Enter To WIN! Sweet Solutions for Valentine’s Day: Cherrybrook Kitchen & Shelley Case Giveaway (plus $1.50 OFF!)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cherrybrook Kitchen, the Sweet Solution for Food Allergies, and Shelley Case the author of “The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” has teamed up to offer BeFreeForMe members a chance to win one of five super sweet solution gift-packs!

The gift-pack includes a copy of “The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” . This book has been my bible when it comes to seeking solutions to living gluten-free. It is a must-have for anyone who has been diagnosed with celiac disease.

Also included is a Cherrybrook Kitchen variety pack with six all-natural baking mixes & ready-to-eat cookies that are free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, nuts & eggs! Plus they are vegan, kosher, contain no artificial colors or flavors and they are Feingold Association approved. The six products in the variety pack are: yellow cake mix, chocolate cake mix, pancake & waffle mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, chocolate frosting mix and ready-to-eat vanilla graham cookies.

And just to sweeten the deal even more, Cherrybrook Kitchen is including these bonus items in the prize pack: Two (one blue and one pink) Cup-a-Cake cupcake holders, unique containers that will hold a frosted cupcake in such a way that the cupcake will not move within the container if jiggled or turned upside down; a 28-ounce Cherrybrook Kitchen water bottle, plus a copy of Kyle Dine’s CD, “ You Must Be Nuts” the first music CD that is dedicated to helping children with food allergies by delivering upbeat and catchy music that encourages them to learn about dealing with food allergies in a fun way!

How can you win one of these five (5) super sweet solution prize packs?


Reply to this blog and tell us what solution, answer or discovery you have found since being gluten or allergen-free. (Me? Meeting someone else with celiac disease or food allergies turns a stranger into a friend!)

All entries must be received by Valentine’s Day – Sunday, 02-14-10 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck, seek out sweet solutions… and as always,

Be Free!

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104 Responses to “Enter To WIN! Sweet Solutions for Valentine’s Day: Cherrybrook Kitchen & Shelley Case Giveaway (plus $1.50 OFF!)”

  1. Eileen C Says:

    I found a yahoo group (GFCFRecipes) that has recipes, advise, etc. Any question will try to be answered. They also give reviews of cookbooks, recipes and the like. It has helped me immensely on this journey

  2. David Larkin Says:

    I have found that there is life after being told I had to be gluten-free. I really thought my “eating” life was over. But thanks to family and friends, I have found and had some of them make some wonderful foods to replace the ones I “lost”.

  3. Christine Says:

    I’m still new to the whole gluten free thing. I’m a mom and I’m doing it for my 2 boys. What I’m discovering is just how hard it is to find items (reasonably priced) that are gluten free. I’ve been very lucky and my boys like just about everything that I have tried, except the bread. They tolerate (barely) the bread, but I have yet to find something they truly love. I have discovered the Betty Crocker gluten free mixes and my kids love them and I thought they tasted great too! Shelly’s is next on my list to try so we’ll see!

  4. Stephanie Miller Says:

    I have discovered all sorts of “new” foods, such as quinoa, agave nectar, and rice pasta to name but a few. I would have missed out on these had I not been diagnosed. I’ve also found that many GF products are also organic, which is a bonus!

  5. Diane Says:

    I have been going to Celiac group meetings occasionally at our local health food store. There is a wealth of knowledge there! Also, getting recipes off the internet has been wonderful.

  6. Jae Says:

    My solution is to view this journey as a fun opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and try new things. There is a whole world of flavors and not being able to eat commonly available junk foods you real have no choice but to eat health and figure out new foods for yourself. Viewing the whole thing as a blessing is very motivating and keeps me positive about it and always thinking of creative new dishes I can invent. Like the old saying goes, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade! 🙂

  7. Alana S. Says:

    Since learning I am sensitive to gluten and to be allergy free- I have learned so many things! It’s hard to think of just one but for example i have learned about many alternative flours to bake with such as brown rice, tapioca, teff , quinoa, millet and more! I love these healthy and unique grains they add variety to my diet as well as extra nutrition! I love sharing recipes with friends and family and any who wish to try gluten free or just want to be healthier with their diet!

