BeFreeForMe has been Nominated to the Shine A Light Initiative

BeFreeForMe has been nominated to the Shine A Light Initiative!

Shine A Light is a program that rewards everyday small businesses that inspires to help others, while keeping an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Shine A Light initiative is sponsored by American Express, in partnership with NBC Universal. They are inviting folks to nominate and vote for an inspiring small business that strives to assist others and give back to their community.

This is a perfect opportunity for those in the celiac and allergen free communities to make a difference and have others take notice! The three finalist judges are talk show host and entrepreneur Ellen DeGeneres, fashion designer and entrepreneur Diane von Furstenberg, and MSNBC’s small business expert and host JJ Ramberg.

To support BeFreeForMe’s nomination, click here, and read our profile. If you would like to support us, and further the awareness of food allergies and celiac disease, click on the “Support this Story” button in the left column. Please note that in order to submit your endorsement, you will have to register (it is quick and easy though and they promise not to spam!). 

BeFreeForMe would use the award grant money to further the awareness of celiac disease and food allergies, as well as provide medic alert bracelets / identifications to anyone financially in need.

Thanks ahead of time for your vote! Please note that you need to vote by September 13th (Sunday)!

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4 Responses to “BeFreeForMe has been Nominated to the Shine A Light Initiative”

  1. Karen Webb Says:

    This is an awesome way to drive awareness for Celiac and food allergy sufferers! You have my support!

  2. Giovanna Says:

    Be Free For Me is a helpful, informative and inspiring site that helps all people that must adhere to a strict diet and avoid allergens that cause distress to their body. The quotes & recipes are a plus that I always look forward to viewing. This site has helped so much to provide healthy meals and snacks for my husband and family. My husband was diagnosed with Celiac’s in January and it was difficult at first but with each day, week and month that goes by it gets easier, thanks to this site. Keep up the good work and thanks for making a difference. May the day be productive, healthy and kind for all.


  3. Maria Says:

    Be Free for Me has helped me face the everyday challenges of being celiac.

  4. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Karen, Giovanna and Maria-

    Thank you all so much for your kind words! It means the world to me that you enjoy the BeFreeForMe website! By helping each other, sharing our experiences & knowledge, as well as educating others about our dietary restrictions, we can all spread the word about food allergies and celiac disease.

    Thanks again!

    Be Free!

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