WIN-It-Wednesday: Navan Foods – The Allergy Free Food Shop & Sabine’s Cuisine – Personal Chef Service

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday is all about convenience. Ways to simplify our crazy busy days and make things less complicate, easier to navigate and give us some extra free time.

The week’s Win-It-Wednesday sponsors are Navan Foods, an allergen free food shop, that has personal and customized food options; and Sabine’s Cuisine, a personal chef service that specializes in gluten and allergen free meal planning, shopping and preparation.

Navan Foods is the place to find one-on-one individual service that is a friendly resource and one-stop shop. So many times in the past Jennifer Elizondo, the owner of Navan Foods, has helped me, and BeFreeForMe members find those hard-to-find allergen free items. Jennifer loves what she does and is so very helpful. She even helped a BeFreeForMe member find a corn free confectionary sugar, that was needed to make the frosting for her dream wedding cake.

How’s that for frosting-on-the-cake customer service?

Another reason I like Navan Foods is the icon guide that effortlessly navigates you through the site. The icons make shopping for special diets easier. Navan does the hard work and determines what products are free of what allergens by contacting the manufacturer and asking them a series of questions about their products ingredients and their manufacturing facilities. Her prices are good too. One of the specials on the site now is a box of 5.25 ounce Lucy’s Cookies for $3.79. A fantastic deal for these gluten, egg, nut & peanut free cookies! (Note: This offer ends on May 7th, 2010).

Sabine’s Cuisine is headed up by Sabine St. Pierre, a former school teacher turned gourmet chef that specializes in gluten free / allergen free cooking. What I like the best about Sabine’s service is her customized menu planning based upon allergies & intolerances, as well as the way she incorporates one item into numerous weekly recipes. This keeps the cost of my grocery bills down and the variety of my meals up!

Navan Foods and Sabine’s Cuisine, the sponsors of this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday, are offering a prize package that will make life much simpler for TWO Lucky BeFreeForMe members. The prize package consists of a $20 gift certificate (PLUS free shipping!) from Navan Foods; plus a phone consultation to discuss your families allergens & special dietary requirements, followed by a customized selection of recipes and a shopping list for a week’s worth of meals (5 dinners) from Sabine’s Cuisine! This prize package has a value of over $100.00 each!

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us how you make your life simpler (Me? I bought a Brother’s P-Touch labeler and have labeled all the Tupperware canisters in my pantry… no more searching!) OR tell us why your chaotic life is most deserving of this gift card / meal planning combo prize!

Winners must be BeFreeForMe members and will be picked randomly. Entries must be received by Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good Luck… keep things simple, and as always…

Be Free!

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44 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Navan Foods – The Allergy Free Food Shop & Sabine’s Cuisine – Personal Chef Service”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I make life simpler by labeling all of my baking ingredients. I also love my bread maker and use it to make bread weekly. I’d love these meals since I currently work full time, go to graduate school full time at night and am training for a triathlon – they would defiantly make my busy life easier!

  2. Julie Says:

    Right now my life is chaotic, getting married, moving and having a house on the market has thrown simplicity to the wind. And I don’t really see any relief until maybe the end of the summer. At the moment the only simpler thing I have accomplished is putting in box tops in my pantry so that you can easily slide out a section so that nothing gets “lost” in the back where the lighting is bad, and I’ve attempted to keep each box top separate: tomatoes, beans, etc each have their own. 🙂

  3. Cindy Says:

    I made my life simpler by finally breaking down and purchasing a small freezer. The stores that carry gf products are all quite a drive from my home so now I can purchase in bulk so spend less time on the weekends doing errands.

  4. Toni Says:

    I am deserving of this because I am a very busy parent This week my 3 kids have doctors/dentist appoitments almost every day of the week. If I’m not running my kids to the doctor/dentist during the day then I am running errands or taking my elderly grandmother to the doctors. After school I am there to help my children with homework and also take them to dance or soccer(they have something every day but Monday we have 2 activities on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at the same time) Before we went gluten free we would just grab some fast food because it was easy, now I’m stuck on like 3 different meals that we rotate because they are easy and I know I can fit them in to our day. If I won this I think it would help to find us more choices that would fit our day

  5. Phyllis Says:

    I make cream of celery, chicken and mushroom soups from scratch so when I make one for a recepie I like to make a extra one and freeze it so the next time I need one it is already made up.

  6. robin gamache Says:


  7. Cara Says:

    I make out a menu at the beginning of the week after I have looked at my schedule. That way I do not have to think about what to fix each day. 🙂

  8. Cindy Says:

    I cook tons of things on the grill-saves lots of clean up in the kitchen!

