WIN-It-Wednesday: Dragonfly Organix

This week’s WIN-It-Wednesday’s sponsor is Dragonfly Organix, a product that I discovered about a month ago at the Natural Product Expo in Boston. After sampling, munching and tasting my way through the numerous aisles of gluten-free food products, I decided to roll-on over to the non-food aisles of the show to explore and discover any interesting & new products.


After trying the Dragonfly Organiz hand sanitizer, I was hooked. The hand sanitizer has no alcohol, is fast-drying, non-sticky, and leaves my hands feels soft – not dried out – which is very important since I have been washing and sanitizing my hands like crazy over the past few weeks in hopes of keeping any flu or cold at bay!


Along with the hand sanitizer, Dragonfly Organix also makes other personal cleaning items like eye glass cleaner and jewelry cleaner. They also make tons of home cleaning products; like glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaners and stain removers. All their items are all natural and contain no ammonia, phosphates, glycol ether or phthalate.


Better still, Dragonfly Organix plant-derived formulations provide no harmful residue, unpleasant odors or vapors. Likewise, these non-toxic & biodegradable products are a safe way to get some powerful cleaning action that is safe around kids or pets.


Dragonfly Organix is “free of stuff” that none of us needs!


That’s why I am most happy to announce that Dragonfly Organix is the sponsor of this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday! One lucky BeFreeForMe member is going to win the Dragonfly Organix, “Green your Home” gift basket (a $39.95 value!); which includes:

• Dragonfly Organix Hand Sanitizer – 1.7oz
• Dragonfly Organix Odor Eliminator – 2 oz
• Dragonfly Organix Eyeglass Cleaner -2 oz
• Glitz Jewelry Shiner – 2 oz. (for all that holiday jewelry!)
• Dragonfly Organix Stain Remover – 24 oz
• Dragonfly Organix Glass and Shiny Cleaner – 24 oz
• Dragonfly Organix No-Rinse Floor Cleaner – 24 oz
• Dragonfly Organix All- Purpose Cleaner – 24 oz

How can you WIN?


Reply to this blog and tell us how you make the world a better place to live by keeping it greener, cleaner or by recycling. (Me? I always use my reusable shopping bags, and collect rainwater to water my garden).

I am so excited to see all the entries so I can pick-up some more green living tips! All winners will be chosen at random and be a member. All entries must be received by Sunday, 11/15/09 at midnight EST.

Be grateful of the earth, Be Green… and as always…

Be Free!

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31 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Dragonfly Organix”

  1. Anne B. Says:

    Recycle all paper, glass and plastic. Use fabric totes for grocery shopping. Use non-toxic cleaners and other household products.

  2. Melissa Conrad Says:

    I use my reusable bags whenever I go shopping, use a stainless steel water bottle for drinking water, and only use biodegradable, all natural earth friendly paper products, cleaning, and bath products! 🙂 I love my planet!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    We live in Burundi, in Central Africa, where “green” happens all around us, more because the local people are so poor they’ve found hundreds of uses for what we Americans would consider trash. Personally, we reuse shopping bags, compost, and walk or ride our bikes instead of driving whenever possible. We use vinegar instead of chemicals to get rid of ants. I repair, repurpose, or donate old clothing and other fabrics. Burundi has a great bottle return/exchange program for the locally bottled soda, beer, and juice, which are almost exclusively what we drink. We very rarely buy water in plastic bottles (sometimes it’s unavoidable; we try to save the bottles to reuse them).

  4. Larc Bogdan Says:

    I teach my kindergarten class all about keeping the world a greener place. Also, my daughter already knows about putting things in the recycling bin and using cloth bags. It’s a way of life for her!

  5. Cindy Says:

    I teach my preschool classes about recycling by helping them create a “recycle robot” that we use at school to recycle our juice containers, etc. Hopefully by starting them out young to care about our earth it will make a difference.

  6. ann Says:

    I use old jeans to make book bag for the kids. They can be use for reusable shopping bags also.

