WIN-It-Wednesday: Moondance Dessert’s Gluten-Free Cookies

You’d think I was asking for the moon trying to find a delicious, chewy and melt in your mouth gluten-free cookie. That was until I tried the new Moondance gluten-free cookies!

Watch out cookie lovers… Moondance Gluten-Free Desserts has done it again!

The ever so sweet line-up of absolutely delicious gluten-free desserts continues over at Moondance with the addition of their three new gluten-free cookies: Mexican Wedding Cookie – a tender butter cookie loaded with ground pecans and coated with powdered sugar; Chocolate Crinkle – a rich, fudgy chocolate cookie coated with powdered sugar; and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar – a chewy blond brownie bar loaded with mini chocolate chips (my favorite!).

And I promise… these new Moondance cookies will bring you to the moon and back again.

Made in a gluten-free facility by Shelley Ritchie, who was diagnosed with a wheat and gluten allergy several years ago, this gal knows how to bake! After not being able to find truly decadent gluten-free desserts and with her frustrations building, Shelley decided to perfect her own recipes into a magical gluten-free line of products.

Besides these new cookies, some of the other products offered in the Moondance line are Chewy Fudge or Walnut Brownies; or the Moondance Cheesecakes, some of the flavors include the Classic Cheesecake, Raspberry Ribbon Cheesecake or my favorite the Butter Toffee Cheesecake (made with handmade butter toffee crumbles – YUM!). All of the cheesecakes are made with a shortbread pecan crust. Watch out Cheesecake Factory!

These cheesecakes are the PERFECT dessert for your Easter Gathering!

Prepare yourself by unbuckling your belt and re-adjust it a few notches, and enter to win this week’s BeFreeForMe’s Win-It-Wednesday sponsored by the amazingly decadent Moondance Heavenly Desserts. Four (Yes 4!) Lucky BeFreeForMe members will win an assortment of the three types of new cookies. Two (2) winners will be randomly selected from entries received before Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 – 12 midnight EST and another two (2) winners will be selected from entries received between Wednesday, April 20th and Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 – 12 midnight EST.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us what is so heavenly in your life that it brings you to the moon… and back again! (Me? Finding new gluten/allergen free products that are yummy and star gazing with the guy I love on clear crisp evenings). And it you’d like let us know which Moondance cookie sounds the most divine to you!

Good Luck, take note of the magical things in your life… and as always,
Be Free!

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109 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Moondance Dessert’s Gluten-Free Cookies”

  1. Matt Spolansky Says:

    One thing that really brings me to the “moon” and back is discovering new local gf options. The chocolate chip cookie bar and toffee cheesecake sound phenomenal!

  2. cindy Says:

    I have to agree – finding a new gf product does send me over the moon as well. I would love to try the chocolate crinkle cookie.

  3. Valerie Ramirez Says:

    I just bought one of the cheesecakes last night from Whole Foods, but haven’t tried it yet! What takes me to the moon and back is coming home to my dog after a hard day’s work! She is my best bud and always welcomes me with a wagging tail and no matter how bad of a day I have had, it all goes away when I see her.

  4. Francine Says:

    My children and husband bring me to the moon and back again. I have a wonderful family!!

  5. Tamela Cayward Says:

    My children bring me to the moon with their charming; charismatic ways and then back again when reality sets in. I wouldn’t change a thing. The new chocolate chip cookie bar sounds good and the butter toffee cheesecake could send me back up and over again!

  6. Chere Housefield Says:

    I’ve heard that the road to heaven is not always paved and I believe it. For me, the most heavenly times are those spent horseback riding in the woods with my daughter. A truly good Mexican Wedding Cookie would be divine.

  7. Tina Says:

    The most magical happenings in my life are cuddling with my purring cats and watching my 3 dogs interact with each other, my cats, and then having them love me and my husband not just breifly but always. Life is so simple and wonderful.

  8. Alisha Says:

    Running during a sunny day and coming home to eat good food. I think Chewy Fudge Brownie cookies would be good to eat 🙂

  9. Becky Says:

    Having my grandchildren and children all together is what is magical for me. They all live far away so when it happens, it is special. The walnut brownies sound scrumptious!

