WIN-It-Wednesday: Food Should Taste Good

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday is sponsored by a company that believes in good food – and their name reflects their commitment… Food Should Taste Good!

If you’re not yet familiar with the products that Food Should Taste Good offers you must check out their website and give their chips a try.

All of the fabulous chip flavors that Food Should Taste Good offers are packed with unique and sophisticated ingredients. The variety of flavors… from sweet, to spicy, to savory… makes snack time a fun time! These wholesome flavorful chips, made with all natural ingredients, capture the great flavors by cooking them INSIDE their chips. Ingenious!

And for all of you that are already lovers of the Food Should Taste Good brand, be on the look-out for their NEW PRODUCTS! Among them are a line-up of Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato Chips in awesome flavors like Barbeque, Salt & Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, and Original. As well as a new Kettle Corn Tortilla Chip. Yum! I can’t wait to give these all a try!

I love that Food Should Taste Good has unique and exciting flavors. They’re a chip company that thinks beyond the boring potato. Some of the more interesting chip flavors that Food Should Taste Good offers are: Olive (perfect with tapenades), Chocolate (smothered in apple sauce or cinnamon cream cheese), Lime (guacamole anyone?), The Works (the ultimate dipper… hummus? sour cream? the kitchen sink?) and, my favorite… Sweet Potato (eaten plain or crumbled on top of a fresh garden salad).

Besides the knock your socks off varieties, that pair well with all kinds of dips, spreads and tapenades, Food Should Taste Good is also certified gluten free, dairy/lactose free (all flavors – except for the cheddar!), cholesterol and trans fat free, MSG free and also made with non- genetically modified ingredients. Plus, all the chips are certified vegan (except for the cheddar).

Good taste, good variety, good for you, and just plain old good ingredients, are all the good reasons why I am so excited that Food Should Taste Good is this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday giveaway on Four (Yes 4!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members will win a Food Should Taste Good snack pack jam packed with a dozen Food Should Taste Good snack sized Sweet Potato chips … my all-time favorite. Two (2) winners will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 11:59 AM and two (2) more winners will be randomly selected from all entries between Wednesday, April 25, 2012 and Tuesday, May 1, 2012. So make sure you enter two times to win!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us your favorite Food Should Taste Good variety or the flavor you would like to try most.

Good luck, Be good…. And as always,
Be Free!

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103 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Food Should Taste Good”

  1. Kim Says:

    Would love to try the new kettle cooked sweet potato! Have had the regular and
    they are fantastic!! Can’t get enough and there is only one store where I live that
    carries the line. Hope I win!!!!!!

  2. cindy w. Says:

    I would like to try “The Works”. Sounds delicious.

  3. Donna Says:

    We have only tried the sweet potato so far. I would love to try the salt and vinegar as well as the lime chips when they become available!

  4. Katie Says:

    Sweet potato would taste great on their own….no dip required! 🙂

  5. Deb Gowlland Says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying these yet-would love to! I think I would go for the Sweet Potato! 🙂

  6. Melisa Says:

    I’ve never had these and they all sound good but I’d love to try the Cantina flavor. I haven’t had a tortilla chip since I had to go gluten free.

  7. Linda Williams Says:

    My favorite so far is the Olive. I really want to try the sweet potato so I hope I win! Thanks.

  8. Sue Edwards Says:

    Anything Sweet Potato has got to be good! But the Chocolate one….MMMMMMM!!!!!

  9. sherry Freeman Says:

    I would like to try a jalapeno, cajan spice chip.

  10. Beth Says:

    I love sweet potatos. They are so good for you. All the vitimins in them. This sounds great. Can’t wait to try them. What a great snack or would be good with a sandwich.

  11. Lisa Says:

    I would love to try the barbeque!

  12. Christine Says:

    Sweet potato sounds like the best to me. The chocolate sounds intriguing.

  13. Christina Says:

    Sweet potato chips are my favorite but I’d also like to try the salt and vinegar.

  14. Nancy Cote Says:

    YUM! The sweet potato chips look scrumptious!!! I can’t wait to try them!

  15. Karen Says:

    I’d like to try the chocolate.Yum!

  16. julie Says:

    I love the multigrain and the sweet potato chips

  17. Tomi Says:

    I love these chips because I can take them to non gluten free occasions and nobody turns up their noses and I have something to eat also! They are all so good (the ones I can find) I can’t pick a favorite. I’ve never had the chocolate, I would really like to try these. They are now on my shopping list!

  18. jill c Says:

    Those chocolate ones sound interesting !!

  19. Mary Cowin Says:

    My favorite is sweet potato chips, but chocolate is a close second!

