Win-It-Wednesday: Fit & Fresh Lunch Kits

When you have celiac disease or food allergies it can be a challenge to pack healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals-on-the-go everyday. Throw into the mix what type of container to put it in and the hassle of mealtime packing can make any morning an unbelievably stressful one.

This is why I was so glad to find (and may I add, use daily) Fit & Fresh containers. These convenient transportable lunch containers not only keep my cereal, sandwiches, salads and snacks safe & secure, they also keep them nice & cool on these warm summer days. The best part about these containers are they contain removable ice packs to keep my food fresh and chilled until mealtime!

Ingenious! Clever! A must-have for any gluten-free gal like me!

These containers are tough too. Sturdy, freezer-safe, easy to clean (dishwasher top-shelf safe) and also microwavable… which is important when I need to heat leftovers. (Plus, they’re BPA free).

One of the lunch kits that Fit & Fresh offers is perfect for any type of lunch or snack… the Healthy Food Combo Pack. It contains a Lunch-on the-Go, which holds a sandwich or entrée, plus two side dishes or snacks; a Salad Shaker, for those days you want to bring a salad on the go, which is equipped with a separate salad dressing dispenser; plus a Chilled Shaker, that is perfect for my breakfast fruit & flax seed smoothie!

Kid’s also love these lunch kits too. Perfect for summer camp, long car rides or school lunches, these lunch kits come in the perfect size for kid-sized meals and kid-approved colors! The best part is that Fit & Fresh is coming out with a brand new kid’s lunch set for back-to-school. This kit (which will be available to purchase in the next week or two) contains a hot lunch container, which is fantastic for keeping almost any food warm until lunchtime and contains a unique re-usable spoon that snaps into the lid (can you say… no more lost silverware?); a Lunch POD for any sandwich; plus two smart portion 2-cup containers and two smart portion 1-cup containers, for a variety of sides, veggies, hummus, dips, puddings, jello – or anything that needs to be kept cool. What kid can resist a healthy gluten or allergen free lunches when they’re packed in such cool containers?

Whew! Just writing this has started me thinking about the rest of this week’s lunches!

Some of my other favorites from Fit & Fresh are the Fruit & Veggie Bowl (a favorite for bringing to the beach) and my Breakfast Chiller (Gluten free granola, milk and a fruit topping on the run? It’s not just a dream anymore! See the picture of this breakfast lovin’ tote at the top of this blog post.)

Quick & easy healthy lunches, cool colors, snap-in ice packs & making our gluten & allergen free lives easier are all of the fantastic reasons why I am so excited that Fit & Fresh is this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor on!

FIVE (yes…you read it right 5!) lucky BeFreeForMe members will win a prize pack that includes one (1) adult Healthy Food Combo Pack and one (1) brand new Kid’s Healthy Lunch Set (this set is so new it isn’t even on the Fit & Fresh website yet)! Each prize is valued just about $42.00!

How can you win?


Reply to this blog and tell us your fresh idea for eating healthy (Me? I incorporate milled flax seed into my breakfast yogurt or smoothie in the morning for an extra protein boost!). All entries must be received by Tuesday, June 15th at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck… Always, always stay a little fresh… do your best to be fit… and as always…

Be Free!

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82 Responses to “Win-It-Wednesday: Fit & Fresh Lunch Kits”

  1. Annette Says:

    I’ve recently started watching our sugar intake.

  2. Kathy Bunch Says:

    Instead of regular salt, I use lite salt, canola oil instead of vegetable oil, and instead of sweets, I eat lots of fruit throughout the day.

  3. Caryn Says:

    To keep my girls eating healthy I use fresh fruit and veggies to make silly faces on a their plates. They enjoy a healthy and silly treat.

  4. Debbie Keats Says:

    Having celiac disease and being lactose intolerant go hand in hand so I’ve started using Feta cheese instead of cow’s cheese on pretty much everything I cook or prepare. I found I was really missing cheese and this has really helped a lot.

    I also found a fabulous product called Garlic Expressions which is a salad dressing and marinade made with oil, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Not only is this the tastiest dressing I’ve ever had but it’s also a wonderful marinade for chicken and fish and it’s healthy to boot.

    When I make salad I use the Garlic Expression dressing and sprinkle Feta cheese and pepper on top and it’s to die for!