  10. Ashley P. Says:

    Being inlove sends me to the moon and back. Being able to be myself and have him adore me all the more is the best. After I got diagnosed with celiac disease he watched out for me more, surprising me with yummy goodies that wouldn’t make me sick 🙂

  11. kathy Says:

    My new Grandson he is so wonderful.

  12. Kirsten Antony Says:

    Spending time out in nature with a cup of tea and a delicious GF treat and reflecting on the blessings in
    my life brings me to the moon and inspires me of what is possible. The Mexican Wedding cookie is a flavor
    I look forward to trying.

  13. Jessica Says:

    Seeing my boyfriend of three years when he comes to visit me (we’re currently dating long-distance after graduating from college) bring me to the moon and back again! <3

  14. Lisa V Says:

    I have to say, each and every day it seems that new products are either converting to gluten-free or being developed as gluten-free and this is just heavenly! Going without SUCKS, so it’s cool to be able to have things you miss after having to give them up! I must say, just being able to eat Rice Chex cerreal a couple of years ago was a delight.. today there’s sooooo much more and it definitely takes me to heaven and back each day!

  15. Lisa Says:

    I love when I discover a new gluten free treat … it’s always fun to find something new to enjoy!

  16. ToCo Says:

    The Mexican Wedding Cookis sounds fabulous!! Discovering new foods like this that are gluten free is what send me to the moon and back! LOL And walks with the hubby and pups…LOVE THAT!! 😀

  17. Beth Says:

    It’s so hard to find one thing that “brings me to the moon and back”… I always use the phrase “I love you to the moon and back!” and with my boyfriend and I almost love ice cream just as much as him. So ice cream and quality time with my boyfriend definitely take me to the moon and back. Combined, it’s a perfect moment!

    The Mexican Wedding Cookie and Chocolate Crinkle sound amazing!

  18. Amy Avery Says:

    Waking up in my darling’s arms followed by coffee served in bed takes me to the moon and back.

  19. jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless Says:

    these sound amazing!

    what brings me to the moon and back are letters from the ones i love, and dancing!

  20. Camron Says:

    I planted some new azalea’s in my yard today and it makes me so happy to know that they will be blooming beautiful flowers in my yard for years to come. Beautiful spring flowers bring me to the moon and back! Also, the mexican wedding cookies sound fabulous especially since I used to bake them with my sister and now we can’t enjoy them together since I am GF.

  21. Eileen Says:

    Finding new gf products sends me over the moon. The Chocolate Crinkle Cookies sound good to me.

  22. CathyS Says:

    Getting on our motorcycle with my husband and getting lost on the back roads – just us and the beauty of Spring! To the moon and back – life is good! I wish I could find these cookies by me- the Mexican Weddig Cookie sounds devine!

  23. Kate W. Says:

    Because I live in a small town, gluten free options are few and far between, so what bring me to the moon and back is finding a gluten free recipe and making it for the first time. This is regardless of how it turns out.

    The Mexican Wedding Cookie sounds absolutely amazing. Nom nom nom.

  24. phyllis Says:

    A long walk in a quiet area where I can enjoy nature and talk to the Creator.The moondance browines are wonderful I`d like to try the cookies.

  25. Erin Small Says:

    Growing something really great, then preparing excellent meals with it! This brings me to the moon and back and I hope these cookies do too!!


  26. Mary J Hetrick Says:

    One thing that brings me to the moon and back is when my preschool son’s class PREFERS the gluten free goodies he brings for his snack day! The boy loves chocolate so I cannot wait to try these.

  27. Hillary-Heidi Berndt Says:

    I will have to say its my boyfriend that brings me to the moon and back. He does it in many ways, but I am truly touched when he wants to cook dinner and he wants to try a new recipe. He brings me the recipe and has me check it. Then he has me come along when he buys the ingrediants just to be on the safe side. I am so proud of how he handles my dietary needs.

