Season of Giving and Sharing

This time of year brings together family and friends, most often around a table full of the bounty of the season – garnished meats, vegetable casseroles, savory stuffing and baked goods galore. Often this becomes a trying time of year for many celiacs and food allergy sufferers, as well as their families.

Over the last month, many BeFreeForMe members have reached out looking for answers with their food intolerance or allergies during the approaching holiday season. Members are looking for answers – everything from finding a gluten free turkey to how to prepare for houseguests that have food allergies.  Whether you are a recently diagnosed newbie or a veteran navigator of allergens, we all have questions, answers, advice, and the gift to support each other.

Approaching this season of giving and sharing, I hope that all BeFreeForMe members will post their favorite recipes on the Recipe Sharing section of the website, as well as contribute to the BeFreeForMe blog by sharing their favorite holiday traditions, advice, tips and pointers. Also, make sure that you check out the article section of to find numerous holiday related information and tips.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Be Free!


3 Responses to “Season of Giving and Sharing”

  1. H.Peter Says:

    Cocoa Pebbles!

    Our daughter who is on a GF diet, loves them.

    More later.

  2. Pidge Says:

    Hi, I am not a celiac, but may start eating like one since all these recipes sound great! I also wanted to share this yummy peanut butter brand that my mom (the bee) found. While wandering around The Christmas Tree Shop, she picked up a jar of PB. Well, I just had some, and it is SO YUMMY!! As I’m reading the label, I see it says “gluten free”…no trans fats, vegan, no added sugar, and MADE IN THE USA!!

    It is made by “Peanut Butter & Co.” It says that they are a cozy little sandwich shop in Greenwich Village. Their PB is homemade and includes maple syrup. The owner’s name is Lee Zalben, AKA The peanut butter guy. You never know what is hiding at the food section of the Christmas Shop.


  3. Sarah Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I just found this site and I think it is such a great resource for people who either have celiac or food allergies. I will definately post some recipes for the upcoming thanksgiving season. I agree – if you don’t know how to cook allergy-free, it can feel like you have to miss out on so many treats for the holidays. The good news is there are so many good alternatives to “the real things” that I don’t miss them at all (well, I still would love to have a bowl of regular ice cream sometimes!) Anyway, thanks for the great resources on your site.

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