Friday Favorite: Gillian’s Food Pizza Dough

Just-Like-I-Remember, Pizza-Party-Deliciousness are the words that come to mind when I think of Gillian’s Foods Pizza Dough Mix.

Better than any pizza parlor around this gluten-free pizza dough is my pick when it comes to pizza… gluten-free style.

Another bonus of Gillian’s Foods products is that they are manufactured in a gluten and nut free environment and their products are dairy free too.

A few of my favorite toppings for these pizza crusts are Barbeque sauce, grilled chicken, mixed cheeses and caramelized onions or my old stand-by tomato sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella and fresh sliced tomatoes.

Any way you top it this pizza dough mix is a must-have  for anyone on a gluten-free (and dairy-free) diet.

Congrats Gillian’s Foods for being chosen this week’s Friday Favorite on!

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