WIN-It-Wednesday: Gluten-Free Book-Bundle from Carol Fenster & Shelley Case

O.K. Everyone… “THE HOLIDAYS” are here! Yes, my friends, the never-ending summer full of steamy days and the beautiful crisp autumn afternoons full of color-bursting foliage are just bygone memories.

It’s time to dust off those relish dishes, dig out those pumpkin bread loaf pans, and put on your thinking caps to start planning the most delicious, memorable and gluten-free Holiday meals of all time!

But where do you start?

If you’re like me, you know what kind of gluten-free meal you want to cook: the kind that has everyone asking, or rather begging, for the recipes before they leave the gathering.

But wouldn’t it be nice to get help creating these masterpiece holiday meals with your own personal dietitian and culinary experts? And how about ones that are both world-renowned authorities on gluten-free cooking and living?  Well… thanks to two remarkable ladies, Carol Fenster, author of numerous gluten-free recipe books, including Gluten-Free Quick & Easy, 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes, Gluten-Free 101, and 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes; and Shelley Case, author of  “The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” – you can have them both… right in your very own kitchen through their best-selling books on gluten-free living and cooking.

Last weekend I was able to spend some time with both Shelley and Carol at the American Dietetic Association conference. We spoke about ways that we could make holiday cooking, baking and gift-giving easier for those on a gluten-free diet, as well as those folks that have celiacs on their Holiday guest & shopping lists. Along with a few other features and ideas that will be coming on BeFreeForMe in the coming weeks, Shelley & Carol also graciously offered to sponsor this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday.

So, if you need to find out a way to thicken that Thanksgiving gravy; need a recipe to make gluten-free ginger bread with a snap, or have a wish to make Santa cookies from a new recipe this Christmas Eve, look no further than  Carol and Shelley, two world-renowned gluten-free authors and experts here to help.

Although this prize package is nice enough to pass along as a gift, and you may plan on doing so, you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself once you see the information and recipes packed in both of them.

For this week’s Win-It-Wednesday prize-package, Carol and Shelley have graciously offered a total of six (YES 6!) prize packages. Each prize pack will include “The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” by Shelley Case and a copy of   “100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes” Cookbook by Carol Fenster.

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and let us know the one thing you are thankful for that not too many people know about (Mine? Talking with my Mom on the phone just so we can report in on the little things happening in our lives).

Six (yes … 6!) randomly selected winners will be chosen as winners. Three winners will be selected from all entries posted before Tuesday, 11/23/10 midnight EST; and three winners will be selected from the entries posted between Wednesday, 11/24/10 and Tuesday, 11/30/10 midnight EST.

Enter EACH WEEK to increase your chances of WINNING!

Good luck, be ever so thankful – even for the little things… and as always…

Be Free!

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103 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Gluten-Free Book-Bundle from Carol Fenster & Shelley Case”

  1. Tanya Richard Says:

    I am thankful for my sister’s weekly visits, even if we usually talk while I’m working on a cake or cookies that I can’t eat! I love the time we have together, and I am thankful that she takes the time to come to my house when I can’t get to hers.

  2. Melissa Says:

    I am thankful for my gluten free mom! We talk on average about 3 times a day and share interesting gluten free facts, recipes and must haves!

  3. Katy Martin Says:

    I am thankful that I am surrounded by family and friends who support me, my career, my education, and my passion for the gluten free lifestyle. I am also thankful that I have mentors like Shelley and Carol who are paving the way for future GF professionals.

  4. Stephanie Word Says:

    I am thankful for my amazing family who always supports me and for the many blessings and opportunities I have in my life.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    I know so many celiac women have trouble conceiving or have difficult pregnancies, so I’m thankful that I had a relatively easy pregnancy and I have a wonderful, healthy baby.

  6. Jen M Says:

    I’m thankful for a loving non-GF husband who helps me evaluate new GF recipes and flour blends. I love his engineering bent when it comes to GF recipies.

