WIN-to-Wednesday: Little Bay Baking Mixes

Fall is here. Leaves are falling. Soft blankets are being tossed onto beds, and comforting fragrances such as apples, spices, cinnamon and pumpkin are wafting through households everywhere.

Fall is just a great time to enjoy your family, kitchens warmed by goods in the oven, and the joy of baking your favorite gluten-free goodies. But to be honest, I don’t have the time to bake all of my gluten-free goodies from scratch.

This is when I reach for Little Bay Baking products. I like the Little Bay Baking mixes since all the gluten-free flours are already combined, and all you need to do is add a few ingredients to make the moistest, sweet bread, cakes and cookies …and Whoopie Pies!  No fuss, no mess… and no need to mix 5 or 6 types of gluten-free flours. Plus, all of the Little Bay Baking products, when made according to the package directions, are free of casein and lactose.

Also make sure to check out the recipes on the Little Bay Baking website. These recipes show fantastic ways to make family-favorites out of their baking mixes, including: Apple & Spice Bars and Peanut Butter Cookies out of their Cookie Bar Mix; Blueberry Buckle and Pineapple Upside Down Cake out of their Waffle & Donut Mix; and  Whoopie Pies, Snickerdoodles, or Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins with Lemon Glaze out of their Vanilla Cake Mix.

Convenience, ease of use, versatility and made-from-scratch taste are all the reasons I am so excited Little Bay Baking is the sponsor of BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesdays for the next two weeks.

Little Bay Baking has graciously offered a total of six (YES 6!) Prize Packages full of their delicious baking mixes. The first week we will pick three (3) winners and the Prize Package will include: a Pumpkin Bread Mix, Corn Bread Mix and a Cookie Bar Mix. The second week we will pick three winners and the Prize Package will include: Ginger Bread Cookie Mix, Yellow Cake Mix, and the Waffle/Donut Hole Mix.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and let us know the one thing you love about the change of seasons (Mine? Taking long walks in the cool weather so I can take the time and focus my attention on relishing the vivid fall colors… all the while kicking up the leaves under my feet!)

Six randomly picked winners will be chosen as winners. Three winners will be selected from all entries posted before Tuesday, 10/06/10 12 midnight EST; and three winners will be selected from the entries posted between Wednesday, 10/07/10 and Tuesday, 10/12/10 midnight EST.

Enter EACH WEEK to increase your chances of WINNING!

Good luck, cherish the changes in the seasons and in your life… and as always…

Be Free!

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101 Responses to “WIN-to-Wednesday: Little Bay Baking Mixes”

  1. Katie C. Says:

    When fall arrives, I always get the urge to bake things with and for my family…..walnut tarts, PB cookies, pumpkin pies, german chocolate brownies….all of them are favorites around here and they go fast. Long walks in crisp weather are good, too, to burn off all of the extra calories this time of year always brings! :^)

  2. Brooke Gagne Says:

    When fall arrives, I think about putting on something cozy, getting hot apple cider, and sitting near a fire and reading a book. I also think of long walks on the farm, hearing the crunching of the leaves and smelling the crisp air! I think of pumpkin pie!

  3. Catie H. Says:

    My favorite part of fall is taking advantage of the cool weather for some last moments of gardening. My kids and I like moving plants around, getting our trees and bushes in before winter and planting spring bulbs. A little work now provides us with beautiful springs and summers to come.

  4. cb Says:

    We don’t really get Fall here in SoCal so I cheat a little. I start making stews and soups, decorate with autumn colors, pull out blankets and sweaters in early October. Pretend it’s Thanksgiving every weekend. Of course, we just had a heat wave!

  5. Cindy Says:

    I love to rake leaves – but just the first time! After that it gets old and is just work.

  6. Kathi French Says:

    Fall means football and comfort food!!!

  7. Kate T. Says:

    When Fall arrives, I LOVE the angle and quality of the light from the sun.

