WIN-It-Wednesday: Gifts of Nature Gluten-Free Oatmeal & Baking Mixes

I am so very glad to announce that this weeks WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor is Gift of Nature Certified Gluten-Free Oatmeal and baking mixes!

Gift of Nature’s goal is to provide the best certified gluten-free oats, flours and baking mixes available. Gift of Nature keeps things real healthy too by using nutritious whole grain brown rice and bean flours in their mixes – not the typical white rice flour and starch which offer little nutritional value. Gift of Nature’s products also contain unrefined sweeteners, and all natural ingredients. And if you want to try something new, check out their mixes using Montina Pure Flour, which is high in Fiber, Protein, and Iron.

Gift of Nature is offering two (Yes 2!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members a “Gift (of Nature) pack” containing the following items:

Old Fashioned Oats* (44-ounce package): Great for a hot cereal in the morning or for baking! Oatmeal Cookies anyone?

Buttermilk Biscuit Mix: Think Bisquick for the gluten-free set! Use this versatile multipurpose baking mix to make fluffy biscuits, coffee cake, dumplings, and anything you use to make with Bisquick! Yahoooo!

French Bread and Pizza Mix: Enough to make a crusty loaf of French bread or 2 large pizza crusts. Gluten free yeast packet included.

Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix: Made with gluten-free grains, including Montina. Great for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.

How can you WIN?


Reply to this blog and tell us what gift(s) nature gives to you. (Me? New England winter days that are getting longer as they pass… a promise that springtime is coming soon!)

All entries must be received by Tuesday, February 16 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck, Be thankful of nature’s gifts… and as always,

Be Free!

* Please note that those on a gluten-free diet should check with their doctors before consuming even moderate amounts of certfied gluten-free oats.

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62 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Gifts of Nature Gluten-Free Oatmeal & Baking Mixes”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Beautiful snow!!!

  2. Cara Says:

    I love the springtime when the flowers just start blooming. The spring flowers are such bright colors with such wonderful smells after blahs of winter! 🙂

  3. Jennifer Says:

    The best gift nature gives me is the wonder and surprise in my daughter’s eyes when she discovers something exciting in nature. Sometimes she’ll just get so excited seeing the sun shine or the wind blow.

  4. Laura Says:

    I love my garden, and I’m really missing it this time of year! I live in an apartment so I garden in containers, but I really miss the fresh basil most of all!

  5. Lindsey Says:

    I would say that the bright sun and smell of fresh cut grass is enough to pull me out of any bad mood, but watching my son giggle and grin and he ran around in his first spring rain shower made me conscious of the beauty in every day living. Nature breathes new life into my family and me.

  6. Cindy Padgett Says:

    I love getting out in strong sunshine and watching my daughters ride horses. It brings such joy to my heart!

  7. gfe--gluten free easily Says:

    I love Gifts of Nature oats! Oh, nature is a wondrous thing … bright full moons, amazing sunsets and sunrises, and right now snow.


  8. Terri Says:

    Walking through a fresh Rocky Mountain snow is wonderfully calming and purifying to my spirit. It awakens in me the longing to spend more time outdoors and my veggie garden beckons with a growing whisper. I can’t wait!

  9. Jasmine Says:

    Living in a big city, we really enjoy looking at how well our city does in planting flowers and various plants throughout the city. We also appreciate the small patches of green the city is trying to create more of and having a small garden box on our balcony to teach our 2yr old about how fresh herbs are used and our small fresh veggies come from.

  10. Dawn Says:

    Nature gives me the buds in the spring. This is a sign of renewed life and a time for new beginnings.

  11. Kathleen Says:

    The best gift nature gives me … Sunshine! Especially on nice, hot summer days (which I can’t wait to get back to)

  12. Carin Says:

    Seeing the flowers start to pop up through the ground! It so cheery.

  13. Aleks Says:

    Autumn is the one season where everything feels fresh for me. I know historically Spring is supposed to be one’s “fresh” month and autumn is when things trees are growing bereft of leaves in preparation for winter, but the fall, oh the fall!

    Every October I feel like nature is giving me a new lease on life and new chances. I suppose it’s encouragement from the changing colors of the trees, telling me it’s never too late to transform, the clean, musty smells, the underlying smokiness of autumn after the hot summer. Nature carries on the fall wind secrets of my future that is oh so bright! if only I buck up and go for it! Like a cherished friend who always knows exactly what to whisper in your ear.

