WIN-It-Wednesday: Newman’s Own Salsa (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free & More!)

I love my nachos. My friends come over, any time of year, any time of day (well, almost!) and we make up our nachos. We love our smothered with all the good stuff…. melted Cheese (or a good non-dairy substitute), sliced black olives, jalapeno slices, black beans, guacamole and of course… Salsa. And our favorite salsa? Newman’s Own.

An although Newman’s Own Salsa comes in a variety of flavors – including the basic Mild, Medium and Hot, our favorites are the more off-beat salsa varieties, including Tequila Lime, Black Bean & Corn, Roasted Garlic, Mango, Peach and our all-time favorite Pineapple.

And the best part about these salsas is that they are SO GOOD paired with other foods – as a topping, a marinade and as a dip. An example is using the all-time favorite Pineapple Salsa spooned over a nice char-grilled piece of swordfish topped with a sprinkle of chopped cilantro, or the Peach Salsa mixed well with a teaspoon or so of apple cider vinegar and used as a marinade for boneless chicken breasts. And a must try is the Black Bean and Corn Salsa over a Western Omelet… out of this world!

These delicious salsas are also gluten-free, dairy free, egg free, peanut / tree nut free, fish / shell fish free and soy bean free. Plus, you can add MSG and sulfite free to the list as well. Check out all of the allergen info on these Newman’s Own Salsa here.

The next two week’s WIN-It-Wednesday prizes on BeFreeForMe are variety packs of three (3) Newman’s Own Salsas! There will be FOUR (Yes… 4!) winners total… 2 each week. Two (2) winners will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST, and two (2) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, December 21 and Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter to win two times!

How can you win?

This week we’re gong to make it easy on you (being the Holiday’s and all)…. Just reply to this blog and tell us what flavor of the Newman’s Own Salsa sounds the best to you. How easy is that!

Good luck, remember to keep the spice in your salsa of life… and as always.
Be Free!

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73 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Newman’s Own Salsa (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free & More!)”

  1. Lori Niver Says:

    I love the Peach Salsa!!!!

  2. Francine Says:

    I always buy Newman’s but I’ve never tried the pineapple– sounds good!!

  3. Erin Small Says:

    Roasted garlic.

  4. Cara Says:

    I think the Peach or the Pineapple sounds amazing! YUM! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Chris Boehnlein Says:

    I just love the regular mild. My absolute favorite salsa!

  6. Wendy Says:

    The tequila lime sounds delicious!

  7. Melissa Says:

    the garlic sounds fabulous!

  8. Katheryn Says:

    Roasted Garlic, Yummo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Martha Russell Says:

    I like the Newman’s Own salsas so much that at one time we ordered directly from the distributor in upstate NY to get the ones we wanted. The peach is one of my favorites but would enjoy any of them!

  10. Tina Yaskell Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pineapple salsa!!! P.S. the Peach is great also!

  11. Christine Says:

    Gotta pick Roasted Garlic for chips but the Mango and Peach seem like they’d be awesome on fish.

  12. Debi Says:

    I have tried the garlic but not the other flavors but they sound wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to try them.

  13. Margoka Says:

    I would like to try mango peach flavor.

  14. Danielle Bateman Says:

    The corn and black bean flavor sounds REALLY yummy!

  15. ToCo Says:

    Roasted garlic! Mmmmmmm…..

  16. Mary Cowin Says:

    With the raves about peach, I would like to try it.

  17. Mary Says:

    I like the Black Bean and Corn

  18. julie Says:

    mango peach yum!

  19. Michelle Says:

    Tequila lime sounds delicious!!

  20. Anna Lee Says:

    The mango flavor sounds great!

  21. robin Says:

    We usually get a mild form then the hubby spices his own up to hot!

  22. Robin Darling Says:

    I love Mild, its perfect for mixing in with rice for dinner and for an easy snack in the afternoon!!! Nice bold flavor!!

  23. Linda Williams Says:

    I buy the Newman’s Own Mild Salsa all the time. Nachos are my hurry up dinner when I come in from work and have to be somewhere else quickly. It’s a complete food group meal for me.

    I haven’t seen the Peach or Pineapple but would LOVE to try them especially the Peach! Thanks and enjoy the day!

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    I would love to try the Mango salsa but I really like the black bean and corn. Great salsa!!!!

  25. patricia Says:

    Pineapple salsa for sure but would like to try the peach also.

  26. Dana Ward Says:

    Tequila Lime sounds very delicious!

  27. Charlene Says:

    I love the roasted garlic salsa!

  28. Andy Says:

    Mango! Mango!! MANGO!!!

  29. cb Says:

    Always anything with mango !

