WIN-It-Wednesday: “The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes & Cookies” Cookbook by Laurie Sadowski

If you’re looking for some awesome recipes for gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free cakes & cookies you have to check out Laurie Sadowski’s newest cookbook “The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes & Cookies”.

Laurie Sadowski, a food enthusiast with celiac disease (who is also a vegan) wrote this cookbook to share with us her sweet side of baking. Her newest cookbook is a collection of to-die-for cakes, cookies, bars and squares – all of which are perfect for those with celiac disease / a gluten-free lifestyle, dairy allergies, egg allergies, and also a vegan-life style, ADHD and autism.

Just looking at these recipes make me want to dig out my baking pans and rolling pin. They range from the decadent (Triple-Chocolate Layer Cake or Two-Bite Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cupcakes, anyone?), to the traditional (comfort foods like New Old-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake or Autumn Apple Cake with Cider Sauce), to the dinner-party daring desserts  (Molten Lava Mini Cakes with Raspberry Sauce or Hazelnut Biscotti, to name just a couple).

I really like this cookbook because there are also a lot of tips and tricks to make gluten-free baking a success… something we all can use every so often. =)

This “The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes & Cookies” Cookbook by Laurie Sadowski is the perfect answer to those that mistakenly believe that they can no longer enjoy desserts after being diagnosed with celiac disease and other food allergies.

All of the delicious recipes and tons of useful info regarding gluten-free and allergen-free baking (like dairy free substitutions for milk and butter; nutritional content and calorie comparison of gluten-free flours; and tips and techniques baking gluten, egg and dairy free) are the reasons I am so excited that “The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes & Cookies” Cookbook is the sponsor of BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday contest for the next two weeks.

One (1) winner will be randomly selected to win a copy of the cookbook from the entries received before Tuesday, March 12, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST, and one (1) more winner will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, March 13 and Tuesday, March 19, 2012 at 11:59PM. SO – make sure you enter two times to win!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and let us know your favorite cake and or cookie. (Me? Since being a little girl, I’ve had a love affair with Pecan Sandy Cookies… especially dipped into tea).

Good luck, remember the gluten-free cookie absolutely does not need to crumble =) … and as always …

Be Free!

Note: Want to order this cookbook? Check out this link on The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes & Cookies: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free (As of 03/05/13 the cookbook is on special and is only $9.96… and participates with FREE Super Saver Shipping!)

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72 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: “The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes & Cookies” Cookbook by Laurie Sadowski”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Having many medical diet challanges I love experimenting with different cookie and cake recipes. Diabetes, diverticulitis and numerous food allergies and IBS, are just a few of my daily medical ailments that I deal with. I’d really love thi Allergy-Free cook book would be great for me to share baking with my 13yr old grandaughter.

  2. Theresa Gates Says:

    I’m a simple girl who still enjoys her chocolate chip cookies. My favorite cake is what my momma called a what cake which was a spice cake with a german chocolate frosting.

  3. desirej75 Says:

    Oh wow! I love finding new recipe books. It is hard to find new dishes my 8 year old will eat. Add on top of that Celiac disease. Can not wait to see inside this one 🙂

  4. Tabitha Cortijo Says:

    My favorite cookies growing up are Pennsylvania Dutch sugar cookies. Growing up I called them grandma cookies because they reminded me of my grandmother. They are my favorite cookies and since going gluten free a year ago, I have not had them! 🙁

  5. Linda Williams Says:

    My favorite cake has always been chocolate cake with fudge frosting, my favorite cookie is Toll House Chocolate Chip. I would love to win the cookbook! Thanks! Linda

  6. Kim Pennington Says:

    I have two favorite cakes- German chocolate and carrot cake- MMM MMMM.

  7. Katie Says:

    I always loved those windmill-shaped cookies w/ almond slivers in them, the peanut shaped PB sandwich cookies — and Christmas “Jingles”…..of course I’ve never seen GF versions of any of these, but I’m hopeful! 🙂

  8. Leslie Says:

    My favorite is warm chocolate cake right out of the oven with vanilla icing just melting off it! Yum!

  9. Misty Says:

    My favorite cookie has to be the butterscotch toffee cookie. Right out of the oven it is gooey and wonderful. It brings back wonderful childhood memories.