    The temperatures are so pleasant, perfect for sitting out under the mosaic trees, like a stained glass canopy that still lets in the breezy breath of the sky, in your most cozy sweatshirt with a mug of mulled apples.

    Oh boy, I’ve got 7-8 months to wait!

  14. Elizabeth Abare Says:

    Nature gives me fresh foods. We as a family love fresh fruit especially the gluten free girl so its something else she will eat for a snack is a nice juicy apple fresh picked from the farm up the street. Love the smell of apple trees

  15. Linda Williams Says:

    Crocus blooming in the church yard, my dog happily playing with his toys, my favorite oatmeal muffins.

  16. Irene Clark Says:

    The best gift nature gives me are the wild turkeys and deer walking through my yard on a snowy winter day!

  17. Linda Says:

    Oh, I’d have to say all the gluten free grains and beans that can be made into flour – just amazing.

  18. DEBBIE Says:


  19. Sue Fowler Says:

    SNOW DAYS!!!! I love the surprise of waking up in the morning to a beautiful white winter wonderland! The birds flock to my feeders and just for a few moments all is right with the world!

  20. Tamela Says:

    The first fresh blanket of snow in winter, the birds singing in the spring and summer, the crisp air in the fall. I love it all!

  21. Elizabeth Says:

    Nature gives me beautiful spring evenings; favorite activity on said evenings = walking the dogs! I am really missing spring right now.

  22. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I love big white fuffy snow flakes and tullips.

  23. Marina Says:

    Autumn is my favorite- all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and crisp evenings.

  24. Terry Says:

    I lov the fact that I can walk out my door and be surrounded by trees!! Love walking amongst them!!

  25. Arielle Says:

    Nature gives me the ability to enjoy the simple happiness of appreciating how the body works, and how calming the world can be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I am a runner and my favorite thing to do is run on trails early Sunday mornings when its just mother nature and I. It really helps me appreciate the natural and simple things in life.

  26. Paula Says:

    I live in the Pacific Northwest. Nature gives me scenic panoramas of rugged mountains, beautiful green-blue-gray inlets, imposing stately trees, moss covered rocks in a clear stream, I thank God daily for the beauty around me that He created for my pleasure.

  27. Michie Page Says:

    While I hated it at first, I now think of my Celiac Disease. Without it I would not be nearly as health conscious or aware of what I eat.

  28. Sarah Says:

    I love it when the first flowers bloom in the Spring. It is so nice to have that little pop of color after such a hard winter this year. I am also super excited about having an organic veggie garden this year. I worked really hard in the fall to create raised beds and am even making my own compost. All I need to do is start my seeds and plant away. I sometimes find it hard to get all the nutrients that I need on my gluten free diet. But I will be consuming more since the vegetables won’t lose as many vitamins due to weeks of travel from the farm to my table.

  29. Cheryl Says:

    The sun on my face, the wind in my hair, water around my body in the ocean and the feel of the grass under my toes.

  30. Susette Says:

    Living in Hawaii, we get warm sunshine, vog (yuk!), cooling trades, and rain while the other places get snow and freezing cold.

  31. Cathy S Says:

    Fresh veggies in the summer – I am thinking of homegrown tomatoes as I look out my window and see the blizzard!!!!!

  32. robin gamache Says:


  33. Randi Says:

    I love when nature delivers rain instead of over a foot and a half of snow. What a blessing!

  34. Stephanie Says:

    I am fortunate to live in Ontario where we have all 4 seasons. I love the change that each new season brings; with all the routine in life, it’s nice to have something to look forward to!

  35. Debbie Says:

    The sun is almost setting when I leave my job, a promise that longer days are coming.

  36. Lisa Durene Says:

    I love the fresh veggies from my garden in the summer and of course the wonder fresh air!

  37. Jennifer Anne Says:

    Fruits, vegetables and grains (gluten-free, of course!). I am thankful that even though I can’t eat foods with dairy, egg or gluten, there’s still all kinds of great-tasting food for me to eat!!!