  9. Theresa Watson Says:

    It would be such a blessing to win this right now. Although I do love to prepare and create my own recipes I am currently teaching a bible study for abused women and I don’t have as much free time as I am used to.

    I simplify my life by cooking extra on the weekends so that on my bible study nights we can still have a healthy meal by just reheating what I have already cooked.

    Thank you so much for this website and for the opportunities to win free prizes. Your dedication to providing gluten free recipes and product information is much appreciated.

    Abundant blessings,
    Theresa Watson

  10. Kat Says:

    I’ll start with why my life is chaotic: I work full time, am almost halfway through grad school, bake gluten free goodies every weekend, and at the same time I am in the process of buying a house!

    How I make my life simpler: Lists, lists, lists! To-do lists, grocery lists, etc. That and I keep a huge tote bag in my car so everything is handy – from an emergency pair of shoes, to my books, to anything else I might need on the fly.

  11. amanda kesler Says:

    I could use this because I’m terrible at planning meals. I eat the same old stuff every week! yuck.

  12. Lisa Says:

    My life is very chaotic right now! I am a wife, mother of two, I work full time and have recently added another teenager to our household as well as dog sitting for some friends. I am the only one gluten free in the household so my needs usually get put to the end of list. It would be great to be treated “equal” for a change!

  13. Carol Driver Says:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease, and am feeling overwhelmed by ways to incorporate my diet restrictions into meal planning for my 7-member family, while trying to stick to a tight budget! I’m a list-making, coupon-cutting, menu-planning mom of 5, so any help in this new journey would be a wonderful blessing!

  14. Toby Says:

    I live by a list! Some may think that that would be more work, but it keeps me organized. Life gets so busy sometimes that you just forget things…I’ve found if I write them down, it saves me from grievances later…been doing it for years!!

  15. Debbi Says:

    I make my life simpler by grocery shopping with my cell phone.

    When I am uncertain that the product I have selected is gluten free I call the manufacturer–the number is usually on the product. I am then reassured when the recording/representitve tells me that the product is gluten free. There have been occassions when the representative has told me no that the product is not gluten free. The reason is generally due to possible cross contamination rather than the product ingredients.

  16. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have made life simpler by having my house go totally GF. Everyone living here eats GF even though there are only 2 of us that are GF and one that probably is but won’t admit it yet! This way I don’t worry about cross contamination or anything else not being GF. I really would love this prize as I also run a support group and would love to have this to share with the group! It would be nice to have something made out and ready for those that are just starting on their GF journey. My daughter is also going to be heading to college and the prize would benefit her as well for her first time stay!

  17. alanna baker Says:

    We just recently found out my daughter is allergic to soy. This is on top of her peanut allergy. Soy is in so many products now it is overwhelming to find products that she can have. I feel lost on this journey of a soy free life style. I was on a quest last week to find a soy free bread. Yes, bread (almost everyone of them I found contained soy in it). I felt defeated that after trips to four different stores my daughter was going to have to go without the simple things in life. I did find one from trader joes that was four dollars a loaf. It was then I decided that I would buy a bread maker and do it myself. This way I can be sure there isn’t any thing that I needed to be concerned about. Now we can have fresh bread whenever we want. That is how I simplified my life. I also never thought I would have to worry about what is in my shampoo or lotion! Her eczema is so bad that it keeps her up at night. She scratchs non-stop. I feel like this cycle is never going to end.I would love to have all the lotions, sunscreens, shampoos, etc. that is meant for people with sensitive skin more widely available.

  18. Gayle Spurlock Says:

    I have made my life simpler by using the freezer to store one portion packages. For instance, I have a great muffin recipe that uses 1/2 can of pumpkin. So, I store the leftover pumpkin in a small freezer bowl and when I make the recipe again, I have a pre-measured bowl of pumpkin. I also store my bread flour mixture in pre-measured bags so it only take a minute to load the bread maker with a bread recipe. I store leftovers from dinner in one-meal packages in the freezer and they’re great for taking to work for lunch or for having as “TV Dinners” on those nights when there’s too much to do to cook. I have discovered many more ways to store single servings or single recipes in advance so that when I’m short on time, a lot of the work is already done!
    I also have a notebook that I’ve compiled from food manufacturers with lists of their gluten free products. I take it to the grocery store with me, along with my coupon notebook, and have a ready list of what is safe to purchase. Even though you always need to check the label, it still saves a lot of time. Most food mfgs. are more than willing to e-mail you a list of their gluten free products.

