1,000 Places To Eat At Before You Die – Nominate Now!

For my birthday last week, I received the book “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” (by Patricia Schultz – Workman Publishing).

Wanting to jump in headfirst and start planning on places to visit, I decided to look up the local spots that are must-sees and found a restaurant located in Essex, Massachusetts – Woodman’s of Essex. It is noted as “the ultimate Massachusetts clam shack”.

The write-up in the book looked fabulous, so I pulled up their website, and to my excitement found that almost their whole menu is gluten free!  Smiles across the menu board for all of us celiac’s dying to sink our teeth into the flagship “Chubby Original Fried Clams” … described as fruity, sweet, buttery and smooth… Gluten free glee for me!

This got me thinking that it would be awesome to have a gluten free and allergy free version of this list: “1,000 Places To Eat At Before You Die”.

So, dig in…  Reply to this blog and tell us about your favorite restaurant (a local pub, pizza place, or national chain – anywhere where you can eat can be nominated!), why you like it (extraordinary menu items, gluten free / allergen free menus, service) and where it is located. I am getting hungry thinking about this list already!

SAVINGS: At Woodman’s kids 12 and under eat free all fall & winter, with the purchase of one adult entrée. (Not to be combined with other offers. One kids meal per adult entrée).

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56 Responses to “1,000 Places To Eat At Before You Die – Nominate Now!”

  1. Larc Bogdan Says:

    P.F. Changs – I know it’s a chain, but it is so nice to go to other cities and actually know you can eat safely! Another local place is called GF Cucina’s (Sterling Heights, MI). I haven’t eaten there yet, though, as it is a good 45 minutes away and closed on Sundays when I have time to drive! We will try it eventually, though.

  2. kristina Herrick Says:

    In December for my birthday my husband took me to a place called Bar Louie in Wrentham, Ma. It is located in the new Patriots Place shopping Plaza. The food was amazing, over 20 items of gluten free to choose from. The chicken fingers were to die for!!! I ate so much because I had never had a big menu selection like that before and was so happy. It was great also for my4 year old who also has celiac. Im not sure of the pricing b.c oddly enough there were not any prices next to the gluten free items. My husband had the bill so I couldnt see what prices on that either. Its well worth the trip and we will be going back very soon.

  3. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Krissy! Thanks for letting us know about this restaurant… I am excited it’s close by and I am to try it out soon! Ahhhhh -the thought of being able to order Chicken Fingers once again in a restaurant is making me feel like jumping in my car now! =)

    Be Free!

  4. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Larc- Thanks for your posting! I love PF Chang’s too… The lettuce wraps are to die for! The prices there are pretty good too.
    Please let us know how GF Cunina’s is once you get a chance to visit. We have tons of member’s in MI , so maybe someone else has aleady tried and can give us a review … ?

    Be Free!

  5. Jen Sutter Says:

    The Little Aussie Bakery in San Antonio TX – Every time I travel to San Antonio it’s a must stop!!

  6. Lucille Dettloff Says:

    Guilio’s in Livonia, MI is the best! Almost the entire menu can be ordered gluten free. The owner’s wife is gluten free so he makes the food absolutely delicious and safe. I have recommended this restaurant to many, many people and have never had a complaint. I even went to a wedding shower there and they made me a gluten free lunch with no problems whatsoever. The best!

  7. Liz Daniels Says:

    Hi there!

    Uno is my latest GF place to eat!!! I know it’s a chain, but they now serve gluten free pizza in my area (Wrentham, MA) and it is AWESOME to know that my 9 year old (celiac) daughter and I can SAFELY eat pizza out!!! The frist time we ventured in, after speaking with the hostess, the manager and our waitress, I had complete confidence in Uno’s ability to “get it”. They “…goes to tremendous strides to identify all forms of gluten and gluten derivatives in the foods we purchase or prepare in house…” and we have had GF pizza at both the Wrentham and the Brockton Uno’s several times since October and have had no ill affects.

    Thanks for asking…………Liz

    PS. I LOVE your new site! Keep us the great work

  8. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Yes! Uno’s Chicago Grill is fabulous! They have been testing a new GF pizza here in Massachusetts, and it taste delicious! Plus, it is such a fantastic feeling to go into a national restaurant chain known for it’s pizza and actually be able to order one gluten free… it’s hard to explain, but it was very emotional!

