WIN-It-Wednesday: Food Should Taste Good

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday is sponsored by Food Should Taste Good… a company that is dedicated to making wholesome and healthy snacks.

If you’re not yet familiar with the products that Food Should Taste Good offers you must check out their website and give their chips a try. I love that Food Should Taste Good offers an abundance of yummy gluten-free chip varieties including Olive (perfect with tapenades), Chocolate (smothered in apple sauce or cinnamon cream cheese), Lime (guacamole anyone?), The Works (the ultimate dipper… hummus? sour cream? the kitchen sink?) and, one of my favorites… Sweet Potato (eaten plain or crumbled on top of a fresh garden salad).

And obviously, I am not the only one that has a chip-addiction to these chips. As of today over 147,500 people are raving fans of Food Should Taste Good on facebook. And if you aren’t a fan of Food Should Taste Good now is the time to join!

In celebration of Munch Madness and in support of their “El-Eat Eight Contest” the generous team over at Food Should Taste Good are challenging their fans with a contest yielding a fabulous prize rewarded to all of their facebook fans!

They are offering the chance to get a coupon good for $2.50 OFF of 2 BAGS, as a way of thanking all of their fans that have been cheering them on and happily munching their chips.

All fans will get this coupon if Food Should Taste Good can surpass a total of 800 votes for the winning chip and reach a total of 155,500 fans (at last count they only need 7,500 more fans!) on their facebook page. Make sure you become a fan by April 4th… the day of their champion’chip game… and spread the word to all your friends to chomp into Munch Madness to help reach this goal!

Food Should Taste Good is also offering 4 LUCKY BeFreeForMe members a chance at winning a gift pack of chips for the next two week’s WIN-It-Wednesdays!

How can you WIN?

Reply to this blog and tell us what your winning Food Should Taste Good flavor is (Me? I have two favorites…Olive and Sweet Potato). Two (2) winners will be randomly chosen from entries received before Tuesday, April 5 at 12:00 midnight EST; and two (2) more winners will be randomly chosen from entries received between Wednesday, April 6 and Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 12:00 midnight EST. All winners must be a member of

Good Luck, take the time to make the free throws that life passes your way, and as always…

Be Free!

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83 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Food Should Taste Good”

  1. Lori Niver Says:

    I love sweet potato chips. Yummy!!!!!

  2. Linda Williams Says:

    My favorite so far is the olive. But I didn’t know about chocolate or sweet potato, I will hunt them down! These chips are great.

  3. cindy Says:

    Definitely the works! Like eating a baked potatoe.

  4. jack Says:

    CHOCOLATE ! CHOCOLATE ! CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!!!! How heavenly ! I love chocolate–in any form!!

  5. Marilyn Kelly Says:

    I love the sweet potato and the blue corn. Hits the spot when you need a little something.

  6. Erin Small Says:

    I think my favorite will be lime!

  7. Lisa Says:

    I really love the Olive variety but am really interesting in trying the chocolate flavor.

  8. chelsie Says:

    Chocolate and sweet potato! I have some sweet potato ones right now in my pantry!

  9. Michelle Says:

    I love The Works and Chocolate (of course)!!

  10. Jessica Says:

    Sweet Potato!

  11. Becky Says:

    The Jalapeno ones are fantastic plain or dipped in queso!

  12. phyllis Says:

    My favorite is the sweet potato. These are a great snack ; much healthier than potato chips.

  13. Theresa Shafer Says:

    The Works has been my favorite of Food Should Taste Good for months, then I found Blue Corn. Blue Corn is now my favorite for salsas. I am really looking forward to enjoying some more. Thank you.

  14. ToCo Says:

    LIME! I’m a total avocado not!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE guacamole!!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. gris Says:

    I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a sweet potato chip!! :o)

  16. Anne R Says:

    Sweet Potato is by far my favorite – it Rocks!

  17. jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless Says:

    sweet potato and chocolate! 🙂

  18. Gina Says:

    I love the multigrain, but would love to try the chocolate, can’t find it yet! Sweet potato is also very good.

  19. Meredith Says:

    sweet potato!

  20. Christine S. Says:

    Lime is sublime (is that trying too hard?)

  21. Mary Cowin Says:

    Sweet Potato is my favorite of all chips! Love it, love it, love it!

  22. Eileen Says:

    Sweet potato would be my favorite.

  23. Ann Says:


  24. Nicole Says:

    I love the sweet potato. These are great chips and very addicting!!

  25. Caryn Says:

    Love the olive, you can top them with so many yummy things!

  26. robin gamache Says:


  27. cindy Says:

    Blue corn makes a great taco salad!

  28. Mary G. Says:

    Olive chips for appetizers, then chocolate for dessert!

  29. Christina Says:

    Sweet potato!!

  30. Rick Says:

    I vote for Sweet Potato chips! Gotta Love ’em!

