WIN-It-Wednesday: riceworks Brown Rice Crisps

After giving riceworks Brown Rice Crisps a try one year ago, I was hooked after the first chip. Made of brown rice, gluten free, high in fiber and 33% less fat than other salty snacks, I knew I had found a snack that not only tastes good – but I could feel good about eating.

Since that time I have enjoyed Sea Salt riceworks at breakfast with chopped hard-boiled eggs, love the Salsa Fresca riceworks in replacement of boring corn chips in nacho recipes; have finely ground Sweet Chili riceworks to use as a phenomenal breading on boneless chicken breasts, and my favorite secret ricework trick, using a handful of coarsely Cinnamon riceworks as a fiber-packed “mix-in” for vanilla ice cream on these hot summer days (watch out Cold Stone Creamery!).

For me riceworks better… as a snack and for many other creative recipe ideas!

It seems that other folks, some like me on a gluten-free diet as well as others that just like good eats, have found some creative places and ways to eat and use riceworks in their day-to-day snacking and cooking. That’s why riceworks has come up with two great promotions this summer! Each of the programs encourages us to share why riceworks is indeed better… while taking a chance at winning some cash and other fantastic prizes, as well as becoming a published & publicized chef! Check out this audio note to find out more about these promotions.

Following is an overview of each of these two promotions:

How riceworks Better:

Are you throwing a party or event this summer with your family, friends, church group, fund raising organization, or long-lost college buddies? Looking to invite one more person? Well…. Invite riceworks!!

riceworks would love to join you and make your event way more fun. The program is called How riceworks Better. If you tell riceworks about your summer event or gathering you could win $4000 (YES folks… $4000) plus tons of riceworks samples to make your event even more fun than you could possibly imagine.

riceworks Recipeworks:

For those of you that love to cook or have a secret recipe you prepare with riceworks Brown Rice Crisps, this promotion is for you! riceworks is creating a cookbook. They are looking for recipes submitted by 50 would-be foodies authors, like you, to create a one-of-a-kind cookbook in which all proceeds will be donated to charity.

Watch out Julia Child, Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray! YOU may be on your way to stardom and publication! Share your ricework recipes today on the riceworks Recipeworks website and may the best recipe win!

And if these two promotions and chances to win wasn’t enough fun for one summer, I was thrilled when the folks at riceworks® asked to sponsor the prize package for this weeks WIN-It-Wednesday on BeFreeForMe … and the prizes are so awesome! With even a second BONUS chance to WIN! Here are the details on the prizes:

TWO Winners’ will each receive… One (1) CASE of free riceworks® product (that’s 12 bags!) in the flavor of the winner’s choice, PLUS a $25 gift card for the supermarket of your choice!

A THIRD Winner will receive the same prize as above but this winner has to also be a fan of riceworks on Facebook… PLUS leave a comment on this blog as instructed below. (Click here to become a fan of riceworks on Facebook.)

How do you win?


Reply to this blog and lets us know what flavor of riceworks you would choose if you are picked the winner. Also feel free to let us know your favorite time or way to eat riceworks. (Me? I love the Sweet Chili. I love to use them to scoop up some fresh tuna salad for lunch!)

Also, the contest ends on Tuesday, July 20th at 12 midnight EST  – so enter now and become a fan of riceworks on Facebook too!

Good Luck, Remember to give into the goodness… and as always,

Be Free!

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37 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: riceworks Brown Rice Crisps”

  1. Toby Says:

    I have to agree, Sweet Chili all the way…mouth watering! Possibilities are endless, but I’d crush them on tomato soup! 😀

  2. robin gamache Says:


  3. Laura Says:

    Sweet chili, as an afternoon pick-me-up snack.

  4. Cindy Says:

    I like the sea salt rice works best.

  5. Theresa Watson Says:

    My favorite flavor is the original. It goes with all dips, is wonderful alone, great as a cracker with a piece of ham – I just love these chips.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

    Abundant Blessings,
    Theresa Watson

  6. Phyllis Says:

    I would choose the cinnamon flavor. I miss the cinnamon chips that I use to buy before I went gluten free. A hand full would be tasty with a cup of coffee or ice cream !

  7. Lisa Says:

    so far I have only tried the Sea Salt Riceworks and absolutely loved them! I would like to also try other flavors and try some of your cooking ideas.

  8. Katie C. Says:

    If I am the winner, I would pick the Salsa Fresca riceworks, which are fabulous just out of the bag. They are the closest gluten-free thing we’ve found to regular Doritos, except riceworks tastes fresher and more natural. Or I would pick the sea salt, which are also great by themselves or dipped into hummus or feta-artichoke dip. I am already hooked as well!

  9. Marilyn Kelly Says:

    I love the sea salt riceworks flavor the best. I find that I can crunch them up and put them on my salads or use when having tuna or on top of my salmon burgers instead of bread.

  10. sarah Says:

    I L-O-V-E the sweet chili chips. These things are soooo good. I am addicted to the texture of the chips as well. YUM. I hope I win!!!

