WIN-It-Wednesday: Pastor Chuck Orchards Apple Specialties

When I was younger my Mom served applesauce all the time. We would have it for breakfast on top of oatmeal, at lunch for a side with our sandwiches, and of course served with pork chops … which had me and my sisters imitating Peter Brady, a la Humphrey Bogart, by repeating “porkchopppps and apple sauuuuuce” continuously throughout the dinner hour.

Oh the memories…. (and the patience my Mom and Dad must have had!)

I hadn’t thought much about apple sauce until I was recently introduced to Pastor Chuck’s Organic Apple Specialties. They makes delicious products made from Maine-grown, organic apples. All of their products have no preservatives or pesticides. Plus they are gluten and allergen free.

Pastor Chuck’s products are not just perfect for kids, but also for all of us adults that are looking for healthy and organic choices.

That is why I was thrilled when Pastor Chuck’s Organic Maine Apple Specialties decided to be the sponsor of BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday this week. Two (Yes 2!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members will win a gift pack of Pastor Chuck products!

The first gift packs includes three jars of the Apple Butters, which are fantastic non-dairy alternatives to spread over gluten-free bagels, instead of butter or jam. The second gift pack includes a jar of the apple butter, a jar of the applesauce, and a jar of the Apple Salsa (Yes Salsa!) which is so versatile. I love to use the apple salsa over grilled meats, with baked brie, and as a dip for gluten-free crackers and fruits.  It is uniquely delicious!

How can you win?

Reply to this blog and tell us your favorite TV show when you were a kid and your favorite character in that show (Me? I loved the Brady Bunch, and my favorites were Peter and Jan… since they were both middle children like me!)

Good Luck, Pork Chops and Apple Sauce forever… and as always,

Be Free!

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124 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Pastor Chuck Orchards Apple Specialties”

  1. Inza Says:

    Rags to Riches was my favorite show. I am an adopted kid so all those girls being ex foster kids really hit home. I loved Diane on the show. he always had the best clothes.


  2. Linda LaTour Says:

    My fave show was Star Trek~Fave characters,Chekov and Spock~of course!!

  3. Linda LaTour Says:

    My favorite TV show was Star Trek and my favorite character was Mr.Spock.

  4. Annette Says:

    Family Affair was my favorite show and Buffy and Jody were my favorite characters.

  5. Lisa Says:

    When I was a girl back in the late 60’s there was a tv western called “Lancer”.
    I had the hugest crush on Johnny Lancer played by James Stacy.
    One night, my bestfriend Mary and I went with my parents to look
    at an RV. My father was “taking to long” talking and Mary and I
    knew it was close to our showtime! So we decided to head on out back for home by foot.
    Needless to say, my parents got in the car found us and we both
    got the big scolding and were grounded from tv that night!
    I never forgot that obviously, and ended up naming
    one of my sons’ Lance and often call him Lancer.

  6. Michele Adair Says:

    My favorite show was the brady bunch and my favorite character was Cindy.

  7. Rick Mangione Says:

    My favorite show was Star Trek, and my favorite actor was Mr. Spock. I was into science, and his knowledge and computational skills amazed me!

  8. Francine Says:

    I loved “Happy Days”. I thought the Fonz was SO cool!!

  9. cindy gates Says:

    this looks like a great contest …thanks

  10. Cindy Says:

    A favorite show when I was young was watching the Ed Sullivan show and seeing all the different stars.

  11. Jill Lyles Says:

    Favorite show: Lost in Space, I was in LOVE with Don and WANTED to be Judy when I grew up!

  12. Kathy T. Says:

    My favorite show was Little House on the Prarie. I wasn’t a Tom Boy like Laura but somehow imagined myself to be a bit like her and the mom Caroline,…I love her character so much, so wise, kind and beautiful, that when my sister was born and my parents were looking for a name, I suggested Caroline. She ended up being named Carolyn.

    Thank you for all the great give aways!

    My kiddo will LOVE the applesauce. Apples are his favorite fruit!

  13. robin gamache Says:


  14. Nikki Miller Says:

    My favorite TV show was Full House! You gotta love Danny Tanner and his obsession with hugs!