  7. Margaret Says:

    I am ever so thankful for having attended the May 2008 Canadian Celiac Conference in Victoria and to have had the opportunity to attend Shelley’s presentation to the Dietitians. The information I learned has given me valuble incite into the many underlying causes of Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance not only for family members but my Osteoporosis Information and Support Grooup and others I meet when volunteering. Having always loved food and cooking I have the curiosity to experiment with different grains and flours for healthy low gluten/gluten free foods.

  8. glenn stockert Says:

    I am thankful for all the amazing miracles that have been happening for me after my father passed away,

  9. Marsha Nkurlu Says:

    I am thankful for my family and friends who are there for me through good times and bad times. My mom who is not just my mom but I friend.

  10. Melanie Buschkoetter, RD, CDE Says:

    I am thankful for my sister. I don’t know what I would do without her. She listens to me, we hang out together, go gluten-free shopping together and she is an amazing cook. When I am in need of a food that I miss terribly, I give her a call and we get together and cook gluten-free. I must say that I am also thankful for two wonderful children who are also gluten free and seldom complain about the food issues. Someone brought in cookies to my son’s classroom this week and failed to notify me so I was not able to send a comparable gluten free version. My son was absolutely fine with this and said that he would eat a gluten free snack from the emergency snack bag that I have provided at school.

  11. Cindy Says:

    I am thankful for my good health.

  12. Laura F Says:

    I am thankful for the high school students that I teach. While they can drive me absolutely crazy sometimes, their joy and love for life is truly inspiring. And, they care so much: in these last 3 days I have had 4 different students bring me something (coupons for GF food, GF bread, etc.) on their own. I am truly touched by their thoughtfulness and generosity!

  13. Linda Williams Says:

    I am thankful that so many people in my life get it. A gluten free communion wafer was stored with the gluten ones in error. The woman who is responsible for setting up the mass threw it away and got me a fresh one because she didn’t want me to get sick. That is so caring and I’m so grateful for my church family. All of my extended family is gluten free so we plan great holiday meals-we will have 12 celiacs & 3 diabetics for Thanksgiving this year. I am blessed.

  14. Dana Says:

    I am thankful for the improvement in my health, since I made the change to remove gluten from my diet!

    Thanks so much for the nice giveaway!


  15. Jean Says:

    I am thankful that even though I live in a small town in MidCoast Maine, we have local grocers and a specialty stores that carry an impressive variety of gluten free products so I don’t really feel that my GF diet is a hardship. When my mother in law was diagnosed wit Celiac Disease 30+ years ago, she had such limited options. I’m also grateful for the internet that makes information gathering and ordering products not available locally so easy. I am also thankful for the support network that the internet provides with encouragement and ideas to help us not only be compliant with our diet, but even to feel good about it

  16. Lisa V Says:

    I’m thankful for the strength and courage my late husband left me when he was killed.

  17. Robin Wagner Says:

    I am thankful for the support and love of those in my life who care about me. I am thankful for my boyfriend who stops me from eating things to hurt my stomach when willpower fails me.

  18. Amanda S Says:

    I am thankful for my health. 🙂

  19. Allison Says:

    I’m thankful that my celiac disease was discovered so that my kids could be diagnosed early in life instead of going through years of difficulty.

  20. Kim Says:

    I am thankful for my daughters. They make me proud every day. They are caring, furthering their education, do community work and care about the environment. We laugh and cry together, share stories about our day and support each other.

  21. Lorraine Zanini Says:

    I am thankful that my 15 year old son who has both Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac is so healthy! Everyday I look at what he is challenged with and how he takes those challenges and finds balance. It’s not easy being a teenager.

  22. Elizabeth Says:

    I am thankful for the cool weather. Bring on winter!