  11. Terri Peters Says:

    Sweet chili are awesome straight from the bag.

  12. pat johnson Says:

    Wow, do we really have to make a choice of which is the best?? They are all so good. But, guess I would have to say the cinnamon flavor really is a favorite of mine….anything with a little dessert taste to it !! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous chips.

  13. Paula Says:

    Salsa Fresco is Awesome! Wish Costco would carry that flavor! We more often buy the sweet chili which is also really yummy simply because the Costco price is so good!

  14. Becky Says:

    I’d have to say the sweet chili – it has endless creative possibilities!

  15. zoey dampf Says:

    Riceworks are wonderful!! They taste so much better than regular chips, and they are better for you also. The flavors they have are awesome, but Salsa Fresca is my families favorite, nothing like eating a bowl of them when watching television.

  16. Jackie Says:

    Sea salt – the flavor is great……break them up and use them as a salad topping in place of croutons.

  17. Lucy Says:

    Okay now-all depends on the ones I am using for a snack or whatnot. I make nacho’s with these but I also use them as crackers in my veggie (homemade soups). Also, crunch up the cinnamon ones and put on yogurt or make a granola mix for my take along. Hard to pick! These are just fab and so many ways to use them depending on the mood or crave. Thanks for the chance at such a great entry!

  18. Cassandra Says:

    I love to put riceworks in my vegetable soup.

  19. Al G Says:

    We just love to eat the Sea Salt Chips as is. If a dip, hummus (sp???), salsa etc. is available so much the better, but we have found it is not limiting…..the “can’t eat just one” thingy is a reality too…..

  20. Rochelle Says:

    I have never tried them before but they sound yummy so I would be open to try any flavor if I win.

  21. Barbara Carter Says:

    Love the Salsa Fresca….. great in Taco Salad!

  22. Lynnae Says:

    Sea Salt or Salsa Fresco are my favorites – they’re both fantastic with homemade guacamole 🙂

  23. Tamela Says:

    Yumm, love the sweet chili riceworks! I would love to try the cinnamon, too! I’m going to make my chicken with the sweet chili as suggested above. thanks!

  24. andy Says:

    Salsa Fresca is the best!! taste so yummy, and my family and i enjoy this flavor a great deal, Riceworks makes some really great flavors, and to me they taste better than other snacks out there.

  25. Bev Says:

    I love the Salsa Fresca with cheese and pepperoni. I bring it with me on the plane so when there’s no gluten free food, I don’t starve!

  26. Sherry Says:

    I would have to say the salsa fresca and used with guacamole. yummy.

  27. Brandy Says:

    I would love to get some of the tangy BBQ.

  28. Trenelle Says:

    I love the original because they go well with dips and just by themselves.

  29. Laura F Says:

    Tangy BBQ all the way!! This is a great side to any kids (or my own!) lunch, and also a great addition to any summertime potluck barbecue!

  30. Tammy Says:

    I love the original just for snacking or with lunch. We love them!

  31. Dara Todd Says:

    I love the Parmesan and Sundried tomato and the Sweet Chili equally. They’re like twins in my book, I can’t choose my favorite! 🙂

  32. Susan C - AZ Says:

    I LOVE the Sea Salt variety and my favorite time to eat them is for a night time snack while I watch TV. I might also eat them with my lunch. Thank you for all your delicious flavors.

  33. Rosemarie Says:

    I have to admit that I’m a fan of all the flavors of Rice Chips! I discovered them a couple of years ago while I was desperately searching the supermarket for a gluten free car meal. The Rice Chips and some cheese were perfect. I’ve been a fan ever since, and always have a bag in the house “just in case”. I keep a gluten free house, and my non celiac friends and family love the Rice Chips too! Great product!

  34. Eileen Says:

    Sweet chili is the best, goes with a lot or by themselves.

  35. Jennifer Bussey Says:

    I LOVE the salsa fresca, haven’t tried any of the others because I am allergic to milk and soy too and I think some of the other flavored ones have those in them, not sure though. I would however like to see them not have the autolyzed yeast extract as that contains MSG and I get migranes from MSG, if I eat more than a few at a time or eat them 2 days in a row I get a migrane.

  36. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have only tried 2 types of riceworks chips as they don’t seem to carry the variety I see everyone else trying! So my favorite is the Parmesan as that is the only one flavored I have had the opportunity to try! I keep a bag with me at all times when working or on the road as it is a healthy crunchy snack that seems to fill me up til I can have a meal. I am currently looking to find the other flavors so that I may have the kids at my Kids Cafe try to incorporate them in a recipe they came up with called “rockin tacos”! Would love to win this package so that the youth in the Cafe can be exposed to other foods not purchased from a foodbank! I would also share the booty with my Celiac Support Group that I run! Thanks for allowing us to partake in so many great offers!

  37. Angela Says:

    Sweet Chili! Although, I really like them all. A great snack for the whole family.

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