  28. Om Bruneau Says:

    My wonderful wife, my camp in the woods of Maine, and great gluten free food.

  29. Beth Says:

    When my five year old tells me that he loves me the best and wants to marry me when he grows up, that brings me to the moon and back……so sweet, especially after I’ve had a not so good day. These all sound delicious to my gf belly!

  30. Cindy J Says:

    I love finding new gluten free products that taste yummy and moist and not like cardboard!
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars sound heavenly!

  31. Marsha Iddings Says:

    What brings me to the moon and back? My daily cup of green tea and gluten free dairy free chocolate!

  32. sarah Says:

    I L-O-V-E and am over the moon for anything to do with KIND Bars in the Blueberry+Pecan. IT IS DIVIIINEEE!!!

  33. Staci K Says:

    The gluten-free concession stand at Qwest Field in Seattle, WA brings me to the moon and back! I never thought I would be able to enjoy food at a Sounders game again until I found out about this stand!

  34. Liza767 Says:

    when my kids let me sleep in on weekends ohhhhhhhhh heaven

  35. Ellen Says:

    Finding out yesterday that I need to live gluten free has brought me to the moon. I am a cookie lover and this sounds like a great cookie!! Can’t wait to try it and other products that I knew nothing about yesterday! Will see you at at the moon!!!!!! :~)

  36. Lori Niver Says:

    What brings me to the moon and back is my family and friends. Their never ending support is wonderful. I had more than one friend at work today send me an email and show me on line a new recipe or public event planned for gluten free awareness. Their love and support means the world to me. I feel so lucky!

  37. Terri Peters Says:

    A good gluten free cookie is heavenly.

  38. Kathy Hardison Says:

    I’m over the moon when I am spending time with any of my 7 grands…my first grandchild calls my gluten free desserts “no belly hurting” cookies, etc. I love it! Would love any of these desserts, they sound great.

  39. Heather Simmons Says:

    My husband and six children bring me to the moon and back. No matter how crazy it gets it is always so worth it.

  40. Michele Says:

    When I finally get a day off once a month and I sleep from 2am to 7pm

  41. Chris Says:

    Finding truly good gluten free treats is hard so can’t wait to taste these. I would love a good brownie or a “moonpie.”

  42. Janet W Says:

    My happiest times are when I really find a good bargain – it’s the thrill of the hunt for me! Finding new gluten-free products that TASTE GOOD ranks right up there, though! The chocolate crinkle cookie sounds delicious to me!

  43. Kathi Says:

    I love that major brands are started to cater to the gluten free community!

  44. Andrea Says:

    The feeling that I get knowing that God loves me so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross for my sin “brings me to the moon and back”

  45. jessica Says:


  46. Laurie Says:

    An absolutely amazing white chocolate-raspberry-almond bar or warm cinnamon roll made fresh from our local gluten-free bakery. Talk about heavenly!

  47. Christine S. Says:

    I like the idea of the Mexican Wedding Cookies. That was my absolute favorite before going gluten-free.
    My magic is spending the day with one of my grandsons, no matter what we do.

  48. cb Says:

    Finding new vegetables! Roaming ethnic markets looking for vegetables I’ve never seen in the big supermarkets. Then getting my SO to try them.

  49. jack Says:

    Trying to eat a more healthy diet..enjoy a big spinach salad with lots of toppings and a chocolate moondance dessert.

  50. Joan R. Says:

    please, please let me win so I can transported to the moon after eating these cookies!!!

  51. Joan R. Says:

    I would love to taste these cookies. Ihave never heard of them, but, would love to try them—they sound delicious1

  52. Shandi Says:

    Finding “normal” foods that are gluten free. A lot of gluten free products don’t taste like the real deal. I’m still looking for good donuts, french rolls and pop tarts…oh how I want a pop tart! – I should mention I’m pregnant haha. These cookies sound awesome and a great addition to the “normal” list!