  5. Cara Says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I am always taking my lunch to work. 🙂 My fresh idea for eating healthy is to have snacks throughout the day so that I am not starving at each meal and to have a piece of fruit with each meal as my dessert. 🙂

  6. WENDY KNAPP Says:

    My 14 year old son has celiac disease and he carries cashew clusters made by kirklands and carried at Costco to boost his protein
    Wendy Knapp

  7. Gudrun Says:

    I’m with you about the flax seed! I’ve been drinking smoothies with home-made yogurt, fruit and flax seeds for years.
    The latest change in my diet though, are green smoothies that I drink for supper. They are a tasty way to use up all those greens growing in my garden.
    By the way, those Fit and Fresh Lunch Kits sound ideal for a celiac, means we have to carry food with us so much and can’t just grab something to eat any place like “normal” people.

  8. Michelle Says:

    I add Salba to my morning cereal in order to boost my fibre.

  9. torie Says:

    My fresh idea for eating healthy is to eat clean foods that come from nature, not a science lab. I’ve recently stopped using artificial sweetner in my tea and instead sprinkle a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger in my cup. Mmmmm.

  10. Toby Says:

    I stay to the perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find your four basic food groups at their healthiest…:D

  11. Julie Says:

    I put flax in our pancakes & sometimes bread. The flavor is great & its good for us too!

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow! The kits look great! For healthy eating, I’ve been baking with no added sugar, mainly using dates to add sweetness.

  13. zoey dapf Says:

    These kits look great! I have been changing the way we eat in our household a great deal lately, i dont go down any aisles in the food store with the junk food at all, i am buying more fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding sugar when i bake i do not add any oil i use applesauce taste great

  14. Kathy Says:

    My best way to satisfy my kid’s sweet tooth is to buy the fat free Jell-O brand instant pudding. I make it with soy pudding since my son has milk allergies and use xantham gum to help thicken it. Adding bananas to banana cream is yummy and so are organic blueberries in vanilla. The chocolate is great as well.

  15. DEBBIE Says:


  16. Kat Says:

    Now that it’s ice cream season, we don’t keep it in the house at all. If we really want it, the house rule is that we have to walk the 5 blocks to the ice cream stand for it. 🙂

    I cook with olive oil and white wine, and add seasonings instead of fat whenever possible.
    I like substituting apple sauce for oil in some baked goods too!

  17. Phyllis Says:

    I pack my lunch for work every day.I pack fruit,a protein and often a vegetable. So much healthier than fast food.I drink water too.

  18. Michie Page Says:

    My meals are cheap and healthy – I get whatever meat is cheap at the store and cook it with frozen vegetables and my own quinoa brown rice mixture. Add in seasoning and I have a healthy, tasty meal that usually comes out between 50 cents and 1 dollar per meal.

  19. Paula Says:

    I’m a donut addict…So when I know we’re going to have an office party, I make sure I eat a healthy lunch/breakfast so that I’m not hungry, but I also have mini donuts available so if the craving becomes unbearable, I can have 1. Just 1.

  20. Jennifer Says:

    I also pack my lunch for work every day. I always pack an entree, yogurt, and fruit. I also make sure my snack drawer is packed with healthy gluten free food.

  21. Kathy Bunn Says:

    I am trying to eat whole foods, without processing. my favorite right now is almonds.

  22. niki Says:

    I use apple sauce instead of oil in baking.

  23. Tomi Says:

    I stay away from processed and fake foods, this includes margarine, I use butter or olive oil. Keep to whole foods and foods with five or fewer ingredients makes worrying about if there’s gluten or not a lot less stressful.

  24. Nancy Says:

    Thanx so much for this giveaway! I ride a motorcycle to work and am always looking for ways to carry my lunch and snacks, and this sounds perfect. I have learned how healthy it is to eat avocado and salsa together because the avocado allows the antioxidants from the salsa to stay in your body better. It is a wonderful side with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

  25. Becky Says:

    When my family wants to splurge on a high-carb food like popcorn, instead of salt and butter, we add flaxseed oil, and alternate between sprinkling it with brewer’s yeast and crushed seaweed. It’s still a satisfying flavorful snack, but adds in some things that we can benefit from.

  26. sarah Says:

    So, I have been really trying my hardest to get healthier. I don’t want to be sick anymore, I don’t want to feel tired, and I’d like to lose about 35 pounds. I have been really overwhelmed by the task at hand. But I try to take one meal at a time. I have been making all of my meals, adding flax to EVERYTHING, filling up on fruit and veggies. I even started my own veggie garden. I am about to have fresh tomatoes!!! I guess the answer is diligence. There is no easy fix. I am just thankful that Celiac’s disease can be managed by changing my diet. That is definate silver lining. I wouldn’t like to take a pill or give myself shots.