  23. Laurie Says:

    I am so thankful for my mom; she has always supported me, provided for me (including sending me monthly gluten-free packages in the mail!), and she even gave up eating gluten for me. I am so incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

  24. Melissa Says:

    I am thankful for my new baby even though he’s colicky he makes me happy everyday just by existing

  25. Jameline Lofing Says:

    I am thankful for my mother in law and all the many things she does for our family.

  26. Phyllis Says:

    I am thankful for a friend of mine who also is celiac and has been a mentor to me.I was so overwhelmed when I was diagnosed with the disease and she has supported me and provided me with great information.

  27. kathy Says:

    I am thankful for a job i love in a time when so many worry.

  28. Natasha Says:

    I am thankful for my GF kids,goring happy and healthy.

  29. Morgen Says:

    I’m thankful for my sanity…it comes in handy when juggling child / food / family / home / work…I’m the GF person of the family, and it gets a bit hairy coming up with things to buy, eat & cook.

  30. Erin Says:

    I am thankful for the realtionship I have with my co-workers. We can talk openly and that is a blessing that makes for a happy workplace.

  31. Adam Briggs Says:

    I’m thankful for my wife and children who have been so gracious and flexible to join in on all of my many adventures in life.

  32. rita wagstaff Says:

    I am thankful for the new gluten free products that are more readily available and the wonderful gluten free cookbooks that are available. These things make living gluten free much easier and tastier.

  33. jazmine antico Says:

    I am thankful for knowing i have celiac disease at only 15! I know a lot of people don’t find out until a lot later so I feel lucky. Also, I’m thankful for my beautiful friends and family that love me:)

  34. Toby Says:

    I am thankful that I can still fit 29 jeans!!! LOL 😀

  35. Terri Peters Says:

    I am thankful for my son who sends me gluten free food that he has found and wants me to try.

  36. Maureen deTar Says:

    I am thankful for the opportunity to give back by teaching Gluten free cooking.

  37. Lori Niver Says:

    I am thankful for my father who supports and encourages me and my daughters as we learn every day how to live healthy lives gluten free.

  38. theresa Says:

    I am thankful for raw cacao powder in hot almond milk with a touch of maple syrup. Mmmm…. brings me joy!

  39. Michelle Says:

    I am thankful for being woken up (most days) by my 4 year old singing in his room! There is nothing sweeter than hearing his little voice belting out Black Eyed Peas or Steppenwolf!

  40. Mary George Says:

    I am thankful for the support of my family as I’ve transitioned to a gluten free lifestyle.

  41. Edna Says:

    I,too, am thankful for the time spent with my Mom, as well as all my family!! We celebrated Mom’s 94th birthday recently!! The additional chat we have before she goes to bed each night has become a sacred ritual. Web-camming with my grandkids bridges the miles! I have a lot to be thank-ful for!!

  42. patricia Says:

    I am thankful for all the gluten free products available. I am also thankful for those pioneers in the celiac world that worked so hard to provide the recipes that we have available to us today.
    Thanks to Shelly and Carol for providing the books to give away this week.

  43. sarahp820 Says:

    I became incredibly thankful for the internet (silly, I know) after I was diagnosed with CD. When the tests came back from my biopsy, the specialist just said, “Yep! You have Celiac’s Disease.” I asked him what I needed to do manage it…see a Dietician? I was eager to learn and feel better. I was looking for answers and information to help guide me. And I got nada!!!

    The internet has helped to no end. And even though the internet is only as good as the person posting the information, I have found reliable sites like this one that have become invaluable to me. So, Thanks!!

  44. Savannah T Says:

    I’m thankful for my dad. He’s active duty Air Force, and my youth pastor at church. He always supports me with my new celiac lifestyle and always makes sure im not being “poisoned” at restauraunts. (:

  45. Brenda C. Says:

    I am grateful that I figured out what was going on with my health before more damage was done to my body. I am grateful that I have the ability to obtain this knowledge from the internet in the comfort of my home. I am grateful that I have all of my marbles so I can make sense of the information.