  53. Daniel Yeakle Says:

    (WOW!) Thank you very much! I won the beanitos from the win it Wednesday drawing. I find the taste extremely satisfying. They stay crunchy and are great crumbled in taco salads. In my opinion, the chipotle bbq are the best!! The bag says to only eat 10 for a serving but found it very hard to stay out of them, that is how good they are!! I would like to thank the Bean Brand Foods in Austin Texas for the gift box. I would highly reconmend these to everyone!!!
    Yours truly,
    Dan Yeakle 🙂

  54. Kelly Morehouse Says:

    It is so difficult to chose since I love most baked goods. A warm cinnamon roll, chocalate crinkle cookies or a chocalate chip cookie bar all sound wonderful. To know I can still enjoy these treats while on a gluten free diet adds to my heaven on earth experiences. Jesus’ love and deatg for us is the most fantastic gift. However having grandchilden has got to be one of life’s rewards for aging. I have so much fun with them and the time flies by so fast when we are together. When my 2 yr. old granddaughter runs into my home to find me, (which is full of people) then grabs me around the legs and with a big smile says, “hi, Memaw.” When she leaves at night after the hugs, kisses, I love you’s etc. she looks me directly in the eye and says, ( I love you very much.”), my heart melts.

  55. Cassie Says:

    The thing that brings me to the moon and back is living with grandma, a 93 year old, who is the best chef. She doesn’t have celiac or gluten intolerance but creates a part of every meal she makes as gluten free for me! She is also now trying to eat gluten free since her doctor has told her it might be good for her system. Grandma is the absolute best. 🙂

  56. Jennifer C Says:

    Seeing my daughter’s delight when I find or make a new gluten-free item that she loves.

  57. Cee Says:

    I am very happy that my local grocery store has now developed a specifically gluten-free section. I still reflexively look at labels, but it’s nice to have many things consolidated!

  58. Chelsie J Says:

    Hearing my son laugh…it makes my day! But in the food category, it would have to be chocolate chip cookies!!

  59. Cara Says:

    Always finding new gf products is amazing, but I must say finding a gluten free restaurant and being able to order and share dessert with those I love. 🙂

  60. Priscilla Says:

    I find my loving family and friends, the positive people, our simple living as well as our pure plant-based diet pure heaven. I am a strict GF vegan. However, my husband and two daughters are not. They are GF vegetarians. All four of us have Celiac DIsease.
    Raising two preschoolers who have Celiac Disease can be difficult at times especially when so much in our society contains gluten that when I find a new gluten-free product, I become overjoyed!
    Much Love! Priscilla

  61. Nia Holmes Says:

    To the moon and back is a quiet moment with a book while enjoying a gluten free dessert. This is a true treat that I rarely enjoy. I work often and I am budget conscience with both my time and the food that I consume for a life worth living. Salud.

  62. Theresa Watson Says:

    Fellowshipping with my Christian brothers and sisters always brings me to heaven.

    Abundant blessings to you all for a Glorious Resurrection Sunday.

  63. Meghan Says:

    Roadtrips with my mom and sister are my favorite – although packing food for me is a pain because I have to pack so much just to be safe, since we never know exactly what we’ll find. Those chocolate chip cookie bars sound heavenly and would be perfect on our upcoming summer outings!

  64. sela Says:

    What brings me to the moon and back is finding a local gluten-free bakery or more resturants that offers gluton-free menus. This will be ideal so I can enjoy a good time with friends and not have to cancel on dinner requests just because its incovient for me.

  65. Tam Says:

    Finding a gluten free restaurant that I can trust and not having to worry about what I will eat.

  66. Sherry Says:

    What takes me to the moon and back is knowing , no matter what is going on in my life the Lord will handle it . “He is not there when you want him but he always on time” I would like Chocolate chip cookie bar at the end of the day with nuts added in.

  67. Susan Says:

    having the grandkids over for a few days and first thing n the morning they hope into bed and cuddle makes me all warm inside. I would love to try Mexican Wedding Cookies. Have a Happy Easter..there is a reason for the season..