  15. Zana Says:

    My favorite show was Mr. ED…a very long time ago. And my favorite character was Mr. ED himself. He LOVED apples!!!!!

  16. Cheryl Hahn Says:

    My fovorite Tv show when I was a kid was “The I Love Lucy Show”. It was on in the mornings and I watched it while I was waiting for my brother to get home from school and have lunch with me. It was a very funny, crazy show and I still enjoy watching the old reruns!

  17. Nancy Haglund Says:

    I loved the Andy Griffith Show. My favorite characters were Andy and Aunt Bee. I loved the character of Andy for his love and devotion to his family, friends and community. Being a single parent in that era wasn’t publicized much. It gave us kids raised in single parent homes, hope. I also loved Aunt Bea. She was always such a great homemaker, cook. As was my Mom. I also loved her kind and caring ways with everyone. It was such a great show.

  18. Andrea Hubbard Says:

    my favorite t.v. show was M*A*S*H. And the favorite character was Hawkeye Pierce. May be why I went into home health care. Personal contact with “patients”

  19. Andrea Hubbard Says:

    my facorite t.v. show as a child was M*A*S*H. My favorite character was Hawkeye Pierce.

  20. Andrea Hubbard Says:

    my favorite show was The Grandpa or Zeb was my favorite person.

  21. Courtney Fowler Says:

    My favorite tv show was the Monkees. I just loved them all 🙂 I couldn’t tell you a favorite!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Cindy Says:

    My favorite show was Leave it to Beaver. My favorite character was Eddie.

  23. Lisa Durene Says:

    I loved Gilligans Island and of course my favorite character was Gilligan! He was hilarious!

  24. Kathryn Gritts Says:

    Favorite TV show as a child: Family Affair! My favorite character on the show: Mr. French. I lived in a little country town and the show was set in the city, in a fancy apartment, with fancy, rich people. I thought it was sooo exotic!

  25. Gris Says:

    I grew up in Mexico and there was a show called ‘El Chavo del 8’ (the boy from the 8th) it was funny and innocent and was a total hit between mexican children back then, I loved to watched every night, my favorite character was ‘el chavo’ so silly.

  26. Tonya Ford Says:

    Little House on the Praire, Laura Ingalls

  27. Anne Rod Says:

    My favorite TV show was Little House on the Prairie – My favorite character was Laura – she was a spitfire!

  28. Rachell Williams Says:

    I always loved Samantha on Bewitched. I always wanted to be able to twitch my nose and turn those creepy boys in school into frogs!

  29. Colleen Worboys Says:

    My favourite television show as a child was Bewitched. I always thought it would be wonderful to have magical powers with just a wiggle of my nose. Just thinking it about now brings back old memories of wholesome family television. My favourite character is Samantha of course, although Mother, Uncle Arthur, Esmeralda and Aunt Clara added many zany laughs toward Darren.

  30. debbie russell Says:

    My favorite was I love Lucy. Lucille Ball

  31. Kat Says:

    My favorite TV show as a child was Full House. Favorite character, probably Michelle. 😉

  32. Gina Dube Says:

    My favorite show when I was a kid was McHale’s Navy. I liked the way they didn’t follow all the rules but got things done anyway.

  33. Barb M. Says:

    I had a few favorites when I was small. I watched Star Trek and I used to think Spock was the coolest and cutest; not that rogue, Capt. Kirk; lol. I must have been in elementary school then.

  34. Sarah Says:

    I am not sure I had a favorite show. But I sure loved TGIF!! My favorite character for that night would have to be….none other than…the ever lovable Urkel!!!!! No Sweat My Pet!!!

  35. Rebekah Harrell Says:

    Mayberry RFD – I like the little read head boy Opie and Andy wasn’t too bad himself.

  36. April Says:

    My favorite show when I was a kid was Saved By The Bell and my favorite character was Zach because I used to think he was so cute!

  37. Judy Shelley Says:

    Howdy Doody Show. Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle, and of course, Howdy Doody. Also Make room for Daddy with Danny Thomas.

  38. Tammy C Says:

    I loved Scooby Doo then…and I still do today! Who can resist the charms of Shaggy and Scooby?!

