WIN-It-Wednesday: Beanitos Chips (Plus BONUS Visa Gift Cards!)

Beanitos Chips are a snack lovers dream come true! Beanitos are chips that fill you up with real, healthy and nutritious ingredients, which make them a delicious and smart alternative to corn and potato chips.

Beanitos are also lab tested and certified gluten-free (less than 3ppm), as well as free of corn, potato and soy.

When I first tried Beanitos I couldn’t believe they were actually made from beans. Chips made from beans? But after one chip, I was sold. Crunchy and flavorful Beanitos come in four flavors… Black Bean, Chipotle BBQ Black Bean, Cheddar Cheese Pinto Bean and my favorite, Pinto Bean & Flaxseed.

This got me scratching my head and wondering – why beans? Why make chips out of beans? Well, according to the folks over at Beanitos, it’s no secret that beans are loaded with health benefits – high in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates – but are sadly underused in the typical U.S. diet. So they decided to give us all our daily dose of healthy, nutritious beans in a fun, crunchy and tasty chip! Obviously, the folks over at Beanitos used their “beans” to come up with this great tasting chip.

Because these chips are made from beans they contain 5 grams of fiber per ounce – this is why they fill you up and leave you feeling more satisfied than the regular old boring potato, corn or wheat based chips. They are also low-glycemic, which is important since low-glycemic foods contributes to good health and can help curb obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease!

Now the question I am sure that some of you are wondering but are too shy to ask in a comment on this blog post … Ahemmm … here goes… “Will eating Beanitos give me gas, toots, stinkers, wind, passing of gas — or whatever you may call it?”  Well – the answer is NO! Beanitos will NOT give you gas. Beanitos developed a natural proprietary process that eliminates the common side effects some people associate with eating beans or bean-based products. So… round up your friends and share a bag!

For all these wonderful reasons – We are thrilled that Beanitos is this week’s sponsor of BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday. FOUR (Yes 4!) lucky BeFreeForMe members will receive an assortment of Beanitos Chips, PLUS a Bonus $15 Visa Gift Card!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog post and tell us how you use your “bean” to stay healthy and fit.  (Me? I schedule exercise into my week – and treat that time like I would a very important appointment or meeting – so I don’t break my promise to myself to work-out!)

There are also TWO chances to WIN these WIN-It-Wednesday prizes. One is between Wednesday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 15th  (12 Midnight EST) and the second is between Wednesday, February 16th and Tuesday, February 22th (12 Midnight EST). Two winners will randomly be selected each week. So make sure you respond two times to this post!

Good Luck, Use your bean… But follow your heart… and as always,
Be Free!

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81 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Beanitos Chips (Plus BONUS Visa Gift Cards!)”

  1. Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} Says:

    I try to eat right, keep active, and stay hydrated 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  2. Lori Niver Says:

    I get up each day and exercise while listening to my favorite radio station. The program I listen to is a great way to start my day. I wear a smile all day because I feel great and the funny stories I hear on the radio keep me smiling all day long!

  3. cindy Says:

    I have started tracking my calories to stay healthy and fit – and to help lose 15lbs. I’ve gained since I have healed and started absorbing again.

  4. Julie Stafford Says:

    I use my bean to stay healthy & fit by attending my favorite gym classes at least 3 to 4 times per week: high intense training, yoga, pilates, & step class & strength training.

    I’ve been wanting to try these chips but cannot find them anywhere yet!

  5. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hey Julie-

    Keep your fingers crossed that you’ll win… but, if you are looking for Beanitos in a store near you check out this link…

    Also, you can find them at the

    Be Free!

  6. Jackie Beland Says:

    I stay healthy and fit by meal planning each week. I also stay active by varying my workout activities including running, Pilates, walking my dog, hiking the dunes in a nearby park, or cross country skiing in the winter. I don’t treat these activities as something I HAVE to do, but rather as something I enjoy doing.

  7. Dave Says:

    I love how you ask these questions so that people will be able to see other people’s ideas for how to improve their health and lives! I enjoy going through them each time to see what others do. I, personally, used my bean to change from running to an elliptical because of recurrent foot injuries.

  8. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Thanks, Dave! I try to make things a bit fun… BUT informative too! =)

    Be Free!

  9. natalie usher Says:

    im trying to eat heathier.i’d luv to try these chips.

