‘Tiz the Season of Appetizers

Appetizers are the ultimate party food. There is nothing more engaging for sociable gatherings and entertaining than numerous types of finger foods that can be enjoyed while mingling among a crowd of old (and new!) friends.

What many don’t realize is that appetizers can be a tough course for those that are on a gluten free diet or have food allergies, since most appetizers are made ahead of time and can not be modified to adhere to special dietary requirements.

If you’re hosting a sophisticated cocktail party, a family holiday or a neighborhood gift swap – use the tips below and plan ahead to include gluten and allergen appetizers to your menu. You’ll find they’re fun to eat, elegant in appearance, and more simple to prepare than you can imagine… plus, your guests with allergens or intolerances will be more than appreciative of your gift of thoughtfulness!

Dips and Sauces: Easy to prepare and so versatile – dips, sauces and spreads are the ultimate party noshes since they encourage mingling around a common area. Make sure that you use gluten and allergen free crackers or better yet, compliment these dishes with fresh veggie sticks or allergen free Vegetable Chips (find the recipe in the BeFreeForMe recipe section.)

Serve hot and cold gluten free and allergen free appetizers: This allows you to serve different appetizers at different times – rather than all at once. Serving hot and cold appetizers also allows those guests that arrive at varying times to enjoy some of the appetizers while piping hot; while the cold appetizers are for all to enjoy throughout the event. This method of combining hot and cold appetizers to your menu also allow you to mingle more with your guests, rather than being tied to the oven – Now that’s a reason to party!

Choose appetizers that can be prepared in advance: Gluten and allergen free dips, spreads, cheeses, olives, and antipastos makes the event graciously streamline, where mingling, chatting and tasting is encouraged and gives all your guests different flavors and tastes to enjoy!

Always veggie it: A veggie platter is the safe haven for those with food allergies and intolerances. A good rule of thumb is to always include a veggie platter at each event you host. A veggie platter is not only enjoyed by the gluten and allergen free, but also those guests trying to watch their middle during the holiday season. Serve the veggie crudités with an assortment of dips, on the side, that take into account different food allergens and intolerances.

A few other appetizing tips:

  • Keep the recipes for all gluten or allergen free appetizers you make handy, since guests may want to see the ingredients prior to enjoying.
  • Many appetizers can be made into the main course – keep all options open!
  • Consider labeling each appetizer as dairy free, gluten free, nut free… your guests will appreciate your consideration!

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