WIN-It-Wednesday: Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones (Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free and Peanut-Free too!)

I love ice cream, but since going gluten-free my ice cream lovin’ life just hasn’t been the same.

There’s something about having to eat an ice cream in a cup that just seems too proper. I decided it’s the cone that makes ice cream rip-roaring fun. I miss the drips. I miss the mess. I miss the bottom falling out of the cone. I miss licking as fast I can.

I miss my ice cream cones.

That is why I was so very excited to find Goldbaum’s Gluten-free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free and Peanut-Free Ice Cream Cones at my local supermarket.

These cones come in four flavors: The sugar cone style that comes in three flavors; Traditional Sugar Cones, Cocoa Sugar Cones and the Jumbo Cones; and also the traditional “cup” style that come in a box of 12 cones, wrapped in two separates packs with 6-cones in each. Me? I put one of the 6-packs in my car, for those swing-into Dairy Queen on a whim type of days, and the other 6-pack in my cupboard for my late night “I Can Eat An Ice Cream Cone So I Am!” type of days.

Hurray to Goldbaum’s for making all gluten-free summers more memorable and little sweeter… drips and all.

All these reasons are why I am screaming with joy that Goldbaum’s Gluten-free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free and Peanut-Free (did I mention they were made in a nut-free facility?) Ice Cream Cones are this week’s WIN-It-Wednesday sponsor on

Four  (Yes 4!) Lucky BeFreeForMe members will win a variety of the Goldbaum Ice Cream Cones.

How Can You WIN?

Reply to this blog and share your summer pleasure(s). This is an easy one! Mine? Fresh veggies from the garden, bare feet and balmy summer evenings sitting out on my porch… enjoying an ice cream cone – of course!

All entries must be received by Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck, Take the time to enjoy the little pleasures in life… and, as always…
Be Free!

Interested in buying Goldbaum’s Ice Cream Cones? For your convenience, here’s the link to buy! Goldbaums Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones 12 Pack

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53 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones (Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free and Peanut-Free too!)”

  1. elicia Says:

    trips to the neighborhood ice cream shop, dinner outside and fireflies!

  2. Jennifer C Says:

    My summer pleasure is lemonade. I never drink it when it is cold outside, but it is so refreshing on a hot summer day.

  3. Toby Says:

    BBQ’s, going for walks with the puppies, and construction!! LOL The latter was sarcasm! ;D

  4. Phyllis Says:

    Riding our motorcycle, days at the beach and working in my flower garden.

  5. Cindy Says:

    Fresh corn on the cob! With butter, of course.

  6. Vicky Says:

    Watching the little children playing in the water/pool/sprinklers
    Love to see how much the trees have grown since last year
    Watching my kitty roll and stretch in the sunshine

  7. cindy T. Says:

    buying fresh veggies at the farmers market!

  8. Sara Says:

    Eating fresh veggies from our garden and running through the sprinkler!

  9. Wendy E Says:

    Sunshine, warm temperatures, colors, shapes and scents of the seasonal first batch of fruit and flowers coming into bloom, and painting our landscapes. Welcoming back wild yellow canaries and humming-birds and the sound of newly born young.

  10. Christina Says:

    Fresh brewed iced tea, driving in the evening with the windows open and the wind blowing through my hair, so many ripe, delicious fruits in season, eating ice cream without getting too cold and needing a blanket… The list goes on and on. Yay for summer.

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    Watermelon slushies! I would love to try one of these new cones though. I am soy-free as well, so these are perfect!

  12. r Says:

    fresh fruits and veggies and sharing those with others
    sprinklers and rainbows and sunshine galore

  13. Julie Roberts Says:

    Taking a walk w/ my bestfriend down to Linder’s Ice Cream and getting a fountain soda with real vanilla syrup!

  14. Emily Says:

    cartwheels in the grass, frisbee, sunbathing with a good book, sunsets at the beach, fresh veggies, picnics!

  15. Michie Page Says:

    In Oregon, it is so hard to bike Fall through Spring because of the rain (though I know many who do it anyway). I love biking everywhere during the summer. (Or as my mom likes to put it – pedaling my ass all over town. Very funny mom.)

  16. Rochelle Delain Says:

    My biggest summer pleasures? Where do I begin? I love indulging in yummy homemade fruit and yogurt smoothies from the bounty of South Carolina summer fruits. I love shopping at the farmer’s market for fresh produce and trying new recipes with them. Love grilling out at least 1-2 times per week. Love vacationing with my family and just going for drives through the mountains with the family on Sunday afternoon after church. I could go on and on.

  17. Lisa Durene Says:

    I love cool summer evenings sitting out on my deck swing or around the fire, marshmallows in hand! Oh and yes, not having to wear shoes!

  18. robin gamache Says:

    love to go up to the farm for an ice cream and then feed the goats

  19. Paula Says:

    The smell of BBQ wafting through the neighborhood…the sweet smell of my roses blooming…hearing my kids giggle, and watching them roll around o n the lawn…Summer is truly a delight of the senses!