  19. Linda Van Buren Says:

    In my pantry, all dry products, from sugar to gluten free flour are in clear plastic cannisters. I tape the labels from the pkgs onto the co-ordinating cannister…that way I know if it is regular blended flour or if it already has xanthum gum, etc. in it (because of the different use of each). This wonderful prize package would be such a help. I work full time but I arrange my schedule so I can help my daughter with childcare for my two beautiful grandgirls, age 1 and 5. I have just found out that in June I am having foot surgery and will not be able to get around for 3 weeks. This would sure make it easier to plan good healthy meals. My husband is a gem when it comes to cooking. He works days and if I am have an appt, he has the meal on the table soon after I get home! So, actually, this meal planning would make it easier for him!

  20. Cathy S Says:

    I make life simpler by making larger meals that can be used as leftovers for another night. I am still getting used to “empty nest” syndrome and tend to cook too much anyway. Now I have one more night per week when I do not have to do the prep and cook when I get home from a long day at work. I actually get time to sit down and look at a magazine or check my e-mail!

  21. Jennifer C Says:

    I have made my life simpler (at least my cooking/baking life simpler) by investing in a freezer for our garage. With lots of freezer room I can stock up on gluten-free items when they are on sale and make extra gluten-free baked goods.

  22. Tanya Says:

    As I make meals throughout the month, I make extra sauces, sauteed meats, or whatever I can freeze and do just that. I freeze the extras in family size containers. This way, when time is running short, I can pull something out of the freezer and my meal prep takes minutes. This also helps us to eat something healthy, instead of just throwing a pizza in.

  23. Stephanie Says:

    I make life easier by cooking large quantities of meals and freezing several portions for later. Makes things so much simpler and easier to resist temptation when good, healthy and safe food is readily available!

  24. Summer Says:

    As soon as I get home from the grocery store I cut up or prepare all the fruits and veggies that I buy. That way during the week there is less prep time for meals and it makes it easier to grab a snack or toss them in my lunch. I’m more likely to eat the produce if its already prepared ahead of time.

  25. Laurel Says:

    I make our life a bit simpler by making only gluten free dinners (no cooking separate dinners!) and by baking our daughter’s bread at home. The bread tastes better, is better for her and I control what goes in. Oh, and DD decided this one herself, SHE makes her gf sandwich in the morning for her school lunch. It saves me from making it the night before, it gives her responsibility and she’s happier about eating it.

  26. Cynthia Says:

    WOW…what a wonderful idea! I am a massage therapist so that means my working hours are long & late it is sooooooo hard to come in at night and prepare a meal with my gluten issues. I just can’t grab a pizza or burger….and, yes, while that makes for healthier eating—I have long contended I need someone to cook for me, to have dinner waiting for me when I get home…mentally & physically exhausted!

    My better weeks I take a day on the weekend and PRE-pare things ahead. Unfortunately my better weeks are few & far between 😉 so it winds up being broiled chicken & a steamed veggie for dinner most nights.
    I know that planning is key….if I only had the time!

  27. Trenelle Says:

    I make my life simpler by creating ways to shorten my prep time for foods for example if I know I’ll be cooking beans I’ll precut the meat and chop all my seasoning and freeze it so all I need to do is grab and go and do enough of it so I won’t have to worry about if for a least a month and I always have chopped seasoning on hand for the beginning of any meal.

  28. Kara Says:

    Simplify, simplify! We could really use some help with that here and could really use the meal planning package- this is where I struggle the most. This week, between therapies and Dr. appoinments, we have had 7 appoinments in 5 days. Talk about having to plan ahead! Last night I took my kids’ dinners in thermoses and they sat and ate it at the grocery store while I ran in and grabbed some supplies I would need for later. One thing I have done to simplify is to buy containers from no more frantic searching for containers and lids for lunchboxes. Anyways, we could really, really, really use this win-it Wed. (pretty please?)!

  29. Marina Says:

    My boyfriend and I are buying a house for the first time, which has added quite a bit of chaos into our lives. I like to plan my week’s menu ahead of time and take Sundays to prep everything and do as much pre-cooking as I can so that I can cut down on the actual cooking time during the busy week.

  30. Hnybny Says:

    I’ve made my gluten free lifestyle simpler by the denial of any and all dubious products. Anything that isn’t clearly labeled or made by someone I know is verboten. Assuming something is gluten free because it shouldn’t “normally” have wheat in it is not an option. I’ve suffered too many times at the hand of a shady company or ignorant cook.

