Thanksgiving Leftovers: Twice as Nice for the Gluten & Allergy Free

I love extending my Thanksgiving food joy into the long and lazy weekend that follows the big day. In a way, the Thanksgiving gluten and allergy free leftovers are almost as important as the dinner itself.

There is nothing like revisiting the feast a second, and possibly a third, time around. The anticipation of these leftovers is so reveled. I vow that sometimes Thanksgiving leftovers actually taste better than the real meal.

I had to stop and wonder why. Why is it that Thanksgiving leftovers taste so much better than regular leftovers? Why is it that most leftovers get a bum rap – yet Thanksgiving leftovers are welcomed, and thought of as mouth-watering delicacies?

Are not all leftovers created equal? How can we extend this Thanksgiving leftover bliss into out daily leftover lives? Following are a few pointers:

– Comfort food: Thanksgiving dishes are family traditions. Dishes that make us feel at home and comfortable. Gluten free stuffing, Creamy Mashed Potatoes – try preparing some basic gluten / allergy free family favorites at every meal.

– Variety: Make two to three sides with a meal, if time is not an issue. Some frozen peas, along with butternut squash and mashed potatoes make a regular meal into a mini-Thanksgiving feast. Vegetables are always quick and easy to prepare – especially for those who can not have gluten or other food allergens.

– Turkey isn’t just for a Thursday in November: Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore – eat it readily and enjoy! Roast a big chicken once in awhile too. Rejoice that there are many gluten free turkeys and chickens available!

– Make enough! Making a gluten free, allergy free dinner can take some time – but if you make plenty you can easily plan two or three leftover meals around your efforts. The key to leftovers is planning to have enough of everything left over.

 Make the meal on a weekend day: This way you can enjoy the leftover during the weekdays, when time is at a premium.

– Dessert deserve leftovers too: Remember to make a yummy gluten and allergy free dessert to enjoy with your meal and for the days ahead too.


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