Friday Favorite: Pacific Natural Foods Simply Tea

This time of year when the weather is hot, and the afternoons get lazy, I like to grab a glass of fresh-brewed, chilled and iced tea.

But sometimes, my days get crazy and I don’t have the time to brew a pitcher early in the morning to have it chilled and ready-to-pour when my afternoon break time rolls around.

That is why I am so glad I discovered Pacific Natural Foods Simply Tea, a convenient tea that is clean, crisp and ready to be poured.

The best part about Pacific Natural Foods Simply Tea is that it tastes just like the real fresh brewed tea I make myself. Plus it is organic, and is from Fair Trade Certified green tea. A great source of antioxidants, this tea comes in five great gluten-free flavors: Unsweetened, Peach, Kiwi Mango, Wild Berry, and Tangerine. Normally, I would reach for the unsweetened tea, but in my favorite is the Peach – which tastes like fresh brewed tea with a hint of juicy garden fresh peaches.

I also like that the Simply Tea comes in an eco-friendly aseptic packaging that doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opening. Plus, it locks out air and light for added freshness. This way, just in case you don’t drink this refreshing tea all in one sitting, you’ll always get a more flavorful, fresher tasting tea.

Fresh, full-of-flavor, and just like real home-brewed, but without the hassle, are all the reasons why Pacific Natural Foods Simply Tea is BeFreeForMe’s Friday Favorite.

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