  8. robin gamache Says:


  9. Hillary Snow Says:

    I love the wonderful smells and sights! I also look forward to taking a trip with my family to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch… and picking apples and pumpkins. I love apples and fresh michigan apples are so good! And of course who can forget about the festivities of halloween

  10. Chere Housefield Says:

    I live in Florida so the change to fall is rather subtle. I love it when you can first really notice the change and can feel a crispness in the air. It provides much needed relief from the heat and humidity (and fewer mosquitoes!)

  11. andy depeano Says:

    I love to bake, and no better time than the fall, the weather is cooler, its nice to sit down and enjoy something baked, fall is so beautiful with the leaves turning colors, just so pretty

  12. jeanette belbeck Says:

    My favorite part of fall is the many colours of the leaves and the crispness in the air. It also makes want to make soup with all the vegetables from the garden. But the best of all is that with all the fall work coming to a end I will have more time to spent with my family in our favorite place the kitchen.

  13. Marilyn Kelly Says:

    I love this time of year because I love to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. None of the other holidays are quite so pretty.

  14. cindy T. Says:

    I love to paint a room inside a new color!

  15. Erin Says:

    One of the very best parts about Fall is that we can start turning the oven on and spend our evenings baking while it is all dark and cold outside! In the summer, I’m out playing and don’t get as much baking in.

  16. Jennifer C Says:

    I love spending time outside and enjoying the beautiful weather and changing trees. It’s so hot here in the summer, I’m completely ready for a break by the time fall arrives!

  17. Kate Says:

    Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the cool crisp morning air when you wake up in the morning and the smell of home-baked treats that warms the house. The foliage is such a beautiful sight and the changing colors are comforting. I especially love the fall sweaters that begin to be worn. Fall brings about a colorful change to the seasons.

  18. Lisa Says:

    Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love being outside in the fresh air and smell the wonderful changes happening also the wonderful smells of apples and pumpkins cooking.

  19. Christina Says:

    Well I currently enjoy southern California weather so my season changes have been minor recently and I love the warm weather. However, I grew up in Ohio and must say I loved hiking in the woods in the middle of all the vivid reds, yellows, and oranges of the changing leaves. I also enjoy all the seasonal food including pumpkin and winter squash, cider, and apple crisp!

  20. Phyllis Says:

    I like the cool,crisp weather and I start to bake again. As a child a trip to the apple orchard was a real treat. Now that I am grown, I have an apple tree in my backyard!! Yum endless possibilites.

  21. Julie Says:

    Unfortunately here in FL there isn’t much to the changing of the seasons, basically hot to less hot for fall, haha. I do love when Thanksgiving rolls around though. I host Thanksgiving dinner at my house and cook everything from scratch. But, with work this year, having some mixes will certainly help for maiking fresh baked goods for my son who is gluten free.

  22. Wendi Says:

    I can finally go out and work in the garden without being drenched in sweat! I love to go out before leaving the house and water, pull a few weeds and just relax in the garden for a few minutes but can’t in the summer as it is normally in the 90’s already.

  23. Gillian V Says:

    I love the crisp, cool mornings. It’s the perfect time to go for a run with my dog, and enjoy the peaceful town before the hustle and bustle of daily life takes over. I also love pulling out my cardigans and layering up to stay warm!

  24. wayne Says:

    the pumpkins are picked the potatoes are dug the onions are pulled the raspberries are ready to be picked time to clean out the garden and let it go to sleep for the winter coming soon

  25. A Says:

    I like crisp fall mornings because they make a perfect background for running in 🙂

  26. sarah Says:

    I love it when seasons change. It’s almost as if everything seems to have been reborn. I love the crispness of the mornings and that the leaves are changing. It so colorful. But my favorite is all the butterflies that are migrating that are giving the sky a splash of color.

    So cool…

  27. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I love the feeling of excitement the change to fall brings. The flavors and colors of fall. The crisp air and anything made out of apples.

  28. Valerie M Says:

    When fall arrives I love watching the leaves turn gorgeous autumn colors of gold, auburn, orange, some green trickling in the background and breathing in the smell of homemade pies.
    I love walking on the beach and just listening to the ocean roar and thinking how perfect God has made our planet. When I receive the mixes I will surely use them wisely and bake up a batch of pumpkin/honey cookies.