  30. Katie Says:

    Black bean and corn sounds nice and hearty to me. I also must say that Paul Newman is one of my favorite actors — I’ve probably watched “Cool Hand Luke” 25 times, among other movies of his. 🙂 Love his products!

  31. Rhonda Poluck Says:

    Definately the roasted garlic!

  32. cindy Says:

    The pineapple salsa sounds wonderful.

  33. jill c Says:

    I can only eat the mild sauce because of stomach issues.

  34. TXEdie Says:

    Tequila Lime sounds just right for Texas!

  35. Rachel H Says:

    Have loved the black bean & corn and Peach varieties, but MUST TRY the pineapple and the mango!

  36. Christina Says:

    I have tried all of the salsa avaliable at my local grocery store and love them all so much it is they only brand I buy. I think my top three favorites are garlic, black bean and corn and the peach.

  37. robin Says:

    Tequila lime would be great for the holidays!!!

  38. Chris Says:

    I like Bean and Corn, makes me hungry just thinking about it.

  39. nancy smith Says:

    Ummmmmm~~~roasted garlic sounds really tasty to me!!!

  40. Lisa Says:

    Mango sounds sooooo delicious right now on this cold and snowy day in New Mexico!

  41. faith m. Says:


  42. Tomi Says:

    I like all of the flavors that I’ve tried and have tried most. They are great on eggs, as well as all the other meats. I just pour a bit on whatever I’m fixing, wrap in foil, put it in the oven and wait for the goodness!

  43. Mary Cowin Says:

    My favorite is medium chunky. I’d like to taste the peach one.

  44. Venessa Says:

    I would love to try the pineapple flavor. Yum!! 🙂

  45. Angie W Says:

    Black bean and corn sounds awesome!

  46. Eileen Sanders Says:

    I would like to try the Mango Peach.

  47. Karen Says:

    Garlic flavor sounds delicious!

  48. Lori Niver Says:

    I would like to taste the pineapple salsa.

  49. Cara Says:

    This is my second entry and I have been thinking about the tequila lime and fajitas!

  50. Karen Says:

    Roasted garlic sounds yummy!

  51. Jodie M Says:

    Tequila Lime! How much more authentic Mexican can you get? Yummy!

  52. julie Says:

    I would like the black bean and corn. I haven’t tried that one!

  53. patricia Says:

    Pineapple is at the top of the list followed closely by the peach and mango. Thanks

  54. cindy Says:

    The pineapple sounds delish!

  55. Kathryn Holland Says:

    I would say my favorite; If I must choose; would be the garlic. But bring on the pineapple and mango
    as they are all delicious!!!!

  56. Katheryn Says:

    Second try for roasted garlic, yay!

  57. Katie Says:

    The regular mild sounds good to me today….it’s a good bet for family parties.

  58. Starfish Says:

    I’m thinking pineapple over some cream cheese…yum.

  59. Lisa Says:

    The roasted garlic sounds wonderful!

  60. Venessa Says:

    2nd entry 🙂

  61. Jane Says:

    Merry Merry Christmas my tast buds are dancing around to all these fabulous Newman salsa flavors – must I just pick one! My taste buds dance happily to the savory and sweet which sing MANGO so yummy so sweet. The everyday must is the BLACK BEAN and CORN which goes with everything to make it especially good. Cheers!

  62. Margoka Says:

    I would like to try the pineapple salsa.

  63. ToCo Says:

    STILL Roasted Garlic! 😀

  64. Roxanne Says:

    The black bean and corn sounds great!

  65. Denise C. Says:

    We are already fans of the basic medium salsa and black bean and corn. I would love to try the mango and tequila lime.

  66. Alex Says:

    Totally Love it!! I vote for Roasted Garlic too!!

  67. MRSA_Major Says:

    I’m traditional, but I like it spicy! HOT, baby!

  68. andy depeano Says:

    Yum!!! they all sound terrific, especially the roasted garlic, these great flavors would be awesome to try

  69. Vicki Says:

    Mmmm – Peach

  70. Lisa Says:

    Tequila Lime!

  71. Alisha Says:

    The Mango and Pineapple both sound delicious!!! 🙂

  72. jill c Says:

    anything with peaches is a go for me !! peach salsa

  73. Jennifer Says:

    Hard to pick! I’ve been eating the peach on tortilla chips for years and JUST went gluten-free, so was thrilled to learn I won’t have to give this up. I didn’t know there were so many other flavors though! I love salsa cooked in my breakfast eggs – scrambled, then put in a tortilla wrap (gluten-free, of course) with avocado, fresh baby spinach and cheese. MMMMMM! I’d think the black bean and corn might be good for that. And I’ve always love tequila-lime chicken, so maybe I’ll love that flavor salsa as a quick marinade? Only one way to know – try!

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