  8. carrie Says:

    My discovery since going gluten free is how un-alone you become when you join a group of people with the same problems and issues going gluten free.

  9. Anna Says:

    I’m forced to put a filter on what goes into my body – and really care about the quality and taste (not to mention the ingredients!) – making me appreciate good food even more!

  10. becky Says:

    Having celiacs doesn’t mean you have to stop living. There is support offered, advice, and a variety of products that taste delicious! I’ve found that I feel better and am eating healthier!

  11. sarah Says:

    How supportive my friends are in helping me find gluten free food and recipes. I’m always getting emails or care packages with gluten free treats. I am blessed.

  12. Terrie Swanson Says:

    After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I started a support group for my area and return have met hundreds of new friends.

  13. Evelyn Says:

    My 6yr old son has Celiac Disease and since he was diagnosed over 1yr ago I am finally finding some foods he likes to eat that are gluten free. Its amazing the prices for gluten free foods. It has been an adventure.

  14. Stacey Says:

    I found that with a little research, I can find places that have gluten free menus, and even eat pizza & pasta out.

  15. Karen Giornesto Says:

    Discovered how to make gf condensed cream soups!

  16. robin gamache Says:


  17. Cathy S Says:

    I have discovered my celiac disease can be a blessing as both my grown sons have also been diagnosed and it has brought us closer together. I organize a gluten free outings group and we get together with new people and have dinnners or outings once a month. My husband gets to watch our grandsons and is thrilled to get alone time with the boys, while I get to spend quality time with my boys. We share information, recipes and support. I am truly blessed.

  18. Lauren Borack Says:

    Since going gluten-free, I have discovered what optimal health feels like! I wake up in the morning with gallons of energy, a flat belly, and absolutely no aches or pains! It is incredible to feel THIS good!

  19. Jenny Says:

    Meeting someone who has a child with food allergies, like I do, makes me feel like I am not alone and that I can do this!

  20. Jennifer Orwig Says:

    The most wonderful thing that we found out when going gluten free/allergen free was the healing effects it had on my son’s OCD symptoms. When he sticks to the diet he is OCD FREE. When he starts to cheat a little I know it because the symptoms re-appear!

  21. Naomi Moore Says:

    Being a Gluten Free household has made our eating habits SO much healthier. Instead of grabbing a piece of bread we will grab carrots and instead of spaghetti with noodles we have spaghetti with spaghetti squash. My kids go back for seconds and thirds and the only way they knew it was squash was that we told them, otherwise the squash looks and tastes like noodles!!! We really eat more vegetables and fruits and natural foods overall. When we have a special occasion, we really enjoy the taste of the Cherrybrook products! A friend gave us a mix for Chocolate Chip Cookies and it’s the best one available in our opinion and we have tried them all!

  22. Ariane Alicea Says:

    Having to exclude Gluten from my diet has really opened my eyes to what is actually in all food that is mass produced. Some may see avoided these such allergies as a drape, I have embraced and quite frankly enjoy and continue to enjoy learning healthy options that not only cut out gluten but that oh so infamous “HIGH FRUCTOSE CORNSYRUP!” It’s great to be a free……I’ve never felt so healthy and energized!! And to know I’m not alone is very soothing……best of luck to everyone!!

  23. Cindy Says:

    It has been a year for me since being diagnosed with celiac disease. Probably the hardest thing for me, being a private person, is having to tell complete strangers about my health (for instance, in a restaurant). I have now taken a new stance that maybe I have been given this illness for a reason. I now consider it an opportunity to educate the public about the disease. I also teach preschool and have several children with food allergies and I share with them my illness. I would love to win the package especially the CD teaching children about food allergies!

  24. Jeannie Says:

    My biggest discovery was just how many are getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It’s not as rare as they used to think.
    And how wonderful a support group can be for a Celiac.

  25. Tamela Says:

    I’ve learned that giving up gluten-full foods doesn’t have to be tastleless. As a matter of a fact, the food tastes better!

  26. Lisa Augustine Says:

    The most difficult thing for me is feeding my family gluten-free meals on a budget! I have found great recipes and shopping tips that help make it possible. One way I learned to save was by purchasing my rice and potato flour at the local asian market.

