WIN-It-Wednesday: Angell Crisp Candy Bars

Even when I am a little bad – I try to throw in a little goodness too. Kind of like that devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other scenario that often plays out in my mind when I reach out to eat the sweet and sinful.

But as the old saying goes, “the good usually always wins-out in the end” especially rings true when munching an Angell Crisp Candy Bar.

I like the crispy Angell Candy Bars because they make decadent snacking a very, very, very good thing.

Certified USDA organic and Fair-Trade certified, these gluten free crispy candy bars contain no corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And if that isn’t good enough – 1% of gross sales support environmental charities through 1% for the Planet.

Since I discovered Angell Crisp Candy Bars at a recent tradeshow I’ve been hooked. I have missed crispy candy bars since going gluten free, so Angell Bars were heaven at first bite.

The founders of Angell bars, Christopher and Suzanne Angell are super cool people too. These entrepreneurs-at-heart started their company because they wanted to create a great tasting organic candy bar that was healthier for you and better for the planet.

Christopher and Suzanne also know that it is hard to give up old habits, especially delicious ones, so they decided that instead of giving up candy bars, they’d just create ones that had all of the deliciousness of their old favorites (maybe even a little bit extra) but none of the guilt (or gluten in the Crispy Bars!).

And take my word for it that they have met their heaven sent dream… made with real chocolate and great organic ingredients, Angell bars are naturally good and divinely delicious!

Guilty goodness is the reason why I am so very excited this week’s BeFreeForMe’s WIN-It-Wednesday is sponsored by Angell Bars… and JUST in time for Halloween!

THREE (yes 3!) LUCKY BeFreeForMe members will each win a 12-pack of Angell Crisp Candy Bars, plus fun Angell themed stickers.

How can you win?

Reply to this blog (make sure you are a BeFreeForMe member if you want to win) and let us know how you (or your kids) can be a little devil or a little angel… or both!  (Me? I’m a little devilish when I sneak healthy ingredients such as flax seed into my baked goods… I am soooo sneaky!).

All entries must be received by Tuesday, November 2, 2010 by 12 midnight EST.

Good luck, remember to be that angel, but keep that sassy devilish side and… as always…

Be Free!

NOTE: Want to order your own Angell Crispy Candy bars? Click on this link to purchase them on Amazon and use coupon code: BEFREE10 to get an additional 10% OFF from now until 11/01/10.

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66 Responses to “WIN-It-Wednesday: Angell Crisp Candy Bars”

  1. Veronica Tack Says:

    I am lucky that I am a little mix of devil and angel. I love healthy foods and feel that when I sneak them into my boyfriend’s food and he responds that he loves whatever I made, I smile inside and know I am helping him improve the quality of his health without ruining his love of eating. Thank you!

  2. Cindy Says:

    I strive to be a “little angel” by helping others in need whenever possible.

  3. Hannah Says:

    My children are little angels when they massage my feet and my back and pamper Mommy just because they want to! I love all seven of my children!

  4. Phyllis Says:

    I am a little devilish when I use ground turkey in place of ground beef in recipes but at the same time I am an angle by looking out for my family’s health.

  5. Lisa V Says:

    I can be a little devil when I let my wild side out and my hair down and relax!

  6. Patricia Devlin Says:

    Hello i would love to win this contest thank you

  7. Dawn Says:

    I can be an angel when I make a dinner with everything my husband loves and most of the stuff I really don’t like.

  8. kathy Says:

    I sneak veggies into sauces for my family. Sneaky but good for them.

  9. Brandy Lucious Says:

    My four year old with celiac disease can be an angel when he tells me mom I love you when I buy him gluten free cookies.

  10. Lisa Durene Says:

    Well I guess I am a little angelic when I bake non-gluten items for my family even though it causes me discomfort.

  11. Summer Says:

    I always substitute applesauce for oil in baked goods. I also try to make as much as possible from scratch so that my family and friends are not eating all of the processed stuff that’s out there. I guess that’s angelic 😉

  12. Amy Avery Says:

    I am an angel in my classroom when I provide sweets that I can eat and my student with can enjoy too. Many people don’t understand how excluded you can feel in celebration situations when there’s nothing you can eat. Or worse, you are singled out for not being able to participate. My sensitivity enables me to provide for my kindergarteners that are like me so everyone has fun.

  13. Toby Says:

    I’m a little devil when it come to Halloween treats…I tell the kids they must save them for the children on Halloween night…but I don’t take my own advice!! Shhhhh!! And if I win these candy bars…”I PROMISE TO SHARE” ;D…there’s that little devil again!! 😀

  14. Erin Says:

    I feel like an angel when I can ski to the very top of a mountain and then down again. The devil keeps me inside on rainy or bitter days.

