Win-It-Wednesday: Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce and (NEW!) Cookin’ Sauces

I love a good barbeque sauce. Slathered on chicken, beef and pork; as a topping for juicy hamburgers; and a dipping sauce for fresh-cut fries. There’s always a reason to put use Bar-B-Q Sauce on my plate.

And my all-time favorite Bar-B-Q Sauce is Stubb’s. All natural and all gluten-free, I love Stubb’s Bar-B-Q sauces since they do not contain any high-fructose corn syrup (it’s surprising how many Bar-B-Q sauces do contain high-fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient… YUCK!). I also like that on average Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauces have on about 20 calories per tablespoon… making it a guilt free way to add some flavor to grilling and dipping. The Stubb’s Bar-B-Q line-up will have you thinking up creative ways to use Bar-B-Q sauce with all of your gluten-free meals. The varieties are fantastic too: Original, Spicy, Hickory Bourbon, Sweet Heat, Smokey Mesquite and Honey Pecan.

And with the autumn season almost here, I am excited to announce that Stubb’s has come out with a new product… Cookin’ Sauces! These sauces will help you creative flavorful, easy skillet and slow cooker meals, even on the days that time is of the essence and your family is hungry for a good warm meal.

The Stubb’s Cookin’ Sauces are also certified all gluten-free, all natural and contain no artificial flavors, colorings or high fructose cornsyrup. They come in four great varieties, including Bar-B-Q Slider, Chili Fixins, Hatch Chile and Smokehouse Bourbon.

Now Stubb’s make it easy for us all to have yummy gluten-free meals made grill-top or stove-top!

All of these tasty reasons are why I am so glad that Stubb’s is the sponsor of this Win-It-Wednesday on

The prize is three (3) FREE product coupons for Stubb’s products (two for the core line of sauces, marinades and rubs and one for the new Cookin’ Sauce).  One (1) winners will be randomly selected from the entries received before Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST, and one more winners will be randomly selected to win from the entries received between Wednesday, September 3rd and Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 11:59 PM. SO – make sure you’re a BeFreeForMe member and enter to win two times!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and let us know the one thing you’ll miss about summer OR the one thing you look forward to in the fall. Me? I’m going to miss summer nights hanging out in my screen house!

Good luck, remember everything’s better with some seasoning, spicy and sauciness… and as always,
Be Free!

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50 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce and (NEW!) Cookin’ Sauces”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    The one thing I will miss about summer is hanging out by my friends pool having great BBQ’s and fun!

  2. elaine Says:

    I am the new BBQ Queen, !!!!!!
    My boyfriend has been teaching me all summer how to grill anything, even meat, I am vegan.
    So far I have mastered the grilled peppers and I am the master at eggs and bacon….yes, breakfast on the grill, who knew?

  3. cassie Says:

    One thing I am going to miss from summer is the chance to have parents drive me from place to place to visit friends and family and have great fun! with my medical conditions I cannot do driving and it is now back to work for everyone, including me full time at daycare, which I also love with the smiles and laughter of children of all ages.

  4. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    I am going to miss summer nights sitting on my porch with my glass of wine.

  5. Sandra Bright Says:

    Fall is my favorite season. And I make my BBQ in the crockpot so that is a year round thing for me.

  6. Forress Says:

    I am going to miss being able to do the out door cooking. But I am looking forward to the cooler nights when I get to start cooking all the comfort foods that come with winter.

  7. Zenetta Says:

    The fall is my favorite time of the year. I am looking forward to apple cider, sweet apples and barbequing when the air is a little crisp.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I will miss the long days of summer! I hate when I leave work and it is already getting dark!

  9. Erika Says:

    I’m excited for the delicious caramel apples a local pumpkin patch have!

  10. Beverly Peets Says:

    I lost a very good friend to lung cancer this summer, he will be missed. I’m glad fall is coming, I all so go to college and am also 66 young. I have a degree in Fashion, cooking and I’m now going for my degree in floral design. College has given me a new out look on life, and I enjoy it.

  11. Chere Housefield Says:

    The end of September means the end of scallop season in Florida. I will miss scalloping, but the slightly cooler weather of fall will be a welcome relief to the oppressive heat of summer.

  12. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    I love fall with the cooler air, changing leaves and sitting on my porch with my dog Duke.

  13. Margoka Says:

    I miss the summer weather, the lot of sunshine.

  14. Eileen Says:

    I will miss sitting on our patio and the BBQ.

  15. melissa Says:

    I LOVE Stubb’s!

    The thing I am most excited about is cooler weather so I can do more outdoor activity!

