings of well-meaning friends and relatives that have made food-preparation mistakes, the statement that a food allergy or celiac can be “socially isolating” and the difficulty in managing a normal social life in food-centric world.

Every time I pick up a newspaper or magazine there are more and more articles about food allergies and celiac disease, which is enormous for all of us. The more that every member of our society reads, hears and, most importantly, understands food allergies & celiac disease, the better and safer all of our lives will be.


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  1. Cassie Says:

    I had presented a speech on celiac this year at a different college than two years ago. Two years ago, one out of 30 people knew what I was talking about. This year about 14 out of 32 knew what I was talking about and 3 out of my classmates also had celiac disease, two recently diagnosed! So the more understanding and recent understanding is taking place.

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