WIN-It-Wednesday: Yumnuts… Can you say “yum”?

Sometimes you have to take a look at the yummy side of life.

That’s what the folks over at Yumnuts did when they developed their line of jumbo dry-roasted cashews that are topped with lip-smacking & finger-lickin’ spices, coatings and seasonings.

Yumnuts are ingenious.

With no added oils, cholesterol, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, trans fat, artificial flavors, or gluten, these snacks are a smart snack; Especially when you are looking for a little sweetness, or spiciness, to kick your mid-day snack up a notch or two.

Most flavored nuts are oiled or battered (i.e. full of gluten), but not Yumnuts. These nuts are handled with care. Slow roasted in small batches. Made with yum in mind.

According to Yumnuts website their motto is: “To get people saying ‘yum’ again.” That’s remembering to laugh, following their passions, enjoying the little things, chasing those dreams. Yup… all the yummy simple things in life.

That is why I am nuts over this WIN-It-Wednesday’s prize: A gift box packed with one of each of the Yumnut Varieties (Chocolate, Honey, Sea Salt, Spicy Cajun, Chili Lime, Toasted Coconut) and a Yumnut tee-shirt.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us how you embrace the “yum” in life (Me? Meeting up with my friends, and vowing we will do it more often… and then we do!)

All winners will be picked at random and must be BeFreeForMe members. Entries must be posted by Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 12:00 Midnight EST.

Be Yummy. Be Nutty. And as always…

Be Free!

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39 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Yumnuts… Can you say “yum”?”

  1. Melissa Conrad Says:

    I embrace the “YUM” in my life by creating new healthy tasty gf/df/sf recipes!

  2. Alana S. Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in life by really enjoying the food I eat and eating it slowly, I like to follow the example of the french to eat smaller amounts of really delicious, quality food and take the time to really enjoy it while also enjoying and appreciated the art and beauty around me!

  3. Laura Says:

    I love to cook dinner for friends, share a bottle of wine, and watch movies. Some of them don’t cook and live on take out so I love to share!

  4. Caryn Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in life by enjoying anything as long as I have family and friends to share it with.

  5. Francine Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in life by being grateful for all I have!

  6. Cindy Says:

    I think it’s important to allow yourself the occasional treat. There is a lot of deprivation in a gluten free diet so I think it’s important to compensate for it.

  7. Linda Says:

    I embrace the “YUM” in my lifestyle by having my family and friends around me as much as I can!

  8. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    I embrace the YUM in my life by finding and preparing GF receipes my 14 year old son will eat and actually enjoy.I always know I have a hit if he comes back for seconds.

  9. Betty Benton Says:

    I enjoy the “yum” in my life by teaching my grandchildren that eating gluten free foods can be delicious. They always ask if it gf, then act surprised that it is so good. Grandkids are wonderful.

  10. Faye Says:

    I embrace the “Yum” in my life by accepting things that I can not change (i.e. the deer that was standing on the other side of the hill I crested last night) and actively working on changing or improving what I can change.

  11. Janet LaRue Says:

    I embrace the yum in life on Sundays…my favorite day…the day off with family. This is the day I take the time to enjoy everyone and cook and bake new recipes or old favorites. The house smells wonderful and relaxing!

  12. Leslie Hart Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in life by appreciating my friends and family.

  13. SARAH Says:

    I love the experience of eating. The flavors, presentation, and the company of good friends. I embrace the yum by having dinner parties that are totally gluten free and yummy!!!!

  14. Debra Gowlland Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in my life by living to the fullest…each day is a gift.

  15. Timaree Says:

    Taking advantage of a beautiful day and enjoying a motorcycle ride with my husband through the country roads of New Hampshire and breathing in the fresh mountain air. YUM!

  16. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I embrace the yum in my life by sharing natuarally GF foods with friends and family.

  17. Eileen C Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in my life when I make a new recipe and just enjoy it, maybe with a cup of tea. GFCFSF pumpkin muffins are a definite yum in my life. It’s not just about savoring the food, it’s also about savoring life. I try to enjoy the yummy moments with my kids, cuddling, playing, reading.

  18. Michie Page Says:

    I embrace the “Yum” in my life by walking to the store with my best friend where we buy Chunky Monkey ice cream and then walk back home to share it. She likes the walnuts and I like the chocolate.

  19. Marina Says:

    I like swapping different varieties of teas with friends so that we all can have something different without spending a fortune.

  20. EMILY Says:

    i embrace the YUM in life every morning with my music & gluten-free brown cow greek yogurt party

  21. Gluten Free Betsy Says:

    Yum indeed! I celebrate the yum in life by indulging in gluten free sweets! Since I can’t have a lot of the “regular” treats out there, I make sure I get all the ones I can!

  22. cynthia n. Says:

    the yum in my life comes from my 20 month old grandson. I see him and life is yummy.

  23. Mandi Cantrell Says:

    I embrace the “Yum” in my life by trying new foods out. Even though I have had to change my diet due to gluten intolerance does not mean I have to sacrifice taste. I just have to go about it in new ways and I do that by trying something new each time I go to the store. Then as a family we all try it and from that we have started eating new foods I never knew about.

  24. Cassandra Gee Says:

    Those look so good!
    I embrace the “yum” in my life by baking and sharing my creations with my family and friends.

  25. Alena Belleque Says:

    I embrace the “Yum” in my life by inventing new and safe recipes for myself and my husband. We really connect over food, and it was such a blessing to know that by eating safe foods, we can enjoy that connection for years to come!

  26. Lisa Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in my life by preparing special things for my special family.

  27. Cathy S Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in life by spending time with my family and being there to see my grandsons grow! Life is good!

  28. Laurel Says:

    The “yum” in my life is being with my kids…playing with them, cooking with them (gluten free cooking), reading with them. Took a very long time till we had kids, so I enjoy them a LOT!

  29. TONI Says:

    I embrace the Yum in my life by spending the precious little moments with my children, we have coco on cold days and baked awesome chocolate nut chip cookies and top it off With some warm milk. Yum

  30. Kim Hahm Says:

    I embrace the “yum” of my life by spending quality time with my wonderful children and providing GF treats so that we can all share.

  31. Carol Asher Says:

    I embrance the “yum of my life by enjoying my husband’s wonderful cooking…he makes GF eating seem normal. And sharing with my daughter and grandson who are also GF.
    Your nuts sound “yummy.”

  32. Kim Hahm Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in my life by spending lots of quality time with my 2 boys and providing good GF food and treats. Yours sound really “yummy.” Interesting flavors!

  33. Christine S. Says:

    Appreciating nature. Simple as that.

  34. Rhonda Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in life when I find GF products that my family really likes that we can share and enjoy together.

  35. Carol Asher Says:

    I embrace the “yum” of my life by enjoying my husband’s GF cooking and baking. He makes eating GF seem very normal.
    Your Yumnuts sound great…I’d love to try all the flavors.

  36. Theresa Shafer Says:

    You said the magic words- gluten-free- That is what I need a snack without Gluten. Thank you.

  37. Janice Says:

    I embrace the “yum” by practicing meditation:)

  38. Marian Says:

    I embrace the “yum” in my life by appreciating the little things.

  39. Kathleen Reale Says:

    The winner of the YumNut’s WIN-It-Wednesday is:

    Caryn M. from Massachusetts

    Congratulations, Caryn!

    Be Free!

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