  29. Kathleen Says:

    I love breaking out the fuzzy warm sweaters this time of year. 🙂
    And, the freshly picked apples.

  30. Theresa Says:

    I love the symbolism of the changing of the seasons… in fall, leaves fall, things seem to die, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. It’s a time to start coming indoors, to let other things fall away as well and to shift into a slower pace. I cherish autumn, before the holiday madness creeps into the foreground, just the cooler breezes and the smell of the air, the rain and the leaves.

  31. Toby Says:

    Ahhhhh….where to start…so many things to choose from…nice boots and jackets come to mind, Halloween is in the air (I love dressing up to hand out candy), hmmm, maybe I was wrong, can that be it?!? LOL

  32. patricia Says:

    I just love fall to see all the beautiful fall colors as the leaves change colors. I also enjoy the nice weather and not all that humidity.

  33. Lori Niver Says:

    I love the beautiful colors of the leaves in the fall. It is my favorite time of year.

  34. jazmine antico Says:

    I love fall because of the foods and of course football! It’s the start of a new school year and it’s so relaxing, but some days it’s still warm enough to go to the beach. =)

  35. carrie Says:

    I know fall is here when the weather starts to cool down in the mornings but you can still wear summer clothes in the afternoon. I am able to enjoy the crisp cool smelling air as I look at the colors change and start to fall. But the thing I love the most about fall is Daylight Savings day. It is the only day of the year I can hopefully get an extra hour of sleep.

  36. kathielee Says:

    As much as I love summer (and I do LOVE it!), fall is a nice change of pace. My grandchildren are all in school now, and one fall activity they all love is when we rake leaves into piles and they jump into them! I’m also a huge fan of pumpkin pie!

  37. cheryl Says:

    Yes I know how all our warm wheather people feel. I live in North Carolina. We do have more of a change then
    When I lived in Florida. That is one thing I do miss about NY is fall but even though we don’t go to a real pumpkin
    Patch we do go to a place so the kids can pick their own pumkin and that is just so cute.

  38. jennifer thorpe Says:

    My favorite thing about the chane of season is that Hallowwen is closer and i can start decorating. also my daughter and I every year go to the apple orachard to pick apples.

  39. Michelle Says:

    There is nothing better than putting on a cozy sweatshirt and taking a nice walk in the cool crisp air with my family, listening to the leaves crunch under our feet.

  40. Terri Peters Says:

    The colors of fall are so beautiful to decorate with. We have had record rainfall and it is wonderful that there are less mosquitoes since it has gotten colder.

  41. Miranda Says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the knitting that comes along with it! I suddenly want to make hats and mittens and scarves and afghans and sweaters once the weather cools down. Oh, and of course all the baking! Once I know I’m not going to melt from turning on my oven, I bake all the time!

  42. Paula Says:

    Summertime has everyone scattered…One is at camp, another is at grandmas house, and then it reverses. A change to fall means everyone is back to a set schedule, and we’re all together again. 🙂

  43. Gris Wilson Says:

    The nice cool breeze than comes and kiss your skin every dawn and sunset… and of course the beautiful color pallet mother nature display for us.

  44. Hnybny Says:

    The colored leaves crunching under my feet as the cool breeze lifts my hair. The smell of wood fires and the taste of fresh, crisp Macintosh apples, straight off the tree. The hug of a warm sweater and comfort of the arm of my man, wrapped around my waist.

  45. Nancy Says:

    I live in southern AZ, so the fall season is very muted. However, if you really pay close attention you can feel and smell the change in the air. The air becomes cool, crisp, and clean, plus the shadows become long and lean. I ride a motorcycle, so I look very tiny on a big shadow of a bike. Soon, it will be cold enough to turn on the oven, and I am looking forward to that 🙂

  46. marsha pitter Says:


  47. Tina K Says:

    When I was little and growing up in Maine, fall was my favorite time of year. Apples, cider, pumpkin and best of all turkey dinners.
    As an adult living in the south, my favorite time is spring. Cool/cold weather is replaced by warm, everything is green and alive.

