Win-It-Wednesday: Go Picnic Gluten-Free Ready-To-Eat Meals

This week’s Win-It-Wednesday on BeFreeForMe is sponsored by a super convenient and super tasty meal solution while on the go… GoPicnic.

Just like the name implies these gluten-free meals are like a picnic on the go!

Most gluten-free folks know that when life gets a tad bit crazy, planning tasty and nutritional meals-on-the-go becomes no picnic. That is why I was so excited when I found GoPicnic, quick and easy meals on-the-go, as a healthy and nutritious snack or meal options.

I love these products. They don’t need any refrigeration, and there’s lots of varieties and options in every “meal kit”. My favorite for lunch is the gluten-free Tuna & Crackers. I love the lemon pepper tuna spread atop the Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers; for a side there’s the all-natural applesauce, followed up by a yummy fruit & nut mix and a dark chocolate square! Perfect for an airplane, road trip, or even for a between -meeting or after-school snack.

Other varieties include: Salmon & Crackers (gluten-free), Hummus & Crackers (gluten-free, vegan, kosher), Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese (gluten-free), Turkey Stick & Crunch (gluten-free), and the Sunbutter & Crackers (free of the 7 common allergens, gluten, and vegan).

Also… don’t think that the convenience of these meals-on-the-go will have you sacrificing taste.  These meals are packed with gourmet delectables that are made for adults (although kids love them too!). Each meal kit is packed with single servings of an assortment of foods that even epicurean foodies will enjoy. Yup, these meals offer gluten-free, vegan or food allergic folks a scrumptious quick and easy lunch or snack.

I always have a few Go Picnic meals kits on hand in my desk drawer, glove compartment, and laptop bag. Because you never know when you’ll need a quick & easy meal in a jiff.

A total of four (4) BeFreeForMe members will be selected to win a prize pack of two (2) GoPicnic meals. Two winners will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST, and two more winners will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, February 13 and Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 11:59 PM. SO – make sure you enter two times to win!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog post and tell us when you would need the GoPicnic meals the most (Me? I keep one stashed in my office drawer, for when I need a pick-me-up snack or fast lunch!)

Good Luck, remember that life is a picnic, and as always…
Be Free!


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Make sure you note in your comment on this blog post that you liked or followed them!


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71 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Go Picnic Gluten-Free Ready-To-Eat Meals”

  1. Peggy Says:

    For a quick meal when I am rushed or while traveling!

  2. Kim Says:

    I would need the GoPicnic meals most at work!! You never know when you are going to need a fast pick-me-up snack or to have something on hand for your lunch I would keep a couple in my desk drawer for just this kind of emergency!

  3. desirej75 Says:

    Love !!!! The products I have had the pleasure to try. 🙂 The hummus was delicious. I have tried to find their other products to try; they just are not avalible in my small town.

  4. Theresa Gates Says:

    Stashed in the car, in the backpack I keep with me for my son, for my daughter at school, also given in gift packs to newly diagnosed celiacs. I follow gopicnic on facebook and on twitter.

  5. Says:

    I need these for my wife. She is usually stuck eating the same lunch all the time. 🙁

  6. Martha Russell Says:

    I would love to win some of these go picnic gluten free meals. I have a hard time buying them where I live. I have been able to buy them in some airports when traveling. These can be a life saver in that situation as you can’t always depend on finding gluten free food in an airport.

  7. Susan Says:

    I would keep this stashed in my car so that if I needed a quick emergency picnic I could have one any time or any place. I would be a life savior to my hectic life!

  8. Deb Gowlland Says:

    I would use these on busy weekends when the kids have travelling basketball tourneys-definitely would make life easier! 🙂

  9. Caroline Says:

    I need the GoPicnic meals the most on my 12-hour days when I have to go from work to class and don’t always have a good snack to get me through the evening!

  10. Melissa Says:

    I would need them most for when I am in a pinch. I am always looking for gluten free options that are quick, easy, and portable.

  11. Susan M Says:

    My daughter loves the GoPicnic meals and they are a must have for her school lunch.

  12. Amanda Says:

    For field trips at school. We usually pack bento lunches, but on a field trip everything has to be disposable. These would be great for a gluten free field trip lunch for my son!

