Friday Favorite: Harvestland Chicken Burgers

This week’s Friday Favorite is one of my quick & easy go-to dinners that is perfect when I don’t feel like “cooking” and I’m looking for a quick-fix meal that is both healthy… and tasty.

Harvestland Chicken Burgers are gluten-free and are made from chicken raised with no antibiotics and are fed an all-vegetarian diet.

These chicken burgers are minimally processed and combine all-natural chicken with other natural ingredients to make a delicious burger. They come in three delicious flavors: Cheddar Cheese w/ Jalapenos; Uncured Bacon & Cheddar; and my favorite, Florentine.

The best part is that these burgers are already fully-cooked, so all you need to do is heat-and-serve. I like to fire up the grill and heat mine up for a few minutes on each side. My favorite way to enjoy one is on toasted gluten-free bread that is piled high with avocado and arugula. Delicious!

All-natural good taste and convenience is why this week’s Friday Favorite is awarded to Harvestland Chicken Burgers! Congratulations!

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