  48. Hilary Heidi Berndt Says:

    I love the school is starting. I am a teacher and I look forward to the beginning of the year. Their minds are so open and ready to learn after months of much physical activities.

  49. Giovanna Says:

    Hello to Autumn, Hello to all,

    The colorful leaves, the crisp air, the calmness of the Season. Summer to Autumn it is a peaceful time to enjoy the cool evenings with the sound of crickets softly singing. It is my favorite Season, it represents a time to slow down, rock in a chair, enjoy a cup of tea and warm just baked goodies. The smell of muffins and breads just seem to fit right in with Autumn. Also, the falling leaves remind us that change means a new cycle has begun, and like with all things, it reinforces confidence that yes, we can handle the cycle of life.

    Being told you must adhere to a Gluten Free Diet is quite a change, though as with Autumn, leaves fall only to return in the Spring with more life. Going gluten free has brought health, and life back to my husband. So, this is why Autumn is my favorite, for the crunchy leaves that lie on my grass will return to be vibrant again. Change is good, we can adapt, we can learn, we will struggle and we will grow.

    Peace, health and harmony for all,


  50. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Thanks for expressing so eloquently the importance of change and for recognizing that we often become better (and healthier) people because of it. Thanks for reminding us all to embrace the cycles and changes that life brings our way!

    Be Free!

  51. Nomi Says:

    Growing up in VT and still living in New England I love the change of seasons to add variety. Spring is my favorite watching nature as it transforms into all it’s beauty and glory.

  52. Darin R Says:

    Fall means Saturday afternoons, reading a book, sipping coffee or tea in the crisp, clean air, watching the dazzling display of colors. It means the warm, inviting aromas of roasting foods and baked goods, the crisp bite of apples, the sweetness inside pumpkins.

  53. Katie R. Says:

    Usually, my favorite part of fall is getting out sweaters, taking drives to see the beautiful leaves, warming up with chili, etc. I still like to do those things, but now that we live in Vegas, it is still in the high 90 degree weather and it doesn’t quite feel like fall. I try to trick myself with decorations and cooking fall-like things, but it is a different experience when leaves don’t really change and completely fall until around January. The good thing is, it will almost be time for my kids and I to spend lots more time outside and go to parks frequently, etc. The late fall/winter is the nice time to be outdoors in Vegas (the summer is just way too hot for that).

  54. Cara Says:

    I love the change of smells, sights, sounds, and of course foods! I always love the season I am in, well maybe not so much winter and cold, but I am ready for the next season to begin. I love all the pumpkins and fall colors and festivals and football! 🙂

  55. Samantha Ryan Says:

    Fall is the invigorating crisp weather, vivid colors, vibrant flavors; Fall is anticipation of holidays and mouth watering food.

  56. L Says:

    Watching the kids! Sharing in the excitement of selecting the perfect pumkins and having pumpkin carving contests. Cool hay rides with blankets. Seeing the disbelief in my kids eyes when they see mom and dad jumping in the leave piles with them. Picking apples and making the perfect apple crisps! Watching the farmers collect their bountiful harvest which they’ve been grooming all year. And of course, the smells of fall. Maybe my favorite part of fall isn’t just watching the kids … maybe it’s being one too!

  57. Noelle Says:

    The change to fall is my favorite time of the year. Growing up it meant jumping in piles of raked leaves. Now it means football season and good times with friends and family. It may be cooler temperatures outside but good company provides the warmth needed to enjoy the season.

  58. Summer Says:

    Fall is my favorite season! I love walking around town and hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet and seeing all of the beautiful colors. I also love the change of produce. Apples, pears, squash, etc. Its so fun to try new recipes and new ingredients. I love getting together with friends for baking parties and fall dinner parties. Its exciting knowing the holidays and great family memories are just around the corner!

  59. Joan Rosette Says:

    We live in upstate NY & we enjoy driving around & viewing the beautiful foliage. We make many stops along the way at the myriad of apple farms and eat wonderful crisp apples right off the trees.

  60. Tammy Says:

    I love going for a walk on a warm fall day, watching my daughter march in band for the football games, and ejoying all the fall colors.