  10. Deb Gowlland Says:

    My all time favorite cookie is definitely the sugar cookie! 🙂 I have a recipe that I’ve adapted to gf that has been in my family forever…tastes just like I remember!

  11. carol green Says:

    Devilsfood cake with Cream Cheese frosting. Yummy !!

  12. carol green Says:

    I love Devils Food Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Makes my mouth water, just thinking of it.

  13. Forress Cozad Says:

    I think this would be just a great book to have. Before I got sick I use to collect cookbooks and use to do so much cooking and baking. Just three things I loved to do. Since getting sick it seems as though trying to cook gluten free is so much harder and things just dont turn out. Looking at the recipes the first one I would try would have to be the Sweet Dinner Rolls or the Banana-Nut Monkey Bread. I can almost taste it now a good cup of coffee and the Banana-Nut Monkey Bread, oh ya thats a great morning..

  14. Cassie Says:

    My favorite cookie has been the flourless peanut butter cookie. These are easy made and delicious with chocolate chips added. If I were to win this cookbook it would be great tool for the year to come…going to be a teacher and the number of students with intollerances and allergies is growing.

  15. Barbara Wilson Says:

    i love a good spice cake or a cookie with cinnamon and / or nuts in it! Love almost any kind of nuts except Brazil nuts. I am fairly new gluten free cooking and am searching for recipes so when my daughter found this site was very happy.

  16. Katheryn Says:

    Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake is my current fave!

  17. cindy w. Says:

    My favorite cookie is the old standby – Toll House chocolate chip cookies – made gf of course.

  18. Julie Says:

    I love dark chocolate chip cookies, the more chocolate the better:)

  19. Susan Says:

    Biscotti to have with tea or coffee,

  20. Sue Says:

    My all time fav is Choc Chip!!!! Choc Chip anything!!!!

  21. Christina Says:

    Chocolate cake!

  22. Edith Chesworth Says:

    carrot cake and white chocolate chip macadamia cookies

  23. Susan M Says:

    My favorite cookie is a soft, fresh from the oven, chocolate chip cookie. Mmmmm!

  24. Mary Ellen Bowen Says:

    My favorite cookie is the Noatmeal Raisin Cookie……my fav as a little girl was oatmeal raisin!

    Thanks for the nice review!

  25. Karen Says:

    Favorite cake or cookie…. I’m thinking the one that is already made and ready to enjoy with a cuppa and a friend. Probably chocolate chip walnut cookie…but then there are brownies…and then there is chocolate sauerkraut cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache. Or snickerdoodles… Yeah, it’s whatever is there ready to go when a friend drops by for tea.

  26. Eileen Says:

    My favorite cake would be carrot zucchini with cream cheese frosting.

  27. Neda Says:

    Wow! I read some of these posts, got hungry!! lets go & make a “red velvet” cake, I like it a lot, specially a little sour.

  28. Chris Says:

    I love Carrot Cake or Snickerdoodles.

  29. Amber Says:

    Carrot cake — yum!

  30. Larissa R Says:

    One of my favorite cakes is carrot cake. I had a gluten free one for the first time a couple days ago. It was SOOO good!

  31. Kim L Says:

    my favorite is kind of similar to yours, I call mine sand tarts…..they are balls of flour with pecans and rolled in powdered sugar….oh how i miss them!

  32. Katie Baldwin Says:

    Wegman’s Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting
    Almond Butter Crunch cookies

    Yum! 🙂

  33. Darcie Says:

    Favorite cookie has always been the girl scout “Samoa”… which I don’t believe is any longer made. Now, it is the oldie but goodie no bake cookie with GF oats.

  34. Kara Says:

    My favorite cookies are oatmeal chocolate chip and plain sugar cookies! Always looking for new recipes!

  35. Carol Bauman Says:

    Molasses Crinkles from the Mennonite Community Cookbook. I wish I had a gluten-free version that could turn out such soft moist cookies as those!

  36. Cara Says:

    I love German chocolate cake!!!

  37. Susan Says:

    Chocolate chip cookies and soymilk.

  38. Carol Mango Says:

    My favorite cookie is one my mother made during the Christmas holidays. It is a mocha nut ball rolled in powdered sugar.

  39. Janet LaRue Says:

    My all time favorite was a chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate whipped cream icing! Oh how I loved that cake!