  10. Michelle Says:

    I use my “bean” by adding beans (and other healthy fiber filled yummies) to my diet where I can. M brownies are always black bean brownies, I add flax seed to baked goods and many dinners, I add squash to mac and cheese – every bit helps!

  11. kristina herrick Says:

    I exercise and only put non-toxic products in and on by body to prevent toxic back up. This allows my body to function to its maximum potential.

  12. Lisa Says:

    I am really trying hard this year to remind myself to exercise and eat better. It would be great to have a healthy alternative to that munch craving!

  13. Claudia Ortopan Says:

    Beanitos black bean chips are the perfect compliment with hummus! I eat them almost everyday….delicious!

  14. Jessica Says:

    I use my “bean” to stay fit by keeping gluten out of my diet, walking my dog, and playing with kids in a before and after school program daily. It’s always easier to exercise when you’re having fun!

  15. Kathleen Says:

    I like to give myself an incentive for working out. If I really don’t feel like doing it, but soldier through the entire week, I’ll go shopping or get my nails done at the end. 🙂

    PS – I finally got to try the sugar that I won a while back, it’s awesome! I love the lemon sugar as a martini rimmer.

  16. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Love your idea about giving yourself a reward or “treat” at the end of the week.

    So glad you liked the DiDi Davis Sugars. They are awesome. The lemon variety as a martini rimmer sounds divine! Maybe that will be my “treat” at the end of this icy and snow packed week!

    Be Free!

  17. Christina Says:

    I do yoga and buy my groceries once a week after planning a healthy weekly menu. That way I avoid stopping to pick up junk food when I have a healthy and tasty variety of foods home for meals and snacks.

  18. Paula Says:

    How do I stay fit? I take time to relax mentally, walk to work, dance while making dinner, and laugh with my family daily. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep us healthy.

  19. Michie Page Says:

    I keep my bike tuned up and ride it to work and for grocery shopping as long as the weather is dry. On days when it rains in the morning but not the evening I walk home (an hour walk!) to make up for missing the bike ride.

  20. Alisha Says:

    I use my “bean” to exercise daily and to eat a wide range of healthy foods 🙂

  21. Cassie Says:

    I watch the amount of foods I eat daily, types, and quantities. With food like the chips, I pack them into serving size bags to watch amounts for type 1 diabetes and for weight. Have now lost 60 lbs in just over yr with exercise too.

  22. Chelsie J Says:

    I try to exercise while my son takes a nap and eat my fruits and veggies everyday!

  23. Lisa V Says:

    I use my “bean” to plan my meals and incorporate nutritious foods.

  24. cb Says:

    By figuring out what is not gluten-free and not eating it.

  25. jazmine antico Says:

    I try to cook as much as possible and live happily! I surround myself with the things that make me happy:)

  26. Rachel Says:

    I walk a few extra laps around the school that I work at every day! 🙂

  27. Jennifer C Says:

    I try to plan healthy meals and snacks ahead of time to make sure I don’t end up grabbing something that is not so good for me.

  28. Terri Peters Says:

    By trying to eat more healthier with more fruits and vegies.

  29. Todd Says:

    I’m using my ‘bean’ by joining a gym, I need to lose a few pounds and I’ve taken that first step. Now I need to get going to the gym and sticking with a plan!

  30. Kate Says:

    Eating healthy is a must on a gluten free diet. So using your “bean” to do so can make things simple. A healthy balance of fruits and veggies plus working out at least three times a week is the way I maintain and re-energize my “bean”. I could improve my sleeping habits; however, since it is extremely important to gain enough hours and quality sleep.

  31. Martha G Says:

    These chips sound terrific. I use my bean by adding servings of green veggies to my meals, stretch several times a day and buying organic whenever I can. Water exercise 3 times a week helps keep me active and pain free.

  32. Yolonda Tapp Says:


  33. Mary Says:

    I use my “bean” to eat healthier. I’ve been gluten free for 10 years and thought I was a success at it because I found all those gluten free treats I missed when I first started the diet. Well, that “success” cost me in terms of added weight and high cholesterol! In the past 6 months I’ve increased my fresh fruit and veggie consumption as well as my exercise and successfully lowered my cholesterol to a “normal” reading and lost 35 lbs! My doctor is quite impressed, and my friends are always complementing me on my new look!
    Hadn’t heard of Beanitos chips, but they sound as if they will fit nicely into my new food plan. I’d love to win and be able to try them. If not, I’ll look into the two references I saw above and will purchase some!