  68. katheryn Says:

    The look on my son’s face when he is told “Yes, you CAN have that!” Wow, I really took food for granted before going GF! I’m so grateful to God for all the amazing foods HE created and the chance to try them with my family, it sets my heart to soaring!

  69. phyllis Says:

    A quiet day of simple pleasures. Like taking a walk and smelling flowers.

  70. cb Says:

    When my guy comes home with a new GF product that he found for me. Wish Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars were sold in my area. Have not found a really good GF cookie out here yet.

  71. Meredith Says:

    The smile on my baby’s face when she first sees me in the morning. The chocolate crinkle cookie sounds yummy to me.

  72. Trudy Says:

    Finding GF foods that my 3-year-old son can enjoy with me is what sends me to the moon, and the fact that he is willing to eat that way so he can share food with his allergic Mama! I am blessed. We can’t wait to try some of Moondance’s cheesecakes – I thought great cheesecake was relegated to the wishful thinking category. I’m glad we have so many yummy choices!

  73. Elise Says:

    What takes me to the moon is riding with my husband through 8 hours of torrential rain to retrieve our sick teenager from a school trip in New York City. Visibility was almost zero, we continued through flooded sections of the New Jersey Turnpike. What takes me to the moon is hearing my teenage daughter call her dad her “Hero” and it being true.

  74. Kym Says:

    What sends me to the moon and back is my 4 year old son (on a gf diet rescently diagnosed autistic) eyes lighting up and a smile from ear to ear being able to eat yummy gf foods. Thank you to all of you that offer your insite and websites to us. I would be lost in this new beginning without you guys. The chocolate chip cookie bars he would go crazy over. A quote from tori …”mom I”m a big chocolate” translation…” I love chocolate!” lol

  75. Cyntia Clouser Says:

    What has brought me to heaven is my whole family wants to eat healthy. They love gluten free foods as well as healthy snacks. They very seldom crave any”sugary snacks” or “junk food” they even do not miss soda pop.

  76. Erin Small Says:

    Waking up next to my sweetie, sends me to the moon and back. And then having a yummy day filled with good gluten free food that we can eat together.

  77. cindy Says:

    Finding a new gluten free food that actually tastes good.

  78. Susan Says:

    Anytime that I can find a new treat for my celiac child, my 14 year old gluten intolerant child, and my gluten intolerant husband sends me to the moon and back. I love when the treat tastes great and offers different flavors. Eating this treat with them and a cup of coffee send me over the top. WE would love to try Moondance’s products.

  79. Lisa V Says:

    Being alive! Is there anything better?

  80. Becky Says:

    The walnut brownies sound delicious to me! Finding new gluten free foods that are good and don’t taste gluten free send me to the moon and back.

  81. krissy Says:

    I would haveto agree with Kathleen when a new gluten free product is introduced and I can buy it locally. What mostly brings me to the moon is the smiling faces of my 2 precious little girls who also have celiac. Spending time with them and my husband.

  82. Alisha Says:

    Finding GF foods and being able to make a GF dish that my whole family enjoys sends me to the moon!
    I would love to try Moondance’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars 🙂

  83. Carol Asher Says:

    My grandchildren are so heavenly they bring me to the moon (and their parents also)!
    The cheesecakes sound really good, a favorite in our home since my children (grown adults now) were in school and would request a cheesecake for their birthday.
    But for me the Mexican Wedding Cake cookies sound really yummy! However, my daughter and her youngest son (7 yr old) are also Celiacs and don’t care for nuts in baked goods so they would probably choose another.
    My granddaughter (6 yr old but not Celiac) would choose the chocolate crinkle cookies. I recently made some that are gluten free (and I am not a great baker!) and she just raved about them!

  84. Connie D, Phoenix, AZ Says:

    I have tried these yummy looking bars. I haven’t even heard of them, but I keep trying new stuff every time I see it. Being Gluten sensitive most of my adult life has been tough. When I was in my 30’s I didn’t have many choices of GF foods. Corn became my friend. So the more now! Cool!

  85. Carol Asher Says:

    Forgot to mention. When companies, or distributors, of gluten free foods send samples, we share with our local celiac support group, of which I am leader. That would send us to the moon!

