WIN-It-Wednesday: Shelley Case’s New Book (PLUS a bonus FREE Webinar with Shelley!)

After getting diagnosed with celiac disease I had tons of questions. Some of the questions I “figured out” for myself by searching the internet and reading books, such as the Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide, written by Shelley Case.

But another fantastic way to learn more about the gluten-free diet – from the basics of celiac disease, ways to manage a new diagnosis, ideas for new & fresh menu ideas, or to get the comradely support that we all need to get by on a day-to-day basis – is to share and have conversations with others that live the gluten-free lifestyle.

Tonight riceworks Brown Rice Crisps and hosted a webinar which was one of those fantastic sharing opportunities. Celiacs across North America where able to share, learn, but most important, discover how other celiacs can be one of the greatest resources of support.

For those of you who are not familiar, a webinar is a discussion conducted via the telephone &/or computer during which previously emailed questions are answered. Easy. Convenient. Informative.

BeFreeForMe is thrilled to sponsoring this webinar series since Shelley’s book a “Gluten Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” has been my bible since I was diagnosed with celiac disease years ago. Shelley’s knowledge about celiac disease, real-life solutions to the obstacles I’ve faced, and her no-nonsense approach to explaining the ins-and-outs of the gluten-free diet has made her book the go-to with all my gluten-free questions.

And to think we can all have Shelley’s (who is also a registered dietician!) one-on-one’s attention to answer all of our questions “in person” is so very awesome! If you missed tonight’s webinar, or you attended and want more, sign-up for the next two webinars that are coming up . Shelley will be featured in another live webinar next week, on Tuesday, June 22 and Dr. Daniel Leffler, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Division of Gastroenterology at BIDMC, who has just launched his book Real Life with Celiac Disease will be featured in a live webinar on Tuesday, July 13.

Note: If you missed any of these webinars you can listen to them by logging onto:

Shelley has been generous enough to donate copies of her best selling books, “Gluten Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide” for the next TWO week’s WIN-It-Wednesday giveaways. SIX (Yes 6!) Lucky BeFreeForMe members will win a copy of Shelley’s book.

NOTE: This is a two-week long promotion. Three winners will be picked each week, so make sure you enter once each week! All entries must be received by Tuesday, June 22nd for the first week’s drawing and all entries must be received by Tuesday, June 29th for the second week’s drawing.

How can You WIN?

Reply to this blog and tell us if you could ask Shelley Case or Dr. Daniel Leffler ANY question about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet what would your question be?

REMEMBER… replying to this blog DOES NOT register you to the webinars! You must click on the link below to register (and ask your question to Shelley).

Register Me For Shelley Case’s or Dr. Daniel Leffler’s Webinars!

I look forward to “seeing you all” and hearing our questions answered by Shelley & Dr. Leffler during the teleseminars on June 22 and July 13!

Be curious, Ask Questions and, as always…

Be Free!

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37 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Shelley Case’s New Book (PLUS a bonus FREE Webinar with Shelley!)”

  1. Lisa Durene Says:

    I would ask her, What is the best way to stay healthy on a gluten-free diet? sometimes I don’t feel like I am eating healthy enough so any advice would be great!

  2. Cindy Says:

    As a single person with celiac do I need to worry about kissing someone who has eaten gluten filled food?

  3. Alisha Abney Says:

    I am still struggling to keep my family fed and have gluten free meals for myself. I am on a very tight income. Eating Gluten free is definitely not one of the most cost effective ways to eat. 🙂 I would enjoy having an extra resource to help me. Have a great day!

  4. Toby Says:

    What are the tastiest dishes you’ve ever had that is celiac friendly/gluten free…one for main course, snack, and dessert?!? 😀

  5. Jay Wilson Says:

    I would ask: what resources are there for people with multiple food allergies as well as celiac/gluten allergy or intolerance?

  6. Christine S. Says:

    I am interested in the science behind the recent increase in diagnoses of celiac disease. My question would be, are we contributing to this condition by consuming processed foods? Or is the increase in diagnoses a result of increase in awareness?

  7. Michie Page Says:

    How would you describe the difference between Celiac and Gluten Intolerance besides the fact that Celiac Disease is an immune disorder?

  8. Amy Avery Says:

    I have been working hard to live gluten-free the past year. Most of the time I feel much better but sometimes I feel like I’ve accidentally eaten something I didn’t know was contaminated. How do I know where gluten is hidden?

  9. Phyllis Says:

    I would like to know if foods that claim they are gluten free but state the product is manufactured in a facility that also produces wheat is safe to eat.

  10. Jennifer C Says:

    I am a recently diagnosed celiac. What additional health testing/monitoring do you recommend beyond repeating celiac blood panels. What other scans, blood tests, etc. and follow up care would you recommend?

  11. Giovanna Says:

    Dear Shelly & Dr. Leffler,

    One year and half has gone by since my husband’s diagnosis of Celiac’s Disease. He has put on 25 pounds and struggles with getting it off. Why did this happen, he eats less now compared to before his diagnosis. What are your suggestions to take off the pounds. Thank you for your help.