    They will be rolling out their GF Pizza menu across the country in 2009… I have been in contact with their HQ’s here in Massachusetts and I will keep you all posted as soon as I hear of different areas getting rolled out.

    They also have other GF options including Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa, Grilled Rosemary Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Lemon Basil Salmon and a few other entrees that are on their GF menu which are available in ALL of their locations.

    Cheers to Uno’s! Finally a national chain really, really “get’s it”!

    Be Free!

  9. Kathleen Reale Says:


    The Little Aussie Bakery sounds good — Cupcakes? Muffin? Danish? Ahhhh! I may have to plan a business trip there soon!
    I don’t know of a really good (GF) bakery here in Massachusetts… anyone?

    Be Free!

  10. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Thanks for the post! Sara, BeFreeForMe’s Member Services Director, is from MI and says she is visiting Guilio’s during her next visit.

    Any restaurant that helps out during a banquet such as a baby shower, wedding, etc. deserves a special “thank you” from Celiacs, food allergic & food intolerant everywhere…

    I love it at events when I get my “special” meal and everyone else at the table says mine looks better than theirs! Then again, I’d take a fresh grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies over most “banquet” meals anyday!

    Be Free!

  11. Lynne Says:

    Here in Bonita Springs, Florida, we like to go to P.F. Changs or the Outback Steak house. Both have delicious gluten free meals and the service is always exceptional. The gluten free chocolate cake, at the Outback, is a must have dessert for anyone.

  12. Michelle Says:

    My Pick: The Chicago Diner – 3411 N Halsted – (773) 935-6696

    The raw cheesecake is to DIE for….even ‘normal’ eaters become converts. They have an extensive GF offering.

    The problem I find with GF restaurants is that MANY of us have multiple allergies…such as eggs, yeast, soy, etc in my case. With GF food, EGGS are in EVERYTHING!! I wish GF restaurants and bakeries especially would offer at least one EGG-free option…it is a common allergy…

  13. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Cheers to Lynne in Sunny FLA!

    Thanks so much for your post! Yum! I do love the Chicken Lettuce Wraps at P.F. Changs. I also heard from a very, very good friend of mine that her favorite dish is the grilled Sea Bass at Bonefish Grill – which she said is also in Bonita Springs. I also hear they have an exceptional wine list – at reasonable prices! Have you visited there yet? =)

    I may have to get out of the snow & ice, and head down to Bonita Springs myself real, real soon! =)

    Be Free!

  14. Tom Bruneau Says:

    I have 3 favorites;

    UNO Chicago grill does a Great job with quite a few items and has recently introduced excellent pizza. The manager in Nashua, NH said they are expanding the menu very soon.

    Woodman’s in Essex, MA is a Must do for anyone who misses fried seafood. The Clams, Scallops, Fish, Shrimp etc. are AWESOME and nearly the entire menu is and has always been Gluten free.

    Boynton’s Family Restaurant in Worcester, MA has excellent homemade pizza, GF Beer and GF cake. I think they have other items, but I can’t get past the pizza. They also have take-n-bake pizza!

    Be Free,

  15. Bea Says:

    Sinfully Gluten Free is a great pizza, sandwich, and dessert restaurant in Miamisburg, OH (near Dayton) that offers a completely gluten free menu. The pizza crust is tasty and the desserts are absolutely delicious. The menu items are all made by the owner and are a special treat.

  16. Judy Swartz Says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    There are actually a few bakeries in our area that have gluten free items. Peaches in Harvard, Ma and in Worcester there are Crown Baking and On The Rise. I haven’t been to any of them but they are on my list of places to try with my daughter. (She is the one who is celiac.) You’ve inspired me to try at least one of them this weekend!


  17. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Thanks for the post! Uno’s is now on the TOP of my list too… excellent food and extra-credit to them for now offering GF pizza – soon to be nationwide!

    I need to check out Woodman’s – fried seafood is on my GF wishlist.

    I heard that Boynton’s is fantastic too… I didn’t know they had cake, or take-n-bake… I can’t wait!

    Be Free!

  18. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Any restaurant that has menu offerings made by the owner is usually worth the trip! I love the name Sinfully Gluten Free… I have learned over the past few years that is NOT an oxymoron!

