Celebrity Apprentice Goes Gluten-free?!

What a great plug for gluten-free items & awareness on the Celebrity Apprentice tonight! Team Kotu and Athena had the task of coming up with a new meal and marketing plan for Schwan’s, a company that delivers meals “right to your door with no muss or fuss, making ‘convenient’ seem like an understatement”.

Well, Team Athena (members include: Melissa Rivers – TV Host/Produce, Jesse James – Entrepreneur/TV Host, Annie Duke – Poker Champion, and Brande Roderich – Playboy Playmate) won with the GLUTEN-FREE Triple Play Turkey Meatballs!

When Donald announced the challenge at the start of the show, I thought to myself, “I would market a gluten and allergen-free meal”. Then, before I knew it Annie Duke starts talking about developing a gluten-free dinner! I actually jumped up clapping!

The presentation Team Athena made to the executives at Schwan’s was good, but I thought it needed a bit of a marketing tune-up (and that’s coming from a Gluten-free Marketing Foodie) – but they got the point across about gluten-free being one of the fastest growing segments, and even chatted up wheat/ gluten-intolerances and celiac disease!

Check out the Schwan’s website to see about the Celebrity Apprentice episode and also info on the gluten-free meal – including how to order it.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Trump and executives at Schwan’s… I think this idea is more than a triple play… the name may have to be changed to “Homerun Turkey Meatballs.

Just two cents coming from a Gluten-free Marketing Foodie.

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice Goes Gluten-free?!”

  1. briansb Says:

    Nice to see our plight getting a mention, even better that the
    GF meal won.

    So I went to the Schwans site, but only found the one meal
    listed as GF. At least it is a start. Pricing seems very fair.

  2. Marina Says:

    I also saw this episode and was pleasantly surprised that she mentioned gluten free. I was instantly rooting for their team after that 🙂 Celiacs need more exposure so we can have more options! Schwan’s seemed skeptical at the idea at first, but I’m glad they came around. Gluten free can be tasty and original, too. Those meatballs look delicious.

    Many celiacs feel forced to cook from scratch, but we would love easy, healthy, prepared foods for busy weeknights just like everyone else. Even frozen dinners that should naturally be gluten free needlessly have gluten ingredients. How frustrating! Hopefully other companies will see this and jump on the bandwagon.

  3. Cathy Says:

    We should all order at least one – show Schwan’s we are here! Maybe they will see the marketing genious and get more stuff out there for us! Maybe even dessert!!! YUM

  4. Holly Says:

    I have been a regular Schwan’s customer for the last 5 years. I ordered both team’s dishes. The Triple play meatballs were excellent! The chicken dish was not something I would every purchase again. I’m not a celiac, but I can vouch for the meatballs. Try them out!

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