Friday Favorite: Sol Cuisine

This week’s Friday Favorite goes to a company that makes some of my favorite vegetarian AND gluten free products… Sol Cuisine.

I’ve had many BeFreeForMe members ask me what ‘veggie burgers’ and other meatless (aka: soy based) burgers, sausage, etc. are gluten-free AND vegetarian. For those of you that have been searching for such products, you know that they can be very hard to come by.

Well, I have fantastic news! All of you vegetarian and gluten-free friends (and even those of you looking to go “meatless” every so often) your search is over! Some of the products made by Sol Cuisine are exactly what you are looking for.

My favorite products are the Spicy Black Bean Burger (SO delicious, packed with protein and ONLY 90 CALORIES!) and the Organic Veggie Crumbles (So easy & perfect for recipes or with gluten-free sauce served over pasta).

These products are really fantastic tasting. I even had some of my meat-loving family members try them unknowingly and they loved (asked for seconds-love) the “meat sauce” and had no idea… Obviously, not until now – when they read this blog! 😉

I love the fact that the Sol Cuisine products are also easy to find in local grocers. (Want to find a store need you? Check out this link).

Congratulations Sol Cuisine for making such  unbelievably great tasting and easily available vegetarian AND gluten-free products… and for also being selected as this week’s Friday Favorite on!

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2 Responses to “Friday Favorite: Sol Cuisine”

  1. Jess Abramson Says:

    Thanks for the Friday Favorite love! The Spicy Black Bean Burger is the most popular burger we sell in the US – good choice! Jess & The Sol Cuisine Team

  2. Caroline Leithiser Says:

    Can’t find this in my area. As a vegetarian who must be gluten free I would love to find them How do we get them in our local stores? Can they be ordered on line? I live in Lititz PA in Lancaster county, PA

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