  13. Amanda Says:

    I liked GoPicnic on FB!

  14. Debi Says:

    Husbands lunch as he drives and it gets boring eating the same thing everyday. Also in the car and one in a backpack for emergency food on the go.

  15. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I need would use them at work and social gatherings, I hate it when a host or hostess feels bad if i can’t partake of goodies offered.

  16. tomi Says:

    I would need most when traveling, you know those little pretzel bags on the plane are so not gluten free!
    And liked on FB.

  17. Linda Williams Says:

    I love the sunbutter meal, I have one in my emergency kit. And ever since a flight to Seattle in June with nothing safe for me to eat from Delta, I will always travel with one in my carry on luggage! Thanks!

  18. Marilyn Says:

    These would be great when I travel to California to visit my baby granddaughter.

  19. Jeanie Says:

    My husband and me go bike riding on weekends. We usually end up at the park at some time before heading back to the house. It would be cool to set up a picnic with him with this prize pack.

  20. Christina Says:

    I would use these at work. Great idea! Can’t wait to try them!

  21. Margoka Says:

    I would take the GoPicnic lunch to work.

  22. Beth Miles Says:

    These sound great & perfect for our upcoming move from Ohio to Florida!Would be great while packing & on the trip down. I’m really trying to watch my gluten intake. The stress of moving will make it more difficult unless I have these handy!

  23. Katheryn Says:

    These would be great to grab and go fishing or picnic at the park with the homeschool group!

  24. Larc Bogdan Says:

    Would love those for my daughter for lunch for something different! Getting tired of lunch meat wrapped around a cheese stick.

  25. cindy w. Says:

    I keep a Go-Picnic in my car just in case my errands take longer than expected. There’s no more pulling in for fast food for me (which is a good thing).

  26. Nan Says:

    I would like to have them when I go to friends or families houses to eat and not know if there is something there I can eat.

  27. trenelle collins Says:

    This is something I would love to have and it’s healthy for u

  28. Amy Gray Says:

    Love it but can never find their products

  29. Forress Says:

    The GoPicnic meals would be great for me to take with me when I am working at the flea market.

  30. Heather M. Says:

    I just started a gluten free diet in the last month. I have been having stomach issues ever since my open heart surgery (probably before but more prevalent now) and the GF diet seems to have improved things. I struggle to find affordable GF foods in my small town and am struggling to figure things out with labels, etc I would love to try another option but have never seen these in the stores in my area. Here’s to happy bellies!! P.S., I liked on Facebook.

  31. Says:

    Oh My, these would be great for my daughter in school, in the car, she loves to snack and they look so portable, which is what we need alot for her.

  32. Neda Says:

    Late at night! I eat a light lunch late in the evening, so I feel hungry late at night & need a fast ready food.
    Thank you. I also liked this on FB.

  33. Venessa Says:

    I think these would be great to pack when I’m shipping, and am not near gluten free food choices.

  34. Wendy S Says:

    This would be perfect for every day use. I don’t like to take a lot of time for full meals when I’m busy(most of the time). This would stay in my tote bag and become like my book to live by.

  35. Erin Lane Says:

    I must agree with so many that this is the perfect type of thing to go in an office drawer and have for those days when I don’t pack a big enough lunch or when I have to stay late and didn’t bring a separare dinner!

  36. esther fraser Says:

    I work odd hours so having a grab and go meal/snack would be a time saver!

  37. Kim Pennington Says:

    I am a school nurse, so quite often my lunch is “on the go”. These would come in very handy!!

  38. Michelle Says:

    I have not yet to try these, and they would be perfect for the days when we are running from basketball and soccer to Tae Kwon Do!

  39. Michelle Says:

    I “like” GoPicnic on facebook and follow on Twitter.

  40. Eileen Sanders Says:

    I can’t buy these where I live. Would be great to take to Germany in September and in the airport.

  41. Julie Shannon Says:

    Best snack for travelers on the go – I love these!

  42. Tammy Says:

    Lunch away from home would be a good reason. They would also work for snack times too!

  43. robin Says:

    My 6 year old is gluten free. These are great to have on hand when your out and about and he gets hungry

  44. Karen Says:

    I keep them at work, take them when traveling. They have been great to have when I need a quick lunch!

