WIN-It-Wednesday: Maria & Ricardo’s Gluten-Free Tortilla’s – 50 WINNERS!

Yes folks… you read it right! This WIN-It-Wednesday on BeFreeForMe is going to have 50 WINNERS! An all time record-breaking amount of prizes and chances to win!
The sponsor of this WIN-It-Wednesday is one of my all-time favorite companies too… Maria & Ricardo’s Gluten-Free Tortillas.

If you’re craving to make an authentic street vendor style Burrito that is bursting at the seams with grilled chicken, beef, guacamole, beans, rice and chipotle seasoning this gluten-free tortilla is for you!

Being from New England, I grew up on fish & chips from the corner restaurant for a quick and easy meal. I never had a burrito until I visited my older sister in San Francisco while she was attending college.  And this experience was one that I will never forget.

Burritos in San Francisco have a cult-like following. On every street corner in the Mission District, are tiny, family-owned burrito shops, called Taquerias, that make the best burritos in the world. Each burrito made is packed with love and good, fresh food.

These burritos are one of the things I miss the most since going gluten-free.

And since being gluten-free I have learned that you have to take eating Burritos, literally, into your own hands. And this, my fellow burrito loving amigos, is where Maria & Ricardo’s gluten-free tortillas come into play!

The Maria & Ricardo gluten-free tortillas are soft, pliable and perfect for making gluten-free burritos, soft tacos, or quesadillas at home. Also Dairy-Free, Vegan, Corn-Free, Kosher, and non-GMO –  these  tortillas are made with sorghum, potato and tapioca flours. These gluten-free rounds-of-joy are great for stuffing, wrapping and rolling – including your favorite sandwich fillings too… turkey, ham, steak & cheese.YUM!

But Maria & Ricardo’s wants to discover and learn more about what all of us gluten-free folks are craving when it comes to the world of tortillas and wraps in order to formulate and develop their next round of delicious gluten-free products. (How wonderful that a company actually wants to hear from us – and ask us exactly what we want!)

How can you WIN?

To enter this WIN-It-Wednesday series on and have a chance of winning one of the FIFTY (yes… 50!) FREE PRODUCT COUPONS (mailed directly to your home and redeemable for a package of Maria & Ricardo’s Gluten-Free Tortillas) click on the survey link (from Maria and Ricardo’s) below and answer a few short questions to let them know your wildest dreams when it comes to Gluten-Free Tortillas. All survey replies must be received by Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 11:59 PM – EST. Fifty (50) winners will be chosen from all of the entries received.

Remember to take the survey to enter to win and leave lots of comments and feedback too! The More FEEDBACK the better!

And if you fancy… leave a comment below on this blog and let us know the Mexican Food you are love the most… (Me? Quesadillas all the way!)

¡Buena suerte, Buena comida! (Good Luck, Good Food!)… and, as always…
Ser Libre! (Be Free!)

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24 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Maria & Ricardo’s Gluten-Free Tortilla’s – 50 WINNERS!”

  1. Deb Gowlland Says:

    I love burritos!

  2. Julie R Says:


  3. Debi Says:

    I miss going to the family owned Mexican restaurant I grew up with. I miss burritos, quesadillas, flour shelled tacos, sandwich wraps….my mouth is watering already. To find these would open so much other shells just break apart.

  4. Beth Says:

    fajitas! I miss them but maybe not for long if I can find these wonderful tortillas!

  5. Cathy Says:

    Shrimp tacos! But since going gluten free I eat my “sandwiches” everyday on corn tortillas. They are small (dieting) and easy to carry and use, and much less expensive than gluten free bread! Yum!

  6. Lisa Says:

    I love any Mexican foods!

  7. julie Says:

    I love tacos, thanks for the giveaway

  8. Cassandra Says:

    Great survey and Thank You for the giveaway.

  9. krissy Says:

    me and my girls love quesadillas!! I have made burritos as well with these and even my non GF husband said they were delilcous..

  10. Katheryn Says:

    yummy rounds of Joy!! count me in, I love all the fixings, black beans, cheese , lettuce , tomato,and guacamole.

  11. Mary Says:

    Fajitas! Soft Tacos. Breakfast burrito. Burrito with everything. Oh, Mexican food, how I love you! Tortillas are so versatile and I’d be so happy to have one that didn’t break upon bending around a beautiful filling of whatever I wanted in it! Bring it on!

  12. Francine Says:

    I so miss a flour tortilla that tastes good and doesn’t crack when you fold it.

  13. Alisha Says:

    Burritos and Tacos are amazingly delicious 🙂

  14. Theresa Says:

    My wildest dream about tortillas is finding one that is gluten free that still feels, tastes, and rolls a buritto like a normal flour tortilla. Thats big enough and flexible enough to hold a good amount of ingredients. Sadly I have never tried your tortilas, we don’t get them here in alaska so this is the first to hear of them, I am excited to see where and how I can get me a package.

  15. Meghan Says:

    Burritos! And I LOVE refried beans

  16. Cynthia Says:

    I’d love a tortilla that rolls easily, don’t fall apart when filling and tastes good. I’ve not heard of these, but I really want to try them. I have to make sure I can find where to purchase these. They sound delicious.

  17. Carol Asher Says:

    Our family (and we have 3 Celiacs) loves Taco night. But a close second is a recipe our daughter made up for gluten free Mexican Lasagna made with corn tortillas.
    Visiting here with Winter Texans in Mission, TX, another favorite is charro beans.

  18. Denise C Says:

    Quesadillas are a family favorite. I’ve tried making my own tortillas, but they cooked up like cardboard! Would love to try these!

  19. Debbie Says:

    enchilladas yummy quesadillas yeah

  20. Kara Says:

    My boys love burritos and wraps- anything in a tortilla!

  21. Debbie Says:

    I currently use corn tortillas in place of bread for fried eggs and “grilled” cheese sandwiches. Would love to try these tortillas

  22. Debbie Says:

    These would be great to have in the house.

  23. Karen Says:

    Tortillas, such handy little food utensils! Love to have some!

  24. Sue Edwards Says:

    Anything!!! I just love Tortillas!!!

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