  38. Susan C - AZ Says:

    Nature gives me so many gifts to soothe and stimulate my senses. I love the delicious taste fruits and vegetables. I love the smell of beautiful flowers, fresh zucchini bread and sweet cinnamon rolls. I love the sight of gorgeous natural scenery including sunsets. I love the sound of children’s laughter and the birds singing on an early Spring morning. I love the touch of holding sweet puppies and kittens. As an AZ resident, I love our many sunny days with warm sunshine to take many walks in the park.

  39. Diane Menchetti Says:

    The sun is shinning longer each day bringing me visions of summer bounty of veggies and fruits

  40. kristina herrick Says:

    My garden that me and my girls up keep together in the spring and summer. The joy on their faces when an fruit or veggie has grown! I also love the Fall- its my favorite New England season, the smell of the leaves and crips air are breathtaking.

  41. sue Says:

    The best gift nature gives would have to be mornings on the beach in the summer. One of our favorite traditions on vacation is packing up our breakfast early and getting to the beach before anyone else…..nothing like a quiet morning swim!

  42. Cindy Says:

    I look forward to the beauty of spring after a long Michigan winter.

  43. Elizabeth King Says:

    Moving from a city to the suburbs… you learn to appreciate the dark clear nights the sunrises and sunsets the joy of harvesting your own vegetable garden and learning how to cann and make your own jams and jellies. It’s something you can pass down to your children (a healthy way of living and eating) I have finally been able to see the seasons change by looking outside and taking a walk.

  44. Nicole Says:

    Nature gives me peace. When I need to set my mind free of all the stress and anxiety in this world, I look at the beautiful creations God has made.

  45. Stacy Says:

    Warm summer days!

  46. Gluten Free Betsy Says:

    Tulips. I love them. The city of Chicago plants millions of them and in the spring walking to work is not such a drag. As corny as it sounds, I’m usually smiling the whole way because they remind me how beautiful life is. 🙂

  47. Christine S. Says:

    A light mist to keep my hair curly

  48. Trish Gareau Says:

    Whipping wind, waving water, brilliant color, lively scent, sending chills, morning dew, then ice, & snow…. natural beauty!

  49. Janet LaRue Says:

    Nature’s gifts give me serenity and peace….a nice warm breeze on a cloudless day, the sway of my garden flowers in the wind and the smells that are lifted with the breeze, the hot summer days. Being outside in the spring and summer make me appreciate how lucky I am to be alive and that a GF diet really isn’t so bad and is worth the extra work and care.

  50. Larc Bogdan Says:

    Nature gave me a snow day this week, and I really needed it! My daughter and I got to spend the day together, and I got a break from my wonderful K students!

  51. cynthia n. Says:

    Waking up each day is truly a gift!

  52. Alissa B. Says:

    The prospect of spring after 50+ inches of snow in the Northeast.

  53. Suz Says:

    Hellebores blooming in late winter to let me know early spring is near!

  54. Francine Says:

    I saw a robin yesterday….that is truly a gift!! Spring is around the corner.

  55. Eileen Says:

    Nature gives me four seasons and each is special in it’s own way.

  56. Karen Grdina Says:

    I love the sunshine that melts my driveway and sidewalks. Can’t wait to smell the lilac tree in the spring.

  57. Terri Peters Says:

    The best part of winter is knowing spring is around the corner!

  58. Michelle M Says:

    This happened the other day, really for the first time this year. When you step outside and you can practically smell and taste the impending snow, and you get all giddy like a little kid again! Next thing you know, your inside a lifesize snow globe and there is 18 inches of snow on the ground…makes you want to run out, dive in, and make some snow angels!

  59. Emily Westfall Says:

    I love the sunshine and the plants that are nurtured by it. My Univiersity is starting a community garden and the warm spring sunshine here in southern California is a tantalizing pre-view of the bounty which can come from our hard work with the soil and sun! Hurray for vegetables and doing your part to participate in Nature!

  60. Nicole Says:

    Nature gives me great produce in the summer and wonderful cold snow in the winter.

  61. Lois Says:

    The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am drawn outdoors to walk. I notice the new flowers in my neighbor’s gardens, and iinhale the fresh breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean. It is Spring on Vancouver Island. I am alive and I have all my senses… all nature’s gifts, and I am thankful.

  62. Kathleen Reale Says:

    Hello All!

    Thanks for all of the replies! WOW! I loved reading them all…

    The random winners of this WIN-It-Wednesday are:

    Lindsey from Alabama
    Randi from Massachusetts

    Be Free!

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