    To a peacful, harmonious and healthy life for all,


  12. cindy T Says:

    Do you think the medical field will ever test every child at a certain age like they do in Italy?

  13. cindy Says:

    What is the danger of accidently eating something with gluten in it? For example, I was told by a fellow celiac McDonalds’ chicken was okay. After eating it I discovered it contains gluten. For the record, I do not get classic symptoms but was diagnosed after being anemic.

  14. pat johnson Says:

    I have someone who does not always want to adhear to the gluten free diet. What can I tell them when they want to cheat and how will it affect them.

  15. Lisa Says:

    As the parent of a child who’s just been diagnosed, where do I begin? I am totally overwhelmed by all the potential hidden sources of gluten, the expense, the sorrow of depriving my child of what he loves to eat, restaurants, school, etc…

  16. CathyS Says:

    I would ask just how concerned I need to be about the increase in cancer in celiac patients. Not only for myself, but my two sons with celiac, I wonder how severely we are at risk even following the diet. My son was trying to buy life insurance and the cost tripled with his diagnosis! That is scary!

  17. Terri Peters Says:

    Why don’t they have to list what flavorings are made of on labels?

  18. Trenelle Collins Says:

    I need help with eating southern style foods. I live in Louisiana and just about everything we eat is fattening , I need help really bad to lose this weight!

  19. Cassandra Says:

    I just wanted to know if celiac disease can be prevented.

  20. robin gamache Says:


  21. Edie E Says:

    I need to eat gluten free AND low carb – how can I give that more variety than just meat and vegetables? Sometimes I just have to have a treat!

  22. Lori Says:

    How do you deal with a school system who will not work with you getting a 504 plan done correctly for the following year? Or how about when they don’t do it correctly the year before?

  23. jody tarrant Says:

    HI…..I would like to know if this kind of diet…is helping me with my health issues. I have been dealing with kidney failure for years now..??<<<thankyou…….

  24. Christina Says:

    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity! My greatest struggle is finding GF snack ideas that keep me full without paying a fortune. I have a high metabolism and need to eat every couple hours throughout the day.

  25. Kimberly Says:

    I have two young children that have been diagnosed as gluten sensitive as of Aug. 2009. I would ask Shelley how I can be sure that my children are getting all the important vitamins and nutrients their growing bodies need while on a gluten free diet.

  26. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Ask her to begin a website that companies could list their gluten-free foods. This way I would have a safe shopping list.

  27. Lisa Says:

    Celiac blood work results can be very confusing and inconclusive. Could you explain why someone might have an extremely high tTG and a negative EMA? Could the tTG be a response to some other ailment, or is it only gluten related?

  28. Cindy Says:

    Do you feel we are close to having the FDA require companies to declare gluten on their products?

  29. Julie Roberts Says:

    My son was diagnosed at allergic to wheat at the age of 10 months. The Dr. said we could retest at 2yrs to see if he grows out of it. What are the chances that he will or is it more likely that he would develop celiacs?

  30. Christine S. Says:

    Are we to a point yet in Western medicine where traditional doctors will be thinking about gluten sensitivity during routine physicals? A popular radio sow MD in the Bay Area (Dr. Dean Edell) says this is all a fad, just like the low carb craze.

  31. Tamela Says:

    Would love Shelly’s book as a reference. I get bored eating the same things all the time.

  32. Hnybny Says:

    What is the connection between Celiac disease and leaky gut syndrome? It seems this may be the cause of NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis).

  33. Elsie Says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiac 2 yrs ago and my GI doctor shared the diagnosis with my Rheumatologist because of the concern that Celiac is an autoinmune disease and I also have a mix of Lupus and Scleroderma. The Rheumatologist mentioned that probably I have had Celiac for many years because some symptoms are very similar among these conditions. How strong are these 3 conditones affected among one another because of gluten?

  34. Kara Says:

    What suggestions do you have for upping the protein and nutrient content for gluten free meals for children? They have other dietary restrictions as well (casien, soy, and egg). They are growing and seem constantly hungry. We offer frequent snacks, but I’d love for them not to be hungry so soon after they eat a bigger meal.

  35. Kris Says:

    I am relatively new to the gluten free diet and have the challenge of preparing 2 meals every night – one gluten free and one vegetarian. Do you have any suggestions for avoiding cross contamination in my pantry and kitchen? Do I need to watch the sponges I use to clean the dishes prepared with gluten? What are some other common pitfalls that I should watch out for?

  36. pat johnson Says:

    Concerning celiac testing….once diagnosed, do we need to be tested again in some way to see if our numbers are going down?? also, should doctors be testing our nutrient levels routinly? thanks

  37. Gris Says:

    What is the reason a person is diagnose with gluten intolerance and don’t show any outstanding symptom, How important is making him follow a strict gluten free diet, if he really doesn’t feel a difference with or without??
    I am talking about an adult male, how loves his saltine crackers over all.

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