  7. Cara Says:

    I try and walk or ride my bike to work everyday. 🙂

  8. Debbie Says:

    I use reusable bags most of the time, and almost always use rags to clean with, as well as cloth napkins,as not to waste the paper.

  9. Elaina Says:

    My husband and I roast our own green coffee beans for our daily caffeine fix. We keep the used coffee grounds and add them to our garden and house plants. (We also share the coffee w/ any of our guests willing to try it!)

  10. Nancy Says:


    I recycle, shop for foods at local farms (saves gas & many pestisides), bring my own bags shopping, try to purchase the safest make up, sign up on the do not mail programs (you do not receive as much junk mail thereby saving paper & forests, shop & donate at resale shops (there are some very high line stores).

    The tag is Dragonfly Organix, Win-it- Wednesday.

  11. Kara Says:

    We recycle, compost, re-use fabric shopping bags, and make most of of our own foods (eliminating excess packaging waste). We pack sack lunches for school and work using fabric bags and reusable water bottles. When possible, I also try to can fresh fruits and other food items that are in season. The glass jars can be re-used again and again.

  12. Janna (Just Flourishing) Says:

    I use reusable shopping bags and I always carry around a mini bag just in case I pop into store. I use water left in water glasses to water plants, I recycle, I buy organic and I don’t eat meat!

  13. Sue Says:

    We are really into recyclling here in Seattle, WA. We now recycle our food scraps with our yard waste. They just recently started including paper napkins, paper plates, paper towels, pizza boxes, all these can be put into the yard waste. It makes such a huge difference in the amount of garbage we put out. Keeping it green here in Seattle! 🙂

  14. Carol Asher Says:

    I also use reusable bags wherever I can (I keep them in my car trunk). I drink water from the faucets rather than buying plastic bottles. I also use rags to clean rather than paper products as much as possible.

    I look forward to trying your products, especially the hand cleaner. My daughter is a nurse, and she and my husband are very pro in sanitizing hands and counters where they work with food.

  15. Chriss Says:

    My family and I have switched over to all energy saving light bulbs, we recycle, as we are replacing appliances in our home we are making sure they are enery saver appliances. We have also recently replaced all the windows and siding on our house as well as gotten a new energy effecient furnace and ac (which we only use about 14days a yr) to conserve energy costs. We have enrolled in multiple different energy saving programs and alt energy plans with our energy company. We use reusable shopping bags on grocery shopping trips and when we do have to get plastic or paper bags we recycle them for multiple other purposes around the house. We try to minimize waste by using reuable containers whenever possible! And what I feel is most important is that we are teaching our kids that our earth and the resources it provides us with need to be respected and protected! Our 3 year old will pick up trash on the street after other people without thinking twice about it because “it helps earth” 🙂

  16. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I recycle and I also pick up garbage when I am out and throw it way. My Mom taught me that. Whenever she went for a walk she would take a bag and pick up the world along the way.

  17. Eileen Sanders Says:

    I recyle all paper, plactic and glass. Use reusable bags and donate clothing.

  18. Kat Says:

    last year we stopped buying paper towels, paper napkins and plastic utensils. we only use dishtowels and cloth napkins, and pack lunches with re-usable plastic silverware. HUGE difference, not only in what we throw away but in our budget too.

  19. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Traditional ways and

    Save the “waiting to get warm” water from your shower to flsch the toilet / water plants / clean house…

    Use the empty toilet rolls as mini planters to sprout seed then transfer the plant and roll when it is warm.

    I used small decorated tins to put small gifts in for Halloween this year.

    Be creative – have fun adn you will think of more ways to sav our Earth.

    Remember Going Green saves the green.

  20. Becky Wubker Says:

    I have be recycling for about 25 yr’s. I reuseble bags and carry a backpack. I walk to and from work. I wash clothes only when I have a full load. We have low water toliets in our home. We have changed all the lights the low useage bulbs

  21. kristina herrick Says:

    Our family recycles everything we can. use cloth shooping bags at all stores, grow our own veggies. I am in the market for non toxic cleaning supplies so this came at the right time!! thank you!! Even if I dont win I will be ordering.

