Friday Favorite: Pro Beauty Tools Beauty Spatula

Normally the Friday Favorites on are awarded to food products… Delicious gluten and/or allergen free must-try’s.

But this week is an exception. Why? Because this week’s Friday Favorite honoree is a product that I am so in love with. It is one of those products that once you have it, you can’t believe you lived without it. It is one of those products that make you say: “Daahhh! Why the heck didn’t I think of inventing that myself?”

And the best part about this product is that you can get it on for only $5.99.

What is this miraculous product? The Pro Beauty Tools Beauty Spatula.

This must-have beauty tool is a mini spatula with a cleverly shaped head that allows you to swipe along the sides, the bottom and under the shoulders of beauty product bottles. Yup… inside all of your pricey gluten-free beauty products… make-up, creams, shampoos, conditioners. The Pro Beauty Tools Beauty Spatula is washable too… so you can use it over and over again.

If you’re like me, I tip all my beauty product bottles upside down after they are “empty”… so I can get out every single last drop. But realistically this doesn’t work. BUT… the Pro Beauty Tools Beauty Spatula does!  All you need to do is swipe the mini-spatula around the hard to reach crevices and spots inside the bottle and voilà… you get up to 25% more product out of each bottle that normally you’d be throwing away.

All of these cost saving & “how did I live without this in the past” reasons are why this week’s Friday Favorite on goes to the Pro Beauty Tools Beauty Spatula!

Want to buy one for yourself? Check out this link on!

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