  15. Theresa Says:

    I’m a little angel when I make my husband his favorite mac n cheese (gluten-free with goat cheeses) but a little devillish that I dice one or two bunches of spinach in it: Mmmmm!

  16. robin gamache Says:

    when baking pancakes or cookies i always sneak in some veggies and the kids or my husband can’t tell the difference

  17. Katie C. Says:

    I have twins and when one is acting devilish the other makes sure they are acting especially angelic, and vice versa. Luckily they are never both little devils at the same time….just one or the other. When they’re both little angels it’s especially nice! :^)

  18. Brandy Says:

    I am a little angel when I have my niece over and I teach her about good healthy food, but feel a bit devilish when she wants to go to McDonalds and I tell her no. (In her defense, she wants to go there so she can eat lunch and play at the same time.)

  19. Christina Says:

    My daughter can be a little angelic when she makes me homemade cards. She is a talented artist and when it’s made with love it’s even more precious.

  20. jill Says:

    I have an angel on one shoulder telling me to “eat healthy “and a devil on the other shoulder saying”you deserve a devilish treat” what to do?

  21. Julie Says:

    My son Tyler is a little angel when he sits on mommies lap and give her hugs and kisses and puts his little arm around her neck to snuggle. He is a little devil when he wakes up before sunrise and makes me get up, too. Gone are the days of getting a few extra winks while he watches Mickey Mouse – argh!

  22. Michelle Says:

    I am devilish when I put all my favorite healthy ingredients into my foods and don’t say anything until others have eaten it. My brother almost lost it when I told him the mashed potatoes had cauliflower in it! He is allergic to all healthy food! And it makes me feel angelic knowing I am getting healthy foods in the people I love!

  23. Rochelle Delain Says:

    What are the “crunch” ingredients? Rice?

  24. Rochelle Delain Says:

    Anything is dark chocolate?

  25. Karla Says:

    I am super excited to try these chocolate crispy candy bars. My kids love to eat chocolate, but we only eat organic, and no corn syrup so that limits most all of the regular bar, all probably. Thanks for making such a healthy, organic, product.

  26. ersilia Burch Says:

    It’s a ‘lil bit o’chocolate, a lil’ bit o’ crunch!

  27. Kim Slaughter Says:

    I am a bit devilish in the fact that we will be going gluten free soon and not telling my boys. I am an angel for realizing that with 2 boys and a husband having ADHD, going glutefree will be a blessing to all of us.

  28. Debi Says:

    I am a little angel making homemade foods for my family that are healthy and hide all the good stuff (flax, rice bran, and veggies in sauces they never know); on the other hand I am a little devilish when I eat candy and don’t share with the kids.

  29. cb Says:

    When I cook for the family I undersalt the food. I can’t break them of the habit of salting their food before tasting it. I’ve only told 1 person that I do this.

  30. Cassie Says:

    The devil side is seen when I let myself eat sugar behind back, often forgetting to do insulin raising blood sugars! It is like I don’t want friends or family thinking I eat alot but side effects come about from the way I did that. When I eat foods/sugar like an angel, with them, and do the insulin, I don’t have any problem with blood sugar (like right now being 92).

  31. Cassandra Says:

    I would love to win this.

  32. Janet LaRue Says:

    I have never heard of this product! I am a devil because I run a kid’s cafe and I will throw in healthy ingredients when they think they are getting something else! They don’t even notice it and eat it anyway! I am an angel though because I am doing for their good health and always thinking of them!
    Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

  33. Valerie M Says:

    I feel angelic when I substitute apple sauce for the oils in most baking recipes and get compliments from all those who have eaten them after I tell them it’s a family secret ingredient and devilish when they can’t figure which ingredient it actually is even if they guess it correctly.
    I would love to win this item. God Bless and have a Happy Holiday and a safe New Year.

  34. Hillary Heidi Berndt Says:

    I can be a little devilish when I bribe the kids with vanilla ice cream if they come and work out with me at the gym. They end up enjoying themselves and sometimes end up not even wanting the ice cream.

  35. Sheree G Says:

    Little bit devilish when I make something that should have eggs in it, but I dont use the eggs and no one can tell because it still tastes good.

  36. Kara Says:

    It’s a little devilish, but at the same time angelic when I make my kids’ smoothies. If it’s chocolate I sneak in a little spinach, or if we really want to go all out, I make them “monster blood smoothies” (Green Kale, orange, bananna, protein powder, hemp milk, and ice). They get a tasty treat packed with protein and I feel good knowing they are getting some veggies in.

  37. keith Says:

    So I saw the pan of processed brownies and thought of eating at least two, like the devil. I then waited for the angel and reached a gluten free option, like chocolate cake. Just plain felt better.