  22. EMILY Says:

    In my effort to be green, I’ve stopped flushing the toilet so often (nearly 30% of American water consumption goes down the toilet) and started purchasing recyclable toilet paper (the biggest contributor to deforestation)

  23. Tam Says:

    I recycle glass, paper and plastic. Use a stainless steel water bottle and reusasable grocery bags plus use a bento box for lunches to reduce plastic bag waste.

  24. Sarah P. Says:

    I caught the recycling bug about a decade ago. And it is addicting. I recycle my garbage, ride my bike to work, compost biodegradables and collect rain water for my garden and I use reusable bags for shopping. These are some of the things that I try to do to make the world a better place. I am slowly switching over to more energy efficiant appliances in my household. I haven’t been able to bring myself to flushing less often as one of the above posters. Wow! Maybe one day….

  25. Christine S. Says:

    I’m thinking about it now. I wash my clothes in cold water (never would have done this before), recycle everything, I do not buy products that are not green, I bring my own grocery bags to the store, and I’ve started to walk places to which I used to drive.

  26. Catherine Says:

    It has been my goal to recycle more than I throw away; and I am proud to say that now I have 2 full recycle bins and 1 small bag of garbage to put out at the curb for pick up. This week – my small bag was even smaller – a shopping bag from a department store.

  27. Jessie Says:

    I always use cloth shopping bags, us green cleaning products, and when having a scavenger hunt for my children and friends I always put 10 or more pieces of trash on the list of things to find. It helps to remind them to pick up the trash they see as opposed to just stepping over it. We also take walks on the beach in the summer with bags to collect trash.

  28. Francine Says:

    I make as many of my own cleaning products as I can. I use alot of vinegar, lemon and baking soda.

  29. Karen Says:

    We (our family of 5) all work very hard to be green. We use cloth napkins, re-useable containers and kleen kanteen bottles in our lunch boxes daily. We recycle al glass, plastic and paper. We use re-useable grocery bags. we take quick showers and turn the water off while brushing our teeth! My 10 years old has us eat by candle light occasionally. We rarely use air conditioning. When shopping locally, we walk when we can.

    And finally…My 10 yr old son had the 3rd graders in his school last year compete to see which classroom could bring in the most newspapers for a re-cycling contest that he arranged! Imagine what great things he’s going to do for our earth long term!

  30. Julie Says:

    We moved to Florida from Michigan a number of years ago. I loved that Michigan required a bottle deposit for soda, beer, etc. statewide. People complained, but when you (or someone else) brought back in the bottles and cans you received your deposit back. It made a considerable difference almost immediately in roadside litter… either people didn’t throw out can and bottles in the first place or someone else picked them up and received the deposit money. Win-win.

    In Florida we’ve been fortunate that our county is forward-thinking regarding recycling. We have weekly pick-ups of newspaper, magazines, glass, cardboard, styrofoam, tin, aluminum, plastics numbered 1-6 and yard waste. It certainly makes a difference in the amount of actual garbage when you take all that out of the garbage can(s)! I’m pleased to say that more than 75% of the families in our county recycle weekly. Since we use our air conditioning so much of the year we make certain the units are tuned up annually. We use the timing feature on the thermostat and set for temps up when we aren’t using an area of the house. We also installed ceiling fans – when used in conjunction with a higher thermostat temps, it makes a very comfortable room. When it’s time for replacement, we purchase the most energy-efficient units available – the same with washer, dryer and kitchen appliances. A little research is very helpful here and saving money in the long-run is good all the way around. We are currently replacing doors and several windows – I was happy to learn that both are made in an energy efficient manner and will also save us money in the future.

    I’m please to read that so many people are using cloth or recyclable shopping bags – that needs to be something that everyone gets in the habit of. It’s awful to see how many plastic bags are floating in the ocean, killing fish and wildlife. When I do have plastic bags I save them and return to our local grocery store who sends them on to be recycled into park benches and children’s playground equipment.

  31. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Congratulations to Larc from Michigan… the winner of this awesome WIN-It-Wednesday prize package!

    Be Free!

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