  31. Christina Says:

    I make my life easier by making a menu for the whole week according to the grocery ad sales and then going to the store once a week. Even though this involves stops at a couple stores, I save time and money this way. I also simplify by cooking for two nights each time I cook. This saves me time on leftover night and saves money since it is cheaper to buy a bit more of one item than a whole other set of ingredients. I also bake up 4 loaves of gluten free bread at a time and freeze it when I have a Saturday off so that I can have it available for weeks before making more. Winning this prize would help be aide I am so busy working 3 jobs and taking care of my daughter. I love cooking and trying new foods and recipes so thus would really be a blessing.

  32. Lucy Says:

    I make my life (in the kitchen especially) easier by visiting this site every morning to learn as much as possible for ideas and food options. I print my favorite recipes from here and keep them in a binder on right by my cooking space!

  33. Elizabeth Says:

    This would make my life so much simpler because my daughter seems to only want to eat the same gluten free foods all the time even when we make a suggestions. She doesnt want to try new things unless they are already prepared and put in front of her. I want her to eat a more balanced diet and not the same foods all the time. I think she is getting bored eating the same things and I would like her to see how someone else makes a gluten free meal.

  34. Susan Says:

    I simply cook almost all meals gluten free I have a very understanding husband. Life is hectic enough with cooking a different meal for everyone. I am handicapped so anything to make life easier. I do buy separet breads, cereals, etc. i do have a seperate cabinet for my stuff and his. He would never leave a crumb anywhere nor let anyone else for that matter. My HUSBAND MAKES MY LIFE EASIER!

  35. tracy Says:

    I make our life simpler by using the crock pot three times a week, then we eat the improved leftovers on the other days. I save time and money.

  36. jody tarrant Says:

    Hi, I am dealing with so many health problems and I am in. A lot of pain most of the time. So cooking has to be simples right now ,easy and quick. I try to still fix good foods with easy , quick items . Such as veggies and pasta . To try to keep things simple I buy in bulk ,on sale, with coupons . Usually pasta and sauces are on sale often.

  37. Rita Says:

    I simplify my life my life by using my crockpot. I discovered gluten free slow cooking in a book called “Make it fast, Cook it slow. I do volunteer work and I am in a quilt guild, so coming home to a prepared meal is wonderful. However a personal chef would be so much better and a dream come true.

  38. Paula Says:

    This year I’m downsizing & organizing to make my life less hectic. I’ve also started prepping more than one meal at a time…this week, I made 3 meatloaf’s, cooked one, and froze two. This weekend, I’m making a huge pot of beef stew & Chili I’ll attempt to can them for future use.

  39. Jennifer Says:

    I need to make my life simpler! I have multiple food allergies and struggle putting meals together. Help make my life easier by selecting me for this gift!

  40. Carrie Says:

    I make my gluten free life easier (and more affordable) by putting everything in or on a corn tortilla – eggs, hotdogs, ham and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, and even apples and cinnamon! These prizes sure would help me put some variety back into my diet!

  41. Clare Says:

    I am a celiac disaster especially when it comes to planning meals since my husband and I are both trying to lose weight under weekly medical supervision. We chose to buy our foods from grocery stores since the doctor’s foods only provided 4 gluten-free entrees. We eat the same type dinners over and over. I forget to eat lunch or eat it just before dinner since it is the same old thing. I purchase alot of my GF breads at Whole Foods in Richmond and at Trader Joe’s. However the TJ’s in Virginia Beach no longer has the breads which I like. They keep saying they are looking for another distributor. I used to make bread in my bread machine but it always fell apart and although it tasted good, I was tired of eating crumbs. I go to Navan’s about once a month and find Jennifer very helpful and knowledgeable about her GF products.

  42. Sandy Bright Says:

    I make life easier by putting items containing gluten on the bottom shelf of the panty. That way we know what is safe for me. I am learning to live a more simple lifestyle and smell the roses every day.

  43. Debi Says:

    I would like to find more flexibility in our diet, eating the same rotation of foods is not as fun as most people think. My time is broken between work, housework, kids and hubby. It takes its toll. It would be nice to find simple meals with simple ingredients that are fast and easy.

  44. Tammie Says:

    Hi there Kathleen…I am doing better…it was great seeing you a few weeks ago. I promise not to be a stranger!!
    I’m still trying to figure out some GF foods that I’m not already tired of…since I’ve been eating the same things for several months and some of the foods I can’t even look at anymore!
    I would to say…that it’s a bit difficult when you can’t have milk and soy…EVERYTHING has soy!! OMG!!
    Over all I’m doing good and really love the Kinnickick Pizza crust and there English muffins…YUMMY!!
    Take care and I do hope to see you soon…Sunny wishes…Tammie :o)

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