  38. Chelsie J Says:

    My husband doesn’t like vegetables and so I got a cookbook with recipes that has veggies pureed into them! Imagine brownies with vegetables and you can’t even tell! 🙂

  39. Darla Buckley Says:

    I am a patient angel as I teach my 9 yr old son to read the labels of candy packages. He found out last week he is allergic to corn, wheat, soybean, and peanuts! All candy has corn in it! I am a selfish devil when I froze some of the small candy bars in the freezer after halloween. . . instead of doing this “no corn” with him! I have faith. . we will get there!

  40. cindy Says:

    I like to be an angel and make a meal for someone who is going through a rough time.

  41. Monisha Says:

    I am devilish when I sneak healthy ingredients into muffins and cakes without anyone knowing it and I am an angel when I present it to them ! Would love to try these bars -they sound delish!

  42. Kathy Says:

    I can be devilish with my sense of humor….but am always like an angel when i try to see the best in everyone.

  43. Deb Says:

    I do the same thing….sneak veggies into hotdishes whenever possible!! 🙂

  44. Elizabeth Cayer Says:

    I’m an angel with little horns… I can bite! Never to hurt! My little angels (Nickolas & Andreanne) can sure be evil by moments… Specially when it comes to the last piece of cake! Now imagine, if i had a Angel Crisp… Mouhahahaha!

  45. katheryn Says:

    Wow , are you doing this give away again? , cuz the dates are all wrong! Hope you are cuz this looks super yummy! Perfect example of naughty and nice is when I’m trying to get my little one to sleep, he fights it so hard then looks so peaceful and sweet when he finally falls asleep.

  46. Mary Cowin Says:

    I find it’s so enjoyable and fulfilling to do angelic things like blessing those around you with smiles and love.

  47. cb Says:

    I use only a tiny bit of salt when I cook. Eventually my guy will be low sodium without knowing it.

  48. Terri Peters Says:

    My little granddaughter looks like a little angel but has a little bit of the devil in her behavior.

  49. Lisa Says:

    Well i enjoy babying my family but I also like to have my chocolate!

  50. Patty Says:

    Its fun to be a little devilish, but more rewarding to be angelic.

  51. Sarah Says:

    Making her bed in the morning without being asked

  52. Michelle Says:

    I am a little angel eating healthfully and exercising daily while my devilish side is counting down the days until a local chocolate shop opens for the season!!

  53. Christina Says:

    I try to be angelic and serve my family healthy, tasty food.

  54. ToCo Says:

    I’m angelic because I truly try to be there for everyone and it sure can take it’s toll sometimes, but wouldn’t change it for the world as long as I’m able to keep doing it! 😀

  55. Debi Says:

    I am an angel most of the time helping out friends and family in need of help; I am also a little devil, hidng vegetables in the foods my family eats.

  56. Erin Small Says:

    I hope you are doing this give-away again! I noticed the dates too and double checked the link in the email. I splurged on one of these bars a few months ago. They have to be the most favorite thing I have ever eaten in my life. If I won, I might eat them all at once (devlish), but likely, I would share with my family (angelic!)
    I hope ANGELL makes ALL their bars gluten free…. soon! Pretty please!
    Thanks for entering me.

  57. Chelsie Says:

    The angel in me loves healthy food but the devil in me loves chocolate so I melt some chocolate with frozen raspberries and I have a delicious treat!

  58. Chris Says:

    Mostly I try to be angelic helping my family and others but every once in awhile I just have to escape and go spend the day at a garden or a park all by myself. Regenerate I suppose and of couse some chocolate helps too!

  59. patricia Says:

    I sneak flax meal into most everything I get a chance to. Adds so much more fiber and nutrients to the diet without them knowing it.

  60. Venessa Says:

    I have been devilish by sneaking silken tofu in waffles, everyone didn’t even notice

  61. zoey dampf Says:

    I try very hard to be angelic, i know i should be eating better but that devil takes over and i just love chocolate

  62. Karen Says:

    I can a lot of my home grown produce for winter to ensure I know what is in my food. Then I sneak veggies into tomato sauce, puree it so no one sees the cauliflour in the stew (won’t eat it), and add chia and flax to my nutflour recipes….

    On the other side of the coin… guilty pleasure is a spoonful of peanut butter with a bit of Wax Orchards classic fudge in the middle. You yum! Can’t be good all the time!

  63. sarah Says:

    I’m an angel when I continue to pump breastmilk for my nearly 5 month old daughter who has a cleft palate despite falling supply, raynaud’s phenomenon, plugged ducts, 3 rounds of mastitis, and her being a high needs baby.

  64. Serena Says:

    I’m a little angel preparing + loving our new gluten free lifestyle! We have been caring for a garden this summer and reaping the benefits with lovely foods and home made treats galore!

  65. Rita Whirls Says:

    these really sound good, I would love to try them with my family

  66. Margoka Says:

    My son does not like nuts very much, unless I grind it. When I make hot cereal for breakfast I grind some walnuts, or almonds and mix it into his meal.

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