  61. Megan ringenberg Says:

    I love pumpkin patches, pumpkin bars, pumpkin waffles, pancakes and all things pumpkin!

  62. Giovanna Says:

    Hello Kathleen Reale,

    How kind of you to comment on my post. Please know how much this site has helped me adjust to the change of cooking and shopping for a loved one who has Celiac’s Disease. I love the inspirational quotes, recipes, product listings and articles, for all have made understanding and coping much easier.

    Thank you again for your kind words, for it brought a smile to my face on a day that I needed one.

    May kindness, health and a sense of peace touch each and all,


  63. Sue Says:

    I love the fall colors, the crisp air and baking with fresh picked apples.

  64. Hannah Says:

    I love fall! It is the time of year when I met my husband! It is so romantic to take a walk on our farm through the woods during fall. The variety of colors on the trees are beautiful. The crunch of the leaves under our feet brings back so many memories of when we first met. I love decorating the house in the fall theme and baking apple and pumpkin pies. We have fun with the children raking the leaves, then jumping in them to play. I love the cooler weather too!

  65. Cindy Says:

    I love apple picking in the fall.

  66. Theresa Watson Says:

    Well I live in Florida so for me it means I can wait until 7:00 am to go out for run instead of getting up at 5:00. It also means that I can plant my vegie garden without fear of the sun scorching my baby plants.

    It is also a time to remember and be grateful for the abuandance of blessings that we all receive.

    Thank you for your website and for all the wonderful opportunities to win great prizes.

    Abuandant Blessings,
    Theresa Watson

  67. Kate Says:

    I love the seasonal change of the leaves. The foliage is so beautiful, especially in the mountainous areas of New England. How beautiful it is to drive around and soak in all the colors.

  68. Ann Says:

    I love the change from summer to fall as the holidays are approaching and there is a crispness in the air!

  69. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I like the colors and the holidays that are in the fall.

  70. Deb Says:

    The sound of the wind blowing the leaves and the smell of apples and cinnamon. OH….and the sheeks and giggles at the neighborhood kids when they see our 9 foot tall Homer Simpson skelleton in the front yard! 🙂

  71. Rick Says:

    Becoming a flannel-head once again!

  72. Kathleen Says:

    Another thing I love about the change of seasons? Fires (in the pit or fire place), drinking spiced hot apple cider, and the wonderful leaf colors on my commute.

  73. Suz Says:

    Fall means all the summer farming chaos is ending and I’m getting ready for hibernating! It is a time to slow down and be thankful for the year.

  74. Gina Says:

    When fall arrives, I love the apples and pumpkin picking with my children and the pictures, that is the best. I love taking the kids pictures with the pumpkins and apples, I always get such cute picturesl Also the baking in the house is great- we love pumpkin pies.

  75. Amelia Says:

    I love love LOVE going on a ride up in the mountians and seeing all the colors and breathing in the fresh fall moutain air mmmm. Its so beautiful. I love the cooler weather too, summer is just too hot for me.

  76. cindy T. Says:

    Fall means enjoying those last rides in the convertible!

  77. sarah Says:

    Carving pumpkins, colored leaves, crisp air, new color scheme, a reminder of thankfulness, and a mixing up of local produce.

    I really do love Autumn. When a new season comes along, it feels like a fresh start. I get the urge to clean and re-arrange my living room.

  78. Cynthia Clouser Says:

    This season is the time to cool down and enjoy the colors of Fall. I get together with community and neighbors and have potlucks, using food from our various gardens, as well as community gardens.
    We invite folks who are not so fortunate as to have fresh garden produce to join as well.

  79. Michie Page Says:

    I love the colors and the memories they bring about of playing in the leaves as a kid.

  80. CB Says:

    Football and hockey seasons as well as the holidays! Lots of fun and getting together with friends and cooking special recipes. I’ve tried organizing holiday trips, but we always end up at home with friends and family. This year I will have to change most of those recipes now that we’re no longer eating wheat.