  46. Lisa Says:

    I am thankful for a very caring and understanding boss.

  47. Alisha Says:

    I am thankful for friends and family. I am thankful for my friend Anne who taught me a lot about the resiliency of the human spirit.

  48. Samantha Ryan Says:

    I am thankful that something so simple as a diet change could bring my son and I back to health. There’s something in me that feels so satisfied to see him eat well and know that the food is not only healthful but also healing.

  49. CathyS Says:

    I am thankful for celiac disease! I know that sounds ridiculous to most of you, but due to being diagnosed, I joined a support group and am the organizer of the Gluten Free Meetup group in my area. Both my sons have since been diagnosed, and we spend special time meeting new people, trying new things, helping each other with food choices and cooking, and going out to eat with new friends. It is what you make it. It has changed my life – for the better in many ways and that is what I try to think about when I am stuggling with the diet!

  50. jill Says:

    I am thankful for my webcam and being able to Skype with my family in South Carolina.Since we don’t get together very often it keeps us close and I can see the grandkids.

  51. marsha Says:

    I am very thankful for my mother in law (or I should say x) but she and I are still close and she is just the best.

  52. Leslie Says:

    I am thankful for little things…going to the $1.50 movie theater with my dad, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows on cold afternoons with my 3 boys, playing baseball in the yard with the boys before it gets too dark, and seeing how their young minds work. (My five year old uses the word, “hypothesis” in conversation on a regular basis.)

  53. Christina Says:

    I am thankful for the upcoming thanksgiving weekend off work to spend with my family. I work long hours and have a particularly busy month coming up before Christmas so I am really thankful when I get a long weekend of family time!

  54. Tam Says:

    I am thankful for my health and my wonderful family!

  55. Misty Says:

    I am thankful for my local CSA chapter. They are a great group of people who have provided me with so much great information in helping me keep up on all the latest happenings in the GF world. Myself and my daughter were diagnosed this year with CD and they have been a blessing to us.

  56. Gina Says:

    I am thankful I found out about my daughters celiac disease when she was 3 years old, so now I can help her live a good healthy, feel good life.

  57. jennifer thorpe Says:

    i am thankful for my great nephew. my 24 year old nephew was killed in snowmobile accident a year and half ago. he left behind a child that was almost 1. now he is 2 half. he has so much of his father in him. so looking into that little guys eye i see his dad everytime. it makes me smile.

  58. Darin Says:

    I am thankful we finally figured out why my wife was getting sick all the time when she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease exactly 3 years ago this week. We no longer have to worry about her becoming ill everytime we eat, dine out or travel.

  59. Stacy Says:

    I am thankful for my daughter. I am also thankful for all the opportunitys God has given me in my life I am a single mom and can’t have more kids and am only 28. I also went thru drug treatment 10 years ago and am thankful I am still sober so that I can help others in need.

  60. Dyana Says:

    I am so very thankful for my family and friends!!

  61. Lynn E Says:

    I am thankful for my family and friends. They are a source of inspiration and wonderful good times.

  62. Tina Says:

    No matter how randomly crazy she is, I’m thankful for my sister. She drives me crazy, she’s irrational and drama filled 24/7 but she is the only family I have left, beyond my husband and children.

  63. Julie Says:

    I’m thankful that discovering my husband has Celiac disease may mean his MS was misdiagnosed.

  64. Cassie Says:

    My 92yr old grandmother who is trying to cook all the meals she knows as gluten free! She is one of the best cooks around (no meal is bad…even if she makes a mistake in her mind) and she does so much for me!

  65. Martha Russell Says:

    I am thankful for family, friends, and good health! I am grateful for the celiac diagnosis as that has given me a new lease on life!

  66. Ruth Jaeger Says:

    I am thankful for the winter, because it helps me appreciate the spring and summer more. 🙂

  67. Haylee Says:

    I am thankful for my amazing friends who are always there to encourage, support, and listen to me.