  86. Janet LaRue Says:

    I must say that my family and friends in my life right now are “Heavenly” in my life-they are what make me get up everyday and put a smile on my face!

  87. sylvie Says:

    Chocolate, a cup of Jo, and some good music take me to the moon.

  88. Angela R Says:

    I’ve recently decided to go gluten free for myself and my young children (3/5 years old). Im feeling overwhelmed by the diet restrictions. These cookies will send my kids over the moon! they love cookies and so do I. I’ve been worried about cookie choices and how tasty they’d be.

  89. Terri Peters Says:

    What is great is the generosity of the companies that donate their product to be given away. Thank you very much!!!

  90. Cara Says:

    For the second entry that makes me go to heaven and back are the unexpected moments of being filled with love and peace.

  91. TONIA Says:

    Spending time and sharing my treats with my beautiful daughter are heavenly. She takes me to the moon and back with her love of life and our love for each other. She is the best thing to come into my life since GF food!!

  92. Laurie Says:

    What is truly heavenly in my life is those people whom I cannot live without: my friends and my family. They mean the world (and heaven!) to me. I would love to be able to share the chocolate chip cookie bars with them!

  93. Jessica Says:

    One thing that brings me to the moon and back is holding my new nephew Xander! Newborn babies are one of life’s awesome miracles. Especially when they are related to you. :]

  94. Lori Niver Says:

    Seeing my daughters happy and healthy and gluten free.

  95. gris Says:

    my son’s sweet smile and my husband’s embrace..mmmh… and about the cookies I’ll give a try to the Mexican Wedding Cookies … is on my blood to go for it. Besides can not go wrong with cookies.

  96. Ashley P. Says:

    Every time I go to whole foods to stock up they always have more and more Gluten free goodies, that sends me to the moon and back. Being gf is hard but when yummy substitutions are made it makes me super happy 🙂 the chocolate chip cookie bar sounds like heaven to me I’m dying to try ’em!!

  97. patricia Says:

    Being altogether as a family is so wonderful With everyone living in different directions, it doesn’t happen very often

  98. Marcie Says:

    Working the Celiac Sprue Association table at our area Gluten-Free Expo sends me to the moon and back. Talking, sharing, educating and listening to well over 300 people who must eliminate gluten from their diet is very rewarding to say the least. Mexican wedding cakes are a fond memory.

  99. Jenny Says:

    Hugs from my best friend/boyfriend especially after a long day. And of course new and tasty gf products.

  100. Cassie Says:

    A thing bringing me to the moon and back in my mind is what I am celebrating today. It is what will bring me to heaven too! That is Jesus Christ giving his life on the cross for our sins and resurecting three days later to show he was the one.

  101. Patricia Devlin Says:

    Hello I would like to win this contest

  102. Chelsie J Says:

    Hearing my son laugh!

  103. Jennifer Blanchard Says:

    What brings me to the moon and back? My autistic son. His hard work, his perspective on things, the love he gives. Complete bliss.

    What flavor? Chewy Fudge. Why? Chocoate. Duh!

  104. Debi Says:

    My grand children, children and my wonderful husband all give me good reasons to smile. Cookies are always a good way to put a smile on anyone. 😉

  105. Chris Says:

    If we’re talking food it’s always fresh fruit of any kind and chocolate of course. If we’re talking in general it’s a baby laughing but I can’t resist a beautiful orchid or a giant sunflower. I guess I’m easy to please.

  106. Tam Says:

    Anything I can enjoy eating without me having to make it!

  107. Denise C. Says:

    Finding a restaurant that serves gluten free meals and is reliable brings me to the moon and back. The chocolate crinkles sound wonderful!

  108. cb Says:

    Finding something tasty, gluten-free and low sodium! Wonder if the blondies are low salt?

  109. Crissy B Says:

    Any good food can bring me to the moon, knowing it’s healthy and good for me keeps me there longer and invites me back again. I love discovering new gluten free food, especially when it’s tasty!

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