  27. Cindy Tetreault Says:

    Displaying a positive attitude about the gluten free diet is a conversation starter!

  28. Marianne Smith Says:

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I am trying to find more foods that I can enjoy and share with my family as well.

  29. Michele Says:

    Local farmers markets are often a great place to find homeade gluten free baked goods.

  30. Nikki Says:

    My sister is gluten-intolerant, and it has opened my eyes to the world of food labels and ingredients. Because of her, I’ve become more conscious about what I eat and how it effects me. So many of the gluten-free products also have no artificial colors or flavors, so I have started eating much healthier!

  31. connie newman Says:

    altho im probably healthier like when my fellas get sick i havent,id rather not be GF but im hoping the LORD knows the plan.

  32. Lisa Thomas Says:

    I have been discovering more and more gluten free websites and blogs! Where were they all when I was diagnosed 9 yrs ago? They are such a great help in finding new products, recipes and just feeling less isolated in gluten free land.

  33. Monica Says:

    Going GF has shown me how supportive my friends and family are. I’m always touched when a friend has me over to eat and has gone to the trouble of making sure there is something GF for me.

  34. Karla Hunter Says:

    Finding how being gluten-free has helped with my own health issues, I am eager and enthusiastic to spread the news that it is not hard to go gluten-free anymore. I have learned to bake some very delicious desserts that no one knows are gluten-free, until I tell them!

  35. Sarah Owens Says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at 3 months old, and a wheat allergy at 8 months old. My husband is also allergic to a variety of different foods. It was so hard at first to find foods for my baby to eat that were safe. As a toddler she was really limited to snacks that were easy for her chew and also allergen free. I not only became aware of everything she was eating, but also everything I was eating. Now she is 2 years old and doesnt know what she’s missed out on. I’ve changed my diet along with her and I feel so much better about what Im putting in my body.

  36. Jeannie Tyler Says:

    Leading a support group brings me more blessings than I could have guessed. Yes it is work but what a reward!!

  37. Becca Dickerson Says:

    I am fairly new to this, having been diagnosed about 4 months ago. The discovery I made is that I can do this, and it doesn’t have to ruin my life. Feeding my extended family a GF and vegan diet for a week over Thanksgiving proved that I can still cook food that tastes good, and I actually think about what I’m eating now.

  38. R. Bowman Says:

    Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it has helped with my other autoimmune diseases. I really enjoy making my own sweets and knowing I don’t have to live totally “without”.

  39. karen Says:

    Having a family member with celiac means reading EVERY nutrition label–and making healthy, conscious choices about everything we eat–and that’s a good thing!

  40. Mary Donohue Says:

    What I have discovered, more and more restaurants are offering a gluten free menu and my grocery store added a line of gluten free products I love, just to keep me shopping there. Its no longer difficult being italian in a gluten free world. Cherrybrook products were the 1st ones out with a frosting mix I could eat, that pleased me a lot.

  41. cheryl Says:

    I love cooking and baking more than I ever realized now that I’m GF!

  42. Natalie Says:

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease along with my 4 year old daughter. At first I thought finding this out was overwhelming. I now have no difficulty finding products, trying new products, and inventing my own new twist to a gluten free meal. We are a family of four and at times my husband does not notice the difference. I try to stay away from the middle isles and go more to the produce, meat, and dairy cases. I’ve found that being frugal starts with research of other stores locally and online helps to cut the costs of a specialty food.

  43. Amber Sesnick Says:

    I have always loved to cook, but since my son developed allergies it has forced me to learn more about cooking, and to become much more creative. He is allergic to wheat, dairy, corn, soy, garbonzo, and tomato. Baking is especially interesting as I cannot use most of the common GF flours. However, for his third birthday I came up with allergy friendly Carrot Muffins with Maple Icing, that got rave reviews and many requests for the recipe. I am grateful that I have a reason to find a better way of cooking, to keep my son healthy.

  44. Nancy Headley Says:

    It was wonderful to discover that there was actually something wrong and it wasn’t all in my head as everyone was telling me. My friends tell me that I even look healthier since going gluten free!

  45. Teresa Says:

    I’ve discovered since I’ve gone gluten-free that my joints no longer hurt and my constant heartburn is history. Now my hair is growing back in! Plus there is a nice financial bonus since I’m no longer spending on fast foods and restaurant meals.

