WIN-It-Wednesday: GLEE Gum!

NOTE: This contest has ended but the folks over at Glee Gum have offered BeFreeForMe members a Buy One – Get One FREE Coupon for the Glee gum! Click the link to get yours today!

Since the folks over at Glee Gum sent me a fantastic care-package, I have been happily chewing in gleeful bliss!

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday is the most fun prize we have had yet! I was so happy (or rather I should say…gleeful) when Glee Gum decided to participate in BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday.

Gum is just fun. And being happy knowing you can enjoy it without the worry of allergens and additives is even better.

Glee gum is full of flavor (They come in six varieties: Tangerine, Triple Berry, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Bubblegum and Spearmint) yet it is free of gluten, dairy, soy and nuts. It also has no preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners. 

And to make things interesting, Glee Gum is the only gum made the old fashioned way, with chicle, a unique gum base which helps preserve the rainforest, not the synthetic stuff most gums are made with these days. Even the boxes are “green” made from 100% biodegradable, recycled cardboard.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make you happy. Today a ¼” square piece of Bubblegum flavored Glee Gum put a smile on my face.

How Can You Win?

Reply to this blog and tell us what little thing made you happy today. How easy is that?!


What Will You Win?

We will randomly pick five (5) winners to win the following prize package: One Mini Glee Variety packs (21 delicious Mini Glee Gum packs in kid-friendly Tangerine, Triple Berry and Bubblegum flavors) PLUS 2 Buy-One-Get-One FREE coupons for the Glee Gum of your choice.  Deadline to enter is Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 12 midnight EST

Be Happy. Be Free… and Good Luck!

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54 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: GLEE Gum!”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Rice pudding 😀

  2. Deb Says:

    sitting in a puptent with my 8 and 10 year old eating lemon ice:)

  3. Joanne Says:

    Today I spent the day in the community with my husband helping people help themselves. That made me happy.

  4. Jackie Says:

    Watching my girls play with their grandma.

  5. Melissa Conrad Says:

    One particular thing that made me happy today was watching my dog hop like a bunny around the backyard. (He jumps like a rabbit when he runs) 🙂 & licking the brownie batter remnants from the bowl from my Namaste brownie mix after making brownies

  6. diane Says:

    taking my 4 yr. old grandson to the lookout tower above the 26th floor of city hall

  7. charity pratt Says:

    automatic coffee makers- so I can roll out of bed and head to my delicious coffee…..

  8. Tamela Cayward Says:

    It fills my heart to hear my children laugh!

  9. Robyn Says:

    Today I am happy becuase my son has been tolerating cow’s milk 5 days now after his desensitization at Children’s hospital last week. After 10 years of fearing everything milk, I finally took a breath today and felt a new beginning is coming for my son and ourfamily. I get goose bumps when I think he may actually eat a pizza or ice cream someday.

  10. Linda Says:

    watching a wild turkey family cross the road

  11. Maureen Says:

    My co-worker shared some of the flowers from her garden with me. They are so delicate and just so nice to look at.

  12. Debra Gowlland Says:

    Hugs from my kids!!

  13. Laura Says:

    When I walked back in the door from getting the kids on the bus and my cat was waiting on the back of the couch with a ‘wet nose headbut kiss’ for me.

  14. Michele Ambrogio Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful website. My daughter has been diagnosed wtih Celiac in December and you have been an extreme help to me. This gum sounds wonderful, I’m always looking for new productus for my daughter to try.

    THANK YOU!!!

  15. Ericka C. Says:

    Waking up next to my beau….he always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  16. Robin Walker Says:

    Seeing a huge smile on my daughter’s face as she runs into school for the day.

  17. brianb Says:

    Driving to & from Whistler, British Columbia, home of the 2010 winter olympic skiing.
    It was the most beautiful drive I have ever done, WOW.

  18. Marina Says:

    Playing tug-of-war with my pug first thing in the morning. He gets so excited about waking up to a new day- wish I could be like that in the morning. 🙂

  19. Francine Says:

    my daughter’s smile

  20. Kara S. Says:

    Lots of little things make me happy today- hearing my husband say “I love you” on his way out the door to work and putting 2 happy little boys on each of their school buses this morning put the smile on my face for the rest of the day (despite the fact that we woke up at 2 am this morning to find that our dishwasher didn’t shut off and flooded the house and the wet carpets I will be dealing with today!)

  21. Faith Pavkovich Says:

    Watching a pair of Bluebirds feeding their babies in my back yard makes me happy today.