  16. Belle Gayer Says:

    Will miss my walks with hubby with out Nordic walking poles. We do walk much of the rest of the year, but it’s not as pleasant!

  17. Cassandra Archambault Says:

    Just the Sun, walking outside with socks shoes or a coat.

  18. Cassandra Archambault Says:

    Just the Sun, walking outside with socks shoes or a coat. The fires at night, looking at the stars, camping.. tubing, fishing.. etc.

  19. Cheryl Says:

    I just had Stubb’s at a midweek BBQ on Tuesday! Yummy and gluten free, it was the key to my enjoyment of some awesome ribs! I BBQ all the way through fall, so I’ll be looking forward to more ribs and more Stubb’s.

  20. Susan M Says:

    I am looking forward to fall, with the cool crisp air and the beautiful changing colors of the trees.

  21. Cassandra D Says:

    I miss the nice picnics and outdoor concerts in summer. I look forward to the fall.

  22. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    It is a very rainy week-end and boy does it look fall. Winter is coming.

  23. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Another rainy day. When will the sun come out so I can use my BBQ.

  24. Sandy Says:

    I actually am looking forward to raking leaves!

  25. cindy w. Says:

    I am going the miss the warm days. We had a super rough winter last year here in MI.

  26. Rebecca Says:

    One thing I am looking forward to this fall season is the Peanut festival! Get to pull out the hoodies and watch the leaves change colors and feel the cooler air. I’m all excited now. Haha.

  27. TXEdie Says:

    Summer’s outdoor Farmer’s Markets will be closing soon, and I will dearly miss them. The fresh-from-the- garden fruits and vegetables are delicious out of hand or for grillling!

  28. Sandra Bright Says:

    I love the way fall smells – it is my favorite season. The leaves put on a show.

  29. Kimberly Says:

    I will miss being able to swim in our neighbors pool to get my exercise in!

  30. Chere Housefield Says:

    Cookouts are more enjoyable in the fall when it is not quite so hot. Since I’m usually the one over the grill, cooler weather makes it much more pleasant!

  31. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Finally a sunny day. Time for the out doors and BBQ.

  32. Sue Says:

    Looking forward to the best time to BBQ, fall. Cool weather, beautiful fall colors, apple picking and BBQ baby back ribs.

  33. Susan M Says:

    One thing I will miss about summer are the long days full of sunlight.

  34. Sandy Says:

    I will miss watching the fireflies light up my backyard!

  35. cindy w. Says:

    My favorite thing about fall is getting to know a new group of precious preschoolers in my classes.

  36. Christina Says:

    I will miss the opportunity for little getaways. When the kids are off school we can just take off for a day to two whenever we can get away from work. During the school year we don’t have that flexibility.

  37. TXEdie Says:

    Cooler fall days mean a more pleasant time at the barbeque grill, slathering on that Stubb’s sauce on the meat of the day!

  38. John B Says:

    Fall! Fall is when unbearable humidity abates, and when the trees drop thousands of new fun toys for the cat to be playful-as-a-kitten with.

  39. Alliesong Says:

    Summer came late here, will miss my grill. It did not get as much of a work out as I would have liked.

  40. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Rainy and very humide day when will the sun come out again so that we can have some more BBQ.

  41. Kimberly Says:

    Summer nights sitting out on my front porch with my husband having a beer!

  42. Janet Welna Says:

    I will miss staying up late, sleeping in late, and having my day to craft my heart out. Now it’s back to work at school!

  43. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    nights are getting colder perfect time to eat BBQ.

  44. tomi Says:

    I will miss the long (24 hours) warm days of summer, but I do look forward to the beautiful blanket of snow; we are having fall right now. It’s time to get out the crock pot and slow cook the ribs in my favorite sauce; Stubbs.

  45. Margoka Says:

    I miss BBQ when summer is over.

  46. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Great sunny day today great night for sitting on balcony with my glass of wine.

  47. Karen S Says:

    I love Bar-B-Que sauce on year round! And I”m looking forward to fall…it’s that crispness to the air in the morning, the changing colors, and cool evening breeze coming in the bedroom window. Oh yeah! I’m ready for fall to start arriving!

  48. cb Says:

    Looking forward to getting out the cool weather clothes and boots. I like to start getting ready for the holidays early, too.

  49. Lori Says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year. Chili in the crock pot, baked apples, spaghetti squash, everything pumpkin, pulled pork crock pot style, roasted turkey, butternut squash. All my favorite things. I am so happy fall is on it’s way.

  50. Lyne Lacroix Says:

    Last evening a very cool night so opened my patio door, built a fire and had a glass of wine. What a way to relax.

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