  34. Kristen G Says:

    Love these!

  35. sarah Says:

    I use my bean to pre-plan all of my meals. That way I always have gluten-free option and therefore able to stay healthier. I am in control of what goes into my body….Gluten is NOT welcome!!!

  36. Debi Says:

    Our family eats a lot of beans in our diet they are an inexpensive way for protien and they taste great! Thanks to all the great individulas out and about we get great tasting, healthy treats on our Gluten Free diet.

  37. Toby Says:

    This would “BE-NEATO” to win! LOL Get it?!? I make sura to go for lots of walks with the pups…it’s good for a ALL of us!! Fresh air and execise – nothing beats it! 😀

  38. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Be-neato! LOVE It – So Clever! =)

    Be Free!

  39. phyllis Says:

    I use my bean by watching what I eat. Lots of fruit and vegtables ;dairy and protein but limit my sugar intake. I mostly drink water.

  40. Stephanie Brittain Says:

    I like to hike the Absaroka Beartooth wilderness with my husband James. Snowboard. Cook healthy gluten free meals. And enjoy some beanitos. 🙂

  41. Martha S. Kerr-Burke Says:

    I try my best to eat healthy and since I have Fibromyalgia which causes me to be in pain often, I do not exercise much. I eat a lot of salads and when I work around the house I stretch and bend a lot! Also I would love to win these chips,they sound very difference & healthy ! I’ve won a couple of your giveaways and I really appreciate these giveaways-THANK YOU

  42. Amy Says:

    Feed myself and kids lots of fruits and veggies and make good decisions about what kind of carbs we eat.

  43. Laurie Says:

    I try to walk as much as I can instead of driving. And then, of course, I pair this with a delicious, healthy gluten-free diet!

  44. Erin Says:

    I use my ‘bean’ and my beans by soaking a beans all day then baking baked beans in out homemade backyard oven overnight after we make pizzas and bake bread. In the morning, I have a pot of delicious and healthy beans… a great meal and they freeze well too. I do love my beans!

  45. Karen Says:

    The best decision for my health I ever made was changing my career to one that pays me to exercise. Now I know for sure I will get my work out in because I’m too cheap to skip it. Teaching water arobics has brought me greater freedom of movement, a regular disciplined approach to exercise, and an expanded appreciation for those folks who show up for my classes! I love it!!!!

  46. Eileeen Sanders Says:

    I exercise 5 days a week at Curves and eat healthy foods. Also try to get 8 hours of sleep.

  47. Esther Fraser Says:

    I try to participate in what my daughter does…if she roller skates, so do I; if she’s learned a new line dance, I push back the couch and have her teach me; we “compete” with one another on the Wii fit. I find if you have a partner, any activity – even exercise – can be fun!

  48. Cara Says:

    I exercise everyday with my dog Buddy on walks and then also try to swim about 3 times a week. I also try and eat fruit or veggies or both with each meal! 🙂

  49. Janet LaRue Says:

    I try to stay on schedule and do Zumba 3 times per is freezing where I am but I push myself and always am glad I did after the class is done! Love to feel so much better after exercising!

  50. Jenna Nichols Says:

    My family gets outdoors and do things as a family – no matter the weather. Ice skating and sledding in winter, hiking in the fall , biking in the summer , yard clean up in the spring.

  51. Beverly Peets Says:

    My grand daughter are 5 and 7 and love to eat chips and being these are good for them I wouldn’t have to worry about them eating to much and would be a great snack to take to the park. And thank you for making them for all of us to enjoy……

  52. Debbie Says:

    I use my bean by making my own gluten-free bread (from a mix) but add flax seeds and nuts,some times molasses. I have a great wheat free brownie recipe using black beans. I try to eat 3-4 servings fruits and vegetables, rarely eat fried foods. I enjoy (in the warmer weather) going for walks, working in my yard, although this year I have done plenty of shoveling. I aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I have not yet seen this chips but don’t normally by chips.

  53. Daniel Yeakle Says:

    I love Beans, I like to make a crock pot so i can use them in a lot of different ways thru the day, They supply the energy to ride my bike to keep fit. thank you.

