Celebrate National Play-Doh Day: Gluten & Allergen Free!

A slow smile crept across my face this morning when I read that today was National Play-Doh Day.

And what a perfect Play-Doh Day it is on this dismal & misty Saturday here in New England.

Play-doh brings back such fond memories. We were never the type of family that had all the contraptions they sold that twisted and formed Play-Doh into some animal creature, jewelry, or food product.

Nope – good old fashioned creativity was required in our house.

My two sisters & I would keep busy for hours, while we kneeled on the chairs at the kitchen table, mixing and blending colors to make psychedelic Play-Doh twists and rolls, using Mom’s rolling pin, potato masher and spatulas to whip-up the best creations ever molded out of this marvelous, molding clay.

But unfortunately, kids that have celiac disease and food allergies are unable to use the traditional store-bought Play-Doh brand since it contains gluten – it’s primary ingredient is wheat flour.

That is why I am glad that there are companies out there that make gluten and allergen free play dough. These companies include Aroma Dough (Gluten-free), Soy-Yer Dough (Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Nut Free – plus they have an option for Soy Free if you check that off as a preference during check-out) and Colorations (Gluten, Nut, Egg, Dairy, Casein Free) or get real creative and make some gluten-free Play-Doh yourself by using this gluten-free play dough recipe found on the Celiac Sprue Association website.

So celebrate National Play-Doh Day gluten & allergen free! Pull up a kitchen chair, dig out the rolling pins and potato mashers, use your imagination and get the creativity flowing this afternoon!

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  1. Timothy Perkins Says:

    After reading this I want some play-doh! Great post xD

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