  81. Toby Says:

    LOVE SECOND CHANCES! :D…Ahhhhh….where to start…so many things to choose from…nice boots and jackets come to mind, Halloween is in the air (I love dressing up to hand out candy), hmmm, maybe I was wrong, can that be it?!? LOL

  82. Nancy Says:

    Fall is definitely in the air in Southern Arizona. The mornings are crisp and clear, and just the right temp to have a cup of tea of the deck with our cats. Soon it will be cool enough to turn on the oven and try some new GF baking. I’m actually looking forward to that 🙂

  83. Samantha Ryan Says:

    I also love setting the clocks back- FALL BEHIND! More sleep! Woot!

  84. Becky Says:

    I love going to the farm. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you can take a bumpy tractor ride out past all the fall crops to the apple orchard. They let you pick your own apples off of the trees, and then head to the cider press where they help you press your own cider. We always pick more than enough apples to bring home and make large batches of applesauce on crisp sunny afternoons.

  85. Jennifer C Says:

    What I love about the changes in the seasons can be summed up in one word – PIE!

  86. Lori Niver Says:

    I like knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. This is my favorite time of year.

  87. Denise C. Says:

    We live in the South so fall doesn’t really arrive until November. The change of seasons brings relief from the heat. We can get out and walk any time of day. I love having displays of mums and pumpkins. The urge to bake takes over and it’s nice to share what I make.

  88. Cassandra Says:

    I love to create art and when the wind blows I do get inspirational ides that pop into my head.

  89. Erin Says:

    It feels so good to put the garden to bed, see the rows of canned goods in the basement and know that my evenings will soon be spent in front of the woodstove!

  90. Kathleen Says:

    Of all the fruits that grown in our yard—mango, lychee, avocado, pomelo—pomegranite might be my favorite. Here in Honolulu, the approach of autumn is a bit more subtle than most places. October still means highs near 90 degrees F, and the winter rains don’t get underway until November. So for me, the ripe, red fruits weighing down the branches on our pomegranite tree are harbingers of cooler days to come, when the overnight low will drop to 65 degrees F and we’ll all dress in layers, put extra blankets on the bed, and remark on how cold the mornings are.

  91. Sue Says:

    I love the change of seasons! Living in S. FL, when the humidity and temps go down, I love opening the windows and airing out my home!

  92. Tina Says:

    Pumpkins, apples fresh from the tree, cider hot in my hand, and a cool crisp night.. are part of my favorite things about changing seasons.

  93. robin gamache Says:

    in the fall i love to bake yummy smelling treats to make the whole house smell good. favorite is gluten free apple crisp

  94. Janet LaRue Says:

    To be honest I am not one who likes the change of seasons at this time. I do enjoy the beautifully colored mountainside with it’s vibrant colors (although this year is nothing compared to years past-the drought had something to do with this I am afraid). I am one who loves the seasons of spring and summer-the hotter the better!

  95. Gris Says:

    The cool morning and evening breeze kissing your face, just cool enough to wake you up or cool you after a sunny fall day.

  96. Sue Says:

    The leaves turning color, the smell of fall in the crisp cool air and football!

  97. Susan Says:

    My favorite part of fall is raking leaves with my family. We spend most of our time jumping into each others piles or having leaf fights instead of getting the leaves up but we have a lot of fun.

  98. Susan Perkins Says:

    My favorite part of this time of year, is the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves and the way they crunch under your feet when you take a walk in the woods or the park. The promise of the holidays and all the rituals, old and new that are before us, that’s what I love about fall.

  99. Cindy Purdy Says:

    Since we live in the mountains of western Wyoming, fall comes early. I love driving up the country road to our home and seeing the red and gold leaves glistening in the crisp, fall air. I love when the snow falls silently during the night. It’s such a beautiful surprise in the morning. We usually get an early snowfall in September, only to get a taste of summer/fall for another month. Absolutely wonderful!

  100. Lisa Says:

    when fall arrives i love to get out in the sunshine listening to music while doing the gardening and mowing the lawns, as i love the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of my flowers and especially my roses!

  101. Joan R. Says:

    I love picking apples off the trees and making applesauce, cakes and pies.

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