Friday Favorite: Nasoya Pasta Zero

This week’s Friday Favorite is a product that I currently tried and absolutely love! Nasoya Pasta Zero Shirataki Noodles are a perfect way to enjoy any dish that calls for pasta without all the calories, carbs and fat.

Pasta Zero Noodles from Nasoya Foods are traditional Japanese noodles that are made from the Konjac plant root – which saves you about 200 calories per serving. They are almost tasteless, which allows them to “take on” any ingredients you mix them up with. I love mine with basil pesto tossed with steamed vegetables, or with traditional sauce and meatballs. They come in spaghetti & fettuccini varieties.

They are all-natural, vegan, dairy free and gluten free and they are fortified with iron. The great part about these noodles are that they really fill you up since Glucomannan, which is found in the Konjac plant root, is a water-soluble dietary fiber that helps you feel full.

Found in my Produce Department’s refrigerated section of my local grocer, the key to enjoying any Shirataki noodle is to make sure that you rinse and drain them a few times. Why? When you first open the package the smell of the Konjak plant root can take you by surprise (yes… it is an odd almost woodsy smell!) BUT it is perfectly normal and will go away one you rinse them a few times. =) For other tips on how to use Shirataki Noodles, check out this link on the Nasoya website.

No calories, gluten-free, no fat, so versatile and easy to prepare are the reasons why this week’s Friday Favorite on is awarded to Nasoya’s Pasta Zero! Congratulations!

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