  68. Hillary Heidi Berndt Says:

    So much has happened in my life recently. I am thankful for my Celiac’s because it was through this life altering diagnosis, I met the love of my life, my boyfriend Brandon. He means so much to me that it makes my diagnosis seem like a blessing on so many levels. It not only cleaned up some really awful eating habits but it gave a chance to meet him. He works at the lab that made my diagnosis and he drew my blood. May he continue to draw my heart.

  69. Kara Says:

    I’m thankful that my parents live around the corner from us and help out with my kids so much. My grandparents lived far away when I was growing up, so it means a lot to me that my boys can go visit just about any time and that they have such a great, close relationship with their grandparents (and I am so greatful for my parents’ support and for getting a sometimes needed break).

  70. Elaine Says:

    I am thankful that my husband has a good paying job so I can afford gluten-free multi purpose flour and other gluten-free mixes. These items allow me to make GF pumpkin muffins, gooey butter cake, cookies and other not-so healthy things my 12 year old celiac and the rest of the family enjoys.

  71. Jenny Says:

    I am thankful for simple things that many people in the world don’t have–electricity, heat, running water, a clean bed, clean clothes and food on the table.

  72. lynn Says:

    i get stressed w/ family get togethers and i’m not much of a cook. i am thankful for the grocery stores offering turkey or ham dinners for the holidays and hubby being ok w/ it.

  73. Anne Rod Says:

    I am thankful for my extended family – my children, parents, brothers, cousins and Aunts –

  74. Tina Says:

    I am thankful that in 7 weeks or so, I will be a mom for the first time!

  75. Telly Says:

    I am thankful for my Jeep. Everyday outside of my window I see people walk pass who don’t own vehicles. They walk in the rain, the snow and they carry their groceries. I am thankful for vehicles 😀

  76. Carol Asher Says:

    I am thankful for all the wonderful gluten free products and books and resources that are available. It has increased significantly since I was diagnosed in 2000. And I am thankful for my diagnosis which helped my daughter and grandson to be diagnosed and on the gluten free diet at a young age which hopefully will prevent them from having the other autoimmune problems I have after being diagnosed in my 50’s.
    And I am especially thankful for the wonderful freedom we have as Americans.

  77. Carol Asher Says:

    I am thankful for my family

  78. Lori Niver Says:

    I am thankful for my dog Brownie who makes me smile even when the going gets rough (Ruff!).

  79. Jayne Aston (Aunt Jayne) Says:

    I am thankful for my sister. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, at the same time I was diagnosed with Celiac and type 2 diabetes.
    With everything she was going through, she still called me everyday to chat and the first thing she asked me every time was “How are you?, How are your sugar levels? Have you found any new gluten free recipes today?”
    My sister is the best thing to happen to all she has come into contact with and I am very thankful she is still with us.

  80. Erin Says:

    I am thankful to have good doctors who know about celiac.

  81. Debi Says:

    I am thankful for the many members of our families and friends in our lives who help and support us in our need for being gluten free.

  82. Lisa V Says:

    I’m thankful for my freedom, friends and family. They make life worth living!!

  83. patricia Says:

    I am so thankful for my family and that we can get together for the holidays. Since Celiac disease has entered each family, it will definately be a celiac holiday.

  84. PJ Says:

    I am thankful for sites like this one. My son was just diagnosed with Celiac on Tuesday, and because of sites like this one I am able to understand things. Thank You 🙂

  85. jill Says:

    I am blessed with three sons-in-laws and a daughter in law who add so much to our family and keep me grounded by reminding me exactly WHO is in charge in all things.When stressful things happen they look up to THE ONE who has it all under control.

  86. Gail Augustine Says:

    Well I am thankful for having had my mom.She was 85 when she passed away this July.She will be missed dearly.My dad had passed away when I was 8 years old and she was both mom and dad all these years.

  87. Sue Says:

    I’m thankful for all the great ideas I get from others who want to share. Thanks!