  20. Christine Harrison Says:

    the sweet potato ones seem the best one day, other days the chocolate seems best- hard to tell- they’re both so good!!:) we are GFCF- thanks for all the yummy options!!:)

  21. Debi Says:

    My favorite Food Should Taste Good Chips are “the Works” also the “Multigrain” are delicious, I have also had the Olive and Cheddar. I have had the Sweet Potato chips, they didn’t taste as I imagined them but were good. The chocolate just seems odd for a chip/cracker so I have not had the nerve to try them. If you have not had any of these chips I suggest you do so they are so tasty! With a dip or all by themselves they are good.

  22. Lori Niver Says:

    I love the sweet potato chips. They are my favorite. I have never tried “The Works”. I would love to try that variety. Let the dipping begin!!!!

  23. Tammy Says:

    My favorite flavor is the sweet potato chips. They are delicious.

  24. Ann Says:

    Would love to try sour cream oe the kitchen sink

  25. Denise C Says:

    My absolute favorite Food Should Taste Good chip is the sweet potato flavor. Once I open that bag I can’t stop until they are gone. Shamefully, sometimes I don’t share 🙁

  26. Rhonda Says:

    Sweet potato chips are my favorite with the chocolate running a close “second”.

  27. Eileen Says:

    They all sound good, but would like to try Sweet Potato.

  28. Venessa Says:

    I love the sweet potato chips! I would like to try the chocolate flavor, that sounds tasty.

  29. Melissa Friend Says:

    I would love to try the chocolate. I had a recipe that used that flavor, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere near me!

  30. rachel v. Says:

    I would love to try “the works”…yummmmmm

  31. Ruth Says:

    I love tangy lime-flavored foods, so that’s the one we’d love to try.

  32. Angie S Says:

    I love the sweet potato, and I would love to try the chocolate!

  33. Julie Says:

    Love love love the sweet potato tortilla chips! Chocolate sounds even better and can’t wait to try it!

  34. mary Says:

    Sweet Potato

  35. patricia Says:

    would love to try CHOCOLATE!!

  36. Laura Says:

    My favorties are the sweet potato and the original multigrain. I like dipping them in hummus for a simple and delicious snack.

  37. Margaret Clegg Says:

    I LOVE the Olive chips, although there are many I have yet to try. I would like to try the chocolate ones, but no one around here (Flint, MI) carries them.

  38. Crystal Turner Says:

    I would love to try the chocolate ones for a different type of snack chip! But they all sound great!.

  39. Lin Says:

    i love the cheddar ones!

  40. Ann Marie Roberts Says:

    I love the Multigrain Chips the best, but the Sweet Potato are awesome too!

  41. Catherine Says:

    We love these chips at our house. For probably a good 2 years we ate the sweet potato ones non-stop, but my kids wanted to try the cheddar ones and now they love those. I do want to try the chocolate : )

  42. Linda Says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite – I like the olive, lime and sweet potato the best

  43. Tiffany (As For My House) Says:

    I have never tried any of them, but the Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato sounds divine!

  44. Cyn Says:

    I haven’t heard of these until recently, so all the flavors intrigue me. But I must admit, The Works and cheddar sound really appealing right now.

  45. Amy Says:

    I love Salt and Vinegar, but I must try the Chocolate ones!

  46. Ashley Says:

    I would love to try the sweet potato flavor. It sounds totally yummy!

  47. shelley Says:

    i love the olive and sweet potato varieties – would love to try them all!!!

  48. Kristin Says:

    We LOVE the sweet potato chips and are happy they are gluten-free!

  49. Cathy Says:

    Sweet Potato please!

  50. Shari H Says:

    Lime is my favorite – just a little hint of flavor, perfect for dipping in quacamole or salsa!

  51. Staci Says:

    Love the Olive and Sweet Potato, would love to try the Barbeque

  52. Sharon Says:

    I have only tried the sweet potato and LOVE them!

  53. Mandy Griffith Says:

    I can’t have potatoes but I love their sweet potato chips!

  54. sue Says:

    i dont have a favorit yet but if i ever get to tast it im sure i will

  55. Sherfi Says:

    I have never try any flavour of that chips. I would like to try sweet potato and olive looks yum.. Chocolate flavor sounds yum as well.

  56. Linda W. Says:

    The sweet potato chips sound awesome!

  57. Diane Says:

    Would love to try most of them, but the cheddar sounds really good.

  58. Gina Says:

    love sweet potato and multigrain, but would love to try chocolate

  59. Jennifer C Says:

    I love the sweet potato chips. They are so good.

  60. Debbie Says:

    I love these chips. They are so good I have been known to eat a bag in a sitting

  61. Karol Says:

    My favorite is the Works, tastes like an everything bagel, so good. And I would really like to try the Blue Corn Dipping, they look great.

  62. Kim Says:

    My favorite is the Sweet Potato!! I have to really use self control not to eat the whole bag
    at once after opening!!!!