    Thanks for passing the tips along regarding Sinfully Gluten Free to all the BeFreeForMe members – especially those who are in the Miamisburg, OH area!

    Be Free!

  19. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Judy- Thanks for the local bakery tips! I plan on visiting all of them very soon… I love GF sweets! =)
    Please let me know of any updates after your visits … you can reach me at info@BeFreeForMe.com

    Be Free!

  20. Esther Says:

    If you are traveling in and around New Hampshire, Rafferty’s in North Conway has a gluten free menu – their spinach and chicken pizza was tremendously delicious. They also offer many other gluten free items (pasta, sandwiches, brownies). Another plus is that they have a line of take out gluten free meals (frozen) such as spaghetti and meatballs, lasgna, stuffed shells.
    Another restaurant in Conway, NH with a gluten free menu is Bellini’s!

  21. Donna Says:

    The Risotteria in NYC- not only fantastic risotto, but amazing GF panini and pizza. and their baking mix is amazing.

  22. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Good Morning Esther-

    Thanks for the heads-up on good GF places to eat “Up North”! I think I’m going to have to take a few road trips very soon!

    Be Free!

  23. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Thanks for the post and the reminder of this great restaurant!

    I visited the Risotteria in NYC when I was there about 3 years ago. It was so good! I too bought some baking mix and made bread sticks when I got home.

    The place is small and the wait was long (No reservations accepted), but it was well worth it! I visited in the summer – so we sat outside on a bench and took in the NYC action.

    This place is up there on the must see list for celiac’s visiting NYC – Move over Lady Liberty and the Empire State Building!

    Located at 270 Bleecker Street – Between 6th & 7th Avenues – NYC 212.924.6664

    Be Free!

  24. Denise Says:

    North End Cafe in North Providence, RI. Kitchen area dedicated to gluten free. Extensive over 60 items on the gluten free menu (maybe more). Food is excellent, so are the employees!

  25. Michele Says:

    Burton’s grill in Boston and CT is phenomenal. They have a gluten free menu and can easily, and without fuss accommodate my several other allergies too. The service is great, the environment is elegant, and the menu is affordable. Their homemade french fries are outstanding!

  26. Lisa Says:

    Outback is a wonderful choice and pretty reasonably priced. They have a separate menu and even have a chocolate cake that is to die for!!

  27. Jodi Says:

    WOW! How great was this post! Can anyone recommend GF restaurants or GF bakeries/stores in the Florida area or Poenix area? I am a little emotional with the news of Uno Pizza! Love this site!

  28. Kathleen Says:

    I’ve tried Burton’s Grill in North Andover. They, too, have a Gluten Free menu that offer’s burgers with GF buns, pasta, fried calamari, warm chocolate torte cake, and a ton of other steak and seafood dishes. I thought it was great and I actually felt like I had a ton of choices -rather than a limited menu..
    Kathleen D

  29. Maureen Says:

    Eat in Park, which is in the Pittsburgh and Cleveland area, is a nice neighborhood & family place with a gluten free menu. It is great stop with kids who are GF

  30. dannielle Says:

    If you live in Pittsburgh, or close by they have a wonderful bakery Glutenny is the best that i have come across. I love the muffins, coffee cake well everything they have too be honest. It is the only place i go for all my delectable treats.. And NO One can tell the difference!

  31. Jayne B Says:

    I have tried the Cornerstone Cafe 65 Main St Plymouth MA 508-746-7773 and the food is excellent. They are open for breakfast and lunch.They serve GF pancakes, cinnamon french toast, waffles etc. They use GF bread for their sandwiches on the lunch menu and have a few bakery items in the restaurant. They will bake birthday cakes, pies etc. if you call in advance. It is so wonderful to finally be able to go out to a restaurant and feel normal and eat normal, delicious foods that I havn’t had in 10 years! SO WORTH THE TRIP!

  32. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Thanks for the post! Anywhere that is a “great stop for kids” is a restaurant to note!

    Be Free!

  33. Kathleen Reale Says:


    Yumm – when I visit Pittsburg next I am going to Eat in Park for a GF dinner and then heading to Glutenny for my GF dessert…

    Thanks for the sweet sharing tip!

    Be Free!