  45. Susan Says:

    This would be a great last minute meal for when I am out and about and get called in to work!

  46. Denny Says:

    I would love this when I am stuck in a mad dash running my daughters all around town.

  47. Hana Steinke Says:

    Go Picnic Meals are perfect for the college lifestyle. I need them for on the go, in between classes, or I’d sneak them into my purse for random functions when I am unsure if there is gluten free food options available.

  48. Larissa R Says:

    These would be great at work or to keep in the car whenever I need a snack. I liked GoPicnic on Facebook.

  49. Nancy Burke Says:

    When I have been glutenized at a local restaurant, and my family wants to go back there to eat (they don’t have to eat gf). I bring this with me so I never have that problem again!!

  50. Rena Says:

    I would use them when traveling.

  51. Erin Lane Says:

    Or… to keep in my car for when I go to a family gathering and there is nohing at all there for me to eat. I need a pick-me-up treat that is also filling!

  52. Auburn Shannon Says:

    Great on the go snacks – love these!

  53. Katheryn Says:

    Looks like a great gf alternative to some cute conveinence foods.

  54. Neda Says:

    They are very helpful on short trips! Thank you.
    Also liked you on FB.

  55. cindy w. Says:

    I like to keep a Go Picnic at work just in case I forget to pack my lunch.

  56. Sylvia Lombera Says:

    This would be great when running errands since there are not many safe gluten free places to grab a bite.

  57. Susan M Says:

    Go Picnic meals are great when my daughter goes to a friends house for a sleepover.

  58. Kim Says:

    I would keep one stashed in my office drawer for a quick pick me up or lunch!! Also, would keep one in the glove
    compartment in the car for a short trip!!

  59. Linda Says:

    I really want a few Go picnic meals on hand for traveling and if I loose power during a storm. My sister always travels with them.

  60. Linda Says:

    I really want a few Go picnic meals on hand for traveling and if I loose power during a storm. My sister always packs them for business trips.

  61. MamaJenn Taylor Parker Says:

    I would need the GoPicnic meals most while going from VA to MD for all my specialist appointments weekly. When you have to travel 2-4 hr’s just to see a specialist at John Hopkins or GBMC – finding food like this is really hard! Fast Food would just make everything worse on my body so it must be gluten free for me!!

  62. Belinda Says:

    I need go picnic the most when I’m traveling and as quick meal at work

  63. Lisa D Says:

    I fly and travel for work. Most airports have these on sale so I can easily buy one once I’m through security and know that I’ll have a safe meal!

  64. Jefners Says:

    I keep a GoPicnic stashed to take to sporting events. They hardly ever have anything gluen free

  65. Michelle Archibald Says:

    I love Go Picnic for field trips. As a teacher, they are an easy packed lunch for myself (a gluten free/ vegan). I always keep a couple extra on hand for my students who forget their lunches both on field trips and in class. Pair it with a bottle of water and you have a filling lunch!

  66. Venessa Says:

    2nd entry 🙂

  67. Mary Says:

    Oh, how wonderful it would be to have these on a long road trip. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about being cross contaminated at the only diner open in a 75 mile radius in the middle of the Kansas wheat fields!

  68. Mary Says:

    “Liked” you on facebook. Can’t wait to peruse your page! What a great product you’ve made for all of us!

  69. Alicia Says:

    Love to have these handy, when go driving on many errands and am not sure if I can find or will have time to stop for a nutritious GF meal; when I attend gatherings or meetings where lunch is being offered as part of the cost – if a GF option is not offered [inform the sponsor – and they often discount the total fee when I have to bring my own food]; whenever going on a road trip or to stay over at a friend’s .. just in case.
    This is one way I know I am eating what is safe for a celiac.

  70. Christine Says:

    Sounds like something that would be good to keep in the car for when appointments run late or when my grandkids get hungry (almost always) when we’re going somewhere. Would keep us away from less healthy alternatives.

  71. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Relax and enjoy your Go Picnic meals! Congratulations to the winners:
    Martha from NC
    Melissa from TX
    Belinda from MT
    Alicia from NJ

    Be Free!

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