  46. Jayne Says:

    I’ve only had the Celiac panel as of now, and my antibodies were through the roof! Waiting to see a specialist to get the biopsy and a definitive diagnosis. I have no symptoms, but was prompted to get tested after my sister and niece were diagnosed with Celiac. Right now, I am trying to learn everything I can to aid in the adjustment to my new lifestyle!

  47. Erika Says:

    I’ve discovered that I eat much more healthily since I have to read ingredients on everything. I also get excited to find friends with allergies that I can cook/bake for to brighten their day.

  48. Terry Sofley Says:

    I was lucky enough to find a support group within an decent driving distance. They had monthly potluck lunches where we got to try out new dishes. Everyone brought copies of their recipes They had drawings for free GF items from area stores. They published their own GF product guide. When someone contacted a company with questions about their GF items, the response was always mailed out to the whole group.
    Now one of our local Nutritionists at the hospital has been diagnosed with Celiac and has started a local Celiac group with monthly meetings. I have been sending out the info I already had as well as my favorite recipes and favorite products. One night we had pizza night. Everyone used a different pizza crust for comparison, bringing the product info. It was such fun. Several were in heaven talking about how long it had been since they had pizza. So these groups have been reintroducing favorite foods with the GF twist into our lives. Eating is less restrictive when you share and learn about the GF way of making favorite foods.

  49. Sue Says:

    I have discovered how wonderfully kind teenagers can be to each other. My daughter’s group in her cooking class decided to all make gluten free cookies last week….no big deal!!

  50. Kent Isham Says:

    In the 7 or so years since I was diagnosed, I’ve been amazed at the how the gluten-free world has changed. In the beginning it was alot of work searching through products, using mail order and being embarrassed at restaurants. Now, the flavor of prepared gluten-free products is getting on a par with regular food, package identification is better, my supermarket has a large gluten-free section and restaurants actually advertise menus for people on a gluten-free diet.

  51. Sandra Rieser Says:

    I was diagnosed Celiac in 1976, so by now I pretty much know the ropes. My greatest thrill now is to meet with the newbies, who are so lost and overwhelmed. I can guide them, de-mystify the art of grocery shopping and get them a few basic recipes right off to make it easy. The joy they express when they can actually experience again crunchy fried chicken and preparing delicous meals for the family with no worries makes me so happy. When I started out there was nothing on the market, none of the masses of products we can now buy so readily, thus I relate to the feeling of knowing what you cannot have, but oh, my, what on earth can I eat safely.

  52. Tarilyn Says:

    I found that by myself & my daughter being celiac (along side many other food allergies for both of us). We are a LOT more cautious about what we eat. We eat a LOT healthier & my daughter doesn’t get much junk food. I feel good about feeding her gluten free because its free of a lot of the things that can be harmful & unhealthy to eat for our bodies! We both love it!

  53. Rise Gluck Says:

    Since my son has been diagnosed with celiac disease and given up gluten he is feeling so much better. I am always finding new recipes and modifying old ones, and as a result he now has more variety in his diet than before.

  54. dyana Says:

    I have tried a few of the Cherrybrook farm products and REALLY enjoy them!!! this would be a great win as it would allow the chance to sample even more!!

  55. Nicole Says:

    I have learned that watching what I eat can be very beneficial. I have already lost 20 pounds!

  56. Lannea Bottin Says:

    My husbands Headaches went away when he switched to gluten free four years ago and since then there have been others in his family that have found out they have a problem as well.

  57. Irene Clark Says:

    Eating gluten free has been a blessing for me. I feel so much better, and I have a better attitude toward life – no more depression.

  58. Jennifer Croley Says:

    I have found that I don’t always have to follow the recipe exactly and that cooking can be more fun than I thought. I’ve actually had fun modifying some of my favorite recipes to be gluten-free and trying lots of new things

  59. lynette whitus Says:

    always check the clearance racks! I find lots of gluten free items, and have 99% success with most of the items, and it’s a great way to try new things!