  34. Kathleen Reale Says:


    PERFECT! Thanks for the post! I went to grade school / high school in the Kingston-Plymouth area and have friends that I have to visit soon… (Howdie to Gail and Pidge!)

    Let’s meet at Cornerstone Cafe!

    Gluten free lunch is on me!

    Be Free!

  35. Judy Swartz Says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    We never made it to the bakery this weekend. According to Peaches website they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. But we did go to Stone Hearth Pizza in Needham and it was great!! They have a few varietys of gluten free pizzas and a pasta dishes. It’s a nice thin crust and my daughter loved. They also serve gelato so if you are looking for something sweet after dinner, it’s perfect.

    Also, I agree with the previous poster about Rafferty’s in NH…a great selection to choose from. I also have to send kudos to the chef and manager at the restaurant at the Red Jacket. They went out of their way to accomodate my daughter. They are so well versed in celiac disease and all allergies and went out of their way to ensure my daughter’s meal would be safe and I felt so comfortable dining there. It was such a relief being there since it was our first vacation

  36. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Judy- When you do get to Peaches please let me know how it is – Thanks for letting me know they are closed on the weekends, since that would probably be when I would have ventured over!

    Where is the Red Jacket? Is it in NH too?

    I am glad that your vacation plans went well – I know only so well how stressful vacations can be when you are gluten / allergy free and away from your own kitchen! =)

    Keep in touch!

    Be Free!

  37. Mary Says:

    I believe it was 3 yrs ago Christmas when I was In Des Moines, IA visiting family and a special friend took me to Hu Hot Mongolian Grill. I was absolutely amazed at their level of knowledge about ALL food allergies/intolerances. They have an “Assistant Manager in charge of Food Intolerances” who walks each client who requests it through what they can and can not eat.

    This is a place where you are given a bowl that you fill with raw food items and sauce ingredients,then take it to a chef at a huge round grill and watch them prepare your own order. After the Assistant Manager in charge of Food Intolerances” walked me through what I could place in my bowl, he took me to the grill and introduced me to one of the chefs. He asked that chef to please clean his grill and get clean utensils while I chose my food items and told me to take my bowl directly to that chef. Later, while we were eating, the Assistant Manager… came to our table and told me my chef still had his clean grill for me and asked if I wanted to have more to eat or if they should use that grill for others!

    I have not been back to Des Moines since that trip, and I don’t even know if that restaurant is still there. Suppose I should e-mail my friend or Google it and find out. I do know that on any return visit to Des Moines I WILL eat there again!!!

    On top of this type of knowledge and service, our food was excellent! I have no idea about cost as my friend took me out and refused to let me even see the bill.


  38. Ruth Ann Says:

    This reply is for Jodi.. asking about Phoenix area restaurants:
    Picazzo’s is the best! They have a full GF menu with the best GF pizza I have ever tasted. During our recent visit to Phoenix we at at Picazzo’s 4 out of 6 nights! They also have locations in Sedona and other parts of AZ.
    Check them out online.

  39. Mary Says:

    Uno’s is GF in Fort Worth, Texas. My whole family had a wonderful meal there. AND they are now carrying GF beer, too. Nice treat and the staff was wonderful.

  40. Mary Says:

    Uno Chicago Grill has provided my family with something that many people take for granted! Take Out Pizza! My life is now complete again. Unos gets my vote.

  41. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Three Cheers for Uno’s Chicago Grill…


    Be Free!

  42. JOSH Says:

    I have been GF for only the past year and have 2 favorites in the Chicago area. 1) Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery in Evanston, IL. They have a full service bakery with a wide selection of baked goods to choose from. They do all of their own cakes and breads in house. They also offer a lunch/brunch menu that includes a pizza of the day, quiche of the day, and also offer chicken strips. It is a wonderful place. http://www.rosesbakery.com 2) DaLuciano’s in River Grove, IL. A little bit of a drive West of Chicago, but totally worth it. It is run by an Italian family who has 4 of their 5 kids with Celiac. They are very knowledgable about Celiac. They have an extensive GF menu and even have a separate area of the kitchen where the GF fare is prepared. My personal favorites-Fried Calamari Appetizer and homemade Cannoli for dessert. http://www.dalucianos.com These two restaurants take the stress out of dining out because you can order off the menu without worries of hidden gluten or cross-contamination.