  27. esther fraser Says:

    boil a big bag of edamames, let cool and lightly salt. Pack in lunch baggies and leave in fridge. There will always be a quick and healthy snack for you and the family. These really are soooo addictive and tasty and how easy!!!! The lunch kit containers would be perfect and a very green way of storing (vs. my plastic baggie route)!

  28. Lisa Henson Says:

    I puree all kinds of beans and veggies into the more traditional kids favorite dishes like Great Northern Bean puree in mashed sweet potatoes and butternut squash puree into GF instant mac and cheese…my kids say I “mixing in the vitamins” and along with extra protein…they have developed a more mature taste for a variety of veggies!

  29. Christine S. Says:

    I incorporate fresh organic veggies into just about everything, and eat 3 to 5 servings of fruit a day. And absolutely no artificial sweeteners.

  30. Christina Says:

    To promote a healthy lifestyle I make gluten-free rice milk smoothies for breakfast. I just put some frozen berries, rice milk and a dash of matcha green tea powder for a delicious and healthful breakfast boost.

  31. Lucy Says:

    Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway! I make lots of fruit salad that I munch on as well as a veggie one with dandelinon – I make a dressing that has much canola oil and flax for that one and for the fruit salad…I count that as my surgar (I quit surgar and salt unless it is in the product). I don’t add additional salt or surgar to any recipe. I found that after I became gf I can taste the food. Once my hubby made some chicken on the grill and comepletey tasted the chicken that was just brushed with olive oil – I had to ask everyone if they could taste the flavors – they looked at me like I came from planet gf! I love to use honey once in a while but in small amounts. Even fruit taste so delish just as is nothing to add. Dandelion is so great with fresh parsley and canola. I once tasted a potato chip that was gf and (sorry – I actually spit it out -) unless the meal aready includes a spice (and I used to be a spice freak) I will not add it. That being said if it has some spice I will eat it. lol I love Naked food it is crazy but sometimes I will crave a bit of non-naked so long as it is gf. Thanks for letting me go on about it! PS I only drink water (no soda, no juice, just water- I can actually taste the brand)

  32. Cindy Says:

    I stick to fruits for dessert during the week and treat myself to a not so healthy goodie on the weekend.

  33. Chriss Says:

    I always have fresh fruit and veggies around for snacks both for myself and my kids. As summer is approaching I love to make fruit smoothies for cool treats and I add pureed veggies to a lot of our meals to add those extra servings esp for my youngest who doesn’t know that she actually is eating veggies because if she idd she would never eat it!

  34. Lisa Durene Says:

    I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Also of course water.

  35. Elizabeth Says:

    I make my kids pancakes with applesauce and flax mixed into the batter.
    They love them, and they’re getting some fruit and fibre.
    Sometimes I add pureed sweet potatoes and cinnamon too (I only tell them about the cinnamon!)
    and they gooble them up!

  36. Colleen Says:

    I add ground almonds and flax seed to my morning oatmeal to add protein.

  37. robin gamache Says:


  38. MaryAnne Says:

    I sprinkle flaxseed just like you would with s&p on our meals…it adds just a little something special & its healthy too!

  39. Michelle Says:

    I have switched to Safflower oil. I add a tablespoon to normal lite vinagrette dressings. It is tastless and is suppossed to eliminate the hard to get rid of brown fat in your tummy. I actually see a difference.

  40. tanya anderson Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!I have begun using stevia to sweeten my drinks and have been walking 4 miles a day.

  41. debra taylor Says:

    I planted a small garden in pots on my deck to get some fresh veggies and herbs. I take my lunch to work everyday to stay healthy, so I don’t eat fast foods. I’d love one of these to carry my lunch in.

  42. Jennifer C Says:

    I make sure I always have a healthful snack with me so I don’t end up snacking on junk.

  43. Marta Says:

    Every morning I add 2 tablespoons of chia seed to a bowl of milk, mix it well and let it sit for 2 minutes. I mix it again to prevent clumping and then add 1 cup frozen blueberries. I heat it in the microwave full power for 2-3 minutes and then add 1 whole banana sliced. The chia provides enough protein to last me through to lunch time. I carry chia with me for breakfasts when I travel.

  44. pat johnson Says:

    I make my own granola to put on yogurt in the morning. I add a lot of fiber into it which is so good for me. I also use flax (ground) and chai (ground) into a lot of my baked goods for extra fiber and nutrition…..especially my bread.
    What a great give away! We always pack our lunch instead of eating out.