  60. Maryann Staszak Says:

    Since my daughter has been diagnosed with multiple food allergies (milk, eggs and nuts) I have been on a mission to educate educate educate. I read and re-read labels all the time. She is 4 now (diagnosed at 1) and we are all eating much healthier now that we are reading labels. Since I am not a gourmet cook we eat somewhat simple. With Cherrybrook Farms, my husband makes chocolate chip pancakes almost every other day; we have cupcakes at least once a week and freeze more for birthday parties, etc. We also enjoy the brownies and the cookies! We love them all. They are easy to make and taste GREAT! My husband is Italian and loves freshed baked goods and good food. We have a tough time keeping your products in our house, as he is always grabbing one, two or three…as a snack! 🙂 Keep up the great work! We love you!

  61. Dorothy Says:

    My great-neice who is autistic has improved tremendously since going gluten free. Her attention span and language development improved greatly. Also the pain she suffered subsided. I was greatly impressed by her over-all improvement.

  62. Laura Says:

    I love my gluten free group that is organized through a knitting/crocheting website called Ravelry! It was so helpful to have a built in group of people to talk to and get tips. We were already part of the website through our fiber arts, but we can help each other out further by sharing gluten free recipes as well!

  63. Ivy Bourque Says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 14 years ago. What an experience to maintain a gluten-free home through the years. Our family has mentored others in the past and I have been fortunate to have that same opportunity with my current job. I work in a health food store where more than 90% of the products we carry are gluten free including Cherrybrook mixes, cookies, etc. I am able to be a resource to our customers whether they are beginning their GF experience or just looking for something new. I am always looking for new products to share with customers and it so rewarding to be able to help others with their GF lifestyle.

  64. Nicole Says:

    Being gluten free has helped me to realize what is in food. I have also learned how to eat much healthier since becoming GF!

  65. Debbie Jongkind,RD,LDN Says:

    My diagnosis of Celiac Disease has helped me become a better dietitian. I feel like I am able to empathize with clients as they struggle to learn and follow specialized diets for a variety of chronic disease states. My diagnosis also was the spark that led to four other family members being diagnosed with CD.

  66. Lynnae Says:

    Getting diagnosed with celiac disease taught me about the blessing of limitations. Sure, it was incredibly difficult cutting so much out of my diet, but it’s opened my eyes to new foods I wouldn’t have otherwise considered, and made me appreciate really good food when I get it.

  67. Michelle Teter Says:

    More and more allergies and people to support you.

  68. Kellan Says:

    I have learned how priceless my friends are. They are very conscious of my dietary needs and make special arrangements so I can always have something to eat. This is extra important in college where a lot of activities revolve around food.

  69. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have found that the love a mother has for her children is so strong that when a child is so sick and dying from some “rare” disease, she will go to any length to help her child become healthy again. I found that perseverance and the love for my family made me research and read everything regarding celiac disease. I travelled around the country for several years attending conferences and joined several national associations to gain as much knowledge about the disease as I could so that my family would be safe and healthy. I eventually decided that I needed to also help my fellow celiacs in an area that has no support systems or knowledgeable doctors-and became a support group chairwoman and have been helping fellow celiacs for years with this support group. I don’t see this disease as an obstacle, but rather a blessing to know that I, as well as my family, have the answers and can finally lead a happy and healthy life!

  70. Carol Says:

    Many of my friends and family are trying to eat gluten free since they researched the symptoms of celiac. Many of them are now eating gluten free and feel it is making them feel better. My dog is gluten free now too!

  71. jane Says:

    thank you cherrybrook. I have been gluten-free for 10 years and there is life after all. i love these products.

  72. Sarah Says:

    Over a year ago my teen-age daughter was suffering from frequent migraines and eczema. After an allergy test her neurologist ordered, we discovered a high intolerance to wheat, barley, rye… to name a few. We thought it would be hard to follow this “new diet” but it was not because of new products and sites like this promoting them, love those bagels! I decided I would follow the diet as well to simplify cooking and it has cleared up several “stomach” problems I had been having. I am excited to say that my daughter has had only one migraine in over a year – that is down from one a month!

  73. Jackie Says:

    I have learned that even though there are many foods I cannot eat, there is a huge number of foods that I CAN eat safely—–AND those foods are even more nutritious than the unsafe ones.