  63. Lynne Says:

    My family is new to Gluten Free and we are interested in trying all of the Food Should Taste Good products.

  64. Jennifer Says:

    The whole family LOVED the sweet potato chpis and we also liked the muli-grain. Haven’t seen any other flavors in the stores nearby but am looking forward to trying new ones. Jalepano sounds interesting!

  65. Yi-Jun Says:

    My 5 yrs old daughter asked for a bag of sweet potato chips as her special treat, not M&M or any other candies. She and my 3 yrs old son ate the whole bag without stopping. LOL I think they would love to try salt and vinegar, so will the rest of the family! We are always on the look out for new products. 🙂

  66. jan Says:

    I simply love, love, love the sweet potato chips. i too have a really hard time stopping once the bag is opened. i never knew about the chocolate flavor though…..that might give sweet potato a run for the money… thanks for your products!!

  67. Sue Says:

    I love both the Chocolate flavor and the Sweet Potato flavor. I can find great combinations for either of them. Appetizer and Dessert chips!

  68. Nicole Says:

    I love the sweet potato!

  69. ToCo Says:

    I’d love to try the Sweet Potato!

  70. Erin Lane Says:

    I would like to try the WORKS flavor. Sounds great. and I absolutely love chips. all chips. So I’m sure to love these.

  71. Linda Sidowski Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Cheddar flavor! The BEST around . . . and I can eat them “guilt-free!”

  72. Karol Says:

    I like the Works and Sweet Potato flavors the most. And I would like to try the Blue Dipping chips and the Toasted Sesame chops.

  73. Marcella Says:

    I have never heard of these before,but would be happy to try anyone or all of these foods!

  74. Kim Says:

    Love the sweet potato!!! Would like to try the “Works”. It sounds interesting!!

  75. cindy w. Says:

    The works sounds the best to me but the chocolate might be interesting to try.

  76. Katie Says:

    I would love to eat the sweet potato chips with my gluten-free daughters! 🙂

  77. Diane Says:

    Love the the chips, especially the Olive one

  78. Beth Says:

    They sound great. I love sweet potatos. I can’t wait to try the bbq and salt and vinigar.

  79. Christina Says:

    Mmm chocolate? Certainly worth a try!

  80. Christine S. Says:

    Sweet Potato crumbled on salad–hadn’t thought of that, but that sounds perfect. I enjoy a crunchy topping on salad and will give this a try (whether I win or not).

  81. jill c Says:

    Those kettle corn tortilla chips sound yummy

  82. Diane Says:

    Looking forward to trying all the flavors!

  83. Kate D Says:

    Sweet Potato! Yum!

  84. Venessa Says:

    2nd Entry 🙂

  85. Lori Niver Says:

    Sweet Potato Chips are my favorite.

  86. Mary Cowin Says:

    My all time favorite is the sweet potato chips. I bought a bag yesterday and ate the whole thing! Once the bag is opened, it is hard to resist!

  87. Christine Harrison Says:

    my favorite is the eating some sweet potato chips, followed by chocolate:)
    (for dessert)

  88. julie Says:

    I love the sweet potato!

  89. Erin Lane Says:

    I’m going with Lime this time. YUUUMM!

  90. Marilyn Says:

    I love the multigrain and sweet potato. Goes well with soup.

  91. Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez Says:

    I would love to try the Sweet Potato flavor and have never tried these great looking products. Please enter me in this fantastic contest and please send coupons too. Thank You, CECE

  92. Michelle Says:

    As delicious as the Sweet Potato are, I would LOVE to try “The Works” – best they are amazing!

  93. Nancy Cote Says:

    The sweet potato is YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. ToCo Says:

    Sweet! Second chances! So sweet potato it is!

  95. Mary Says:

    I’d go for the “lime” to eat with my Mexican food meal or a bag of sweet potato for an afternoon snack. So many choices, so little time!!!

  96. Deb Gowlland Says:

    The sweet potato sounds the best to me!

  97. Amber Says:

    I would really like to try the Chocolate… I love ANYTHING chocolate and those chips sound pretty interesting!! 🙂

  98. Tina Says:

    I just LOVE the sweet potato chips!!! The mulitgrain is good too and haven’t tried the lime but sounds interesting!

  99. Jen Says:

    I’d absolutely LOVE to try Chocolate!!! Chocolate anything is amazing, and chips would blow me out of the water, especially chips that are actually safe for me to eat!

  100. katherine d Says:

    I’m dying to try the lime!

  101. Denise C Says:

    The sweet potato chips are my absolute fave but the chocolate run a close second. Excellent product!!!

  102. Amy A Says:

    I already love thew sweet potato chips so I would love to try The Works. It’s hard to find good gluten free foods. I could dip them in hummus or eat them as is but I’ll have to hide them from the kids. They love the sweet potato chips too!

  103. teena Says:

    I would love to try these

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