  22. Michelle Says:

    Finding this website since my 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac’s yesterday

  23. Carol Asher Says:

    The sun came out today…my grandchildren will love it!

  24. Kelly Bean Says:

    What made me happy today was curling up with my big puppy dog on the couch! She’s such a good cuddler 🙂

  25. jessica sosinsky Says:

    would love to try tyhis!

  26. Suzanne Says:

    Lunch with Aunt Rosie.

  27. Lori Says:

    Eating my gluten free pizza from the Boynton in Worcester (along w/ a gluten free brownie!!!)

  28. Denise O Says:

    Having found this website to make my daughter’s living with Celiac a little easier!

  29. Joy Brown Says:

    Walking with my little day care girl who is 3. We saw a bird and I said I wish I could fly. She said excitedly – Yes! All we need is wings. She makes me happy.

  30. Cathy Selber Says:

    My grandson “graduated” from the 3 year old class to the 4’s and I was able to take time from work to go to the celebration and hear them sing!

  31. Paula Says:

    Being able to wake up from sleep to enjoy another day!

  32. Christine Says:

    Finding the GF Mozzarella stix recipe over at Hold the Gluten made me happy today…and possibly made me drool a little too! lol

  33. Christine Says:

    I was able to tweak a Cooking Light carrot cake recipe to make it gluten free…and it turned out great!!! Happy me!!

  34. Kaye Says:

    Was a work tonight (I’m a waitress) and I was explaining to one of my guest about Celiac Disease and told him how 1 in 133 people have this and he grabbed my hand to shake it and said, “CONGRATULATIONS” on being that one. I had to laugh! I never thought of it like that.

  35. Annette Says:

    Being able to travel 10hrs for a weekend to see my nephew graduate and returning home safely to find the house and family intact!!

  36. Kathi French Says:

    Babysitting my six week old grandaughter!

  37. Gillian Says:

    Happy to be spending time with my family now that I’m back in the states 🙂

  38. Christine S. Says:

    My grandsons running to me for a hug.

  39. Robin Says:

    Having no agenda and no place in particular to be today…ahhh!

  40. Sabrina Says:

    Finally got that break! Got a Job offer for a Job i have been crossing my fingers for!

  41. GG Says:

    My kitties always do something to make me laugh, even when they’re not trying.

  42. Monica Says:

    Singing and signing “May there always be sunshine” with the kids at school/work.

  43. kristina Herrick Says:

    The thing that makes me happy is spending time with my 2 beautiful girls!! Especially when they are dancing and singing.

  44. Michele P. Says:

    something that made me happy today? My new grandson turned a week old today and smiled at me!

  45. ba Says:

    My daughter has never had gum, as everything we have looked at has soy. She would love to win this! I would like to see her smile when she opens her first pack of gum. 🙂

  46. cecelia mangan Says:

    The thing that makes me happy is helping everyone. also me husband, my children, and most of all my beautiful grandchildren, with another one due at the end of July.

  47. Kristy G. Says:

    Watching my 2 children do karate – they’re so happy and proud!

  48. ~Leigh Says:

    Today, I was made happy by Honey Nut Chex. Delightfully easy to find and now gluten free. My 4 year old did the happy dance.

  49. Esther Says:

    a shirley temple!

  50. patrice Says:

    So many things make me happy everyday. Simple things that I often take for granted I try to remind myself are worth an extra smile a day. Specifically today though, some extra special things that made me happy were : finding this website and my goddaughter being christened today ….beautiful day all around!

  51. ann Says:

    finding out about this giveaway made me super happy! i love glee & it’s the only gum that i will chew. aside from that i just finished up my finals for school so now i can sleep a full 8 hours.. yay!

  52. Terrie Says:

    Heard news that new partially gluten free restaurant (separate GF kitchen) to open in our neighborhood.
    We can finally treat our Granddaughter to a meal out!!!??? Wishing them luck in there new business for sure.

  53. Heather Says:

    Finding Glee Gum! I went for a walk on my work break and went hunting for all natural gum, and hooray, there you were.

  54. Kathleen Reale Says:

    The winners have been picked for the GLEE Gum WIN-It-Wednesday giveaway! They are:

    Brian from Illinois
    Kaye from Indiana
    Esther from Massachusetts
    Kim from Virginia
    Carol A. from Wisconsin (Note: Carol I am still waiting for confirmation of your shipping address! We sent you an email – Please contact us!)

    However, if you want a COUPON to try the Glee gum click this link or the link at the beginning of the original blog post above!

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