  54. cindy Says:

    I use my “bean” and try to stay healthy by putting on music LOUD and dancing around the house.

  55. robin gamache Says:


  56. Tamela Cayward Says:

    I keep a food journal, so I don’t over eat. That’s way too easy to do, overeat that is. My food journal keeps me on track and balanced, so I get just that right amount of carbs, fat, protien, calories and vitamins and minerals!

  57. Janet LaRue Says:

    I try to eat healthy with a balanced diet and stay active. The weather is very cold where I live so it is tough not to go stir crazy inside-but I try to get out to exercise 3x/week.

  58. Alisha Says:

    I exercise not long after I get up, so that I have a healthy endorphin rush to start the day with 🙂

  59. Lisa V Says:

    I walk up and down the steps at the office whenever I have to go to the other floors.

  60. Melanie Says:

    Chips are my one vice so finding healthier alternatives are a great way to help me ‘stay fit.’
    And speaking of black beans; whenever I don’t have a vegetable for dinner I whip up a quick batch of Spanish black beans its a quick and easy way to make sure the family has their fiber. A nice walk around the lake after dinner is a perfect end to a loud and long busy day!

  61. Laurie Says:

    I make sure that I eat a good breakfast each morning. Satisfying and delicious, a good breakfast keeps you healthy and energized for everything you need to accomplish during your day!

  62. Jessica Says:

    I use my “bean” to stay healthy by walking when I can, rather than taking elevators; and by pulling and pushing doors open and shut rather than using automatic ones. It’s all those little things that pile up!

  63. Christine S. Says:

    I try to take time to relax–I’m still trying.

  64. sarah Says:

    There are two new things that I have started doing this week to make sure my “bean” is alert and ready for the day.

    1. Making sure I get 8 full hours of sleep (can be super difficult when you are a mom, work full-time, and etc…)
    2. Go for a walk every morning before I go to work

  65. cb Says:

    Sort through all the favorite recipes and *convert* them to healthier, gluten-free dishes. Sometimes it works out really well.

  66. Toby Says:

    Love second chances – hope it’s okay I reuse my last entry – This would “BE-NEATO” to win! LOL Get it?!? I make sure to go for lots of walks with the pups…it’s good for a ALL of us!! Fresh air and exercise – nothing beats it! 😀

  67. Halley Says:

    we are “detox” eating as a family…it is a quite a commitment but look forward to the all the health benefits of a good detox and lifestyle changes that will happen :). Thanks for the giveaway…looks like a great treat to try with the kids!

  68. Lori Niver Says:

    I use my bean to stay positive. With a positive approach anything is possible. It keeps me motivated to exercise daily and eat right.

  69. Christina Says:

    Thanks for a second chance to win!! I use my bean to keep my diet healthy even on a crazy schedule and tight budget. It’s worth it to feel good and have the energy I need.

  70. Michie Page Says:

    I look for healthy new recipes to try. You can’t exercise effectively if you don’t eat right and finding new recipes keeps food exciting.

  71. Crissy Bremer Says:

    I love to dance and play with my preschool son. His energy is contagious and makes exercise fun, not a chore.

  72. Cara Says:

    Thanks for the double chance to win. I try to take my lunch instead of going out when I go to school to eat a balanced meal.

  73. Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} Says:

    I eat healthy, keep my brain active, walk a lot, and drink lots of water 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  74. Jennifer C Says:

    I add flax to many of my recipes for extra fiber. My family doesn’t even know it’s there, but I know it is good for us. Thanks!

  75. Cassie Says:

    I am drinking about a 80 oz water a day, and for every drink besides water I drink that amount water. This helps keep body flushed clean and recommended by doctors. It is healthy and helpful in so many ways!

  76. Venessa Says:

    I try to incorporate healthy snacks. These will help when I get a craving for chips.Thanks!

  77. Terri Peters Says:

    I have been trying to eat more vegies and walk more.

  78. connie morgan Says:

    I snack on my flax bean while I am spending time with my horse – boo –
    He has flax in his treats too so we relax after a ride together and enjoy a snack

  79. Crissy B Says:

    I drink water througout the day and am conscious of everything I eat. I prioritize lean protein at every meal and question my motivation for snacks – am I hungry, stressed, bored.

  80. Liza767 Says:

    i eat a salad a day

  81. myrthas Says:

    i eat beanitos with salad and excersize daily

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