Soups On!

The chilly weather is with us! It is the perfect time for a nice, hot steaming bowl of soup for a simple supper (with leftovers that can be enjoyed over the course of a few days!).

There are no limitations to what soups can offer… soup is one of the most versatile of dishes for those following a gluten free diet or having food allergies. For the most part, soup is forgiving and most recipes allow changes to the recipe depending on your tastes and preferences, and also your food allergy or intolerance.

Soups are also economical. As well as “a lot going a long way”, you can also adjust recipes to include items that you already have in your cupboards or refrigerator. Usually when I make soup, I toss in extra veggies, beans or rice that I have on hand. The results are usually so good that I make permanent changes to my original recipes!

Over the next week, BeFreeForMe will be exploring some economical and satisfying gluten and allergy free soups in our recipe section. What is your favorite gluten free or allergy free soup or stew recipe? We look forward to you sharing it with us in our “Share a Recipe” section!

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  1. Mignon Says:

    I live on Progresso Chicken and Rice soup. I love the convenience of actually being able to buy a “regular” food that is not so costly because it’s gluten free. I also use the small round Tostito’s as crackers, so I feel that during the cold winter days, I have a great meal to fall back on.

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