What Really is the Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Since going gluten free I don’t eat that much bread. I know that there are plenty of gluten-free breads out there that taste just fine and could fool even the savviest of gluten-eaters – but I still don’t eat much of it.

What I do love is finding creative ways to wrap, roll and stack my deli meats, cheeses, nut spreads and jams.

Some of my favorites? Rice spring rolls, corn taco shells and really big lettuce leaves. Read more of my favorites in my article, Use Your Head for Substitutes for Bread.

Post to this blog and share your ideas and thoughts about your “next best thing since sliced bread” too… We all need some more lunch ideas!

One Response to “What Really is the Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?”

  1. Lynn Arola Says:

    I really like Kame sesame rice crackers. They seem to go well with everything. Breakfast (eggs), lunch (tuna or cold cuts) or dinner.

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