  74. Dawn Says:

    Going GF was difficult for me but my friends and family have been amazing. I didn’t see how lucky I was to have such a solid support system.

  75. Daniele Says:

    Friends, websites with positive quotes and support groups to help your children and self are fabulous. Living Without is possitively good reading too.

  76. Jessica Says:

    I have learned about so many new types of wonderful foods that I may never have tried before.

  77. Rebecka Says:

    Since I have learned how to live gluten-free, I cannot believe how much better my quality of life is! I have more energy and don’t get that awful feeling after I eat. Even my girls, ages 10, 7 and 3, are all about being gluten-free!

  78. Giovanna Says:


    Since my husband, was diagnosed a year ago with Celiac’s, yes life has changed, his health has improved and I have learned so much. I have adapted many of my recipes to suit his health needs and the kids are also enjoying the foods. My meatballs, meatloaf, cutlets, pasta pie and even chocolate cake have gone gluten free. Rice flour, buckwheat flour, cornmeal, are now staples in my cabinets. So many new recipes I have found on Gluten free sites, that have enhanced meal times. At first, it was difficult, the planning, the thinking, the ingredient changes, though I feel it has made me more understanding to food allergies and complications. I continue to learn, adjust and create new edible tidbits. With each new challenge, knowledge is gained and I approached learning to cook for a person with Celiac’s as a challenge that would make me smarter and healthier. Good luck to all on this journey of food and health.

  79. Courtney Johson Says:

    I have realized just how many products wheat is really in and that I was addicted to carbs before being diagnosed with being gluten intolerant. Now that I have to skip carbs like the bread when we go out to dinner I have lost weight and feel so much better. I discovered that eating foods with wheat was slowing me down instead of giving me energy I needed to get up and go.

  80. Devan McGuinness-Snider Says:

    The solution i have found is to make the whole house gluten free. Although just myself and my older daughter (not sure about younger daughter yet) have Celiac and need to be GF – i have drastically reduced my incidents of becoming glutened this way — saved my life!

  81. Michelle Says:

    I’ve learned that it’s not enough to just read labels. You also need to be concerned about cc, and about a company’s manufacturing practices.

  82. Stacy Marble Says:

    Reading newsletters and comments from other Celiacs has really helped me understand the disease and diet. – Stacy

  83. J Date Says:

    I’ve found that calling ahead to restaurants really eliminates a lot of stress. It’s also a pleasant surprise to hear that many places not only know what gluten is, but which of their products come without it!

  84. Julie Says:

    I’ve joined a variety of daily emails for gluten free recipes, so I always have fresh ideas. I also get an email for the “Gluten Free Product of the Day” for “regular” groceries that are GF. They also have have restaurant ideas in case you don’t feel like cooking. It feels very empowering to get so much help right from your email box! 🙂

  85. Faye Says:

    I have found that not only are there some wonderful GF products, there are also those that charge a premium price for cheap ingredients, i.e. corn starch, corn flour, soy products. Do these companies not realize that hese products are also allergens, and for the price they are charging there are safe, and wonderful alternatives, For instance, Pinto Bean flour in place of Soy. The use of tapioca or potato starch, or especially arrowroot in place of corn starch. If you are trying to provide a quality product, please look out side of the box. Montina is also another under used product.

  86. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I have discovered that my friends are Amazing. Whenever we get together they make sure there is food for me to share. They keep ingredient list and watch for Gluten Free food that I can have. They are wonderful

  87. Allie Says:

    My passion has become everything gluten free: thinking outside of the box in the kitchen, connecting with other GF eaters over delicious GF food, paying attention to what I’m feeding my body, helping others by creating a gluten free menu, spreading the word about Celiac Disease through my support group, and that ting of excitement when I come across a package of food that says “gluten free” on the side or a restaurant with a GF menu.

  88. Ann Says:

    After discovering several very informative and helpful books/articles about gluten intolerance (celiac), I concluded that many of my symptoms and allergies could be due to intolerance to wheat etc. I am completely gluten free at home and have enjoyed exploring many of the gluten free products offered at my local grocery store. Even my co-workers try to be sensitive to my situation. It is hard to go out to a restaurant and ensure that what I order does not contain gluten. Overall the health benefits of being gluten free outweigh the challenges.