  39. Paul Bourque Says:

    My favorite tv show was Bonanza & my favorite character was Hoss.Gentle bear of a man.

  40. Marina Says:

    I loved Buck Rogers, MacGyver and Magnum PI. 🙂 I still have a crush on all of the main characters. 🙂

  41. Kathy Bunn Says:

    My favorite show was “I Dream of Jeannie” I always wanted to live in her bottle. LOL

  42. Christine Marquette Says:

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I guess I’ll go with the Andy Griffith Show, and Opie was my favorite character.

  43. A Li Says:

    Family matters.

  44. Toni Says:

    Punky Brewster, I couldn’t wait to watch that show when I was little. My fave person was Punky

  45. marie Says:

    Mash was my mother’s and I favorite. Corp. Clinger was funny how he cross dressed in the army.

  46. Karla Says:

    My favorite show when I was a kid was Bewitched and my favorite character was Aunt Agatha, she was so scatter-brained, but loveable.

  47. susan w Says:

    My favorite show was “Out Of This World: and favorite character was Eve Garland. I love how she had the power to stop time and fix everything the way she wanted it. If I were Eve I would stop time right now and make my entry the winning one!! : )

  48. Senata Says:

    My favorite show was Bewitched and my favorite character was Aunt Clara.

  49. Paulette Barrett Says:

    My favorite show was Roy Rogers-Dale Evans (his wife) was my favorite-I got to meet them at a Rodeo!!

  50. Trish Says:

    We didn’t get a TV until I was 13 but I loved Tugboat Annie.; favorite character was Tugboat Annie herself. I also loved the Ma & Pa Kettle series of movies with Ma Kettle being my favorite.

  51. charlie623 Says:

    The Rifleman with Chuck Conners he was so cool under fire

  52. Marla Y Says:

    My favorite show growing up was also the Brady Bunch. My favorite character on the show was Marcia and Alice. I loved Alice and always thought how I would love to have her as a housekeeper. Thank you for the giveaway. These products sound delicious.

  53. Tina Borchardt Says:

    I liked to watch The Cosby Show, even though their family was different than mine, I felt a relation to Rudy!

  54. MaryAnne Says:

    I LOVED The Lone Ranger…he was my hero!

  55. Sacha M Says:

    I loved the original Dick Van Dyke Show. It mixed a brand of slapstick comedy, with musical variety, with vaudeville. This is the show, for M*A*S*H* fans where Jamie Farr made his debut,

  56. donna Says:

    My favorite tv show when I was little was The Munsters and my favorite character was Herman.

  57. Melanie Harding Says:

    My favorite was Sanford and Son. I loved Aunt Esther! She had so much conviction, reminded me of some of my family.

  58. Pamela Stickney Says:

    My favorite tv show was the Hardy boys, with Shaun Cassidy. I watched that show every week and I even collected Shaun Cassidy records and tee-shirts.

  59. Susan C - AZ Says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite because I hate to admit I was a TV junkie as a kid. If I had to pick just one show, it would be I Love Lucy. Other favorites as a little kid were Speed Racer, Gigantor, Mighty Mouse, Felix the Cat, and Popeye. As a Tween, I also liked the Brady Bunch, Bewitched, The Wonderful World of Disney, I Dream of Jeannie, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Nanny & the Professor, All in the Family and M*A*S*H*. Gotta love those apples & pork chops too! Yummo!

  60. Darlene Says:

    My fave was “Romper Room”! It was always on at lunch time and when it was milk & cookie time my mom would come in with milk & homebaked cookies as well. The show was especially great if/when the lady would look thru her magic mirror and call my name ( she sees me). It was an innocent time.

  61. lynn Says:

    favorite shows, rin tin tin and lassie and of course, fav ‘characters,’ rin tin tin and lassie.

  62. Susan Says:

    My favorite show was Mork & Mindy. I loved Mork but, I thought the neighbor was a hoot!

  63. Jodi Says:

    I loved Gilligan’s Island – all the goofy gadgets they made!! My favorite was Mary Ann – I just loved her character!

  64. Trisa Says:

    My favorite tv show was the Charlie Brown Christmas Special (I still watch it every year!) My favorite character was Snoopy.