  31. Hillary Heidi Berndt Says:

    I love the chocolate ones. They are a sweet, salty surprise. The works is very good with the sour cream taste. Its a great way to get that taste without all the fat.

  32. Debbie Says:

    I like the sweet chili chips, very addicting

  33. Denise C. Says:

    Chocolate and sweet potato are my favorite.

  34. Cassandra Says:

    My winning flavor is chocolate and sweet potato.

  35. Kathi Says:

    I love the sweet potato!

  36. Tina Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the SWEET POTATO but the Lime is nice also.

  37. patricia Says:

    I like the multi-grain for me, but the others are great too.

  38. Dawn Hughes Says:

    Sweet potato is my favorite, followed closely by multigrain. Other allergies (including garlic!! 🙁 of all things!) rule many of the flavors out!

  39. Jennifer C Says:

    You can’t beat sweet potato!

  40. Debi Says:

    I love the multigrain they are so versitile. I have tried the cheddar cheese, sweet potato, and olive. Yummy

  41. edie Says:

    sweet taters for this southern girl 😉


  42. Theresa Says:

    But lime sounds sooooo good.

  43. Lisa Says:

    Sweet potato – my thirteen month old even reaches for them!!!

  44. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have never tasted these chips so I cannot really give a favorite-but I guess lime would be my choice as well as chocolate!

  45. Terri Peters Says:

    multigrain but looking for chocolate

  46. Lisa V Says:

    I like “The Works”

  47. Lisa V Says:


  48. theresa Says:

    love hot foods so jalapeno. but like sweet potato and lime

  49. cindy Says:

    The chocolate would be interesting to try.

  50. Lisa Says:

    I love the olive flavor but am curious to try the chocolate.

  51. Stephanie H. Says:

    Sweet potato and Jalapeno are the best!

  52. Nancy Cruz Says:

    Olive is definitely the best!

  53. Crissy B Says:

    I love all them all! After all, all food that’s delicious is delicious 🙂

    PS – I absolutely love the company name!

  54. Christina Says:

    Thanks for another chance to win. I would like to try the sweet potato- it just might become my new favorite!

  55. Lisa Says:

    Sweet potato! YUm!

  56. ToCo Says:

    Lime…with guacamole!!! FANtastic!!!! 😀

  57. Kathleen Says:

    I have two favorites: jalapeno and olive.

  58. Christine S. Says:

    Can’t get past the lime to try the other flavors–it’s my go-to snack

  59. Stephanie Says:

    The Sweet Potato Chip is my favorite! I would have to say that Food should Taste Good is my Favorite Brand.

  60. Meredith Says:

    I love the sweet potato and am going to the store right now to try the chocolate.

  61. Lori Niver Says:

    Sweet Potato is my favorite.

  62. Natalie Weeks Says:

    The Sweet Potato is my favorite! Excellent with meat free taco salad! mmmmm!~OH and the Olive =)

  63. Katie C. Says:

    Sweet potato flavor is amazing, and multigrain is delicious too…

  64. Jenny Says:

    Lime would be great!

  65. kali Says:


  66. jack Says:

    Gimme Gimme Gimme chocolate !!! love it.

  67. jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless Says:

    sweet potato or chocolate!

  68. Terri Peters Says:

    Thanks for another chance to win. Looking for chocolate.

  69. Jennifer C Says:

    It’s just hard to beat sweet potato for me!

  70. Erin Small Says:

    I did not like Olives before becoming gluten free, but now I like them! How? I am committed to trying anything that is gluten free! It works!


  71. Erin Small Says:

    Oh, so I would like to try the Olive chips, very much.

  72. Liza767 Says:

    i like the works with avocado spinach hummus ohhhhhhhh yummmmmmy

  73. Crissy B Says:

    Lime, chocolate, sweet potato – all delicious and take turns being a favorite, depending on my appetite and mood.

  74. Terry Says:

    I’m open to finding a favorite!

  75. Mary Cowin Says:

    Love the sweet potato chips! They are the best I’ve ever eaten and low in sodium, too!

  76. Melanie Says:

    sweet potato is a big fav of my family

  77. tamara Kuriger Says:

    The mixtures of a sweet potato and butter are the best.

  78. Joan R. Says:

    I could live on the sweet potato chips—positively delicious!!

  79. Michele H Says:

    The Works! Just like my fav bagel flavor I can no longer eat! Yummy!

  80. Katie C. Says:

    Can’t get enough of that sweet potato! :^)

  81. Chelsie J Says:

    My favorites are sweet potato and chocolate! Yum yum!

  82. Sabrina W Says:

    I’m all for the lime ones!

  83. Kathleen Reale Says:

    The 4 lucky winners are….

    1.) Jill from NY
    2.) Lisa from NM
    3.) Joan from NY
    4.) Stephanie from NY

    Wow… three random winners from NY this time around!


    Be Free!

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