  43. Bill Says:

    I’ll join Mary in praising UNO Chicago Grill. My wife and I are both gluten free. We our first pizza in years at our local UNO on Merritt Island, Florida. Now they have Redbridge gluten free beer as well. We’ll make it a regular place to eat. Their Gluten Free menu is also great. They say they have trained cooks and staff and have a special kitchen area set off for gluten free food preparation. Find them online and join the UNO Insider’s Club!

  44. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hey Josh-

    Chicago seems to be THE place to eat when you are dining gluten free!

    DaLuciano’s sounds perfect… Italian food and gluten free friendly… who could ask for more?

    Homemade Cannoli!!!!??? Gluten free YUM!

    Be Free!

  45. Patti Says:

    Typical Sicilian
    513 Belmont Ave
    Springfield MA
    (413) 739-7100

  46. Sue Says:

    My family ate at DaLuciano’s this past holiday season for the first time. Delicious, fabulous, wonderful are a few words that come to mind. We drove over an hour to get there but it was well worth it. My husband and daughter were so excited to eat GF Italian and it was great!! There was no stess wondering if things were really being prepared gluten free. They even have items that are frozen to take home. I ate off of the gluten free menu and would have never been able to tell the difference. It was probably the best Italian food I have ever eaten!! So two thumbs up for DaLuciano’s. We will definately make the drive again!

  47. Bill Says:

    UNO Chicago Grill really is the ONE! They are doing great, but let’s all challenge them to expand their Gluten Free menu. Go online to http://www.unos.com and send them a kudos and a request. Join the UNO Insider’s Club.

  48. Jamie Eppenauer Says:

    I am loving reading all of these comments – my never-ending desire for travel and all of this great tips has me wanting to book some plane tickets. At the top of my list, definately Risotteria in NYC and the Bay Tree Inn, in Athy, Ireland. I hope to eat at both again before I die.

  49. Arleen Says:


    I just read this site for the first time…thanks for all the suggestions in Mass.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Legal Seafood. It is my favorite so far. The food is excellent though a little pricey. They are starting to add in some of their restaurants GF rolls made in a great bakery in Mass. I feel extremely safe eating there whereas there have been several other restaurants that have fallen short in delivering their GF meals off their GF menu.

  50. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Arleen-

    Welcome to BeFreeForMe!

    Legals is good! I love their seafood dip and chips – hard to believe they are gluten free. Another favorite is the red onion relish / jelly. I like to have that on the side when I order any of the grilled fish items.

    They also have Gluten free croutons which makes their caesar salad a “real” caesar salad and more than just lettuce with dressing mixed in!

    Thanks for your post!

    Be Free!

  51. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hi Jamie (aka: the glutenfreemom) :

    I hope some day to travel to Ireland… if I do I will be checking out the Bay Tree Inn.

    Hope all is going well in your blogging world!

    Be Free!

  52. Reta Says:

    Laura’s Bistro – formerly Delicious N Fit in North Dallas is incredible – it is ALL GF! Blooming onions, chicken fried steak, fries, Ruben sandwiches, cakes, cookies, you name it – everything on the menu! I live 2 hours away and have been there 2x in the past year. If I lived 1 hour closer I think I’d be there at least monthly! They have a large menu – http://www.delicious-n-fit.com/pricing.asp?id=205370&page=1

  53. jayne Says:

    arlene–Legal seafood is great–went the other night. I got the gf calamari and gf seafood casserole and was out of this world. Glad to hear someone is finally thinking of gf bread! love love Legal!!! jayne b

  54. donna anderson Says:

    I was happy to find uno had a good tastin g/f pizza!!!!
    Lucianos restaraunt in wrentham ma also ahs g/f pasta and the waitstaff/ kitchen are very knowledgeable and happy to accomodate us by making some variations on their regular dishes….
    ask for Marty…he knows!

  55. Mary Says:

    Hi all,

    Highly recommend EVO in Worcester. It has an extensive GF menu, plus caters to all kinds of other allergens. They are located next to Living Earth grocery store on Park and Chandler Ave. The place is packed on Friday nights.

  56. Eric Says:

    no one should be allowe to die without first eating at Gus’s Fried Chicken in Memphis. nuff said

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