  45. cindy T Says:

    I always carry Lara Bars, a mini raisin box, and almonds in my purse so if I am out and starving I have a healthy food.

  46. Karen Frothinger Says:

    My three greatest healthy “discoveries” this past year (and my kids love these):
    (1) Texas caviar — mix fresh salsa with black beans and a little corn and a lot of cilantro and you have a wonderful healthy snack iin minutes … I use baked Tostitos scoops chips to scoop it out of the bowl. Also gets lots of compliments at parties — for being healthy AND tasting great.
    (2) Shake olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a great healthy salad dressing and no preservatives (I serve over mixed greens with feta and craisins and anything else I have around)
    (3) Awesome dessert: Peel then freeze bananas … within a few hours you can put them into a food processor with a little (rice or cow’s) milk and some (sugar-free) baking cocoa and you have fabulous “chocolate banana ice cream” without the fat/cream or sugar! Have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like this one!

  47. Beth Says:

    My husband and I are walking every night after work. We limit our red meat intake to once a week. And we are limiting our sugar intake.

  48. melissa b Says:

    i add tofu and vegetables to sauces in the food processor and then freeze them so i just can grab and thaw what i need…my celiac daughter is only 3 so it’s much easier than fighting to get enough veggies and protein into her diet

  49. Terri Peters Says:

    lots more fruits and vegies. the lunch kit would be great to take lunch to work.

  50. carrie Says:

    I try to incorporate more fruits into our diets instead of chips and sweets.

  51. Terry Sofley Says:

    Looks good. I’m tired of running into problems eating away from home

  52. Tammy Says:

    I try to get more fruits in our diet and cut down on salty foods.

  53. jody tarrant Says:

    HI with these container,,it would make food travels easier….I like fresh carrot sticks and celery….with peanut butter or even some almond butter …and yes flax is so good to mix intothings…I heard that they need tobe grounded fine to work better …thanks for the chance to win these!!! good day!!!!

  54. leslie Says:

    I pack both my breakfast and lunch for work everyday. This way I know that what I’m eating is healthy and appropriate for me and it’s also a lot less expensive.

  55. Faye Says:

    I try to add nuts to dishes for a change of pace to the ordinary, It is getting harder to do so as many are processed in a facility that also processes peanuts and/or soy products. Then there is that “roasted in peanut oil” issue too. Correct me if I am wrong, have I not purchased walnut, almond and other oils?

  56. Janet LaRue Says:

    Summer is here and it is time to break out the shorts and show off those winter bodies…yikes, not a pretty picture! So our family is starting to eat healthier and we have cut out sweets, are measuring portion size (this is a huge dilemma in our society), and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into the diet. Cutting back on carbs and also adding lean proteins is also on our things to do list for the upcoming summer! Throw in some exercise and you have a great regime for the day and will feel and look 100% better! Wish us luck!
    PS-Those containers look awesome-all of us are on the go and it would be great to be able to store things properly and not have it ooze all over in a lunch bag when the containers we use aren’t really for travel! Great idea! Thanks for the info on them!

  57. nancy Says:

    I found a pea protien that I take everyday with a cup of milk. Delicious and approved by my physician. It is made by olympian labs with only 1g carb and 25g protein. I also take it in a shaker cup in case Im out and about and need a pick me up.I can always find a container of milk to add. I also have enjoyed Garlic Expressions and when I crave a creamy dressing I add equal parts of dressing with sour cream and mix.Works very nice for that gluten free pasta salad or on fresh greens!

  58. Lisa Hawkins Says:

    No more sugar, and lots of leafy greens. I’ve also switched to sea salt. I like to make up a pot of homemade chicken soup to bring to work throughout the week.

  59. Eileen Says:

    I add flax seed to my cooked cereal and use applesauce instead of oil in baking.

  60. Millie Says:

    Replace 1/4 cup of flour with 1/4 cup ground flax seeds in your favorite banana bread recipe! Works great!

  61. Lauren Says:

    I freeze fresh fruit to eat instead of popscicles and ice cream.

  62. Carolanne Says:

    I have cut out salt and sugar, eat yogourt and fruit with flax seed for breakfast and switched to a more vegetable based diet.

  63. Cassandra Says:

    I add almonds to plain cereal.

  64. Lori Says:

    We eat 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. We are trying to drink more water. We have cut out all soda pop. We have yogurt every day with fruit and gluten free granola.