  65. nangy Says:

    My favorite T.V. show when I was a child was THE LONE RANGER,and of course Tonto.

  66. Phyllis Says:

    As a child I watched Lassie every day while eating lunch. Lassie was my favorite character.

  67. Rachel Says:

    I loved Little House on the Prairie. Laura was my favorite character 🙂

  68. Sandra Bright Says:

    My favorite TV show was the Roy Rogers Show. I loved riding my bike and pretending that I was Dale ridind Buttermilk.

  69. Cathy Says:

    Boy is this aging. I loved Petticoat Junction. Uncle Joe was my favorite . A big loveable bear of a man, but always in trouble.

  70. Debbie Denn Says:

    My absolute fav show was The Carol Burnett Show & of course I loved all the characters she played.

  71. Caryn Says:

    My favorite show was Flipper, how cute was he!!!!!

  72. Laurie C Varnam Says:

    My favorite Yvonne show was “Happy Days”, & my favorite person was “Fonzie.”

  73. Jean Says:

    Flipper- a lovable animal and great looking guys who were good stewards of the planet. Jean

  74. Philip Says:

    My favorite TV show as a child was The Beverly Hillbillys and my favorite character was Jed Clampet. I even began saying “wee doggies” throughout that era.

  75. ATMANE Says:

    My favorite show’s Family Affair & Jody’s my favorite character.

  76. sherry Says:

    my favorite show was High Chaperal. Blue was the best. His eyes were so intrigueing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Michelle D. Says:

    My favorite show was ALF, and my favorite character was Alf.

  78. Carole Says:

    I loved The Carol Burnett Show. I loved them all, but my favorite character was Carol playing Mrs. Wiggins, Mr. Tudball’s secretary.

  79. Emily Says:

    My favorite show as a child was Little House on the Prairie. Every Sunday night at 7:00 p.m.! My favorite character was Nellie Olsen. I know she’s the bad guy, but it was funny to see her “evil plans” back fire on her. 🙂

  80. Erica Says:

    Gilligan’s Island was by favorite show, the Professor was my favorite character. And I Love PASTOR CHUCKS!!

  81. Janet LaRue Says:

    I loved the Adams Family-Tish…speak French to me……Oh Gomez….

  82. Erica Says:

    my favorite show when I was a kid was probably Different Strokes.. “watchu talkin’ ’bout Willis” : )

  83. Lynda Says:

    My favourite shows when growing up were Canadian shows and they were excellent. “The Friendly Giant” show was my favourite when I was young and the favourite character was the Friendly Giant. Later I loved the “Littlest Hobo” and my favourite character was the dog of course. The Littlest Hobo, a Canadian series, stars a German Shepherd with a loyal and independent spirit that becomes friend and hero to those he meets.

  84. taty Says:

    My favorite show was Little House on the Prarie

  85. Sharlene Mohlman Says:

    I love the TV show Chuck!!!!

  86. Sarah Dyjak Says:

    Hmm, I don’t know if I had only one favorite. When I was quite little I loved Emergency, but I couldn’t tell you the names of any characters. Little House on the Prairie was a favorite later on and I think Ma was my favorite character.

  87. LeAnn Monteiro Says:

    The Little Rascals. I loved Darla, Spanky, Alfalfa and Buckwheat. You can’t it for a good laugh!

  88. shirley Says:

    My favorite show was Gilligan’s Island and my favorite character was Gilligan himself. I loved this show because it could take me away to a tropical island….

  89. Katie Says:

    Definitely a huge “Little House on the Prairie” fan, and still am to this day, along with my 6 year old twin daughters. We have watched so many reruns together and love to read the books, too.

  90. DEBBIE Says:


  91. Kaye Says:

    I would love to get up on Saturday’s and watch the Monkey’s. My favorite was Davey Jones. He was sooooo groovy. I had a really bad case of puppy love. He was so tuff (that means “hot” for those of you who don’t know 60’s -70’s lingo). Maria, from the Brady Bunch thought he was groovy also.

  92. Terry Sofley Says:

    I loved to sneak and watch Dark Shadows. Ah Barnabus Collins was ‘the’ Vampire then.