  20. Suz Says:

    Tomato sandwich and sweet corn. Can’t get enough in the summer time!

  21. Kathy Bunn Says:

    Sleeping with the windows open, sipping wine outside watching the sun set.

  22. jennifer long Says:

    Baseball, watermelon, family, and fresh tomatoes

  23. Eileen Says:

    Eating fresh vegetables from our garden and grilling out.

  24. Lindy Says:

    Walking on the beach with my sweetheart with the sun shining with a clear, blue sky with my feet in the water.

  25. a Says:

    I like going for a run when the sun is about to rise and ending it with a good homemade breakfast. Besides the above, there is nothing like homemade ice cream especially when it is eaten with friends.

  26. a Says:

    I like going for a run when the sun is about to rise and ending it with a homemade breakfast. Besides that there is nothing like homemade ice cream especially when it is eaten with friends.

  27. zoey dampf Says:

    There is so much, i guess the walks on the beach looking for seashells than going for ice cream is my favorite

  28. CAROL DITTA Says:


  29. Cara Says:

    Hot weather, sunshine, pool, flowers, farmers market, and fresh fruits!!!

  30. Kath Says:

    the sound of the cicaidas that brings special memories of summer in Japan
    bedtime stories read to kiddo
    sleeping in
    unscheduled slow easy days

  31. katie Says:

    Listening to the bugs buzz up in the trees, seeing all kinds of birds and learning their calls, our kids’ soccer games and getting ice cream afterwards.
    I have to say that Goldbaum’s sugar cones taste just like regular sugar cones and no one in my family can tell the difference. Love to see my daughter enjoying those at home and we even talked a few local ice cream establishments into keeping them on hand so the local Celiacs can enjoy a G-F cone out on the town. Good stuff!

  32. Dawn Says:

    Swimming outside and spending hours in my garden.

  33. Jenny Grek Says:

    Watching my 2 year old son run through the sprinkler!

  34. Rosemarie Says:

    Ejoying homemade ice cream in a delicious Goldbaum’s cone, just like the non-gluten free people!

  35. Elaine Says:

    My summer pleasures include taking my children to the beach, so they can enjoy the sand and waves, not having to rush to get kids off to school every morning, not having to pack lunches, and enjoying fresh summer produce and summer flowers in my neighbors’ and my yards.

  36. Michelle Says:

    The best is finally being able to break out of the cold winter clothes, getting outside to enjoy the sunshine, eating homegrown tomato sandwiches and enjoying the summer breeze with my family on the porch!

  37. grammy jill Says:

    I love to sit on my patio and watch the chipmunks and goldfinches feast on my sunflowers.

  38. sarah Says:

    I love summer time for so many reasons. But my favorite is swinging in a hammock under a huge tree looking through the branches and leaves at the sky. It may not mean much to others but it’s something that I have always enjoyed since I was a child.

  39. Lisa Says:

    Grilling, eating tomatoe sandwiches (gluten free of course), the smell of my neighbor grilling, and wearing open toe shoes!

  40. Hillary Heidi Says:

    Opening a watermelon, eating it with my neices and nephews, while letting the juice drip down our faces and having a seed spitting contest, knowing we will all need a bath.

  41. Janet LaRue Says:

    So many summer pleasures…working in my flower garden with the birds and butterflies sharing the space and the quiet and peacefulness! Having a balloon toss with the local youth and watching their faces as a balloon breaks on one of the catches! Reading in the sun…enjoying the sound of my ponds…summer is wonderful! Wish it was all year!
    I have never seen these cones…curious to taste them and see where they are distributed in my area! Thanks again for the chance to win something new!

  42. Tamela Says:

    Sun, sun, sunshine! and sitting around the campfire.

  43. Lucy Says:

    Watermelon juiced up and turned into a watermelon aqua fresca – sip, sip!

  44. Tam Says:

    Going to the beach and enjoying sweet corn and strawberries.

  45. Becky Says:

    Eating ice cream by the pool!

  46. trenelle collins Says:

    This would be a great new way to enjoy ice cream with these cones. I would love to win them.

  47. Brandy Says:

    playing in the pool with my nieces and a trip to the local frozen custard shop

  48. Caren Says:

    Swimming, grilling, and drinking lemonade!

  49. Stacey Says:

    Hanging out with my niece and nephew and water plants with them

  50. Colleen M Says:

    My favorites are sleeping in, no schedules, and spending time with my children! Of course, enjoying ice cream is a big plus in our house!

  51. Beth Says:

    My favorite summertime treat is eating a juicy peach with the juice just dribbling down…. watching watermelon seed spitting contest between children…. and eating an ice cream cone (something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing since I became GF)!

  52. AkMom Says:

    Puddle jumping with the grandkids. Nothing beats a pair of boots and a rain coat and a small hand to hold!

  53. Jennifer Says:

    I love hearing the ice cream truck!

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