  40. Samantha Ryan Says:

    I miss German chocolate cake and key lime pies. Well, at this point I miss most cakes and pies and cookies.

  41. Debby Cianfaglione Says:

    Cinnamon muffin or bun – yummmo

  42. Janet LaRue Says:

    I miss the Tandy cakes my mom used to make-it was a replica of the tasty cakes we loved in the box! She made them so close to the real thing!

  43. Francine Says:

    My favorite gf cake is a triple chocolate mousse cake. The bottom layer is like a thin brownie, second layer is a bittersweet chocolate mousse, followed by a white chocolate mousse. It is very yummy!

  44. Larissa R Says:

    Chocolate chip cookies or lemon snowflake cookies. Yum!

  45. Susan Says:

    Oh, Brownies!

  46. Susan M Says:

    As a child my favorite was Boston Cream Pie, which my Mom would make for my birthday.

  47. Christine York Says:

    I’m just learning to get rid of the bloat. I have not tried sweet treats yet. I just buy them!!!!

  48. Shane Neuman Says:

    My favorite cookie is a snicker doodle. I am thankful for websites like this. My daughter just became allergic to what at 12 yrs. old & she is having a hard time with it. We are trying to learn how to make what free items that actually taste good. Thanks & keep up the good work.

  49. Katheryn Says:

    one of my favorite cookies is peanut butter sandwich cookies with peanut butter frosting!

  50. Neda Says:

    This time I’ll go for the ice-cream cake, lets bake one!

  51. cindy w. Says:

    Peanutbutter cookies are a favorite of mine.

  52. Kim l Says:

    A good key Lime cake, not pie but cake…yum

  53. Tina Y. Says:

    My favorite cake has always been Angel Food…so light and airy…goes well with anything on top or just alone!!!

  54. Christina Says:

    Anything with chocolate

  55. desirej75 Says:

    Y’all are making me hungry! I love desserts, no joke, but finding easy gluten free recipes that I can get all the ingredients for easily, even better!

  56. Kym Rossi Says:

    I miss molasses cookies and German Chocolate Cake. I live to bake and haven’t done hardly any since I had to be gluten free. I LOVE cookbooks. My husband thinks I have too many. Can you really have too many? Ha! But seriously. I am desperate for some great Gluten Free baked goodies recipes!

  57. Rita Whirls Says:

    I love devil’s food cake and cookies

  58. Alana Says:

    German chocolate or red velvet cake!

  59. Kim Pennington Says:

    German chocolate cake and carrot cake are my two favorites.

  60. Linda Says:


  61. Danielle B Says:

    Hands down my favorite cookie is pumpkin chocolate chip. YUM!!! 😀

  62. Erin Lane Says:

    it may be a little boring, but I love the no bake cookies with chocolate, pb, coconut and oats…

  63. Chris Says:

    I miss cookies the most.

  64. Mary Says:

    Oh, yes, Alana, you said my two favorites. Or is it just the icing of the German Chocolate that makes me swoon! ahhhh….. As for a cookie, I love the old Italian Wedding Cookie. Not too sweet, perfect with tea or coffee.

    Love the fact that this book goes beyond just gluten free. So many good tips to learn about substituting other allergen ingredients in my baking. Any tips to find relief and keep a body happy are worth knowing! What a great book to have not only for some good recipes, but for some great reference material. I would love to have a copy!

  65. yoori Says:

    Key Lime Pie is where I’m at these days.

  66. Neda Says:

    Peanut butter cookies, Yamm Yamm!

  67. Francine Says:

    Still looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie!!

  68. Elizabeth Lonsberry Says:

    Gluten Free desserts are such a challenge and I adore chocolate anything so this would be wonderful to own.

  69. Erin Lane Says:

    Carrot cake!

  70. Patricia Says:

    German Chocolate cake is one of my favorite cakes. I would really love to get a good GF scone recipe though. I have had trouble with them since being gluten-free. Thanks for the giveaway book.

  71. Katie Says:

    Favorite classics include windmill-shaped cookies w/ almond slivers in them, the peanut shaped PB sandwich cookies and Christmas “Jingles”. Also loved thumbprint cookies w/ jelly in the middle, and white cream-filled donuts with chocolate frosting.

  72. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Happy baking to the two winners! Congrats…
    Ellen from NJ
    Katie from NY

    Be Free!

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