  93. Victoria Says:

    I loved watching the original Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funnyjello(Funicello). She was always so perfect and proper.

  94. Summer Says:

    My favorite was full house and Stephanie Tanner 🙂

  95. Tam Says:

    I loved Happy Days and Chachi was my favorite.

  96. Robin Randall Says:

    My favorite TV show was I Love Lucy, and my favorite character was Lucy of course!

  97. Amy A. Says:

    My favorite show was the Partridge Family. I had a major crush on Keith (David Cassidy).

  98. Lindy Says:

    Happy Days was my all time fav. I really loved the Fonz.

  99. Grimmie Says:

    I really loved biwitched. Endora was really my all time favourite.

  100. Brian Says:

    My favorite show as a child was ‘Batman’ Batman and Robin were my favorites but “The Riddler” was my favorite bad guy. I still watch them today from the dvd’s my wife bought me and have added my grandsons as fans also

  101. Pam White Says:

    The Carol Burnett Show was my favorite show, just because I loved to laugh and they cracked me up. My favorite character was Tim Conway.

  102. Kerri Says:

    The TV show I loved to watch was Rocky & Bullwinkle! I loved Bullwinkle and Fractured Fairy Tales!

  103. Colleen Says:

    My favorite TV show as a kid was “Little House on the Prairie” and Laura was my favorite character.

  104. CONSTANCE Says:

    my favorite show was the jeffersons,and my favoite character was florence.

  105. Amy Says:

    My favorite show was All in the Family with Archie and Edith Bunker and Meathead and Gloria

  106. dorthy Says:

    My favorite show was Bewitched, I wanted to be a witch like Samantha.

  107. Tammy Says:

    Family Affair was my favorite show and Buffy & Jody were my favorite characters.

  108. Ed S Says:

    One of my favorite shows of the 1960s was “The Beverly Hillbillies” and I thought Ellie Mae Clampett was great – as well as the rest of the family, including “Granny”.

  109. Toby Says:

    Gimme a Break comes to mind, it just made me happy…Nell Carter was in it, Joey Lawrence got his start, but it was Samantha I loved, the youngest daughter. So many shows, but this one came to mind…:D

  110. Paula Vanbuskirk Says:

    well….I have always been a trekkie myself.

  111. Janet Watson Says:

    My favorite TV show goes back real far in time to the Howdy Doody Show and my favorite characters were Hoody Doody himself and Buffalo Bob.

  112. Jo Says:

    I liked Little House on the Prairie and my favourite was Laura. She seemed to always get into trouble growing up, just like me!

  113. roechelle Says:

    I loved and still love the simpsons, it first aired when i was 9 and my fav was and still is the bart man

  114. sue j Says:

    Family Affair was one of my favorite shows growing up…Liked the butler/care giver Mr French

  115. Jacqueline Carpenter Says:

    I was into cartoons and Popeye and Olive Oyl were my favorite and I remember one movie and it was The Day the Earth Stood Still.It scared me to death,…

  116. Cathy S Says:

    As a young teen I loved “The Man form Uncle” I even joined the Illya Kuryaken fan club! The only one I ever joined and they sent me a picture that I treasured! Now I can’t remember the name of the actor that played him!!!

  117. marilyn Says:

    one of my favorite shows was “Gunsmoke”, and Miss Kitty was my favorite character

  118. Linda A Says:

    Happy Days was my favorite show and the Fonz and Richie were my favorite characters!

  119. Terri Peters Says:

    Beverly Hillbillies-Granny. She was tiny but tough-always going to whup Jethro.

  120. Rhonda Says:

    One of my favorite shows was Bewitched and Darren was my favorite character.

  121. Maggie L. Says:

    My favorite show was Laverne and Shirley. I thought Laverne was so cool! LOL.

  122. Christine Stever Says:

    My favorite show was fantasy island. my favorite character was Tatoo. His sense on humour was unique. I liked the concept of the show. That your dreams could come true.

  123. Annette Says:

    I had several favorites. I love Little House on the Prairie… so i’ll go with that one since I can only pick one!

  124. Carol Says:

    I loved Little House on the Prairie, and my favorite was Laura!

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