Friday Favorites: Sauces n’ Love Pesto

My Friday favorite blog feature is all about sharing. But this week I’m really sharin’ the love.

Sauces n’ Love Pesto is amazing. I stumbled upon this little gem at my local BJ’s Warehouse Club store while shopping for staples and basics. Since that day this pesto has been on my standing-order of BJ’s stock-up supplies.

I hate to sound smug but the reason this pesto is one of my all-time favorites is because it is so darn close to my own handmade pesto. I make my pesto with garden fresh basil, which I painstakingly nurture, grow and water, combined with fresh garlic, pine nuts, fresh grated parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. Not surprisingly, these are the exact same natural, organic, vegetarian, and gluten, sugar and preservative free ingredients used in the Sauces n’ Love pesto.

I love making my pesto in the summer when my basil plant is the size of a small shrub (if I remember to water it) and ready to be harvested. But when time is at an all time premium, I count on my staple tub of love – Sauces n’ Love pesto.

And if you want to make things really easy, buy yourself a small basil plant and put it on your patio. Get some Sauces n’ Love Pesto, act like you made it yourself, and toss it up with your favorite gluten-free pasta. No one will ever tell the difference… and there’s no watering required.

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2 Responses to “Friday Favorites: Sauces n’ Love Pesto”

  1. tookie Says:

    I love anything with basil in it. I would like to try this as it is a pain to make it from scratch.

  2. gfe-gluten free easily Says:

    Pesto is wonderful. It can take a meal to the next level easily. Yours sounds extra special, but this one sounds terrific, also. Love the name. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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