  88. Marta Says:

    I am thankful for my husband who takes my gluten free dietary needs seriously and steps in and advocates for me when I become frustrated with those who don’t understand the gluten-free diet.

  89. Esther Fraser Says:

    I am thankful for my health. I work in a hospital therefore I see so many people with conditions that can’t be managed. I am thankful that my disease can be controlled by my diet and does not require medications or hospitalizations.

  90. Kathie Says:

    I am thankful for eerything God has given me. He always has provided everything I need and more.

  91. Tina Says:

    I am thankful that there are so many brave men and women serving in the military, protecting our homeland and preserving our future and our future generations just as my 90 year old Father once did in WWII…I am thankful to still have him and my Mom alive with me…they are the BEST!!!

  92. Terri Peters Says:

    I am thankful that there are so many new gluten free products.

  93. Jennifer Says:

    I am thankful for all of the support from my family and friends. I am happy to see that my 9 year old who not only has Celiac but is a type I diabetic is healthy and has embraced this lifestyle that we share. He is my biggest fan of all of my successe and cheers me on when a recipe flops! 🙂

  94. Larc Bogdan Says:

    I am thankful for being able to feed my husband and daughter safely, especially around the holidays! About 15 years ago, we noticed that the holidays were the worst time for my husband. he always felt awful. Once we realized he was gluten-intolerant, it all made sense – those cookies and cakes were causing so much distress! Now the holidays are so much better.

  95. Martha Taylor Says:

    I am thankful for having spent time with my mom this summer for a whole month. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 3 years. We stay close by speaking on the phone at least every other day.

  96. Edie Says:

    I am thankful for the non-Celiac members of our dinner club who accommodate my gluten-free recipe and preparation requirements — with a smile!

  97. Janet LaRue Says:

    I am thankful for my girlfriend who supports me with my gluten free diet and has taken the time to learn about the diet and has been there for me when my daughter has been very sick throughout her life. I am also thankful that HER daughter who has cancer just got a clean bill of health even though the cancer was stage 4. Life doesn’t get any better than that and the thankfulness will carry for a long, long time.

  98. Stacy Says:

    I am thankful for a future sister-in-law that has Celiac too. It is comforting to know that I am now not going at it alone anymore in my family.

  99. Margaret Says:

    I am thankful for a warm home and the wonderful exercise I get shoveling snow! 🙂

  100. Amanda S Says:

    I am thankful for my warm house on a cold winter day. 🙂

  101. Giovanna Says:

    Greetings Gluten Free Gladiators,

    What am I thankful for? I am thankful for my son, Chris, who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Who dances when he hears music and hugs like no other. I am thankful for orange soda, because Chris, says it cures everthing, from a stuffy nose, a papercut, or a tough day out in the world. I am thankful for a smile that comes across my family’s face, when that new Gluten Free Recipe tastes darn good and no words are needed to express satisfaction. I am thankful for my vision, hearing and the ability to smell and sense all that is around me. At times, I forget all that I have and how indeed I am blessed to have family and friends who bring me up when I am slanting towards the ground. I thankful for this opportunity to express my thoughts and hope I give thanks more often. For to breathe, to see, to touch, to feel means we are alive and we can make the best of what we are dealt, with a little humor and orange soda. So, I toast all this Holiday Season with a fine glass of orange soda and send you my good thoughts, prayers and hopes for a Peaceful, Healthy and Joyous Present and Future!


  102. Laurie Says:

    I am so thankful for my sweet husband of 23 years for changing his ‘good old southern boy’ eating habits to a GF lifestyle. He now reads labels like a pro, shares in my GF food choices & recipes and is always supportive and wants to see that I never experience the gluten/digestive problems of the past. We are ‘silver-haired’ GF newbies and he has made the transistion for me so much easier.

  103. trenelle collins Says:

    I’m thankful for my family and friends who keep me grounded and full of life.

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