  65. Kathi French Says:

    I use flax seed oil as my salad dressing and sometimes on a piece of gluten free toast.

  66. Rosemary Kim Says:

    This looks great! I always pack my lunch for work since I found out I had celiac disease.
    Having a 19month old also keeps me watching what we eat. I make sure to have some protein mixed with vegetables and some starch for lunch/dinner. I also insist on fresh fruit instead of a lot of juice (watered down). ^__^

  67. Tina Says:

    I’ve been adding flax seeds to my breakfast and also to my fresh fruit/low fat yogurt/granola parfaits

  68. Ro Says:

    I take my lunch to work daily, this lunch set would fit perfect as usually it is veggies, hummus, Sheep milk cheese(allergic to milk also) and fruit so I could really use this lunch set.
    Thank you for the chance to enter.

    To eat healthier, I try small healthy meals, cutting out junk food when at all possible(I admit I still cheat sometimes, chocolate is my downfall although I stick to dark chocolate most of the time.)

  69. Laura Says:

    Anytime I want a fatty snack, I eat some raw veggies first. I only indulge in a bit of the unhealthy food on occasion if I’m still hungry. That way I’m not completely deprived, but I’m also not really hungry and over eating

  70. Amanda Says:

    I love making quick and easy meals. My current favorite is chicken salad. You can play around with it so much to make it what you want! The chicken is great source of protein. I usually add slivered almonds and grapes to increase the nutritional value. What’s best is that only a little keeps you going for a long time!

  71. Rita Whirls Says:

    I make low fat sauce for my food, to be more healthy.

  72. Sandra Says:

    I have just been diagnosed as gluten intolerant. I was very disappointed at first, but the more research I do and the more gluten free alternatives, I find- it is becoming easier- at least to eat at home or pack a lunch. Eating out or at friends houses, I still find pretty challenging. I think the Fit & Fresh kits are wonderful and would help me in packing lunches. I usually try to stick to fruit for dessert and drink my tea or occasional cup of coffee without sugar or sweetners… and don’t drink colas or juice- too much sugar. Other than that, my only drink is water! 😉

  73. Hnybny Says:

    I bake all my own bread and convert regular cookie and brownie recipes gluten free. Every week I make a big container of freshly popped popcorn with low fat oil and bring it to a local gaming night to share with all my non GF friends. My nutritionist wants me to start carrying fresh snacks in my car and I haven’t found a great way to transport them around with me. Toting around an Igloo™ with me everywhere I go is just not cutting it.

  74. ~Cassie~ Says:

    For my way of eating healthier I have really been eating without adding salt and eating mainly freash foods. When I do add salt, it is little amounts and I use the sea salt which is much healthier, my grandma’s cooking is the best- she is now 92 and has the best hands at it, and is doing it all gluten free for me! Since watching what eating, doing exercise, and recent health changes (my brain surgery for care of seizures this past September) I have lost about 60 pounds! 🙂

  75. Michelle Says:

    Hey great idea! I take my lunch everyday to work.

  76. Trenelle Collins Says:

    I would love to use this for my fruit and yogurt snacks and for my salads for lunch , great giveaway!

  77. Kris Says:

    I have found it difficult to find something I am able to eat when I am in a rush (eating out is not an option, at least not right now…), so I started to double my dinner recipes. This way, I always have leftovers to freeze…not all the vegetables freeze well, but the meats generally do. I cut all the meat into slices and place them in individual containers and when I get in a bind, I just thaw them out. I also always cut all my fruits and veggies right after my grocery trips, this way they are easy to grab, throw in a container and run out the door. My favorite quick meal is a chicken salad. I just throw some lettuce in container and top it with some chicken and veggies or fruit, put a little dressing in another container and run out the door – quick easy and nutritious!

  78. Lori Says:

    I add honey to my lowfat yogurt in the morning with fruit. Still need help feeding my 5 year old daughter healthier foods with her gluten free diet.

  79. Lee Ann Rosgers Says:

    My 15 year old daughter has celiac and has put on quite a bit of weight during her freshman year of highschool. I’ve started buying lots of fruits and veggies for her to snack on and encouraging her to eat smaller portions and totally wheat free. It is helping the whole family to eat better.

  80. Francine Says:

    Instead of butter and salt on popcorn, I substitute olive oil…… I think it’s very yummy!

  81. Judith Says:

    I recently got a juicer and sneak in veggies with the fruits I juice fresh. It’s great and healthy.


    Just stated Gluten free for my 8 yr old….

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