  89. Heather Says:

    It has been helpful to meet others who can share their ideas and stories. Other helpful things – eat apples and almonds everyday. My weakness is still pizza – so I enjoy dark chocolate and good cheese instead. I have found that if I eat smaller meals I don’t miss the bread as much 😉

  90. Gluten Free Betsy Says:

    I found out a good friend also had celiac. Together we’ve helped each other find new products, restaurants, and events. The support had been awesome!

  91. Michie Page Says:

    I have learned that being gluten free doesn’t mean that everything has to taste bad or that you have to avoid restaurants for the rest of your life.

  92. Becka S Says:

    My 3-ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe!

    1 cup of PB
    1 cup of sugar
    1 egg


  93. Lisa Says:

    I have found that there are amazing products and recipes on that market that make eating gluten free easier every day. Every time I see something that I wish I could have, my husband and I find a way to make it gluten free. I’d never even had red velvet cake before my diagnosis, and now I learned to bake a GF one that friends and family say is the best one they’ve ever tasted! It is possible to live a food loving life on this diet.

  94. Michelle G Says:

    I have learned that I am allergic to wheat since having to lay off of it while nursing my daughter who would break out whenever I ate it. She has since tested positive for allergies to eggs, wheat, dairy, and peanuts. It has been a journey and I am learning to cook “around” our allergies. Love discovering new ways to do things and new foods, too!

  95. Karla Says:

    We have learned a lot this past year about what is available in the stores and online for a gf diet. We have tried lots of new recipes and how to adjust our old favorites to gluten-free.

  96. Linda K Says:

    Our support group provides us with a wealth of information and I am constantly learning new things even though I’ve been attending seven years now.

  97. Kristen kirk Says:

    Since learning that my husbands’ unknown illness is a gluten allergy, things have been much better with his health. I am learning that gluten free cooking and baking does not have to be difficult. It is difficult to eat out and buy anything pre-made, since we have to check labels carefully and have to interrogate the waiter/waitress as to what is gluten free.

  98. Ann-Marie Says:

    To me I have learned exactly how much bad “stuff” is in our food. I grew my first garden last year and canned and dried tons of food. Reading labels has made me a more conscious eater. I have also discovered what an advocate for gluten free eating education I can be. I never pass a chance up to educate people on the illness! There are many worse illnesses in the world!

  99. Cindy T Says:

    Having a positive attitude about the gluten free diet is a great conversation starter in a social setting!

  100. LindaBB Says:

    I am allergic to wheat and have been so frustrated by my lack of knowledge about things that I CAN eat. I slowly finding websites and blogs like this one that are helping immensely! I desperately need places like this to find recipes and products as I’ve had very little success locally. One good thing about this is that I am eating much healthier because I’m reading labels! Yay!

  101. Diane Menchetti Says:

    Every time time I bring a gluten free snack to an art opening I find grateful people I didn’t know are also celiac. It is great to find I am not so rare anymore and the others feel the same.

  102. Esther Fraser Says:

    it’s been 4 years since my diagnosis and each year since there has been advancements in diagnosing CD. I work in healthcare and have taken part in a research study on a new drug that may be available sometime in the future. The celiac disease physicians are targetting primary care office to provide information about CD and the importance of screening for typical and “atypical” symptoms (TTG). I see more restaurants offering GF Menus (thank you Uno for GF pizza). There is a greater variety of GF menus and almost all large supermarkets. There are some brilliant people out there that are making mine and others with CD lives tolerable!

  103. Wendy Says:

    I found that I don’t have to live with constant pain any more. After being on the GF diet for a while I woke up one morning and realized I no longer felt like I had the flu. I used to ache all over all the time. I used to pray for just one day without that pain, now I don’t have any….well unless I’m sick.
    So I guess I really discovered, prayers do come true.

  104. Kathleen Reale Says:

    The winners of the Shelley Case / Cherrybrook Kitchen giveaways are:

    1.) Lauren from NJ
    2.) Kent from MA
    3.) Becky from OR
    4.) Rebecka from TN
    5.) Linda from GA

    Congratulations, Happy Reading and Enjoy the sweets!

    Be Free!

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